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turned Bi

by mikufan4life

turned Bi


Whenever I want to be turned on, my thoughts wander back to one particular incident. It was a few years ago now, that I had my first real sexual experience with another woman...

Nikki and I had been best friends since about sixth grade, when she'd moved here and started going to my school. We were in twelfth grade now, just turned 18 and almost done high school. We hung out together all the time, usually with a few other girls, but Nikki and I were closest to each other. We confided almost everything to each other. She was my best friend and confidant. She was quite attractive too. With her perfect, straight raven hair, blue eyes, and tall slim figure, she was often the subject of boys' glances in the halls at school. She was the subject of mine as well, though it took me a while to admit that to myself.

Nikki and I were relaxing together in my sauna at about eleven o'clock one Friday night. My parents were out of town for the week-end, at conference down in the New York somewhere, and they'd left me in charge of the house for the week-end. I'd invited Nikki over for the week-end and we were enjoying having a whole house to ourselves without meddling parents. We'd just finished eating our pizza in the rec room while watching a movie, and decided to have a sauna. We'd turned it on before starting the movie so it was nice and hot now; steam rose quickly from the heater in the corner as Nikki poured on another bucket of water.

While her back was turned, I couldn't help noticing how the damp material of the bikini bottom clung to her rear, conforming perfectly to her curves. I caught myself watching her, as I'd done many times recently, with other girls too, but especially Nikki. Surely I wasn't really ogling her there? I could see why the guys were so hot for her though, there was no denying that she was very attractive. As she turned to come back to the bench, I looked at her beautiful breasts straining against the material of the under-sized top of the bikini I had leant her. My breasts were only a size 32b, hers must have been at least that in a c-cup. I wondered at my notice of her attractiveness.

"I was just looking at her objectively," I wanted to tell myself. "She *is* attractive." Still... In the last month or so, I'd started to notice myself looking at attractive girls more and more. It was only the day before that I had really consciously started to wonder about myself. I knew I wasn't a lesbian, that was ridiculous. I'd had sex with my last boyfriend plenty of times, and certainly enjoyed it. Even though we'd broken up a few months ago, our sexual escapades were still often the subject of my masturbation fantasies. Even with my fantasies though, the girls had started to creep into my consciousness.

When I fantasized about a guy going down on me, in the haze of building orgasm I would forget that it was supposed to be a guy licking me and it would become an attractive women staring up from my crotch, in my mind's eye. The night before this, I had decided to see if I could get turned on just thinking about a girl - and did I ever! Was I maybe bisexual?

I'd heard somewhere that you could fantasize about the same sex without being homosexual at all... I'd decided to talk to Nikki about it. If I could confide in anyone, it was her. But today, I hadn't been able to make myself bring it up yet. We'd been out with other friends most of the day, but when we came back to my place I still hadn't said anything. Now seemed as good a time as any though. As Nikki sat back down next to me, I tried to think of what I was going to say... 'Should I just out and tell her, "I think I might be bi"? Maybe I should just ask her some question about it, and see how she reacts...' I was still mulling this over in my mind when Nikki spoke.

"Gill, can I ask you something?"

"Sure, what's up?" I replied, grateful for the interruption. Nikki opened her mouth to speak, but seemed hesitant.

"I... Well, you see... I've been thinking."

"About what?"

"Well, for a while now, I've been... Would you promise not to tell anyone?"

What was this? In my curiousity, I forgot what I was going to say.

"Of course I wouldn't tell! Sounds like something's bothering you... what's up?"

"Well," she said, "It's like this..." She paused a moment, seeming to search for he right words. The sauna was quite hot now, and the condensation and sweat made her look even more attractive. "For a while now," she resumed, "When I... play with myself..." Now this was interesting. We had discussed masturbation before, so this wasn't breaking new ground. But I had been a little turned on by it the first time, a few months ago, and now the thought of discussing such intimate things with Nikki was more than a little exciting to me. "...you know how we were discussing fantasies?"


