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by jessielynn



It was about 3 a.m. when I woke up with the discovery of being
wet for the third straight night. In my confusion, I jumped out of
bed in alarm, and in the process woke up my wife, who had not yet
felt the wetness of the sheets. Being disturbed by the manner I got
out of bed, and then feeling the wet mattress, she looked at me and
YELLED, "What the hell is going on here. This is the third night
in a row that you have wet the bed. What on earth is wrong with
you, are you a baby or something????" I just stood there, with my
head hung low, humiliated and confused. I couldn't answer her, I
didn't know what to say.

"Your not only ruining the mattress, but I'm not getting much
sleep with your preposterous behavior. I think that from now on
you are going to wear diapers and rubber panties to bed so at least
I can get some sleep, and maybe we can save the mattress as well."
Then she said, "Now get cleaned up while I change the bed, again!!
We will talk more about this tomorrow."

I went to the bathroom and rinsed out my pajama's and hung
them to up dry and put on a clean pair. As I got back into bed, I
leaned over to kiss my wife but she just turned away in disgust,
not saying a word.

I laid there and smiled, thinking to myself "if she only knew,
I'd really be in trouble". For the last several weeks I had
listened to a hypnotic tape that was suppose to make the user
incontinent at night. On my way home from work I would park my car,
put the seat down, lay back, and turn on the tape. As I drove the
rest of the way home and on my way to work, I would listen to the
subliminal tape. I was thinking that this tape was a waste of money
when 1 night, 3 days ago, I woke up wet. Well my plan had started
to work, or so I thought..........

I got up the next morning and got ready for work. As I started
the car, I again put in the subliminal tape and went to work. I was
thinking to myself that maybe I should get the 24 hour wetting tape
next, but on second thought, maybe I shouldn't, its okay to wet the
bed, but I don't think I would want to wet and wear diapers 24
hours a day. No.......this was just fine, I thought.

I arrived home that night, and started making supper as I
normally did because my wife usually came home about an hour or
two after I did. I didn't really think about the events that had
occurred the previous evening, just carried on normally. I heard
my wife coming in the door, and as she did, she looked to see if
supper was started. She entered the kitchen and walked right by me
without saying a word, carrying a load of packages to the bedroom.
I asked her what she had bought, but she just ignored me.

I thought to myself, "Boy she is really pissed off, maybe I
should stop this."

She was in the bedroom for quite sometime with the door
closed. I thought she was changing her cloths so I didn't say
anything, but after about 30 minutes, and supper almost done, I
knocked on the door to inform her that we would be eating shortly.

She opened the door and I told her supper was about ready. She
didn't say anything and we walked to the kitchen. It was a very
'quiet' supper. After we had finished and cleaned up the kitchen,
we sat down in the family room to watch tv.

"What on earth is happening to you?," she said. "You can't be
wetting the bed constantly every night. I talked with a couple of
the doctors today and they said you should get a check up see what
may be wrong. In the mean time, I bought you some diapers and
'baby', I mean, incontinent pants to wear at night."

She seemed almost understanding, compassionate, caring. It
was like a 180 degree turn from before. I could not believe my
ears. I didn't even think much about the 'baby' comment in her

I modestly told her that I would wear them, "at least until
we could get the problem corrected."

We watched television and went about the evening in an almost
normal manner. When it was time for bed, I proceeded to go to the
bedroom to get undressed and then went into the bathroom to get
cleaned up and finish getting ready for bed. When I returned to
the bedroom, I was meet with another surprise. My wife was sitting
on the edge of the bed waiting for me with a thick cloth diaper
laid out next to her. She told me to lay down and 'she' would get
me ready for bed.

I knew that I needed (and wanted) to be diapered, but I had
to put up a little protest. I asked her if we couldn't wait one
more night and see what would happen. She told me that I had
already agreed to wear them, and no one was going to know except
her, and she wasn't about to tell anyone. "And besides" she said,
"If you do wet, at least I won't float away and we won't ruin the
mattress more than it already is."

I reluctantly laid down on the 'thick' pieces of cloth which
had been laid out for me. It was hard to look and act as though
this was something I really didn't want, but I managed to act like
this was a medical problem, and not my personal wish. She rubbed
baby oil all over me and then sprinkled a liberal amount baby
powder all over. She told me to lift my bottom so she could powder
my poo-poo.

"We wouldn't want you to get a diaper rash, would we?, " she
said smiling. "Open your legs real wide so we can get your little
'wee-wee' allllllllllllllll tucked into your diapers, and your
diapers alllllllllllllllllll tucked into your 'widdle' 'wubber'
panties." "We wouldn't want you to leak now, would we?," she said
as she pulled the thick diapers between my legs. It felt strange,
yet wonderful. When she pined the diapers snugly around my thighs,
she did it with 'pink' diaper pins, explaining that they were the
only color they had, and that we could not use conventional safety
pins because they may open up and hurt my soft 'baby' skin."

