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They call me Barbara...now : )

by EMG

They call me Barbara...now : )

When I was younger there was a secretary that worked for my fathers company in San Francisco. She would always wear really pretty dresses and skirt and blouse sets, with stockings with seams and hi heels too, to work at the office.
Her name was Angie; she was divorced. And she lived in this two story house with a basement and a big yard (very private). She had asked my father if he knew of anyone that could help her by doing some yard work like cutting her grass and cleaning up around her place. He volunteered me (his son Jeffery) to help. I was cutting grass and doing yard work to make extra money over the summer. My father took me over to Angie’s place early on a Friday morning (her day off from the office) to start my jobs.

Angie was a really beautiful woman with long flowing black hair, dark eyes, and a tanned body with a beautiful complexion. She stood about 5'6" tall, and weighed around 130 lbs. She was somewhere between 25 and 28 years old. I didn't know. On the day I went over she met us at the door wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with a pair of tennis shoes. But her makeup was done as if she was at the office and her beautiful black hair was up and set.

She said hello to us and asked how we were. My father said “your worker is here just give him the list of what needs to be done and it will be done.” I said hello and she gave me a hug. She said hi and thanked us both for the help, telling us that since her divorce she had no time for the house with work and all the other things going on. My father replied that I had the whole summer and that I could help her keep the place in shape. Angie thanked him. And then my father left, saying that he would call later to find out what time would be best to pick me up.

Angie asked me if I were ready. I said sure what would you like first? She said I need the grass cut and edged and the weeds pulled for starters; then I need some things moved down to the basement for storage and cleaning up around the house. So I got started on cutting the grass and edging the yard. I raked up the leaves, putting them in bags, then took out the bags of leaves and weeds. After that it was lunch time so we went inside. I had PB&J, with milk, and she had something else. She was very beautiful to look at and I tried not to stare at her while we ate. After lunch she had asked me to sweep the garage and then move some stuff from up stairs down to the basement for storage. After finishing with the garage I went into the house, to the attic, to move some of her boxes down to the basement for her.

While I was in the basement I saw that was where she had her washer and dryer for her laundry. I also noticed that some of her dresses and lingerie were there in baskets, waiting to be washed. (I'd been crossdressing and doing self ties on myself for a few years in private with my mother’s clothes. I would watch Batman on tv and see Batgirl get tied up and gagged all of the time and wish it was me. I didn't know about bondage then; to me it was just tie up games that I enjoyed doing. I was masturbating too but I didn't know it was masturbating; it was just my thing.) I thought I was alone while in the basement so I reached down and started touching her clothes which felt so very nice to hold. I took one of her dresses from the basket and held it up to myself to see if it would fit. And started rubbing myself thru the dress on my crotch…and started to get hard. I was having a really good time touching her clothes. All of a sudden she came up from behind me, saying “what are you doing?”

I was caught! I dropped everything and was so embarrassed to be caught holding her things. She said again, “what were you doing with my dress?” I tried to speak but nothing came out. She then took my hand, led me over to a couch that was in the basement, and we sat down. I thought for sure she was going to yell and scream at me and threaten to call my father and then I would be really be screwed! But she just sat there holding my hand and we talked about what had just happened. I told her about liking the things she wore in the office, how beautiful they were to see and how much I got turned on by seeing them, and how I fantasized about wanting to wear them. She just sat there smiling back at me.

We were sitting there in her basement for about an hour or so talking about my fantasies and my dressing up and the tying-up games that I enjoyed. Then the phone rang. She walked over to answer it and it was my parents calling to see what time they were to pick me up. She said to them “he's really not done with all of the work I need doing around here. Would it be all right for me to keep him for the weekend, to get everything I need done?” She handed me the phone and it was my mother. My mom told me that they were going to let me stay with Angie, and to be good and do everything she told me to do. I said yes and looked at Angie. I handed the phone back to her and she spoke with my parents over something, then told them that I would be no problem and had a lot to do that would keep me out of mischief.
And then she told them she would call them on Sunday to come and get me when we were done. She hung up the phone and came over to me, took my hand, looked at me and said “I'm willing to help you to do some of your fantasy dress up and tie up games. But this is our secret and you must never tell anyone about it.” She told me that if she heard about it she would tell my parents everything, and I would be in big trouble! I agreed. We went upstairs to her bathroom and she asked me to please take off all of my clothes as she was running a bath for me to soak in. (I want you to know I was really excited and had a major hard on the whole time standing there in front of her. I was so embarrassed and tried to cover myself.) She then told me to get into the bath and that she would be back in a few minutes.