"Well, I didn't tell you the whole truth back a when we were talking about what we liked to think about to bring ourselves off. See, for a while now... well,... this may seem a bit strange to you, but I've been thinking about *girls* when I masturbate."

I'm sure I must have blinked. I suddenly remembered what I had been about to tell Nikki. And she'd just told it to me.

"I don't think it's 'strange'!" I blurted out, scrambling frantically for the right words to say.

"Well, it's just that I've been thinking more and more about it, and I realized that they do turn me on. Girls I mean. It gets me horny to think about girls. I'm starting to think I might be a lesbian or something. Sorry, I..."

I was still a bit surprised but I managed to reply. "Nikki... I meant to tell you, I was just going to tell you, I mean... um... I do the same thing."

It was out of the bag now.

"You... think about girls?"

"Yeah. Last night I even thought about just a girl, and nothing else. I imagined some hot girl... licking me and stuff and it really turned me on. I was going to ask you about it, what it meant. I mean, I know I'm not a lesbian. Tyler was proof of that. But do you think maybe I'm... bisexual or something."

"Wow...hehe," Nikki laughed nervously. "We're both in the same boat then I guess." There was a short silence as we both contemplated the floor.

"So," I finally said, "If I notice attractive girls, and get turned on by thinking about them, does that mean I'm bisexual?"

"Well... I don't know. It seems like such a strange thing. I mean, I've always considered myself straight..."

"Me too," I said. "But recently, I've just started noticing girls, you know? I catch myself looking at girls and thinking 'Gee, she's hot.'"

"I've been doing that for ages," Nikki said. "It just really hit me the other day though. I'm attracted to girls."

"Well, I guess it seems that we're both at least a little bisexual then, doesn't it Nikki?" I turned and smiled at her.

"I guess so. Wow. That just... it seems so odd to say it, doesn't it? 'I'm bisexual.' I mean, I've never actually though seriously, about going out with a girl or anything, let alone... sleeping with one."

"I fantasized about having sex with a girl." I said. Another akward pause. Had I said too much?

"Wh... What did you think about?" asked Nikki, cautiously.

"Well... it wasn't any big fantasy or anything. I just thought of someone licking my pussy like I do sometimes, except this time it was a girl instead of a guy."

"Was she naked?"

"Yes. I thought about her breasts. And... her pussy. I imagined a girl licking me while she fingered herself."

"Wow... that... That turns me on, to think about that, Gill. That's... I mean, I think that's something I'd like to do, you know? That excites me as much as the thought of doing anything with a guy."

"Me too." I leant back in a corner of the sauna, looking at Nikki. God, she was hot. "I guess we really are bisexual then, aren't we?"

"Yeah, um, you know, I have been noticing girls all the time. It makes sense I guess. Even today, Melissa was wearing that tight top... and you in that bikini, I mean, you're hot too. I can see why Ty liked you so much." I guess she had a point. She wasn't the only one who got hungry looks at school. My long cascade of light-red hair that went halfway down my back certainly caught attention. And though my tits aren't as big as Nikki's they weren't too small, and I have a nice trim body.

"You're not too bad-looking yourself, you know." I said, looking at Nikki's breasts again.

"You really think so?" asked Nikki. "I mean, I am I the kind of girl that you think you'd be... attracted to?" I considered this for a moment. The thought of someone like Nikki touching me, licking me...

"Yes." I replied. "I think you're hot. To tell you the truth, I've, um, noticed you before sometimes, I've looked at you. I think you're beautiful." I couldn't believe I just said that.

"I, uh, I've looked at you before too, Gill. Right now even, you look really hot."

We sat in silence for a bit. I dumped another pail of water onto the sauna heater. A thought struck me.

"Have you ever... kissed a girl?" I asked Nikki cautiously.

"No," she said quickly. "I've never... Would you like to...um, kiss me? Just to see what it's like, you know, to really kiss a girl."

