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The Shower Part Three

by horneyslaafje

The Shower Part Three

This is part three of my series and probably the last (unless someone requests a part four). Just like the previous ones I ask not to copy this without permission, as I have worked very hard on it. And of course I have to add: enjoy.

‘What are you planning to do with me?’ I shouted, more afraid than ever as master made the two dildos disappear, making my ass and mouth feel oddly empty. It was a moment before a reply came. ‘Well you know, I do have to gain something from our little arrangement. And I am not sure if you can give me enough pleasure to make up for your costs. So I’ll see, perhaps I’ll whore you out.’ A voice said. I shook my head, he couldn’t do that! Everyone would know! And somehow the voice seemed to know this, ‘nobody has to know, except for your clients.’ The voice said, and stopped for a moment. Then he said, ‘I think I will test you … sleepy slut now!’ And I fell asleep. After what felt like seconds I woke up, still naked, but dry. When I looked around I found that I was in a living room, filled with cosy furniture that seated two people, a man and a woman. ‘Yeah, Tom said this slut will do anything we say, and he was actually quite cheap.’ The man told the woman. ‘Hey look, he’s awake!’ the woman said. And now they both looked at me, the woman eagerly, the man as though he dared me to ask what happened. ‘Oh this is going to be so much fun!’ the woman said, and she took a look at a piece of paper before her. ‘Look how many hypnotic triggers this one has!’ she said. The man smiled, ‘well Tom always knew how to handle sluts.’ He said. ‘May I try one of them? Perhaps … this one?’ the woman asked, pointing at the piece of paper. ‘Of course you can.’ The man said, smiling. The woman was really excited now. ‘Right, let’s see … gang bang sissy now!’ she shouted. And just like that the room filled with men, all sporting large cocks. They approached me, and without wanting to I grabbed two cocks, one in each hand, and started jerking them off. One of the men approached me from behind, and took me in the ass. It was pounded hard, but I was humiliated to discover that it felt nice, warm and full. Then one came before me and forced his cock into my mouth. ‘Wow, what is he doing? His cock is hard as fuck!’ the woman said, turning to the man. ‘Look at that slut! He thinks he is having a gang bang! And it looks like he is enjoying it!’ the man said. This humiliated me immensely, the gang bang was just a fantasy, but it felt so real, my ass being stretched, my throat being pounded. I couldn’t help it, I moaned loudly. ‘This slut is really enjoying it! Wow, I think he might be a bigger whore than you!’ the man told the woman. But I never heard the woman’s reply, I was distracted, as the cock all began to cum at once. I felt a large load shoot into my mouth (and I swallowed it without thinking), I felt my ass fill with a large creamy load (I secretly enjoyed that quite a lot) and the two cocks I was jerking off spurted their loads all over my face. But before I had even thought about licking it up the man said, ‘leave it on, as a reminder of what a slut you are!’ And so I left it on my face to dry. ‘All right, revert to normal … what’s next?’ the woman asked. ‘Perhaps that one, it’s about time he starts pleasing us.’ The man suggested, pointing the piece of paper. ‘All right, suck my super cock slut!’ the man shouted. And I saw him opening his zipper and revealing a rather standard sized cock. Did he call that super? I thought. But then it grew, it became about twice the normal size, and I suddenly had a great desire to suck it. So I crawled over there and took the large member between my lips. ‘Oh yeah slut, suck it, suck it good!’ the man moaned as I began giving him a blowjob. The cock felt large, and it made me gag all the time, to which the man responded by laughing. He took me by my hairs and began to face fuck me. ‘Oh this slut is good, he’s really good!’ he moaned, and just like that he began to cum. Though as I expected, his super cock did not cum like a normal cock. It began to spurt like it was a hose, covering me in cum within seconds. I was knocked back, something the man seemed to like very much. ‘I guess I’m too much of a man for you aren’t I? Now lick it all up!’ he shouted, and he watched me lick all around me. Of course for him it looked like I just randomly licked things, but in my eyes, everything was covered in cum. After my tongue was tired and my belly full, he beckoned me to clean his cock, and I did with great enthusiasm. ‘Now it’s my turn to choose a suggestion!’ the woman said, and she read the piece of paper. ‘Lick my waterfall cunt now!’ she shouted, and she opened her pants. A pretty, nicely shaved pussy appeared, and I was glad that it seemed like I could finally have normal sex again. But I was mistaken, from the pussy oozed a white substance I instantly recognized as cum, it flooded out of her cunt like a waterfall. ‘Lick slut!’ the woman ordered, and I began to lick the cum from her cunt. It came faster than I could lick it up, so that it flooded past my lips and dripped to the ground. But she did not mind, she simply moaned in the pleasure of having her pussy licked with so much enthusiasm. ‘Oh! Oh! Hmmm … so nice … faster!’ she groaned. And so I licked faster, I licked and licked until she was moaning louder and ever. Then she announced that she was having an orgasm, and as soon as she had, the flow of cum stopped. ‘Oh I really do have to thank Tom for this, I think we’ll rent this slut more often, Tom really did a good job on this one!’ she said. ‘Yeah, you’re right, and we still have time left. What shall we make him do now?’ the man asked. ‘What about his one? Sissy maid needs her master’s duster.’ The woman asked. ‘What does it do?’ the man asked. But while the man told the woman what it did, I was horrified to see what it did. I grew breasts, beautiful large breasts. My cock disappeared and became a tight pussy, my hair became long and frizzy. But then the real shock came. Before me I saw the boss from my job, a short and fat man. And a tall dark-haired man who I guessed was master Tom. ‘And he’ll be fucked by all his masters’ the man concluded as my boss and master Tom came closer to me. It was the oddest thing, master Tom ripped my dark panties away and pushed his cock into my pussy, at the same time my boss from work came from behind and shoved his cock into my ass. The man couldn’t stay still either, and he shoved his cock into my mouth. I was now simultaneously fucked in three holes and I loved it. I came and came. I swallowed cum, took it in my pussy and my ass, moaning loudly all the way. But as soon as it had started it had ended, and my boss and master Tom disappeared. I was left there feeling slutty, abused and aroused, watching the man return to his seat beside the woman. I couldn’t believe what had happened, master Tom had abducted me, humiliated and raped me, whored me out, and I now felt like I was the luckiest man in the world. This couldn’t be! Instantly I began to blame it on the triggers, master Tom had installed so many triggers, I was sure that one of those was the cause of me feeling this way. ‘We don’t have much time left until we have to give him back to Tom, what would be an appropriate goodbye?’ the man asked. This made the woman think, she read the list of triggers again and again. While she did so I noticed the previous trigger wore off some more, I became myself again. ‘Hey look at this one! Tentacle love now!’ And I felt them, just like one of the hypnosis files I used to listen to on my favourite website. I laid down onto my back and slimy tentacles appeared all around me. They began caressing me, then they started to fuck me in all of my holes. It felt so good, I was fucked from all sides, all the tentacles doing separate actions. I came, cum spurted from my cock and fell onto my belly, the tentacles continued, I came again. ‘Wow he really enjoys this!’ the man said. ‘Yeah I guess he really is a dirty sissy slut.’ The woman said. I felt humiliated, but that only enhanced the pleasure. I came again but this time, the tentacles disappeared, they left me tired and covered in my own cum. Even as the trigger wore off, my cum stayed on my belly. ‘I am sorry to say that is all the time we have … we will have to send you back to master Tom. Sleepy slut now!’ the man said, and I fell asleep. Again it felt like only seconds when I woke up, this time in a shower I recognized very well. Before I could say anything I heard Master Tom’s voice. ‘You did very well slut, I even got a generous tip. They said you were the dirtiest slut I had sent them so far. You may be very proud of yourself.’ He said. I said nothing, I was too humiliated. ‘I think this can work, you make up for your costs with easy, if I keep whoring you out like this it will work out just fine. Oh and look, you have some cum on your belly. Yours of theirs? Oh forget it, I don’t really need to know. I will bring in your food in a little while. That is if you haven’t filled up on cum. And afterwards you can suck me off, because you are for my pleasure.’ The voice said, again I was too humiliated to talk. ‘This is your new live slave, you might as well enjoy it. But from what I heard, you already do.’ Master Tom said. My cock became a bit erect, making me even more humiliated. This time I did find the courage to speak. ‘Yes master.’ I said.


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