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Perfect Couples 3/3

by Briar

Perfect Couples 3/3

Suzette stood behind Alice and deftly unzipped the long black dress, which slid off as easily as water, revealing a black bra and panties beneath. She leaned in to kiss her mistress at the nape of her neck, slowly working her way down to the center of her back, just above the bra clasp. She straightened again as she felt Alice turn around.
“I told you I had something for you to try tonight.”
“Yes, of course ma'am.”
Alice stepped backward, easily avoiding the heels she had removed mere seconds before, and walked toward the desk in the large bedroom. There she opened a small cardboard box, roughly the size and shape of a shoebox, and removed something. Suzette couldn't quite make out what it was in the dark, though Alice made no real effort to hide it, but she was sure she would become quite well acquainted with it very soon. She watched as Alice walked back toward her, standing between the maid and the bed, and held up the object.
It was a feather duster with a handle in the shape of a cock. Suzette was confused for a moment. This was nothing new. Her mistress had designed one of these years ago, practically days after she designed her first maid outfit. It didn't seem very different from the original, maybe a slightly different shape, and the handle not quite as long, but all in all, it didn't seem like something to get excited about. The thought passed quickly though. It wasn't her place to question the new toys her mistress brought her, she was to help test them.
She took the feather duster in her hand and lightly ran it down Alice's chest, following it down with a chain of kisses down to her belly button. As she got lower, she slipped a finger into Alice's panties, pulling them forward just enough to slip the handle of the feather duster in so it would almost reach her clit, before making her way back up. She ran her hands down her mistress's sides, then back up to her breasts, holding them briefly before reaching around to unhitch the bra that separated her from the soft sensitive nipples she knew would bring her mistress so much pleasure. As she did, Suzette noticed that she was moving relatively fast tonight. Maybe it was serving dinner in the restaurant, maybe it was standing at attention with her vibrator during the meal, maybe it was the butt plug during the ride home, but something had her excited. She was aching to pleasure her mistress, and now she could. She bent over slightly, and kissed Alice passionately on the neck as she massaged her now bare breasts, working her way toward the nipples, and twisting them. Alice responded quickly, and sighed in pleasure, arousing Suzette all the more.
Deciding to follow with the fast pace of the night, Suzette slipped one of her stockinged legs between Alice's, focusing more on rubbing her inner thighs than putting any pressure on her pussy. She smiled to herself, as much as she could while kissing Alice's shoulder anyway, as she felt her mistress respond by rubbing herself against Suzette. Suddenly, she felt Alice put her arms around her shoulders, and pull her toward the bed. This was all the signaling Suzette needed. She stepped forward in time with Alice, not even teetering on her heels, and moved down to the bed, holding herself over Alice's nearly naked body, still kissing her neck, shoulders and sides.
Suzette immediately began to work her way down her mistress's body again, kissing her way between her breasts and down her stomach. As she went, she slipped her fingers into the skimpy panties Alice was wearing, pulling them down and releasing the duster she had almost forgotten about, which she moved to the side, out of the way. She continued to move down, until her lips brushed over her mistress's pussy, where she paused for just a moment, letting the tension build, before beginning to eat her out. To her surprise, Alice began to pull away after a few seconds. Suzette immediately justified it by assuming that Alice just wasn't interested in oral tonight, and moved upward to suck on her breasts. As she did, she heard alice mutter, “the duster.”
Ahhh, now it made sense. She had practically forgotten the new toy she was supposed to be testing that evening. As she continued to suck and tease Alice's nipples (much to Alice's appreciation, she noticed with pride), she reached to her side and grabbed the feather duster. She reached behind her and started to slip the handle into her mistress.
“Clean it off...”
Without a second of hesitation, Suzette lifted her mouth from Alice's tit, and brought the wet handle of the duster to her mouth, her cherry red lips closing around it as she sucked her mistress's juices from the handle and enjoying every second of it.
“Come closer...” Alice's hands found their way to Suzette's hips, rubbing them through the black skirt, pulling her forward, then up to her shoulders to pull her head even closer. The real surprise came, though, when her hands found their way to the point where the handle met the feathers and Alice pulled out two straps before fastening them behind Suzette's head, pushing the handle deeper into her mouth. Alice wasn't done yet though. She moved her hands forward, fumbled at the feathers a little longer, before pulling them off as one unit, revealing another dildo hidden within them. Now Suzette understood the need to test the new toy, and was thrilled to be a part of the process. She immediately returned to her mistress's pussy, and began to pump the newly revealed cock in and out, working her mistress to a powerful orgasm and soaking her own face in juices.
Once Alice had finished, she tugged on Suzette's long blonde hair, signaling her to move back up. “You're quite a fast learner. Excellent work.” Suzette smiled as best she could, the dildo/gag still held fast in her mouth and her face still dripping with the essence of her mistress. She was beyond proud of herself. As she kneeled on the bed, she felt Alice's hand drift back under her petticoats and brush over her ass and pussy again, causing the plugs to grow even more. However, this time Alice lingered even longer over Suzette's crotch, activating the secret feature of the panties that she only used on special occasions. Suzette's eyes drifted shut as the plug in her pussy started to not only vibrate, but thrust slightly. Alice smiled to herself. Suzette had been conditioned to forget this particular part of their encounters, despite its rarity. Alice wanted to ensure that her maid served solely for the pleasure of service, but she did love to indulge her most intimate staff. The plugs, working in conjunction with Suzette's collar, would both monitor her arousal and respond in such a way that she would never achieve orgasm but be constantly stimulated to varying degrees, providing intense pleasure for hours on end.
Alice smiled to herself, still floating on the pleasure of the orgasm she had just experienced, and watched as Suzette slipped off the bed, onto the floor, being massaged from the inside out. She laid back in her bed, closed her eyes, and drifted off to sleep, listening to her devoted maid moan and gasp from the floor beside her.

