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Xenophobia Chapter 5

by OwlGold

Xenophobia Chapter 5

As usual, the dance floor at The Rinz Cycle was packed. Watching
her new sister dance amazed Pam. Just two hours earlier, Tim seemed
depressed over the change his body had gone under. Now, he was the life
of the dance club. Tim had danced with every male in the place, and
even with a few of the women. Pam had a few offers, but she spent most
of her time just watching her sister go to town. Pam wanted to make
sure that no one got to close to Tim. There were just to many things
that he didn't know yet. "It still seems strange to call him April, but
Tim just doesn't sound right for that body," she thought. "I just hope
that we can reverse the change. That parasite could be dangerous, and
Tim did say that they would both die if it was removed. I need to find
a way to get it off of Tim without it killing him." Pam's thoughts were
interrupted by April's sudden appearance next to her.

"I'm leaving now," April said.


"I said, I'm leaving. Henry is going to take me home."

Pam noticed the tall and very handsome man next to April. "You
can't just leave with him," Pam started. "You don't know anything about
him. What if her rapes you?"

"What if I rape him?" she responded with a little laugh.

Henry joined in as they turned to leave, his arm encircling
April's waist. By the time Pam had gathered her things, they were half
way to the door. Henry was assisting April into his Porsche when Pam
caught up with them. Grabbing April's arm, Pam pulled her out of the

"What would mom think?" Pam began. "After all, you're not even 17
and you have to be at school tomorrow morning."

Henry looked at April. "I'm not going to get busted again. No
pussy's worth spending a night in jail." Henry closed his passenger
side door and got in on the driver's side. Punching the accelerator,
Henry drove off leaving the two women in a shower of dirt and small

"Great," April said. "Now how am I going to get laid?"

"I can't believe you said that!" Pam shouted at April. "You seem
to have forgotten all of your morals. What if he had AIDS? Did you
pack a condom? And what about other protection. If you're going to
have sex, you should at least be on the pill."

"I'm sorry, sis," April said. "It's just these hormones got the
best of me. Dancing so close to all those men, the smell of their
sweat, the feel of their bodies against mine, I just let the animal side
of me take over. It seemed easier that way."

"We'll talk about it when we get home. Let's go."

Through the haze and fog, Tim reminded himself to thank his sister
for saving him. Even if he didn't have control over his new body, he
was thankful that his loss of his virginity was put off for now.

The two girls walked over to the car and climbed in. Pam started
the engine and pulled out of the parking lot and headed for home. The
trip was a quiet one. When they got home, they got out of the car and
went in the house and into Tim's bedroom. April sat at the end of the
bed and started to cry. Pam sat down on the bed to the right of April
and placed her arm around April's shoulder.

"Don't cry April," she said. "It's understandable what happened
tonight. I remember my first night in a bar. I got so drunk and I
ended up with this loser that I still don't know how I met. All I
remember was waking up with a sore pussy and some bloodied sheets. The
jerk was gone before I woke and never called me back. I didn't want you
to have that type of experience."

April's tears had stopped and she wrapped her arms around Pam in a
loving embrace. Her face was on Pam's shoulder so she pulled back a
little to look into Pam's eyes. As their eye's locked, April moved
closer and gently kissed Pam's mouth. Pam was a little shocked that
April would do this, but found herself returning the kiss with a
heightened sense of passion.

"No you don't," Tim said to April in his mind. Tim had noticed
that April's kiss released some saliva onto Pam's lips. Pam's tongue
had moistened her lips automatically after the kiss and April's laced
saliva went to work.

"You can't stop me," April responded. "She's got the aphrodisiac
in her system now and if she doesn't find release in an hour, her mind
will go crazy with lust. I've got her and you now. Just sit back and
enjoy the show."

Tim's screamed and tried to distract April, but it was useless.

Meanwhile, Pam felt her body heat up with the second kiss. April
moved her left hand down to the hem of Pam's short dress and began to
message her thighs. Each stroke made Pam hotter than before. Pam had
never felt this much sexual excitement before in her life and wanted
more. She felt the orgasm building and by the time April's hand had
worked it's way to her crotch, Pam's whole world exploded in the best
orgasm she had ever experienced. As Pam began to come down from the
orgasm, April used her right hand to message her breast. Pam never made
it completely down from the orgasm before April had her moving to the
next one. April expertly removed Pam's dress without slowing the flow
of sex and moved into a sixty-nine position with the ease of a
professional. Had Pam's mind been able to form any thoughts other than
"More sex", she would have wondered how April knew what to do. But
April did and Pam didn't care why April knew, just that she knew. April
began to kiss Pam's thigh while reaching up to her own dress hem and
raising it enough to show Pam her pantyhose encased pussy. April's
nails efficiently tore an access hole through the cotton crotch of the
pantyhose to give Pam free reign of her pussy. Sticking her pussy into
Pam's face, April gave Pam's pantyhose the same treatment. Pam seemed
hesitant at first, but once her brain registered the taste of April's
juices, Pam began to feverishly lick at April's pussy. Her tongue
worked April's clit, sending shudders of pleasure up April's body.
April concentrated on keeping Pam excited, but not enough to give her
another orgasm. Too many orgasms and the saliva would wear off. April
needed to keep Pam aroused for thirty more minutes to have her addicted.
But more importantly, April need Pam to bring her to an orgasm, an
orgasm that had begun just seconds earlier.

