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Enslaved To Chocolate

by Pinstryp

Enslaved To Chocolate

It was just 6 days ago that while surfing the web for a Valentine's gift for her boyfriend, Jenny had stumbled upon a rather curious web site for chocolate lovers. Jenny being a charter member of chocolate eaters worldwide she didn't hesitate to click on the link and explore a little. It was a droolfest of pictures, recipes, and the shop had the most mouth-watering truffles her mind could comprehend. In fact she couldn't resist ordering a few things for herself. Her boyfriend's gift would have to wait. Before her cart was ready for checkout, she found one more item that caught her attention.

There was a CD called, "For the Submissive Chocoholic" that had a price tag of only $5 with any purchase. The only description was, "chocolate for the submissive person in you." Jenny was curious enough to check the box and soon the CD was added into her shopping cart. At the very worst, Jenny thought it was cheap compared to all the chocolate money she was donating to the web site. Now less than a week later, she was tearing the seal on the box and checking the contents with a wide grin on her face. On top of all the wrapped boxes was a large envelope with big bold red letters, "DO NOT EAT CHOCOLATE BEFORE READING THIS FIRST". Jenny giggled at the thought of having instructions on how to eat chocolate.

Inside the envelope, there was the billing order, the cd, directions for the cd and how to proceed with her order. It was the strangest thing. The instructions were numbered and read as such:

1-Do not eat the chocolate before finishing with this instruction sheet

2-You will find the CD in this envelope along with the billing statement, please check to make sure you have everything on your billing statement that you have ordered. Note- You will find an additional small box labeled- "CHOC CHUNK"

3-Once you have verified your order, place all the chocolate in a cool, dry place, except the "CHOC CHUNK" box.

4-Inside this small box, you will find 2 types of thick chocolate chunks, one dark, the other milk chocolate.

5-You will chose one of these pieces and make sure it is the more desirable of the two. It is to be eaten in 2 bites, savoring the flavor and taking the maximum time in swallowing each bite.

6-You will place the other chunk back in the box for enjoyment at a later time.

7-Once the chocolate has been finished, rinse mouth of the chocolate with water until the flavor is nothing but a memory.

8-Proceed to the CD.

Thank you for purchasing from Chocoholic, Inc.

Jenny was left stunned by the detailed instructions, like it was a lab experiment or a doctor's prep sheet before a surgery. As strange as she thought it was, she followed the instructions to the 't'. She was just too curious to see where this all went. She placed all the truffles she ordered in a cupboard in the kitchen. They looked so good, that it took all of her strength not to rip open the plastic to get at the chocolate. Each round truffle was topped with a dollop of colored decoration. There was no one alike. She saw the truffles were coded by color at the side of the box. There was cappuccino, Irish mint, café diablo, peanut butter, double fudge, cherry, amarretto, grand marnier, rocky road, mudslide, toasted almond, and the one that made her drool, treasure island. Treasure island was described as a surprise mix of bittersweet, dark and milk chocolates and filled with a fruity and nutty center. Jenny thought it looked exquisite, with the decorative purple spiral topping and the way the chocolate changed shades as the spiral went around it.

Walking back to her bedroom carrying the small "CHOC CHUNK" box and a glass of water. Leaning towards her computer she turned it on, and as she waited for it to boot up, she placed the water on her night table and unwrapped the box. There were two small, squarish slabs of chocolate wrapped in plastic, one dark the other labelled as milk chocolate. It looked like one of those fudge cubes you would find at a convenience store while on vacation. It was indeed a chocolate chunk, two of them. She placed two fingers into the box, drew out the chocolate pieces and separated them. She placed the dark piece back inside the box and placed it on her bed. She couldn't wait to eat the milk chocolate piece, her favorite of the two. It wouldn't be too hard to eat it down in two bites.

Jenny didn't waste anymore time as she bit down into the chocolate piece with her two front teeth. Slicing the chocolate in half, the smooth confection gave way and was at once melting on her lips and tongue. The taste was incredible, and she was startled at how good an ordinary piece of chocolate could be. The flavor burst into her mouth like fireworks. She chewed slowly to savor the taste as the directions had called for. The piece glided along her tongue like melting ice on a smooth, dry surface. The chocolate was by far the best Jenny had ever tasted in her life. The chocolate clung a little to the roof of her mouth, and her tongue was all too happy too pull the piece free and move it around some more. There was something special about chocolate that no other kind of food had. The final remnants slid down her throat and she gulped the liquid chocolate still in her mouth as an afterthought.

"Oh my God," Jenny whispered to herself, "that was incredible."

