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summer night

by batui4

summer night

We've arrived at our summer place on the beach. After a long, hard week, we were glad to escape to this place that we love so much. We really are beach bums, you and I, and would like nothing more than to spend all summer on the beach, in the water, and in bed.

I watch you walk from our bedroom into the bathroom, your robe falling to the floor in a heap. You smile back at me briefly as you saunter, and you know I will be watching your beautiful ass swaying gently as you walk. When I first met you I noticed your smile and your eyes and then at the same moment your well sculpted bottom: it was love at first sight. In our first conversation, at that party, I was already imagining burying my face between your cheeks.

And now years later I still can't get enough of your ass. Only this morning when we parted ways you kissed me and said that you were looking forward to taking a shower tonight. That was code. I knew from the look in your eyes and the way you spoke that what you were really saying to me was: "I can't wait to get home so that you can lick me anywhere and everywhere you want." And we both knew that I would want to kiss, lick and tongue your sweet bottom.

You bend over in the shower and turn on the water. In our oversized bathtub there is no reason for you to draw the shower curtain and you leave it open on purpose knowing I will watch you. You close your eyes as the water streams over you. You run your fingers through your brown hair as the water runs down your body, down over your breasts and your belly, down through the neatly trimmed curls between your legs and down over your shapely thighs and calves.

I strip the rest of my clothes off and walk into the bathroom. Standing behind you I run my hands up and down your body. I whisper into your ear, as I have done countless times, all that I find arousing about you. The swelling head of my cock is pressed into the small of your back while the shaft is just cradled between the soft creamy skin of your cheeks. I soap your body from behind: running my hands over your breasts and your belly. You moan softly as I pull at your nipples and massage your tits. I love how they fit so perfectly into my hands.

Moving my hands down I lather your curls and the pink flesh they conceal. Your sighs of pleasure thrill me as I rub my fingers through your slit and brush over your clitoris. Shifting my position slightly, I run both hands between your legs from back to front and front to back lathering everything from the top of your curls and down around to the top of your cheeks.

When I have finished rinsing you off you bend over once again to turn off the water. Unable to control myself anymore I drop down behind your beautiful ass now inches from my face. Massaging your cheeks with my hands I begin to run my tongue up and down your crack. You laugh and say something about how insatiable I am. I respond by spreading your cheeks and flicking my tongue across your cute little anus. You settle into a more comfortable position by rising a little and putting your hands against the wet tile. I continue to lick away at your pucker. I love feeling of the little ridges against my tongue. I love forcefully swirling my tongue around and around your anus and then pulling away with only the tip of my tongue barely brushing against your sensitive skin and the fine thin hairs that line your crack. I love hearing you moan with pleasure as I tongue you and finger your clit.

I can tell you want more and I'm ready to give it to you. I lick some more around your rosebud and gradually apply more and more pressure. Using the tip of my tongue I push my way in to your tight ring. Your breathing deepens in ecstasy as I push in further and wiggle my tongue ever so slightly. You love having your ass tongue-fucked as much as I love doing it to you. As I move my tongue in and out and finger your clit you begin to rotate your hips more insistently. I know you are getting close: I can feel your muscles contracting under my tongue and I can hear your breathing change. Pushing my tongue in one last time your orgasm explodes over you. You cry out with pleasure, a sound I love to hear, as the sensations course through your body. I continue to run my tongue around your anus and between your cheeks as I rub those beautiful mounds of flesh. You stand up and look down at me. Our eyes meet. "I love you," I whisper. "You crazy man," you say pulling me up and kissing me full on the mouth. You reach between my legs and gently massage my sack before rubbing your hand slowly up and down my shaft. I shudder and exhale deeply at the sensation of your hand stroking me; I am straining with desire and you know it. I run my own fingers between your curls and into the silky wetness of your slit.

"There's so much more to do and the whole night is ahead of us," I murmur into your wet hair.

"Hmmm..." you sigh, "then we better get started."

We step out of the shower and towel off together. But you have plans for me even before we reach the bedroom. After I finish drying you and you have finished me, you begin to rub up and down the shaft of my cock. I sigh and lean back against the vanity. Our eyes meet for a few seconds while you rub up the shaft and then you lower your head and mouth onto the sensitive crown of my swollen manhood.