I sat there in the scented bubble bath. It smelled so nice and felt nice too. She then came back in carrying a razor and some shaving cream. She said to stand up! I still had a raging hard on as I stood up in front of her. She put shaving cream all over my legs and started to shave me smooth. She even took some of the hair off of my chest and under arms too. And she shaved my face as close as possible (even through I was just starting to grow my beard). She finally rinsed me off and dried me with a large towel, and used some scented powder on me. To tell you the truth it felt great to be hairless for the first time. And I still had a raging hard on. She then said “we will have to do something about that.”

After the bath we were sitting there side by side on her bed, with me in a towel, and she said to me, “how do you go about losing that hard on?” I told I would rub some panties or slips over it till it squirted. She handed me some lingerie and asked to see. I was embarrassed again but she wanted to see. So I showed her. As I was showing her, she stopped me and said “let’s try something different.” My mother had told me to mind Angie, so I did as she said. She handed me a pair of L’eggs sheer energy pantyhose (the color was suntan) with the crotch cut out of them. They felt really great on my hairless legs. As I pulled them up she stopped me and showed me an easier way of putting them. After the panty hose were in place she handed me a wide black satin garter belt to put on with six garters for stockings. Next she handed me a pair of sheer black silk stockings, with back seams, that went to my crotch. She helped me put them on and attached them to the garters and told me to make sure that the seams were straight. When she handed me a black Vanity Fair panty brief and pulled it up my legs, over the stockings and garters to my waist, it felt so incredibly good.

She then handed me a black long line bra and stuffed the cups with extra panties for my bust line. I stood there looking at myself and feeling how great everything felt and I was really horny big time! But she ordered me not to touch. She then went over to her closet and came back with a pair of black patent pumps with hi heels and asked me to put them on. I did and they fit perfectly. She then handed me a black full slip and put it on over my head and it all felt so wonderful as I wore it. At last she sat me down at her vanity table and started to do my make up.

While she was doing my make up she was touching my legs softly with her hand, which felt nice. When she finished with my makeup she sprayed some perfume on me, then went over to her closet and came back with a black one piece, fake wrap around style dress with long sleeves that fell to just above my knees in length. And a shoulder length, brunette colored wig. She pinned it into place and had me stand back and look at myself in the mirror. I was completely blown away by who was looking back at me in the mirror: she was me and I was beautiful. She put some o-ring ear rings in my ears and a gold necklace around my neck. Then she said “are you hungry? I think we should have some dinner.”

We went down stairs together she helped me with the stairs in my heels. When we got to the kitchen it was going on about 6:00pm. I helped her fix some dinner for the both of us. She told me to set the table with placemats, dishes, silverware and glasses for us. After a few minutes we had a salad on the table for me and some left over meat loaf for her. (She had said that a girl needs to watch her figure and eat light.) With dinner over she told me to clean up the dishes and put them in the dishwasher then to meet with her in the other room, but before she left she handed me an apron to put on so as not to dirty my dress wile I was doing the dishes.

After I finished in the kitchen I walked into the living room and Angie was sitting in a lounger reading a book and waiting on me. She asked me if the dishes were done; I said yes. She said “we should give you a name now that you are no longer Jeffery.” She asked me what the stage name of the actress that played Batgirl was; I told her Barbara Gordan. She said that would work out just fine: “You are now Barbara Jefferys.” I said thank you and she instructed me to sit down in a straight back chair that she had arranged for me near where she was sitting. She then asked me “how were these girls tied up in your fantasies?” I told her some were tied with their arms tied behind their backs or around the chairs, with rope around their bodies and waists. “How were their legs and feet tied?” “Sometimes together at the knees and ankles, and tied back to their hands. Or tied knees together and ankles spread apart. Tied to the chair too, it’s one of my favorite ties.” And with that she produced some rope and told me to sit still as she began to tie me tightly to the chair. When she was done I could hardly move at all. (It was great!) She then said to me “I want you to sit here for a few minutes and think about what happened with you today. I'm going to go and change (she’d been wearing blue jeans and a T-shirt with tennis shoes all day). I'll be back in a little bit and we will talk some more Barbara,” and then she left.