She place the second bite right on the tip of her tongue. Teasing herself for a moment with the flavor before pushing the rest of it in her mouth. Once more her entire being was focused on the amazing succulence of the milk chocolate. She purred as the melting chunk filled her mouth with unbelievable delight. Closing her eyes for a moment, she concentrated on the remaining piece as it started to descend slowly down her throat. The sweetness that was circling around her taste buds was giving her a sugar high, and at the same time she felt a trace of arousal. She had heard chocolate was an aphrodisiac, but it never had the slightest effect on her until now. She felt her nipples tingle into hard little points as the remainder of the chocolate chunk was reduced to flavored saliva. She moved her hands towards her breasts and felt the taut protrusions and she smiled at how her body had reacted to the delicious chocolate she had just ingested.

Relunctantly, Jenny washed away the wonderful chocolate flavor from her mouth with some water. She thought about the truffles, registering the fact that if this free ordinary piece of chocolate was this good, how much better would the truffles be? And really, has a piece of chocolate ever been so incredible? This company must make millions just word of mouth from people like Jenny who just stumbled upon their website. She couldn't believe how that chocolate had tasted. Thinking about it now, she could recall the rich flavor swishing in her mouth, across her tongue and down her throat. As the instructions had said, "nothing but a memony", but a wonderfully pleasant memory it was.

Now that her computer was on, she slid the cd in and waited for the media player to load. She walked about her room cleaning up some of the styrofoam peanuts that had clung to her bedsheets and carpet when she had opened up the package. Once the voice started to speak she listened as she cleaned. The voice had a soft masculine tone and a friendly sing-sing quality about it.

Hello and congratulations to you, the purchaser of Chocoholic, Inc.'s "For the Submissive Chocoholic, Volume 1." We are so happy you chose us and welcome you to our family of chocolate lovers. We are delighted that you chose this product in particular and hope that this unique chocolate experience will bring about the same joy and satisfaction we had in developing it. Instead of explaining what this cd will hope to accomplish, we rather you experience it first hand as it happens. You will not be sorry that you have purchased this product that was created by our team of sensory experts here at Chocoholic, Inc.

I will take it that since you are now listening, you have followed the instructions left for you and have eaten one of the chocolate chunks provided. The preferable one, of course. We ask you to use headphones if available and to find a comfortable seat as you listen to the next portion of the CD. We will give you a chance toget yourself ready, so please hit the pause button for this recording when you are ready to continue.

Jenny just smiled at the whole thing. She thought it was funny and even if she was just following along, a part of her was quickly losing interest. She wanted to have at her purchase. The small trace of deliciousness still remained in her thoughts. She was very much tempted to explore the truffles now and just eat the dark chocolate chunk at a later time. Besides the cheesy nature in which the guy talked on the CD, was like an infomercial. The guys's voice had a sing sing quality about it and the words were very precise and chosen as if everything spoken was meant to be dramatic. Jenny thought it could get old real fast. Yet she inserted her headphones into the computer tower on her desk and took a seat. After placing her headphones against her ears, she used her mouse and clicked the media player to continue.

Prepare yourself for a sensory experience like you have never experienced before. To compare it to anything would be unfair to say the least, so the best thing to do is to let you experience it for yourself. When you have chocolate two things happen instantaneously. First of course is the taste explosion in your mouth. The way your tongue wraps itself around the sweet flavor and embraces it is truly something you can not get from any other food. The second thing is the pleasure, if of course the chocolate is like our product, the pleasure is breathtaking. I am sure you remember it now as I mention this experience to you.

Jenny rolled her eyes, if there was going to be a point to this, she wished they would get to it soon. She repositioned herself in the chair to get more comfortable. If the words put her asleep, she would at least want to be more comfortable now.

...quite delicious. Yet there is a third thing that happens that isn't as transparent as the flavor and the pleasure of the chocolate. It is the experience of chocolate that is filed away in the deep recesses of your mind. It is the memory that you will use to crave for chocolate from time to time. It is the reason you are here now sitting listening to my voice with all the attention you can muster. You see, you bought the chocolate because down deep you know what chocolate tastes like. You have had it before and draw upon this to make your purchase. You all ready know how much you like it. I can go as far as to say, you crave it so much that you want to experience more of it. It isn't just our superior product, you could have bought from any other chocolate provider and the pleasure you would have received would have been more than satisfactory. You know there was a very good chance that you would have liked it even if it was subpar chocolate because even subpar chocolate is still chocolate. You can scratch your memory of bad chocolate, and might come up with a bitter piece or an extra sweet piece or a piece that had the wrong accompaniment such as peanutbutter or nougat to name two. In the end, you don't ever think of that rare piece because you know in your gut, that chocolate is one of a kind and there is nothing that can erase that affection you have for it.

Now let us use the experience you have for chocolate and apply it towards our product. We at Chocoholic, Inc. are so confident that our product is the best chocolate experience you have ever had that we will use your memory of the chocolate and return you to the taste and pleasure now. I am sure a part of you was relunctant to listen to the CD because you wanted to enjoy more of our scrumptious chocolate treats. You are probably smiling now because I am right on the money.

Jenny did indeed smile at this. Thinking these people at least knew their clientele.