I exhale deeply and with pleasure as you go to work. You know just how to drive me crazy. You use the flat of your tongue to caress the underside of the head of my cock while your hands continue to move slowly but deliberately up and down my long rod. Next you take as much of me as you can into your mouth and then slowly suck me off. Your tongue continues to work its magic as your warm wet mouth caresses my sex.

"Oh God.... feels so good" I half moan and half sigh.

I know you love it when you can hear my pleasure. I continue to sigh and allow my breathing to become more ragged and insistent. My hands are now resting gently on the top of your head. You recognize that this means I am about to unleash my cream to use all your oral skills to push me over the edge. It never takes long for me to get to this point because you can do amazing things with your tongue and lips and mouth. Tonight you don't show any signs of letting up when you feel my hands on your head. I feel a primal rush of passion for you when I realize that you want to finish me in your mouth. I have tried to describe the complex emotional feeling of satisfaction that fills me when I realize you want me to fill your mouth.

Within seconds I cross the point of no return. You hear my breathing intensify, you feel my cock begin to tense even more and you feel my hands stroking your hair. I give myself over to the moment: the tingling sensation grows to become a pleasurable chill sensation, though I'm not cold, that flashes through my body. I move my hands back to the vanity to steady myself as the waves of my orgasm wash over me. All the while of course, I am shooting streams of my cream into your mouth. The first is the largest amount and I hear you swallow it; two other smaller ones follow.

You gently suck me off a few seconds later and look up at me. I can see traces of me on your lips, and as you stand up and lean your naked body against me I realize that you are going to share it with me. I lick your lips clean and then push my tongue into your mouth. We kiss passionately and pass between us the remnants of my cream that you saved for this moment. We both love this intimate sharing; the truth is it turns you on to know that I want to taste myself in your mouth.

"Wow... you're amazing." I say while exhaling and after we have pulled away from the kiss.

"It didn't seem right that you would get to eat me without me eating you." you say with a smile. "And now we can go to bed..."

"Now we're even" I say with a chuckle

"Exactly. Now we can start all over." you say grabbing my hand as we exit the bathroom.

"Umm... you might want to give me a little while to recover." I replied.

"That's ok." you say softly as we tumble onto our bed, "we have all night."

Snuggling up close we talk for a while and then both drift off to sleep with the sound of the surf softly crashing in the background and a cool breeze creating music with the wind chime hanging on our balcony.

An hour later, more or less - does it matter? - we both wake up. The breeze has died down and the steady sound of the surf sounds distant. We are lying on our sides, my chest against your back, my arm draped over your body and holding you close, your soft cheeks pressed into my lower abdomen and cock. It doesn't take long for my body to respond to the sensation of our skin to skin contact.

I kiss the top of your head and you look back at me with a smile.

"Hi" you say in simple whisper.

I respond in turn as I begin to fondle your tits with my right hand that is so conveniently close to them. Smiling you role onto your back to give me better access. You reach down and wrap your hand around my manhood and begin to slowly stroke it.

"I guess you've recovered." you say with a grin.

"You're just too beautiful." I say as I lower my lips to yours. As we kiss lips to lips and tongue to tongue, I continue to rub my hand over your body. I fondle your tits, and gently twist and pull at your nipples, I rub my hand down your soft belly and then down over your thighs. I'm teasing you, coming within inches of your pink pedals and little bud concealed by them but not touching it. You spread your legs as if to encourage my hand to finds its way between them, and I comply with this encouragement.

Down between your curls my fingers slide into the pink wetness. You moan with pleasure as they find their way to your clit and I use two fingers massage your little bud. As I finger you I pull away from your mouth and kiss down your neck. I keep moving down to your left breast and cover the soft mound of flesh with kisses and flicks of my tongue. You grab your right breast and push it up and over towards my face, and I respond by giving attention to this one as well. Kissing up the side of your tit I finally lower my mouth over your nipple.

Continuing to stimulate your clit I engulf first one nipple and the other. I take as much as I can in my mouth and let it slowly slide out again. Your moaning goads me on: I know you love the feeling of having your nipples sucked and your clit massaged simultaneously.

But I want to taste more than your tits. I want to lap up your juices and taste you. I move my body down yours and kiss my way down to your navel and then down further. I pass my lips trough your light brown curls and down into your sex. I'm in heaven. I love how you taste and the sight of your glistening pink flesh. I lap at your pedals and then use the flat part of my tongue on your clit. I can feel you writhe with pleasure as I wiggle your clit back and forth rapidly with my tongue. You love it when I suck your little bud into my mouth and nibble at it with my lips.