She wasn't nasty or anything, but I couldn't help but notice
the little connotations, 'wee-wee, poo-poo, 'widdle', 'wubber',
'baby' skin. It was exciting, yet scary, like she knew something,
but at this time I didn't put two and two together. Maybe I didn't
want to, I was in heaven.

She then produced a pair of 'Gerber' plastic panties that
looked exactly like baby pants, except that they were in an adult
size. When she finish and made sure that my diapers were all tucked
in, she helped me up and pulled the covers down from the bed. There
was a 'pink' rubber sheet, on my side of the bed, again, 'the only
color they had'.

I could hardly move with all the bulk between my legs. When
I did move, you could hear the rustle of the plastic panties. I
pulled up my pajama's but with the bulk of the diapers, I feared
that I would rip them. She suggested that I just wear my T-shirt
and the diapers to bed, saying "Lots of babies where just a T-Shirt
and diapers to bed. We will have to get you some more appropriate
pajamas if the is going to continue." She then 'tucked' me into
bed, bending over and kissing me tenderly on my forehead, saying
"sleep tight my little one. I'll make an appointment for you at
the doctor tomorrow. I couldn't get over her change of attitude and
the congenial way she was treating me. I told her I would call the
doctor, but she insisted that 'she' would make the appointment.

The next morning I got up and was not disappointed. I was
soaking wet and yet had one of the most enjoyable nights of sleep
that I could remember. My wife rolled over and asked me if I was
wet. I meekly told her 'yes' and was told to put my wet diapers in
the diaper pail that was in the bathroom.

"Diaper Pail!!!???", I said.

"Well where else would you put wet diapers?" she said very
matter of fact. I could not argue and when I went to the bathroom
there was a large 'pink' diaper pail with little lambs on the
sides. I thought to myself, "I bet this was the only color they
had" and smiled. I rinsed out my diapers and put them in the pail
and after rinsing out my plastic panties, hung them up to dry.

I finished getting ready for work and listened to the
subliminal tape on my way. About half way through the day I
received a phone call from my wife telling me that I had an
appointment with a Dr. More at 4:30 and she gave me the address.
"Please don't be late as 'she' is doing me a favor by getting you
in this fast," she said.

"SHE"----"Dr. More is a female?" I said.

"Don't worry, you have nothing she hasn't seen before", she

I was a little apprehensive to say the least. I had never seen
a female doctor before, yet alone for this type of thing. What was
I going to tell her. Would she know that there really wasn't a
problem? I guess I'll just have to go along with play the role and
hope for the best. It was to late to turn around now, I was in to
deep, and besides, did I really want too??

I arrived at the doctors office right on time, only to be meet
with still another surprise.

(to be continued)Tami had been using a hypnotic tape for several weeks in
order for
her to become incontinent at night. S/He did start wetting the bed
to the displeasure of her wife. Tami's wife made an appointment for
him with a doctor of her choice to see what was the problem really
entailed. Tami is now arriving at the doctor office only to find
himself in another predicament. Is it now to late for her to turn
around and forget the entire thing? Does she really want to stop
this ball from rolling?

Tami arrived at the address his wife given her and found
herself in a high rise medical building. S/he entered the lobby and
went to the directory. It was listed by classification and by
individual doctors. S/he looked under urologists but could not find
a Dr. More. S/he then looked for Dr. More and saw "Dr. R. More,
Room-1234". S/he took the elevator to the 12th floor and found the
correct room, but was shocked to see what was on the door....

"Dr. Regina More"

"Child Physiologist"
"Infant Behavior Specialist"

Her heart was pounding as S/he opened the door. S/he wanted
to run and forget the whole issue, but knew s/he would now have to
face whatever was in store for her or forget her fantasy forever,
with perhaps, even worst fate. If s/he didn't go in, s/he would
have to face her wife, and yet, the unknown on the other side of
the door was almost enough for he/r to run, but s/he didn't and
walked in.

My Wife / My Mommie
part-2 continued

As I opened the door I saw a lovely young girl receptionist
sitting at the reception desk. She smiled at me as I approached her
and in a loud voice said "Oh Hello.....you must be Mr. Meyer, we
have been expecting you. Are you dry now, or do you need diapers
and rubber panties during the day as well."

In a very soft and trembling voice I told her that I was only
having a problem at night and that my wife wanted me to see if it
could be corrected. She told me to fill out the necessary papers
for insurance reasons and to have a seat till she called my name.
It was then that I turned around only to see several mothers with
their little children, knowing that they had heard every word. They
all kind of smiled at me after hearing all the receptionist had
said. I meekly sat down in one of the chairs and waited for my name
to be called.

There were toys of all types lying around the waiting room and
being played with by the children. One of the mothers looked at her
little girl and said in a mocking tone, "Now don't hog all the toys
Jane, maybe MR. MEYER will want to play." I could have crawled in
a hole.