"I guess," I said, a lot less enthusiastiacally than I felt. I felt a bit strange. This was *Nikki*, my best friend here, asking me to kiss her. The upper level of the sauna was getting quite hot, so we sat down together on the lower bench. Nikki reached out with her left hand and ran in gently through my hair. I felt a strage combination of elation and nervousness at the feel of her touch. I put both my hands on her shoulders and leant forward, tilting my head slightly. Our lips met, and we pressed them together tightly. My eyes closed. I couldn't believe how turned on I was. Our mouths opened as our lips twisted together. I stuck the tip of my tongue out tentatively, and met with Nikki's tongue just outside her teeth. We began to explore each other's mouths, running tongues along gums, licking lips. After what seemed an ecstatic eternity, but was only a few seconds, we broke apart.

"Wow." said Nikki. "That was great" I nodded in agreement. Without a word, we kissed again. More aggresively this time. I kissed Nikki like I had my boyfriend, claiming her mouth with mine. I felt her hands on my back, running through my long hair as we kissed. When we finally broke apart, I noticed that I could see Nikki's nipples straining through the fabric of the bikini top. I quick glance down saw that mine were the same. Nikki must have seen me look, because she looked down at her own breasts and laughed.

"Wow, my nipples are so hard. And yours are too, Gill. Do you think... I, uh, would you mind if I just touched your breasts? I just want to know how it feels to touch another girl's boobs."

This was amazing. I nodded my consent and moved closer to her. She reached out tentatively and placed a hand on my left breast, sliding it down slowly to cup it from beneath. Her left hand on my right breast followed. She just held my breasts from underneath for a second as she gazed into my eyes, then she touched her fingers to my nipples. She rubbed them gently through the fabric of my top, using a slow circular motion. I felt a shock of pleasure run through me as she stroked me. I let out a little moan and Nikki stopped suddenly and looked at me.

"Is it..."

"No, keep doing that," I said, "I like it. It feels good. It's like... I rub my nipples sometimes when I'm playing with myself."

"Me too."

"But its,... It's exciting, having a girl touch me like this. I want you to keep doing it. Can -- can I touch yours too?"


I reached my hands out and started playing with Nikki's nipples through her top. She let out a moan immediately. Her hands started to wander on my breasts, playing with them, stroking them. One of her hands slid under a strap, and the other under the fabric of one of the cups.

"Can I?..." I nodded assent again. She moved her hands around to my back and unclasped my bikini top. I let the straps slide off my shoulders and Nikki lowered it gently off, exposing my breasts. Meanwhile, my hands slid round to Nikki's back to undo hers as well. Within moments, we were both topless, and rubbing each other's breasts. On a whim, I leaned in close to Nikki can began to rub my breasts against hers. She liked this and kissed me again, as we rubbed together. Our hands explored each other's backs. I lay down lengthwise on the bench with Nikki lying on top of me. She got up, straddling me, and I place my hands on her breasts, playing with her nipples again.

Looking up at her, an angelic goddess above me, I suddenly became conscious of a familiar wet feeling between my legs. My crotch was pressed against Nikki's, and as I felt her breasts, she started, slowly at first, to rub against me. Moving her hips rhythmically, she humped her mound against mine. It felt so good, grinding our pussies together. Nikki began to moan softly as she humped against me. She slid a hand down into her bikini bottom and I felt her hand between us. She was stroking herself! I couldn't resist any longer. One of my own hands abandoned Nikki's breast and slid beneath my bikini bottom to pleasure myself. Nikki slid back a bit so we were no longer rubbing together and started rubbing herself harder, gasping as she did so. I couldn't believe it! Nikki was straddling my legs, both hands at her pussy, her breasts sticking out splendidly between her arms.

