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Brotherly love (incest)

by mikufan4life

Brotherly love (incest)


George was 21 years and his sister Nicole 19. George was very handsome and well endowed with a 9-inch tool, ready to rip open any pussy. He was in boarding school for a long time and just returned home.

Nicole was a beautiful girl with luscious lips, voluptuous breasts and a very tight ass. She had been going steady with a boy of her neighborhood until they broke up recently.

When George came home, his parents were away for the weekend. He saw Nicole and his cock started bursting out of his pants. he has not seen her in a while and she had grown into a very sexy woman.

He couldn't stop staring at her breasts, even though there were some neighbors around. When they left, Nicole said, if you are so interested in looking at my breasts, just ask me and I will let you pump them. George couldn’t believe his ears. But he decided to wait for the right opportunity.

At night after dinner, both went to sleep in their common bedroom. After lying down in bed, George started stroking the bulge around his crotch and looked lasciviously at his sister. Nicole became hot in her pussy and juice started oozing out of her panty. George couldn't stop himself and jumped on her and pinned her down in bed. Nicole said, please put the light out George.

Once the light was out, Nicole became bold and jumped on her brother's crotch and pulled down his pants. George realized that she had become naked and had inserted his throbbing cock in her mouth. She was sucking and sucking and making a gurgling sound. Umm Umm ohhh ohhh!

George started fondling his sister's busty bosoms still she started moaning with pleasure. Then he through her down in bed and started to mount her from behind. He entered Nicole completely and started pumping his lusty sister. Ummm Umm ohhhOjhh spuchsk pucsujk, it went on for an hour. George's tool was entering Nicole's tight pussy like a piston entering a pump.

George made Nicole mount his cock and go up and down on it like horse riding. Nicole's juice started gushing out and drenched George's cock. Nicole was screaming at the top of her voice with pleasure and hugging and kissing her brother.

Ohh George, rip me open with your huge cock, give me the fuck of the century, Nicole started moaning. George started going faster and faster inside his sister, who kept the rhythm going by moving her tight butt in the same pace and by tightening her pussy on her brother's cock.

Then there was a swooshing sound like a flash flood and George filled Nicole's tight pussy with his semen. Nicole started screaming with pleasure OOh Ohh George, what a fuck you gave me. They slept in each other's arm that night and fucked three more times that night.

Next night they got together again. Nicole was dressed in bare essentials. George’s jaw dropped, she caught him off guard. He hade always looked at her in a sexual way, but had never thought anything would or could even happen. She was petite like Jasmine and George's soldier was at attention. She saw that and giggled as she walked over and gave him a lap dance. George grabbed her and started to hold and kiss her, his hands made there way down inside her thong to play with her pussy. She was extremely wet and obviously ready for action, she let out soft moans, which made him even harder if that was possible.

George then began to suck on her C cup tits; her nipples were like grapes, which took the attention away from her small size. As George sucked she began to unbuckle my shorts and pull off his shirt. George's dick popped out through his boxers like a jack in the box. She awed in amazement, He was only 8 inches but she made it seem like 12 with her reaction.

George decided to make his way down to her pussy again. Kissing her inner thigh, he worked his finger in and out her wetness. Kissing higher, he pulled his finger out and moved his tongue into it, probing her wet folds with his tongue. After a while, he sat up and pulled her legs apart placing the head of his dick at her entrance.

Nicole started moaning as she felt the touch of George's dick on her skin. She looked down at his dick as he slowly entered her pussy. Feeling her pussy being invaded she let out louder moans. After a while of slow penetration, he decided to speed up the action. As he sped up, the moans did also. He couldn’t take it anymore, her soft sexy moaning in his ear took him over the edge, He felt his dick getting ready to explode.

All he could say was "oh shit I'm going to cum." Just as he spoke a jet of hot cum spurted into her pussy. He quickly pulled out his spurting dick splashing her inner thigh with thick ropes of cum. He jerked his shooting dick sending another spurt splashing on her belly and into her navel. There was another thick spurt at the bottom of her tit. He apologized for this cum incident and they washed up.


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