After everyone else was called and what seemed like an
eternity, a very attractive nurse, in her late 20's, called my
name. I got up and followed her to a small room. She took all my
vital signs, height, weight, blood pressure, and then asked me what
was my problem. I told her that I was having trouble with wetting
the bed at night and that I wanted to find out why. She asked me
why I requested to see Dr. More, and I told her I hadn't, that my
wife had made the appointment and I didn't know why she made it
with Dr. More either. She had a knowing little smirk on her face,
but didn't say anything and continued in a very professional
manner. I was told to disrobe as she handed me a 'pink' smock to
put on, apologizing for the color, but saying that they were not
equipped for men, and that this was the only thing that might fit
me. I went behind the curtain and sheepishly put on the smock. I
didn't want to come out with her still in the room, but she told
me not to be embarrassed and insisted that I come out. I did, and
I can't remember which was a brighter pink, me or the gown. She
then left the room and told me the doctor would be in shortly.

After what seemed like more hours, but in reality was only a
few minutes, Dr. More came into the room. She had to be one of the
most beautiful women I had ever seen. She had long blond hair that
was pulled together in the back with clip combs and then continued
down to just below her shoulders. Her make-up was flawless, and her
hands were delicate and well manicured. She wore a white smock over
a skirt suit. The skirt was just above her knees and displayed the
high heeled boots which came to just below her knees and which had
at least 6 inch heels. She reminded me of the type of women that
you would find in a B&D magazine and one that you would willingly
do anything she commanded. I was speechless. My eyes followed her
every move. She smiled at me knowingly and said very matter of
fact, "I understand you still wet the bed like a baby."

I told her that I did have an accident now and then and my
wife wanted me to find out what was wrong.

She told me that she had spoken to my wife and that it seemed
like more than just an accident now and then. In fact, she told me
that my wife said I had wet the bed for the past several nights.
She also told me that my wife mentioned to her about my desire to
wear women's cloths before we were married and that she was
wondering if this may be a direct result of my suppression of that
idea or if it were truly 'medical'. She matter of fact told me that
before I left, all these and more questions would be answered.

"Now," she said, " I want you to answer several questions for
me. How long have you been a Transvestite?"

I told her that I have had the urge to dress for as long as
I could remember, and that even though the urge to dress was still
there, I didn't to it because of my marriage.

"Do you have a secret desire to be a baby?" she asked.

"Of course not!!!" I lied.

"Do you have a desire to be a sissy baby, to be controlled by
a dominant women?"

"These are stupid questions!!! I wet the bed a couple of times
and you think I'm some kind of pervert!!!" I said.

"Look," she said, "I only want to find the root of the
problem. If we have to be here all night, then that is what we are
going to do. Further more, I personally think that wetting the bed
was more of a mental than a physical condition. Now just answer the
questions, and DON'T speak to me in that tone of voice again. DO

I was taken back by her powerful and authoritative tone of
voice. About this time the nurse walked in with what appeared to
be the necessary items to draw blood. She put a tourniquet around
my arm and inserted the needle into the vein. After she took the
first container of blood she took another, and then when I thought
she was taking a third, she place another tube in the holder, but
this was full of a clear liquid. After she injected the solution
in my system, I found out that it was not only a tranquilizer to
relax me, but was really 'truth serum'. My head began to whirl and
every thing went kind of blurry.

"Can you hear me?"

"Yes" I said.

"Do you know who this is?" she asked.

"Yes," I said, "you are Dr. More"

"Do you know why you are here?"

"Yes Dr. More, because I wet the bed like a baby."

"Do you like to wet the bed like a baby?" Dr. More Asked.

"Yes Dr. More," I said

"Tell me, would you like to be boy baby or a girl baby."

"I would like to be a girl baby, a little sissy girl baby,"
I said.

"Do you have a name when you are a little sissy girl baby,"
Dr. More said.

"Yes Dr. More, I would like to be a sissy girl baby and my
name would be Tami."

"Okay Tami, it is alright that I call you Tami, isn't it?"

"Oh Yes!!!! Dr. More."

"Would you like to call me mommie?"

"Oh Yes Mommie. I would love to call you Mommie," I said.

"Tell me Tami, how do you feel when you wake up all wet like
a little baby? How do you think you started to wet the bed?"

"I am so humiliated, but I love the warm feeling. I would love
to be securely diapered so I wouldn't make the bed all wet. I
listened to a hypnotic tape to make me wet the bed at night. I
thought it wouldn't work, but all of a sudden I started to wet. I
didn't know I was wet till after it happened."

"Why do you desire to be a baby and further why would you like
to be a little sissy girl baby?" Dr. More asked.