Kate and Carlos lay next to each other in bed. It had been several weeks since their experiment with the Prince and Princess costumes. They hadn't put them on again since, though Kate had made use of the new makeup every so often just for fun. Sex had been good. Not as good as that first day, but definitely good again. Unfortunately, as time went by, they found themselves falling into old routines, and gradually things wore down. They were back to square one.
“Hey Kate?”
“I've been thinking...”
“What about?” she replied, hoping she was right in her guess.
“Well, it's just that things were so good after we tried... branching out,” he said with a small smile. “Do you think you'd want to try again?”
“Yeah, I think that would be good,” Kate replied, becoming excited already.
“How about right now?”
Kate was startled. “Right now?”
“Yeah. Right now.” Carl was smiling.
Kate started to return his smile. “Sure. Do you have--”
“Out in the dressing room. There's a cardboard box in the corner.”
Kate smiled wider, stood up, and stepped away from their bed, into the dressing room. How long had he been planning this? She was amazed that Carl had managed to keep it hidden that long, though she had to admit that she was happy he had. The surprise made it even more fun.
She immediately saw the box Carl had been talking about, waked over to it, and pulled open the flaps on top. “This should be interesting...” Kate whispered to herself. She reached down and into the box, feeling the pieces of the costume. Dutifully she began to remove her clothes before slipping on the lacy white panties and bra, noticing that it pushed her breasts up and together just barely enough to be noticeably enhanced. Next she found a small white corset, only large enough to cinch her waist a bit rather than shape her entirely. Next came the garters and stockings, that she pulled over her legs with a slow and sensual care and precision. Then came the petticoats, not even long enough to reach her knees, showing off the tops of her stockings and giving a glimpse of bare thigh if she were to move a certain way. She admired the dress as she pulled it out of the box, giving it a thorough looking over before putting it on. The skirt would barely cover the petticoats, and the waist and bust both looked like they were sized to accommodate her slightly augmented body rather than her natural form. She pulled it on and ensured everything was properly fastened and settled before picking up a small makeup bag and carrying it to her vanity, where she proceeded to adjust her hair. Once it was in place, she turned back to the bag, and began applying the contents to her face. First a foundation, then some blush, heavy coats of mascara and eye liner, as well as a distinct smokey eye shadow, with thin dark eyebrows penciled in above. She finished with a red lipstick coated with a shiny gloss. She replaced her new makeup before walking back to the box to remove the last few items: a black collar that was soon fastened around her neck, a pair of white gloves that found their way onto her hands, and finally a pair of black 5” stilettos with black ribbons that wound around her ankles and tied into bows. She checked the mirror one more time before stepping into the bedroom.
“Wow, Kate, you look--”
“Please, Master, it's Suzette. Now, how may I be of service to you?”
Without waiting for an answer, Suzette bent over, freed her master's erect cock from his trousers, and gently licked up the shaft before kissing the tip and taking it into her mouth, loving the feeling of it passing through her lips over and over again as she bobbed her head up and down, knowing this was only the beginning.



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