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Meow - A Catgirl Transformation, Part 2

by herpderp1231

Meow - A Catgirl Transformation, Part 2

My hands reached up and cupped my new tits, and those soft, feminine globes settled into them equistely. My breasts were sensitive in a way that I never thought I could experience - so completely feminine that my male mind had a hard time adjusting to their existence!

My nipples tingled and became erect, pushing against my hands, and I realized for the first time how large they were. "Holy crap...they're as big as a half-dollar," I whispered, circling my areolas with my fingers, shivering with the pleasure they gave me. The wonderful feelings sank deep into the tissue of my breasts, and pretty soon my whole chest was tingling with excitement. Every touch, every caress, every jiggle they made as I adjusted myself made me hornier and hornier. I stopped just rubbing my nipples and started massaging the entirety of my new breasts, from curve to wonderful curve. My head fell back against the pillow as I started panting with pleasure, and as I did so, I realized that another feeling began coursing through my tits - they felt like they were full of something, ready to burst. I forced myself to stop masturbating and I looked at my breasts again, trying to see what was causing that strange feeling. Seeing nothing, I brought my hands back up to my ever-sensitive nipples and tweaked them just slightly - and as I did so, something came squirting out of my breasts!

I dropped my hands from my breasts immediately, in shock. The liquid - whatever it was - landed on my stomach. I looked at it curiously. It was milky white, and warm - then I realized that, of course, it was milk! I glanced at my tits in wonder - it wasn't enough that they had somehow grown on my chest in under a few minutes, but they were also lactating!

I rubbed the lower curves of my breasts with my hands as I ventured upward again, sending more shivers through their soft mass. I circled my areolas again, then squeezed slowly. This time the milk only leaked out of them. I felt the pressure that had been building in my chest subside a little as the liquid came out - then the pressure came back again, only a little bit stronger! What was going on?! Why would a file labeled 'Catgirl' make me grow huge, lactating breasts?

My mind scrambled to find an answer as my hands kept doing their thing, and some brief words came to mind for a brief second: "...since cats like milk, you will be able to make your own..."
"What a fucking weird file," I said to myself, my hands squeezing my nipples again. The warm liquid leaked out onto my chest, and I rubbed a finger in it, and tasted it. It was creamy, warm, and good - so good that I wanted more. I began licking the stuff from my chest as my hands squeezed more of it form my nipples. When my nipples decided to squirt instead of leak, I tried to catch some in my mouth - it didn't always work. When it did, though, I was rewarded with the sensation of creamy, milky goodness shooting into my mouth.
It was amazing.
After a few minutes of this, I laid back and sighed deeply - then, after that, I completely new feeling went through my body. It stopped the minute I noticed it - it was like a deep rumbling sound had forced its way through me! Then, relaxing again, it started up again, and I realized that, somehow, I was purring.


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