Her bikini bottom was starting to slip. As it slid down her hips, I could see that she had shaved all her pubic hair off, leaving just her smooth mound bisected by her wet slit. Just watching her there, masturbating, made me so horny. Pulling my own bottoms down to get better access, I started fucking three fingers in and out of my slit, which was very well-lubricated by now, while I rubbed my clitoris frantically with my other hand. My fingers made a lewd, wet sound as they slid in and out of my dripping pussy. I began to hump my pussy upwards in time with my finger thrusts. Nikki was gasping in rapid rythem as she reached a hand around underneath her ass and fingered herself from behind while her other hand flew on her her clitoris in time with her quick panting breaths. Within a short time, she cried out and her thighs gripped tightly around my legs.

"OOOohhhhhh, I'm cumming Gill! I'm cumming!" Her finger flew even faster as she panted and moaned and cried in pleasure. Her eyes closed and her back arched, causing her breasts with their hard nipples to jut out even more dramatically. This was too much for me, and as Nikki's last spasms went through her, I came as well.

"God! Oh, Nikki, I'm cumming! I'm coming too! Uhhh! Yes! Aahhh!"

When I opened my eyes, Nikki was standing up, and sliding her bikini bottoms off her legs, dropping them to the floor. We sat down at opposite end of the bench, facing each other. We were both flushed and panting, from our exertions and from the heat of the sauna, which I had just noticed. I was feeling somewhat light-headed. The sweat and water on Nikki's body shined under the sauna's single light, making her nakedness even more unbearably erotic.

"It's getting too hot in here," I said, "shall we have a shower?"

We picked up our bathing suits from the floor and left the sauna for the adjoining bathroom. It had a nice big shower stall, the kind with a floor-to-cieling sliding fogged-glass door, easily accomadating the two of us. The blast of cold water was a wonderful shock after the heat of the sauna. I gave Nikki a kiss on her cheek and turned the water temperature up so that we could soap ourselves off.

"That was great," I said, not knowing what to say besides the obvious.

"Yes," agreed Nikki, "I got so turned on there watching you touch yourself"

"So did I."

"You're sexy."

"I like how you shaved your pussy," I observed, looking down between Nikki's legs. "It's very sexy. I should do mine too. I've only been shaving the sides, leaving a strip down the middle... I never shaved the whole thing."

"Thanks. I just like the way it feels... the smoothness of it. I like your pussy though. It's not too hairy... and that red hair is so sexy... Now I know you're a natural redhead!" We both laughed and continued washing ourselves. I was incredibly turned on by being naked in the shower with her, but still a little exhausted from our exploits in the sauna. Just then, with a wicked grin on her face, Nikki dropped the bar of soap and with a giggle and exaggerated care, bent over to pick it up. This of course meant giving me an excellent view of her smooth-shaven pussy. Letting out a giggle of my own, I sidled up behind her and slipped my hand between her firm ass cheeks, down past her ass to rub gently against her pussy.

"Gill!" cried Nikki, in mock-surprise, as she pushed her hips back against my hand. It was the first time I'd ever touched another girl's pussy. Nikki stood up again, her back to me, but I kept my hand between her legs, gently stroking a finger up and down her slit. The warm water from the shower felt nice as it ran down between us. Nikki turned her head and we kissed again, entwining our tongues. I slipped my finger slightly between her vaginal lips, feeling her hot wet insides. She moaned appreciatively as I slipped my finger further in and began to stroke it up and down inside her. I felt a familiar warmth building in my own loins again as I explored Nikki's most private place.

I nervously pulled my hand back, but Nikki's hand stopped it. "I like that, you can keep doing it," she said. Sliding two fingers into her now, I began to work them rhythmically in and out of her pussy, feeling that pleasant tight wetness. My free arm wrapped around her chest and my fingers circled gently around a taut nipple. Nikki moaned appreciatively and twisted her body slightly to her right so that she could kiss me. As our tongues entwined once again, she turned to face me and we entered into a passionate embrace. My hand left her pussy to join the other in massaging her back while hers did the same. We pressed our thighs tightly against each other, rubbing our mounds together and feeling the soft globes of our breasts against each other's skin as the water from the shower flowed down through the crevices between our entwined bodies. Nikki's hands found their way down my spine to my ass, where they each cupped one of my buttocks and held me tight against her. Running my fingers through her wet raven hair, I broke our kiss momentarily to tell her how good this felt.