Pam could sense that April was starting to build her orgasm and
wanted her to experience one as powerful as the orgasm she had finished
moments ago. Reaching around April's shapely ass, Pam began to slide
her fingers into April's hole. This was enough to push April over the
top. April's body recovered quickly as she absorbed the power behind
the orgasm and the moved her body so that she was facing Pam's breasts.
Reaching behind Pam, April unfastened and then removed Pam's bra. Pam
was still in a highly excited state, but April knew that she needed to
continue for a little while longer. April started licking one of Pam's
tits while her hands messaged the other one. She alternated the tit she
was licking when a plan formed in her mind.

"You can't be serious," Tim thought to April.

"Why not. I've got the energy after that wonderful orgasm and Pam
will thank me for it."

"But you'll destroy her mind."

"No I won't. Her mind will survive. It will just be a little
more subservient to us."

"But I don't want to control my sister."

"But I do. Don't worry. I'll make sure she's OK. She'll never
know what happened. I can keep her in a dream state forever."

Tim knew it was hopeless. He hadn't been able to stop April from
taking his body and he knew he couldn't stop her from taking his
sister's. Forcing himself to believe that April had won, Tim worked on
trying to shield some of his plans from her.

Pam knew that it was April she was making love to and she could
feel on hand on a breast and the other hand caressing her thigh. What
her mind couldn't figure out was why she felt a pressure against her

April slowly formed an small lump on the surface of her body where
her leg was pressing up against Pam's pussy. The lump extended up and
grew thicker, shaping itself perfectly against the insides of Pam. Once
April was sure that it was deep enough to not fall out, she shifted half
of her essence into the lump and then disconnected it from her. In a
few hours, Pam's body would be covered giving April another source of
energy. But, they both would need food, so April increased the pace she
was working at and brought Pam to a second and final orgasm. Rolling off
of Pam, April relaxed and let Tim take control again. Keeping him
bottled up took energy, energy she didn't want to waste.

Tim felt his world return from the fog state in which he had spent
the last five hours. His body felt exhausted and he was very hungry.
He got off the bed and headed to the kitchen to get some food. He
couldn't sense April anywhere in his mind, so he assumed she was
recuperating. After eating half of a sandwich, and feeling full doing
that, Tim realized that this would be the only time he could plan. And
plan he did. Tim thought about what had happened when April took
control of the body. He realized that she would probably do it again
and decided to try to resist harder this time and to figure out what
April did to do this. It would be a hard battle, but Tim felt he would
win. After all, his life as a male depended on it.

But right now, he was in a female's body. Tim realized that he
need to make some adjustments. He needed time to get to know the
"April" side of himself. Know your enemy was a famous saying. Tim
looked down at his new body. For the first time, he studied it
carefully. From his viewpoint, the C-cup breast interfered with seeing
the rest of his front, but he could turn his head and see his ass
sticking out and looking firm under the pantyhose that he still wore.
Tim left the kitchen and headed to the bathroom connected to the hall.

Once inside, Tim shut the door and began to admire himself in the
full length mirror on the door's back side. His petite body had curves
in all the right places and the proportions appeared to be perfect. Tim
ran his hand down his sides from under his armpits to the top of his
hips. The feeling of the pantyhose hose under his hands was different
than anything he had ever felt. Tim continued to run his hands over his
legs, enjoying the feeling of nylon on his legs. "I could get used to
this feeling," he thought. He brought his hands back up the insides of
his leg until he came to his crotch. The lips of his vagina were sticky
from the drying juices leftover from the sex he had with his sister.
Tim peeled off the pantyhose after removing his shoes and then started a

"This is one hot body," he said aloud and then stepped into the
shower. The warm water caressed his body and he began a more intense
exploration while he cleaned himself. By the time he stepped out of the
shower, Tim knew his new body almost as well as his old one. His senses
seemed more acute than when he was a male, but he figured the alien had
something to so with this. After drying off, Tim wrapped the towel
around himself and headed for Pam's bedroom since she was asleep in his.
And, he didn't want to face what was happening to his sister just yet.

In Pam's room, Tim went over to her dresser and opened it up.
Figuring that he could at least borrow something to sleep in, Tim
searched for some type of pajamas. The closest thing that he could find
was a thong teddy. "It's better than nothing," he thought and stepped
into it. Pulling it up, Tim was amazed at how well it fit. The cups
were a little small for his breast, and the thong felt strange as it
slid between his ass cheeks, but all-in-all it was comfortable. Tim
slid under the covers and let the body's exhaustion take over.


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