"When I was young, I always envied my sister. I like the way
she always fussed over when she got into a pretty party dress. I
was dressed in a plain suit and nobody cared. I wanted to be the
center of attention and was always left behind. I always had a
problem at night, and one night my mother put me back into 'pink'
rubber panties and diapers. I received all kinds of attention, and
I loved it. They actually knew I was around. From then on I have
always wanted to be able to be dressed in frilly, sissy outfits."

"Okay Tami, now at least we know the truth as to why you want
to be a baby and a sissy baby at that. Your wife is in the next
room and has heard all that has happened here. Now little Tami, sit
on the floor and I want you to suck on this pacifier while I go and
talk with your wife."

Dr. More left the room and I sat there in the middle of the
floor with a pacifier in my mouth, content at just sitting and
sucking it.

A short time later Dr. More and my wife came back into the
room. My wife had been crying and came over to me and gave me a big
hug, telling me how sorry she was and all would be better soon.

Dr. More started talking. "Tami, you will not remember what
was said and done when you wake up. But from now on when your wife
says, and only your wife, "Tami is a baby" you will regress back
to that of a two year old baby girl. You will have no control of
your bladder, and you will not be able to talk like an adult. You
will only be able to talk baby talk. You will, in your mind, be a
two year old baby girl and act accordingly."

"When your wife says "Tami likes being a baby." you will have
no control of your bladder and wet freely. You will have an
uncontrollable urge to dress like a baby girl, and want to suck on
a bottle or pacifier. You will however, know that you are a 43 year
old 'man' and will be able to talk like and act like a 43 year old
very effeminate man and freely admit to anyone, that you like being
a sissy baby." If someone were to ask you or tell you that you are
wet, you would tell them that you are a sissy baby and have to

"When your wife says "Tami is a big girl now" you will have
an uncontrollable urge to do anything that your wife wants. You
will have complete bladder control. You will be in her complete
control and do anything she tells you to do. If she told you to
walk around the block in panties and bra, you would do so without

"When your wife says "Tom's Home" you will be able to be your
complete and normal self. You will have complete bladder control,
be able to act and feel like a 43 year old man, but you will
remember and love all the humiliating things you have done, and be
sexually aroused by thinking about them, and also always know and
want your wife to let Tami take over. Do you understand all the

"Yes Mommie, I understand."

"No Tami, this is Dr. More. Your Mommie is right here."

With that I was given an antidote and in a few minutes was
Tom, wide awake, and did not remember what had happened, if
anything. It was like I had a total loss of time.

"I sorry Dr. More," I said not realizing what had transpired,
"I won't use that tone of voice again."

I then noticed that my wife was also in the room. Dr. More
than told me what had happened and played the recorded session. I
was totally humiliated. My wife hugged me and said everything would
be alright and that she now understood. She said that she would
take care of her little sissy baby. I was in heaven.

Dr. More than went on the intercom and told the nurse it was
alright. I was told to get on the examination table. Within a
second or two the nurse came back into the room carrying some thick
diapers and some pink rubber panties. I was about to protest when
Ann, my wife, said, "Tami Likes Being A Baby." Without question I
laid down and let them diaper me. As they pulled up the pink rubber
panties, I freely wet myself. You could see the wetness against the
rubber panties. Dr. More, my wife, and the nurse smiled. I was
totally humiliated, but freely wet. Ann tied a pink pacifier on a
pink ribbon as we were about to leave. I was Ann's baby sissy girl.

(to be continued)Tami had just been issued the command "Tami Likes Being A
by his wife Ann, which meant that he knew he was a 43 years old
'male', and yet, being totally humiliated, could not help himself
from acting effeminately, wanting to dress and act like complete
sissy baby, plus he had no control of his bladder. His wife had
just tied a pink pacifier on a pink ribbon while they were getting
ready to leave the doctors office. They were still in the doctors
office but Ann was still had some question for Dr. Regina More
before they left.

My Wife / My Mommie
part-3 continued

"Doctor I have just a few questions before we leave," Ann
said. "How does he feel at the moment? Will he ever be able to be
function as 'normal' male again? If I were to say "Tom's Home",
what will happen?"

Without knowing it Ann had said the magic words "Tom's Home"
Immediately Tami became aware of his state of dress and tried to
cover himself up. He looked down and saw that he was not only wet,
but was dressed in only Pink rubber panties and WET diapers. He
also saw the pink pacifier in his wife's hand.

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Subject: Story: Discovered aka My Wife, My Mommie 2/2 TG, femdom, inf, unfin
Date: 30 Dec 1994 13:45:17 -0500

"Please Ann, can I take off these rubber panties and wet
diapers, ....PLEASE????? I can't go out like this!!! Please?????"
Tami stated in a very docile manner.

Both women smiled at each other when Dr. More said, "I think
you answered part of your own question Mrs. Meyer."

"Tami Likes Being A Baby" Ann said.

Immediately Tami didn't bother to cover himself and lowered
his head for Ann to put the pink ribbon with the pacifier around
his neck. She place the pacifier in Tami's mouth and he fervently
started to suck on it.

