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The shower part two

by horneyslaafje

The shower part two

This story is the sequal to a story I wrote a little while ago, please don't copy it without my permission, as I worked very hard on it. Enjoy.

‘All right slut! Revert to normal.’ The voice shouted. And I had awakened from my trance, my arousal ebbed away and all that was left with was humiliation. ‘Let me go!’ I shouted. For a moment there was silence, I even began to believe I was going to be let go. But then the voice spoke, ‘didn’t you like it? I believe your cock was hard the entire time. Didn’t you just love it, sucking and fucking like the slut you are? The way I remembered it your ‘’clients’’ were very happy, in fact, they told me they had never seen a slut who loved the work more.’ I didn’t know what to say, so I just repeated, ‘let me go!’ again the voice fell silent, and again it spoke a moment later, ‘that was very rude of you slut. I believe you will have to be punished … let’s see, what would be fitting? Oh, I know! Sissy cowboy slut now! And let’s say … nine inches! You have to learn your lesson.’ Suddenly, something pressed against my asshole, it was like the thing (whatever it was) had grown right underneath my asshole, and it kept growing. Soon it had entered my ass, spreading a rather enjoyable sensation, mixed with deep shame. But this changed soon, since the thing just kept growing and growing, making my ass hurt and stretch. I was howling with pain when the growing finally stopped, the thing (from which I could now feel that it was some sort of a dildo) had become at least nine inches in length. I couldn’t believe the hypnotic suggestion had had an effect, and it wasn’t over yet. I found that I suddenly wore clothes, an odd cowgirl suit. It had a large hat, a vest, though no pants, they were replaced by a very short skirt. There was no underwear, so the dildo stayed firmly in. Then I felt an odd desire, I wanted to ride the dildo, I wanted to (as a voice in my mind called it) ride the bull. ‘Oh you look like you like it, I of course can’t see your nice suit but I believe you can. Do you like it? It was my idea, fits with the theme you know.’ The voice said. I couldn’t believe it. ‘Let me go!’ I shouted, and I noticed my voice was girly and very high. ‘Oh how cute, you actually make your voice higher for me, I was worried that wouldn’t work. But I am afraid I have to punish you for shouting. Thick fat bull.’ And the dildo became thicker, painfully stretching my ass. Though for some reason I began to enjoy it, and I even gave in to the desire of riding the dildo. I jumped up on it, making it go in and out, feeling pain and pleasure, feeling dirtier and hornier than I could remember. It wasn’t long until my hard cock exploded, shooting cum all over the shower I was in. ‘Slurp it up slut!’ the voice said. I wanted to say no, but before I could say it a voice in the back of my head spoke. ‘You know real cowboy sluts would slurp it up.’ And I did so, it felt salty and slimy going down my throat but I enjoyed it all the same. ‘How did you like that? Ready for the next step?’ the voice asked. I nodded, though I didn’t know why, I nodded. ‘Good, then you can clean up the dildo, get off it and lick it clean.’ The voice said. I was repulsed by the idea, but again the voice in the back of my head spoke, ‘A real cowboy slut would lick it clean, and enjoy it too. You know how lucky you are, you get to suck on a nine inch cock!’ It was settled, I was going to do it. I climbed off the dildo ( leaving my ass feeling empty) and seated myself before it. My ass shouted for more but I ignored it, it was my mouth’s turn now. I looked at the nine inch dildo and saw that it was black, thick and long. I couldn’t hold on anymore, I had to suck it. And as I did I felt my own shit, it was disgusting, but I couldn’t stop. I continued to lick and suck it until it was sparkling clean. Then the voice in the back of my head spoke again, ‘you should really thank him you know. Real cowboy sluts would thank him.’ And I obeyed, ‘thank you very much sir.’ I told the dildo, and as soon as I had said it, the dildo had disappeared. ‘That was fun wasn’t it, but I think you should get back to normal. Revert to normal.’ And like that I was normal again, still hot, sweaty and aroused, but also ashamed. ‘I wasn’t gay, so why did I do these things? Wasn’t hypnosis unable to change your principles? And more importantly, why did I enjoy these things so much? ‘Oh you got me so hot … you know, I think I deserve a little treat.’ The voice said. A tile in the shower’s wall was removed, and revealed a glory hole. Then there was a large cock sticking out of it. ‘Suck me off slut! Cock suck sissy now!’ And a wonderful sensation overcame me, I had to suck the cock. Why hadn’t I done it before? And so I sucked it, I gave it a sloppy, fast blowjob. I licked and sucked every inch of it. ‘Oh you are good sissy! They didn’t lie to me!’ the cock’s owner moaned. And I began to suck faster, the head slamming against the back of my throat (somehow I didn’t gag) and the salty sweat dancing on my tongue. I wasn’t long until the man moaned louder and announced that he was going to cum. And he did, a load of salty, gooey cum filled my mouth. I swallowed gratefully. ‘Great job slut!’ the voice shouted, and the cock disappeared, along with the glory hole. I sat there, wallowing in his praise, humiliated but aroused. ‘Revert to normal.’ The voice said, and I was left with great humiliation. I didn’t know what to say but, ‘let me go.’ And the moment I had said it, I knew it was bad business. ‘You ungrateful little slut! This time you are really going to be punished, but first: gagged little sissy now!’ And my mouth was gagged, there was a large red ball gag in there. ‘Now how will I punish you? I should actually send the videos I made of you to your family and friends, but I think I will save that for when you disobey my wishes again. For now I am just going to learn you a lesson … cum fountain now!’ And again his words proved to be a trigger, my cock grew erect and spurted cum at once. But this was not its usual load, this one was huge, inhumanly huge. Like a fountain cum spurted all around the shower cabin, it covered the walls, my face, even the ceiling. It spurted and it spurted, and soon I felt myself laying on an inch think layer of cum. ‘That’s enough whore, revert to normal and lick it all up! I will remove the ball gag for the occasion.’ the voice shouted. The ball gag disappeared, I wanted to resist, there wasn’t a trigger active so I guessed I could. But I knew that if I did I would get punished even more, what if he really had videos of my. So I licked, I licked for what felt like ages, filling my entire stomach with my own salty cum. ‘So, I believe you have been punished enough now, but don’t forget what happens if I see any more disobedience from you!’ the voice shouted after I was done. I said nothing, I couldn’t with the return of the ball gag, but didn’t even try. ‘You know that feeling in your stomach, that’s one nice thing about this trigger. Even if you deactivate it you still feel its effects for a while.’ The voice said, again I said nothing. ‘You know I can do lots of stuff with you. You know that fountain I just did? It works with urine as well so you’d better obey me.’ I nodded, I didn’t know anything else to do. ‘Let’s try something else, I have some nice memory triggers. Oh not like the one I used on you before, that was one that really happened. I mean that I can create memories, fantasies, I can make you feel everything that happens in it. You see what power that gives me. You know WarpMyMind? Great site, great source for idea’s. I always liked the teenage boy bitch series, Sarnoga created it … pure genius. Anyways, that gives me ideas, I can make you fantasize about your youth, I can make you suck, fuck, and receive everything and everyone you ever knew. Maybe you had some bullies, how would you like to suck them? Would you like to be their teenage boy bitch?’ I shook my head, horrified by the thought, though also aroused. ‘No? Well I am afraid I am the boss here. Here, suck on this cock as I talk … dildo sucker slut now.’ A large dildo appeared out of nowhere, hanging on the wall. Again it was a black one. I just looked at it. ‘Suck it bitch, or do you want to suck your high school bullies?’ the voice said. Instantly I took the black dildo between my lips, I sucked it, fucked it, I even began to enjoy it. ‘So where were we? Oh right, I can make you do everything … What do you think of the tentacle files? I know you love them, but I don’t want you to enjoy it too much … perhaps I’ll let you get fucked in the ass by a dog? Hmmm … so much choice … how are you doing with that cock? Good? Well then I can add a little more can I? Ass dildo fucker now!’ And just like that, I felt a dildo go all the way up my ass, it began to fuck me, I felt the surprisingly real feeling balls pound against my ass. I was still sucking the other dildo so that I was now pounded in all my holes. My cock was hard, I actually began to cum. Sadly enough the voice had noticed this too. ‘Don’t cum, I order you not to cum. Cum stopper now!’ the voice shouted, and suddenly I wasn’t going to cum anymore. Though I was still very aroused. I was pounded from both sides, it felt so good, I moaned loudly. ‘Oh you like it slut? The voice asked. I felt even more humiliated, though even more aroused, I was unbelievably aroused. ‘Oh I am going to have a lot of fun with you, I think I have some nice ideas.’ The voice said, and then he laughed.


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