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Superior To Men

by cumslutsissy

Superior To Men

"Open Wide!" Mistress said to me as she rammed the strap-on passed my painted lips and down my eager throat. "Good Girl." In my mind, I was so very very happy that I had the pleasure of serving this wonderful woman. But in my subconscious, something wasn't right. In fact something was very wrong...Why was I obeying this woman? Why did the hot girl in the other corner of the room look like my son? And why was daughter video recording this event? Mistress looked down at me with an evil smile. "You Remember All" she said...Oh god...what have I done.

A week ago, I was a very normal man. In fact, I was a chauvinistic pig as I would learn after intense training with mistres....I mean my wife. I had a son who I raised with my same values. He loved to tell his sister that she was worthless. I never even thought about stopping him, I mean after all men are superior to women right?

Well after a night of work, I came home to find that my wife had not prepared dinner at all. I couldn't take it. I stormed into are room ready to tell her how worthless she was and when I burst through the door...There she was...laying on the bed and wearing a tight black corset black stalkings and heels...her legs spread wide open...

"Oh hello hunny!" She said. But no matter how attractive she was or how aroused this situation got me, I needed her to know that her inattentiveness was not to be tolerated. I then launched into her, berating her with all of her faults, slipping in a few lashes at her about being worthless. She didn't take it well at all. In fact, she put her head in her hands and began crying. Now im not a heartless person at all, so I walked over her and went to comfort when I noticed that she wasn't crying at all...she was laughing...She stood up and whispered something in my ear...ill never remember what the words were but Ill always remember the blank feeling that over took me.

I came to a few hours later with a wonderful feeling in my mouth...oh my was it amazing. I just kept licking and sucking never wanting it to end. Then the fog cleared away from my mind and I realized what i was doing. In front of me, sprawled out on the bed was a very muscular man with the biggest cock Ive ever seen. And I was deepthroating the monster. I wanted to stop but couldn't take his stiff member out of my mouth. I then realized that I didn't feel like myself at all. Then I looked down at what I was wearing...

I was in the outfit that my wife was wearing before I...She had glued breast forms to my chest to fill out the corset and my long blond hair was getting in the way of my sight. Then I felt my cock straining against something. Oh god...she had me in a chastity device. I felt the man in front of me tense up and he then released a torrent of delicious cum all the way down my throat.

Suddenly the bedroom door opened. "Looks like my good girl loved that little experience." my wife proclaimed. "What have you done to me!!?" I yelled. "Well, you were so rude to me for so long, I finally got fed up. You have no idea what its like being called a worthless whore of a women for so many years. It really takes a toll on a person. Enough of one to begin my revenge on you." "Oh and if you think that im ruthless, just wait to see what your daughter has done to you son using the same hypnosis."

At that very moment he was actually waking up...he looked down and realized that he was wearing the frilliest sissy party dress and his sister was standing above him taking videos and pictures.

"WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE TO ME!!" He then stood up, wobbling slightly in the heels he was forced to wear, he lunged at his sister but she just said; "Pretty Pretty Wetting Princess!"

He stopped dead in his tracks, pushed up the dress to reveal plastic panties and a diaper. He then said "Baby has to go pee pee." He felt the release and he felt him self soak the diaper he was wearing. When he finished, he sat on the floor and put his thumb im his mouth. His sister began to laugh devilishly. "You see big brother, all those years of torment for me are over. I now have control over whether or not you have any bladder control or are just a total baby." She began to laugh even more. "I can make you do other things to.. watch this" she helped her brother off the ground and whispered in his ear "Candy Cock Sucker Is A Total Slut."

He walked out of the room in a trance and right into his parents room where he found his newly sissified father worshiping his mother while she abused him with a strap-on. He then saw his target, the man his father was previously blowing. He walked over to him and said "Take my virginity" he then proceeded to pull down the wet diaper and step out of it, turn around and sit him self right down on his throbbing member. The man fucked him deep and hard while his sister videotaped.

"Im sending this to all your friends and to everyone you know. And in a week, mom and I are putting both of you on the streets as tranny hookers...its time you made us some extra money around here."

Later that night my son and I furthered ourselves into our new lives as whores. My wife fucked me with her strap-on and then I took a real cock in my pussy-ass as she fucked my son. After she and my daughter were spent, they took their new stud boyfriend to bed to use him and left my son and I alone to ride a double dildo until one of us came. But we can't cum...we have to make the women happy...

After all...women are superior to men



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