"Tami, why don't you go into the waiting room and play with
some of the toys while I talk with your Mommie. There are cute
little girl dollies for you to play with," Dr. More said smiling.

Tami looked at his Mommie and was given a node of approval,
and without reservation, waddled down the hall in his pink rubber
panties and wet diapers sucking on his pacifier.

Ann looked at Dr. More and said "What happens if someone comes
into your waiting room?"

"Don't worry Mrs. Meyer, the door is locked and the only one
in the waiting room at the moment is Robin and his Mother. He too
is a big baby, but his mother usually gives him the command, Robin
is a Baby, when she brings him here for his check up. He actually
thinks he is a two year old baby girl. Lets go watch....."

Ann and Dr. More went to the window at the reception desk to
observe. Even though there were many dollies to play with, the two
babies sat on the floor pulling and tugging and fighting at one of
the dolls just like 'two year old's'. Robin started to cry as Tami
won the tug of war with the doll. He crawled over to his mother and
put his head in her lap. His mother soothed his broken ego by
stroking his ear. Within moments, Robin was sleeping like a baby.

Robin was dressed in an adorable, very short, yellow party
dress, with rows and rows of dainty white lace around the skirt and
sleeves, a full petticoat to accent the dress, and to help display
the fact that he too had thick diapers and yellow rubber panties,
white ankle stockings with yellow lace trim and pink flowers, and
white mary jane shoes. His hair was rather long and he had a yellow
ribbon tied in big bow on the top of his head. He looked simply

Robin woke up when Dr. More called both ladies over and asked
them to put both babies in a very humiliating situation. Ann was
to say "Tom's Home" and Robin's Mother would say "Bob's Home".

Both ladies said their commands and both babies didn't know
where to go or what to do to the amusement of the ladies. Tami,
realizing his state of dress, threw the doll down and tried to hide
behind a chair. Robin on the other hand couldn't get his dress down
far enough to hide his rubber panties. Both babies just stared at
one another, again, to the amusement of the ladies.

Both babies quieted as soon as they were issued there
respective commands, "Tami likes being a baby" and "Robin is a
baby". Tami immediately sat down in the corner and put his pacifier
in his mouth and eagerly sucked on it. Robin, crawled over to the
toys and picked up an entirely different doll, not the one they had
fought over.

Both ladies seemed to get great pleasure in there two infants.
It was learned that they did not live far apart, and they promised
to call each other and keep in contact. Notes were exchange between
the two, Robin's Mother giving Tami's Mother many many suggestions.

Tami's mother called Tami back to the examination room to
finish getting dressed while Robin was taken to another room with
his mother and Dr. More for his check-up. Ann talked baby talk to
Tami while she dressed him for his outing home. She had not driven
to the doctors office, but had taken a cab so that she would be
able to drive 'baby' tami home. He put his pants on over the balky,
and now very wet, diapers and rubber pants. She helped him put on
his shirt, socks and shoes. Ann let Tami keep the pacifier in his
mouth for the trip home.

Ann opened the door of the doctors office to leave with Tami
right on her heels. It was late in the evening, but there were
still many people in and about the halls. Most of them just smiled
at Ann and Tami as they walked to the car, Tami with his very
thick, very obvious diapers, and sucking on his pacifier.

Not to many accidents happened on the way home because of the
stares to Tami sitting in the back seat, looking out the window and
sucking on his pink pacifier.

He was happy, very happy, to be a sissy baby at last. He
couldn't wait to get home. It was very humiliating to have people
look and stare at such a big sissy baby, but Tami loved every
moment. Maybe he a Wobin would become good friends.

(to be continued)Tami was on his way home from the doctors office where
the doctor
had just given him several hypnotic suggestions, from being a
complete baby to being himself with only a 'want' to be babied.
Even with the humiliation of being goggled at by each passerby, he
could not help himself and continued sucking on the pink pacifier
his wife had put around his neck with a pink ribbon. Ann had given
him the command "Tami likes being a baby". He was totally aware of
what he was doing, knowing that he was 43 year old man, but could
not refrain from acting like a 2 year old. "My god", he thought,
"how could see put me through this. I can't even ask her not to.
I don't have the will to do it. I know this isn't the norm, but I
don't want to stop either. What did I get myself into."

My Wife / My Mommie
part-4 continued

About two block from the house Ann stated "Tom's Home". It was
then that Tami noticed the pacifier around his neck and in his
mouth. He took it out immediately and saw the two girls in the car
next to them at the stop light smiling.

Since it was a warm day, Ann had the car windows open. Tami
looked at the girls, and now being himself, stated "I'm trying to
quit smoking."

"Sure you are," the driver of the other car said, as the light
turned green and she drove off laughing.