"You're beautiful," I said. "I love this. I love you." By way of response, Nikki claimed my mouth with hers again, kissing me with renewed gusto. My fingertips found their way down her spine, past the small of her back, down to the cleft between her firm buttocks and around between her legs to slip gently between her labia. My middle finger stroked up inside Nikki's slit with a slow beckoning motion.

As we broke our kiss again, I suddenly became concious that I was shivering in spite of the heat in my loins. While we'd been standing together groping under the shower, the hot water had run out, and the water coming down around us was now getting progressively colder. I reached out and turned off the tap, feeling the sudden silence as the drumming of the water against the tile floor came to a halt. I pulled a towel from the rack on the bathroom wall and passed it to Nikki, then took one for myself.

We went up to the kitchen, clad only in towels, and I grabbed us each a can of coke from the fridge. I hugged Nikki, pressing a cold can up against the small of her back to make her gasp. "Naughty Gill!" she admonished me, then kissed me lightly on the lips. I took a big bag of chips from the cupboard and we sat down at the kitchen counter together.

"You realize what we just did, don't you?" said Nikki between chips, "We just had a lesbian experience."

I giggled. It seemed so odd to say it out loud. "I suppose we did," I said. "And I sure like this 'lesbian' stuff so far!"

Nikki laughed. Then she turned serious for a second. "You won't tell anyone about this, right?"

"I won't if you won't. I mean, I guess I'm pretty damn sure I'm bisexual now, but... Well, I don't think I'm ready to tell all our friends just yet. I still need some time to get used to it myself."

"I know what you mean," she said. "This is just all a little... sudden. And I mean, none of our friends seem... well, queer. We're probably the only ones in our little group. I don't know how they'd react."

"Yeah... I don't want to think about that just yet. I want to get used to it myself, before asking anyone else to get used to it."

After a short silence, we somehow changed the topic, and talked about music or school or something. I don't remember. All I know is that in the back of my mind I saw still thinking about Nikki's voluptuous breasts, which were peaking out slightly from her towel, and her sexy bald pussy. It wasn't long before our small talk went flat and we were silent again, just looking at each other, thinking.

"You're so beautiful," I said, breaking the silence. "You know, if we really want this to be an initiation into bisexuality... well, there's a few things we haven't tried yet..."

Nikki gave me a wicked grin, and let her towel drop to the floor. I could see that her labia were as wet as mine. I let my towel fall as well, and we stood up to embrace each other. As we kissed, I could feel the twin peaks of her taut nipples pressing up against my breasts.

"Let's go up to your room," she breathed in my ear.

We did. Closing the door behind me, I kissed Nikki deeply, as we ran our hands all over each other's hot bodies, exploring. We collapsed on the bed, naked, our hands roaming. Nikki was on top of me, and I could feel the wetness of her smooth mound pressing against my thigh. She was rubbing it against me, and she let out a low moan. Giggling, I rolled her over so I was on top of her, and straddled her waist, sitting up on her. Her hands reached up to play with my nipples, and mine down to feel hers.

"You're so fucking hot," she moaned. "Would you... my pussy is so wet... I... Do you... mmmmm" She moaned as I pinched one of her nipples. "...Gill, would you like to lick my pussy?" There was nothing in the world I would rather have done at that moment than lick Nikki's sweet pussy. I got down between her legs, and spread them apart with my arms. I knelt there for a second, just breathing on her pussy, admiring it, seeing the wetness along her slit.