And I am taking my time. Sometimes I tongue fuck you, sometimes I lick at your pedals, sometimes I let my tongue wander down again to your little pucker and swirl around and around your tight ring, but I always head back up to your clit. I can tell you're getting closer by the amount of juices that is ending up in my mouth. You are wet and I love it. I love the way you taste and it turns you on to know that I am getting intoxicated with you as my tongue, with the gentlest of movements is pushing your whole body towards a rush of intense pleasure. Your hands are on my head now urging me on, but I'm still not ready to let you go.

I flip you over onto your belly and begin to kiss and lick down the crack of your beautiful tush.

"Didn't get enough in the shower?" you say looking over your shoulder.

"Do I ever get enough?" I reply with a smile and then return to my licking

While I lick around and around your anus I slide my hand under you and begin to finger your clit again. Within moments you are moaning and sighing with pleasure. Why do I love licking your ass? Who knows. I think your tight little starburst is really cute for one thing. I love the sensation of feeling my tongue move over the sensitive little ridges that meet at its center. It turns me on so much to have my face buried between your cheeks and to hear you moaning with pleasure when the tip of my tongue probes just inside your tight little pucker. More than anything it's knowing that you absolutely love it when I do this to you that drives me crazy. We're quite a pair: I love licking and you love being licked.

Rising to your hands and knees I feel you fumbling for something in our nightstand, but I barely notice. The sight of your ass in the air, your body fully exposed to me, thrills me deep in my soul. I begin to lick your ferociously from your clit to your rosebud, back and forth again and again. You stop whatever you were doing at the sensations you feel from my tongue.

"God I love it when you do that!" You sigh with contentment.

"Well any time you need it, just holler" I say between licks.

"What were you doing anyway; not that I mind of course." I continue

"Oh getting something," you reply.

As you spoke you rolled over onto your back and I notice you are holding our bottle of Astroglide. Our eyes meet for a moment and then you open the tube and begin to rub down my shaft.

"I love you" I say in a husky voice, betraying my desire for you.

"Well," you say finishing up and throwing the tube off the bed, "here's your chance to show me some more."

Lying on your side you raise your top leg in the air and push out your ass. I lay down behind you and use one hand to guide my cock to your tight anal ring. You push back against me and I wiggle my hand gently until I feel the head begin to slide past your pucker. You exhale deeply when the head is inside and I begin to push slowly more and more deep inside your body.

"Oh yes..." you moan with ragged breath.

I know you love this moment of fullness, and I know you also love the combination of having your ass full of my cock and my fingers working their magic on your clit. With my right arm over your body and my right hand at work on your clit, we begin to move as one. I thrust in and out of your ass as you try to talk with a breathy voice.

"Oh God... keep going... like that... yes... yes."

Eventually you become incoherent, moaning softly as I continue to move slowly but deliberately in and out of your body. You have tried to describe the sensation of having your clit massaged and your ass fucked simultaneously, but you only can say that the orgasms almost make you lose control completely.

I know you are close and I am too. The warmth of your body and the feeling of your tight ring on my shaft is making it difficult to hold back. I feel your body tense around my shaft and I feel your juices flowing freely over my fingers.

Finally you climax. You free fall into the waves of pleasure that wash over you.

You moan loudly and spasm.

Your head goes back and then falls forward onto the pillow as you lose all sense of your surroundings for few moments.

When I know you are coming I pull out until just the head of my cock is within you. Your little tight ring massages me perfectly and soon I am breathing loudly and emptying myself inside you. You are just conscience enough to give my right hand a squeeze just to let me know that you're glad to hear me and feel me exploding inside you.

We lay still for over twenty minutes, our bodies sharing each other's warmth. Finally you roll your head back and give me a little kiss. Words are still too much and you don't say anything as you get up and head to the bathroom. I follow you soon and after we have cleaned up we are back in bed. Your head rests on my chest and your body is snuggled into mine when you say 'thanks' in a barely audible whisper.

I give you a little squeeze. Moonlight is splashed on our floor and the surf is more audible now. Tomorrow we will lie on the beech and swim and make love. But right now we drift off to sleep with the occasional notes from our wind chime filling our ears.


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