...and of course we are happy that you do. All in good time though, for now just sit and listen closely for what I am going to tell you might surprise you. Think about the chocolate chunk for a moment. Think about the one piece of chocolate entering your mouth and your teeth cutting it in half like a knife across warm butter. Remember the way it felt as it immediately melted on your tongue and how the flavors exploded in your mouth so intensely that it brought immediate pleasure. Remember the taste of the chocolate now. The taste so good it warmed your body and even now as you sit and think so clearly on the experience without any effort at all, you can feel the warmth rise within you again now. I will give you a minute to reflect on your own as you think about the chocolate flooding your mouth now.

It happened exactly as the man on the CD described it. There was the warmth returning to her once more and with that a slow building arousal that she didn't fight to resist. She thought about the taste and how wonderful it was and how much she wanted to taste it for real again. Even if she wanted to deny it, she couldn't help but taste the chocolate in her mouth now. It was as real within her mind as it was before. Her nipples were slowly becoming erect as the complete and natural focus returned to the words now.

Your mouth is probably salivating now as the chocolate swirls in your mouth, the sweet flavor unlike anything you have ever had before. Your mind is wrapping itself around the memory so well that it doesn't take much effort at all to recall it now. You are completely focused on the chocolate, and the way it slides along the roof of your mouth now and back down to your tongue. You play with it as the flavor grows stronger and stronger and it is so satisfying the way it makes your body feel. Without even thinking about it, you can feel the delicious taste increase now, you can feel the pleasure grow and your mind focusing more and more on the feelings you are experiencing now. As the chocolate flavor intensifies, you feel the last remnants of the first piece paint your throat like a pleasurable canvas. It is so addicting, you don't wish it to stop as the you eat the second half of chocolate now. Feel the chocolate goodness make contact on your tongue with its smooth, melting edges like ice turning to liquid on a hot surface. Not only can you feel it and taste it, but in your mind's eye you can see the way the chocolate moves as my words describe it in more and more detail. It is so real and satisfying to you, that the pleasure which you normally feel when you have chocolate is quickly overwhelming your senses now.

You are focusing completely on the words your mind reads, and you are unable to think now as my words are becoming your thoughts. You don't care anymore because the pleasure is increasing the more focused you become now, and the better the pleasure becomes, the more focused you become. It is the most intense, pleasurable feeling of your life, the way you feel as you experience the wonderful chocolate sensations now. Without even thinking about it, your body is becoming increasingly aroused now. You are loving it and the power of the chocolate controls you. It excites you to give into the pleasure, into the arousal you feel now. The submissiveness you feel is addicting and so real and exciting you embrace it more and more now. You wish to give into it completely now. Every word that I say brings you closer and closer to complete submission now. Your mind is so focused on the pleasure you realize without even trying to understand it that this feeling is something you want. This feeling is something you need. This feeling is something you crave.

Even if a small part of you resists, you know down deep within your mind that the more you resist it, the more you crave it. Feel the wave of pleasure surround your body and mind now. Your arousal level has suddenly grown on a scale of 10 from a 5 to a 9 now. As the last watery piece of chocolate swooshing throughout your mouth, an orgasm builds more and more stronger within you. You know by your complete submission that this orgasm will be not be prevented now. Your body is on its way to an intense pleasurable experience so much better than the best sexual satisfaction you have ever felt in your whole life. When your orgasm hits you when I put you at the 10 on the scale, you will feel the pleasure waves of orgasm hit you one after the other until you are as content and happy as you have ever been in your whole life. Once you have settled down, you will know that for now on, anytime you taste chocolate you will experience the same thrilling ride. You will not be able to stop it. You will become enslaved to the chocolate until the orgasm has subsided. You will become increasingly addicted to the experience and chocolate will never ever be the same again.

You can feel closer to an orgasm now, in fact, you feel like you have never been so ready to cum more than you do now. I have control of your scale, and I will soon put you at 10 and you will submit to me completely and cum. The scale is now at 10.

As the waves of pleasure hit Jenny, she felt herself let go completely and explode in pure ecstasy. Her pussy throbbed as if bolts of electricity had given it power to move on its own. Jenny's mind felt the intensity lock her from thinking anything besides the cascading pleasure she was giving into. It was all she could do to stay conscious. She writhed in her seat, eyes closed and moaning from passion beyond anything she had ever experienced in her life. She was a cum machine and soon her panties filled with her juices. Her body undulated in her computer chair as if being fucked by an unseen cock. It just continued for what might have been an hour if you asked her later, but was a mere couple of minutes. When she was finally able to catch her breath, Jenny sat in awe of what had happened.

She looked over at the clock and noticed that only about 5 or 10 minutes had passed since she put the headphones on and sat down to listen to the CD. How could this have happened so fast? Then she remembered the chocolate. Instantly her mouth drooled, and her pussy tingled once more. Jenny knew she had to have more. She got up, undressed, and made her way into the kitchen to try some more chocolate.


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