"Please Ann, don't do this to me. I'm sorry, I really am,"Tami

"Now you know you want to be babied. We will discuss this
further when we get in the house. There are going to be some
radical and significant changes in the Meyer household starting

As they drove into the driveway, Tami noticed that at least
no one seemed to be around. He was wondering how he was going to
get from the car to the door without anyone noticing his diapered
bottom. As he got out of the car, he realized just how wet he was
as his soaking wet diaper and rubber pants were so heavy they
pulled his crotch almost to his knees. He literally waddled to the

Ann seemed to notice his embarrassment and said, "I don't know
why you are worried Tami, they will know soon enough what a baby
you are, especially when I put you outside in a play pen a pretty
frock, or take you to the store. I'm not going to let it bother me,
so why should you be so concerned, this is what you wanted. Now get
into the house and we will discuss this matter further after we
change your wet diaper."

Tom walked into the house in total dejection. Ann grabbed him
by the arm and escorted him to his new room.

"Since the children are gone, this is going to be your new
room. As you can see, it has been 'modified' slightly," Ann said.

Slightly was an understatement. There was now pink flowered
wall paper with little dolls, lambs, baby blocks on the walls. The
curtains had be changed to match the wall paper. There was now a
crib in the room, not a regular crib, but a crib that was
scrupulously build to look exactly like a babies crib, but to
accommodate a twin size mattress and a 'big' baby. It was white,
with pink and blue decals of baby blocks on the ends and had pink
canopy over the top. The sides even lowered for easy access and had
teething rails. It was adorable, for a baby, a baby 'girl'.

Also in the room, along one of the walls was a changing table
that, for all practical purposes, matched the crib, obviously built
to compliment one another. A toy box was placed along another wall
with a rocking chair next to it. On top of the toy box was a large
rag doll, one that any little girl would desirous of. The whole
room was adorable and a precise model room, a room any girl would
be proud to have. It was a room that any parent would love to put
there new baby in, there new 'girl' baby. But I was not a 'girl'
baby!!!!! I just want to act like one once in a while.

"I see you like your new room. Now take off your shirt, pants,
shoes, and socks and get on the changing table so I can change your
wet diapers Tami."

"But.....but.....but......Ann," I said, "Please don't do this
to me."

Ann did not answer. I took off my cloths and ignominiously
laid down on the changing table. I looked up at Ann as she said,
"Tami IS a baby."

My mind went taciturn, I looked up an saw "MY MOMMIE" "MY
PROTECTOR" "MY ONLY MEANS OF SURVIVAL". I was not a 43 year old man
able to think for himself. I was a baby, a real baby. Ann knowingly
put a pacifier in my mouth. She removed my rubber panties and then
took of my very wet diapers. She put a strap around my waist so I
wouldn't roll and fall off the changing table while she rinsed out
the diapers. She returned momentarily and removing the strap, lead
me to the bath tub where she washed me up. She then took some
ointment and rubbed it all over my body saying it would make her
little girl very soft and pretty. (It also removed ALL my body
hair) When we finished, she took me back to the changing table put
clean diapers on me along with a pair of pink rubber rumba panties.
She then put on darling little stocking and mary jane shoes.
Getting me up from the changing table she place the most adorable
little dress over my head and buttoned it up the back. It was very
high waisted, and trimmed in delicate lace and white satin bows.
She place two little matching bows in my hair and lead me to the
kitchen. When she finished putting me in MY 'High' chair, she said,
"Tom's Home."

I then realized my predicament and pleaded with Ann to let me
out of the high chair. I looked at the way I was dressed. I saw
that I now had no hair on my legs or arms. I think I must have
invisible, because I was a pink as the dress. He I was, locked in
a High Chair in a pink dress, bows in my hair, mary jane shoes,
with diapers and rubber panties. I was mortified.

Ann started to speak. "As I said before there will be some
radical changes here. I have been planning this for a long time and
since you started to wet the bed it was as good a time as any to
get the ball rolling. You don't think that I could make all these
changes over night, do you? "

Ann walked over to the desk and continued. "I found these
nifty books in your 'private' files, near your computer. I really
like the titles, "Tales from the Crib", "Sissy Times",
"Transvestite desires", "Petticoat Punishment", and on and
on....... I really like this one, and it gave me most of my ideas."
She held up the book, "My wife turned me into a baby girl". "I
called several people and that is how I found Dr. More. I also
found your tapes from DPF to make you incontinent at night. Since
this seems to be what you want, and since I married you for better
or for worse, I will make the best of this situation. I took today
off of work so I could have the house re-done to accommodate the
'NEW' you. Get use to it Tami, I'm not turning back, but you are,
YOUR NOT AT WORK!!! And weather that will continue, remains to be
seen. These are going to be some of the new rules!!!!"

1. "From now on you will never wear mens underwear again. You will
teddy's for T-shirts, in place of shorts, panties or diapers to
work, and I will decide which it will be. The rest of time you will
be in diapers."