"Please..." she said. I lowered my head, and extended my tongue so it touched her lips at the point where they met at the bottom of her pussy. My touch was like an electric shock; Nikki gasped, and her hips jerked forward slightly as my tongue made contact with her sweet box. I gave one long slow lick right up the front of her slit, like I was licking an ice-cream cone. Her taste was differnt than mine, less salty. I started running the tip of my tongue up and down along her tight slit, which made her moan. God, the smell and the taste was wonderful! I thrust my tongue right inside her. It was an amazing feeling, such a warm tight crevice that I began to explore with my tongue. Nikki writhed her me as I slid my tongue deeply inside her and twisted it every which way, experimenting, exploring. I spread her lips apart slightly with my fingers and ran my tongue along the contours of her inner lips, darting this way and that. Finding my way up to her clitoris, I began to flick at it with my tongue, which immediatly sent Nikki into panting moans.

"Oh God, yes Gill! Mmm! I... It's so sensitive there... I..." I put my lips right around her clitoris and began to suck on it, as hard as I could, while flicking at it with my tongue. This was too much for Nikki, she squeeled out loud and i felt her vagine contract around my fingers, which I had started to pump in and out of it. "Aaaaahh! Yesssss!" she cried. She was panting very loudly and I could feel her pussy contracting rythymically... After maybe 15 seconds, she gasphed and went limp, collapsing on the bed under me, her eyes closed and a huge smile on her face. She was still panting. I lifted my head from her crotch and looked up at her. She opened her beautiful blue eyes and held my gaze for a quiet moment before speaking.

"That... was wonderful, Gill. God, that's the best orgasm I've had that I can remember. Your tongue was so hot."

"I guess I'm officially bisexual now" I said.

"Damn right you are," said Nikki. "Now it's MY turn!"

I was suddenly concious of the aching heat between my own legs. Nikki wasted no time in pinning me to the bed and putting her mouth to my sopping wet pussy. I realized that I was so wet, my juice had been running down my thighs. Nikki was lapping it up eagerly. When I felt her tongue slip between my labia and squirm its way into me, I was ecstatic. The sensation was like nothing I'd ever felt before! It was wonderful! I began to moan and push my hips upwards, humping my eager pussy against her mouth. I was lost in the blur of lust, caring about nothing but Nikki's hot tongue as it explored my most intimate place, eagerly trying all the things my tongue had done to her pussy. I couldn't keep still. I writhed on the bed, lifting my hips, grabbing the sheets tightly in my hands. As Nikki's tongue and lips began to play on my clitoris, I began to feel the familiar sensation of rising passion that accompanied an impending orgasm. Between my rythmic moans, I pleaded for her to continue, to bring me over the edge, give me release. And she did. Oh, did she ever! With Nikki's lips wrapped around my throbbing clitoris, sucking it as her tongue prodded and tickled, I arched my back, closed my eyes and let out a cry of pure ecstasy as I thundered over the edge into orgasm! My pussy began to contract rythymically as I exploded in shuddering climax! She continued to lick me, making me come ever harder. I was in Heaven. No one had ever made me feel this turned on, this intense, this full of love, lust and sheer desire ever before.

"I love this, Nikki!... I love it! I love you!" I cried out. Her hands were under me, cupping either ass cheek, holding me to her face as she still buried her tongue in me. My orgasm was a beautiful has through which everything was blurred, and nothing but the sensation in my loins seemed real. Opening my eyes, and seeing Nikki staring straight up at me with her beautiful blue eyes as she ate me threw me into new spamsms of ecstasy. I could not believe how beautiful she seemed, how turned on I was by her beautiful face buried in my pussy.

After what seemed an eternity of pure bliss, I lay panting on the bed with Nikki beside me, both of us catching our breath, still amazed at what we had just experienced. We fell asleep in each other's arms and didn't wake until late the next morning, and we made love again before getting out of bed to have lunch.

I've had other adventures with Nikki and other women since then, but that first time, that wonderful introduction to this side of my sexuality, is something I will never forget.


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