I sat there alone in her living room for what seemed like a long time. I was starting to get worried that something might have happened to her. The next thing I knew she was coming down the stairs dressed in one of her black leather skirts, a gold lame top with short sleeves, and a wide belt around her waist. And she too was wearing black seamed stockings with strappy hi heeled shoes. Her black hair was down around her shoulders and her makeup was fantastic. She slowly came over to me and started to caress my bound body and legs. She then reached down to my crotch to see if I were still hard. (Which I was.) She stood in front of me and I looked at her and she asked me “do you like?” I said yes. “It’s what I wore to the office the other day when you saw me. Tell me something Barbara…when these girls were gagged, how were they gagged?” I told her some were tied with a scarf over their mouths or thru their teeth and some had stuffing pushed into their mouths and a big knotted scarf tied in place. “What kind of stuffing would it be?” she asked. “Sometimes it would be another scarf or a bandana or even a woman’s panties put in to keep them quiet.” With that she walked up to me and said “open your mouth wide Barbara” and started pushing the panties that she had worn all day into my mouth.

She took a long black silk scarf, made a large knot in the center of it, and pushed deep into my mouth to hold the panties in place. Then she rewrapped the ends of the scarf thru and over my mouth to gag me tightly, pulled the ends behind my head and tied them off. She then said, as she was rubbing my crotch with her hand, “this should keep you quiet for a while.” I moaned into my gag as she touched me softly. I was getting more and more excited over her touch.

She sat down in her lounger beside me and crossed her long beautiful legs. Then she reached over and started stroking my legs thru the hosiery and teasing me. I was really loving it and continued moaning softly into my gag as she caressed me. She was really getting into it too and enjoying it as much as I was. It was around 11:00 pm so she got up to check her place to make sure the doors were all locked, then she came up to me and asked if I was ready for bed. I moaned yes, so she untied me from the chair but left my hands and arms tied behind my back. She left my gag in place too. She helped me up the stairs to her bedroom, put me in another chair, and tied my ankles and knees together. So I was sitting there in her bedroom, tied in another chair, watching her slowly take off her outfit in front of me. When she was down to her lingerie she went into the bathroom and came out wearing a black satin robe with some hi heeled slippers. She then came over to me and said “I'm going to untie your hands and arms so you can change into this nightgown” as she placed a black satin, knee length, babydoll nightie on the bed.

I moaned thru the gag. She undid my hands and arms and pulled the dress & slip off over my head. Then she handed me the nightie and a pair of long (over the elbow) black satin gloves to put on. After I was dressed she undid my legs and I was told to go to the bathroom. I returned to find her sitting on the bed. She told me to stand straight with my hands at my sides (I had all of my lingerie still on plus my stocking and hi heeled pumps too). She re-tied my hands together in front of me, and had me sit down on one side of the bed while she tied my ankles and knees tightly together again. Then she took my shoes off and told me I would be sleeping with her tonight to make sure I stayed out of trouble.

She laid me back on her bed and tied my hands tightly over head to her head board. She pulled my feet down and tied them to the bottom of the bed. So I lay there dressed in lingerie and stockings and a satin baby doll nightie, lingerie and long black gloves, tied and gagged in a bed with another beautiful woman. “If you have any problems I will be there for you Barbara” Angie said. She took off her black satin robe and she was wearing a black satin nightie like mine. She had left on her hosiery too! She kicked off her shoes, covered me up and turned off the light, then started to caress me again, rubbing my cock thru my outfit. She then told me to get all the rest I could because tomorrow would be a really busy day for her new maid "Barbara." With that she leaned over and kissed me softly on the cheek as she rubbed her nylon clad legs against mine, touching and teasing me still.


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