2. "Except at work, and again I don't know for how long, you will
never use the bathroom to urinate. Since I can't see changing messy
diapers, you will be put on the potty twice a day, in the morning
and evening before bed. If you mess your diaper any other time you
will receive a severe spanking."

3. "You have a months vacation coming in a short time. During this
month you will have your ears pierced. You will always wear cute
sissy baby earrings at all times except at work."

4. "Your toenails will always be polished in a bright sissy color
so as to leave nothing to the imagination that you are a sissy baby
if you ever had to remove your shoes. Further more, your body hair
will be removed on an, as need, basis."

5. "You will eat all your meals in your high chair, and you will
drink all your liquid from a bottle. You will never drink from a
glass in this house again."

6. "You will be on a strict diet, Formula for breakfast, salad for
lunch, and a normal meal of baby food at night. I maybe will even
give you dessert,,,,,Prunes!!!!! This so that if I ever want you
to grow up, I can lace you into a corset and let you be my maid.
Since I will be required to take care of you, when you grow up at
times, you will be my maid."

7. "As far as sex, I have not decided yet."

8. "And anything else I can think of to make you so humiliated that
you'll regret even thinking about this, and it will be done without

"Do you understand!!!!!!"

I humble hung my head in compliance.

Just then the phone rang. "Hello? Ann....? This is Daisy,
Robin's Mother?"

"Oh yes, hello Daisy, I was just telling Tami her new rules,
hang on a minute. 'Tami IS a baby'......There, now Tami won't know
what we are talking about."

"Oh I love it, I love it......Daisy that is so devious.....I
love it."

(to be continued)Ann just finished explaining all the new rules in the
household to Tami when the phone rang. It was Robin's mother Daisy.
Ann issued the command "Tami IS a baby" so that she would not
comprehend what was being talked about on the phone. Daisy and Ann
were about to contrive some very interesting and humiliating
situations for both Robin and Tami, the best has yet to cum......

"Oh I love it, I love it......Daisy that is so devious.....I
love it."

My Wife / My Mommie
part-5 continued

"I can hardly wait. You know Daisy, when I first learned about
Tom's desires, I was hurt, confused, wanted a divorce, I really
wanted to kill him. But after I talked with Dr. More, and now you,
I feel much better, in fact, it could be fun.

"Ann, don't worry, Robin has been a complete baby for over a
year now, and there are moments, but for the most part it is fun.
Bob's a P.E. teacher. I haven't yet done anything to him at work,
but then you never know. All those cute little tiny bopper's, the
possibilities are endless."

"Well Tom works in an office. I wonder what I could do there.
We will have to take is slow, because we do need him to work, but
then this is a 'physical' 'handicap', and they can't fire you for
being 'handicapped', can they? Especially since it doesn't affect
anyone else."

"You know Ann, I never thought of it in that frame of mind
before, now you really have my mind going. Where exactly to you
live? We are on corner of Monroe & Clark."

"Oh, you really are close," Ann said. " We are only 3 block
from you on Monroe & Casper. Are you doing anything special tonight

"Not really, Robin has to be fed and I really don't know what
I am going to make for myself."

"Do you like Pizza? Why don't you feed Robin and I'll feed
Tami. You could come over, and while the girls played, we could
talk. We can order a Pizza or something and have it delivered."

"Sounds like a great idea Ann. I'll, I mean we, will be over
in about an hour or so. Don't order the Pizza till I get there.
Maybe the Pizza man will get a chuckle out of our 'little' girls."

"Okay Daisy, we will see you shortly then, bye now."

Ann busied herself getting Tami's supper ready. She was
thinking how nice it was to issue a simple command and be able to
have a private conversation on the phone. "Well that's one plus."

Then she felt that Tami should be aware of his baby status so
she gave the command, "Tami LIKES being a baby." Immediately Tami
looked at her differently, but did not protest. She decided to play
a little game while she was making Tami's supper.

"What is your name little girl?" Ann said.

"My name is Thami mommie."

"I love your pretty dress Tami, and your cute rubber panties.
Are you wet?"

"Yeth, Mommie, I wee-wee my dee-dee, but I wove to wee-wee my

Ann started to chuckle to herself. My Big Man?.........What
a pathetic creature. I hope he likes what he got himself into.
Before I am done with him, the world will know just what kind of
Man, I mean baby, he is. I hope he really wanted to be a baby,
because that is just what he is going to remain as long as I live.

Ann put Tami's dinner into a divided tray and sat down next
to the high chair to feed him. "You better get use to this food
again, because this is the only kind of food you will ever eat in
this house!"

Ann feed Tami strained liver, strained potatoes, strained
spinach, and prunes for dessert. She then gave him a full bottle
of Formula to drink. Tami eagerly suckled on the nipple to get its
contents, knowing all the while, that he was a grown man acting
like a little sissy baby, but still unable to stop it.

Seconds after Tami started drinking her bottle, the door bell
rang. Ann went to the door and there stood Daisy and Robin, Daisy,
carrying a large diaper bag instead of her purse.

"You'll get use to this Ann," Daisy said smiling.

Robin looked absolutely adorable. He was wearing the same
dress he worn to the doctors, but now had several layers of
petticoats under the dress so that when he walked his pretty lace
panties and extra thick diapers were displayed to all. He had a
pacifier on a ribbon around his neck and was sucking the it. The
ribbon matched the cute little bows in his hair. On his feet were
cute little mary jane shoes. Ann invited them in and Robin was told
to sit down on the living room rug. Ann went to get Tami out of her
high chair.

"It was such a lovely night that we walked over," Daisy said.
"We even got a few offers for baby sitters. Robin was so cute
walking down the street with his pacifier in his mouth and his
pretty little panties so proudly displaying his wet diapers. But
then how could anyone resist such a cute baby?"

Both Ann and Daisy laughed. Ann led Tami by the hand and told
her to sit down next to Robin. Both babies just stared at each
other. Both were aware of there situation, both unable to do
anything about it. The ladies sat down and got into a conversation
while the babies just looked at each other.

"My name is Wobin, what is your name."

"My name is Thami. I have a dolly."

"I have a dolly too. Mommie.., can I have my dolly?" Robin

Daisy went into the diaper bag and brought out Robin's dolly.

"My dolly is bigger!"

"No it isn't," not even seeing it, Robin said.

"Yeth it is!!!!"

"NO IT ISN'T!!!!!"

"YETH IT IS!!!!"



"Now girls stop fighting!!!!." Daisy said, and continued
talking with Ann. Ann and Daisy went to the kitchen to order there
Pizza, and left the 'girls' staring at each other after being
disciplined in the living room.

"Wobin, you wee-wee your dee-dee?" Tami asked Robin.

"Yeth Thami, I wee-wee, do you wee-wee? Let me see.!!!"

Robin lifted Tami dress and stuck her hand down her wet
diapers. At the same time Tami lifted Robins dress to see if she
was wet.

"Come here Ann. Quick," Daisy said in a hushed tone. "The
babies are playing with each other. I think they are seeing how wet
they each are, at least I hope that is what they are doing."

"M-O-M-M-I-E!!!!!! THAMI IS ALL WET!!!!!"


"Don't worry little girls, we'll change you in a little while,
now just play nice," Ann said.

Tami took Robin by the hand and said, "You want to see my room
Wobin and pray riff some of my toys??"

"Yeth Thami," Robin said.

Tami took Robin by her hand to her 'new' room.

"Isn't that darling???," Daisy said.

The ladies sat down on the couch and continued there
conversation while the babies played in Tami's room. It didn't take
long before the babies were again at it.

"My room in nicer!!!!!" Robin said

Tami, never seeing Robins room, "No it isn't!!!!"

"Yeth it is!!!!"

"NO IT ISN'T!!!!!"

"YETH IT IS!!!!"



"Do you think they will ever get along?" Daisy said as both
ladies went to Tami's room. Each grabbed there baby by the ear and
marched them back to the living room. Each were told to sit down,
and each were given a bottle. It was so adorable, both little girls
pouting, sitting in there frilly little dresses in the living room
floor nursing from there bottles.

"I think they are getting tired. It has been an eventful day,
especially for Tami," Daisy said.

At almost the same moment the door bell rang. Ann went to the
door and it was the Pizza. She invited the delivery boy in while
she went to her purse to get the money. He almost dropped the Pizza
when he saw the two 'BIG' baby girls sitting on the floor sucking
from there bottles. I don't know who was more embarrassed, him or
the babies.

Ann came back with the money and was handing it to him when
he said, "Is this for them?"

"Heaven no" Daisy interceded, "Their to little for Pizza."

The boy left in a daze, and both ladies had a good laugh.

"I told you it could be interesting, " Daisy said.

The ladies ate their pizza and Daisy, not wanting it to get
to late and wanting her beauty rest, decided to leave after she had
changed Robins diaper.

"They have to get up early tomorrow for work, and you know
what we are going to do tomorrow. We want them wide awake, don't
we Ann?" Daisy said laughing. "I can hardly wait till tomorrow. It
will be fun."

Robin and Tami were made to hug each other and give each a
kiss on the 'cheek'. Daisy lead Robin by the hand, her little dress
lifting higher and higher with each step she took, displaying her
will diapered, pantied bottom to all.

Tami was taken to her room, where Ann changed her diaper and
put her in a cute little pink sleeper. She walked her to her crib,
lowered the rail, and laid her down with another bottle to suck on
while she fell asleep.

"Good Night my little girl, sweet dreams, remember "Tami IS
a Baby."

Ann raised the rail, and turned off the light. Tami slept like
a baby, Ann could not wait for the coming events. She fell asleep
thinking of all the things that had happened in the last few weeks,
and all of the things that will be happening.


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