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First Meeting

by stormdancealliance

First Meeting

October has arrived and you have asked me to meet you, no that’s not right, you have ordered me, to be at the Dolphin hotel by 2 pm. The order arrived by PM earlier this morning.

Name_unknown (Thu 10/10/02 01:56:32 AM): Your homework for tomorrow: Come to the Dolphin Hotel at Disney. Be in the lobby by 2 pm. Wear a black mini-skirt and white button shirt and heels. Don’t be late.

I shiver at the power behind those words. It has been 5 months since I finally submitted to your power and now I am going to be in your presence. My eyes close and my mind turns inward and I feel the familiar pull, I take a moment to savor the thrill.

Shaking my head and opening my eyes I glance at the computer clock and see the time of 7 am. I berate myself as I realize that I have just lost 15 minutes savoring the delicious memory of you. I shiver and then push myself away from the computer. Completing my usual morning tasks, I leave to take my son to school. All the while my mind thinks of what potential this day holds. The anticipation sends electric sparks of delight through my body in waves. Occasionally, I close my eyes and draw on the feeling…pulling myself down for just a moment and then letting the feeling ebb.

Returning home, I make a quick phone call to arrange for my son to go to his fathers after school, and then head to the bathroom. I turn the water on in my bath and go to my closet to select the required clothing. Laying the clothing out on the bed, I turn to the mirror and examine myself, running a critical eye over the image in the mirror. I note my physical faults, and shrug. I only hope that I am able to please you.

Returning to the bathroom I step into the steaming bath. As I sink into the water, I allow my mind to drift to what is going to happen later today. You have not given me any clue as to how I am to greet you, and I wonder what is expected of me. Frustration mounts as I try to figure out what you want of me. I seek only to please and yet you offer so little guidance. I lie back against the edge of the tub and close my eyes, focusing my attention on my body, feeling the warmth of the water, the slight flutter in my stomach, the gentle tug in my mind. I allow myself to focus on and to fully experience the moment as you have taught me too do so.

I begin to let my mind wander, letting go of the frustration, I concentrate on the one thing I know will happen. You will put me into trance. It will be the first “in person” trance I have experienced and I cannot help but to be excited about it. As I focus on the thought, I can feel my body becoming aroused. I can feel the blood rush to my sex an my lips swell and begin to pulse slightly as I consider the implications. Just the thought of being under your hypnotic control in your physical presence is almost more than I can bear.

I wonder if you will trance me in your room or if you will do it in some public place. This thought makes me wonder again what you expect of me. However, I choose to let my mind wander for the moment and decided that you must at least want to talk a bit before we go to your room.

I try to imagine meeting you in the lobby of the Dolphin. I wonder if you will come to me or if you will be waiting for me. Without direction my mind starts to fantasize about the possibilities.

Perhaps a bellman will approach me and ask me if I am Erika. On confirming that I am, he hands me an envelope, inside the envelope is a key with a room number on it. I am surprised that you would direct me straight to your room, but I know better than to delay or question your motives. Feeling a knot of fear in my stomach I glance around the lobby and notice the bellman who had given me the envelope eyeing me as he talks on the phone.

Taking a deep breath I head toward the elevators. I press the call button, and I let my mind wander as I wait for the elevator to arrive. I am startled by the sound of the bell of the elevator just before the doors open. I hesitate for just a moment before entering the elevator, and then press the number 10 and watch as the doors slide shut. I focus my attention on my body and I feel the nervousness, the excitement, and the fear. My heart is pounding and my mind is racing, my breath coming in short shallow gasps.

My mind is screaming at me about how foolish I am being. My mind plays with the thought of an imagined headline of the murder at the Dolphin Resort. I smile at myself, knowing how foolish I am being. Knowing that even if I knew that was your intention I would not be able to stop myself. The fear in my stomach solidifies as the elevator reaches the 10th floor. The doors slide open and I step out on to the landing. I check the numbers and head toward the room that is indicated in the envelope.

When I find the door I stop myself, and take a moment to breath. To enjoy the excitement, to feel the heightened senses caused by the fear I am feeling. I have so many strong feelings I am almost unable to stand. I am fighting the pulling in my mind, wanting to follow it down into my center, wanting to surrender to the feelings that I know are just there at the edge of my mind. I knock on the door and shiver with excitement and fear, but there is no answer. I put the key in the lock and open the door.

I look around the room and I am amazed. The heavy curtains are drawn blocking out the bright sunshine, and around the room there are dozens of candles flickering. The room is one of the junior suits with a small parlor area and a door leading off to the master bedroom and bath. I can hear water running and I wander that direction. The bath is almost full of steaming hot water. On the surface of the water red rose petals float along with several floating candles. I reach over and turn the water off and look around the bathroom.

On the counter is a note, a boom box, a bottle of champagne, and a crystal glass.

I read the note, “Turn on the tape and take a bath, have a glass of champagne, and prepare yourself for me, when your finished put the robe on and come out to the parlor.”

I walk over to the boom box and press play, I poor myself a little of the champagne and sip it as I undress. My mind is even more confused now that I have no idea what to expect. As usual you have taken what I expected and twisted it all around. I climb into the bathtub and let the hypnotic music relax me. Suddenly, I realize that I can hear your voice intertwined with the music and realized that this is no innocent ploy to relax me. The thought is a fleeting one as my mind surrenders to your voice and I let the feelings your words evoke rise up and take me.

I don’t know how long I am in the tub but it is the sound of movement outside the bath door that brings my attention back to reality. It takes me a few moments to realize that I’m not at the Dolphin resort but in my own bath. The bath water has cooled and I realize I will have to hurry in order to not be late. I wash my hair and shave those areas that need attention and quickly exit the bath.

My fantasy has heightened my awareness around me and I shiver as I open the bathroom door. I notice the cat has knocked over a glass of water onto floor, and for once I am thankful for his clumsiness. Who knows how long I would have lay in the tub and enjoyed that fantasy? Carefully doing my hair and makeup, and dressing in the cloths I laid out, I look at the clock and am shocked to see the time as 1 pm. I feel a stab of fear as I realize I am going to need to hurry or I will be late. I grab my purse and keys and head to the garage.

Getting into my car I start the engine and back out of the driveway. As I head down the road, I go into automatic driving mode and let my mind wander back to my fantasy. I think of the snap of the tape player bringing me back to myself, and I step out of the bath. I hear activity in the room beyond and assume you have returned. I put the white terry robe on and open the bathroom door. I feel my breath shorten again and I feel my nerves and my senses heighten as I head out in to the parlor. I stop on the threshold of the room and see a woman setting up a massage table. She glances at me and indicates the table. I lay down and she helps to remove the robe and covers me with a cool crisp white sheet. My senses are so heightened I feel every place that the sheet touches as it settles onto my back and legs.

Just before I get completely comfortable she reaches touches my head, indicating I should look at her. As I lift my head, she slips a blindfold over my eyes and settles it in place. I am stunned, and my breathing, my pulse, my heart all begin to race. I put my head down into the face cradle and attempt to relax as my mind races and reels. Pulled between trance feelings and falling into a submissive subspace. Then I hear the door to the room open and the murmur of voices, a man and a woman’s. I cannot hear the words but I know it is your voice. I know that you are in the room watching me. I begin to reach for the blindfold and hear your voice, “No, don’t move.”

I am surprised by how close you are to me. I feel a shiver run down my spine. A gentle caress of goose bumps on my flesh, the delightful shock of excitement as the hair on the back of my neck begins to stand. I feel your hand on the back of my head, encouraging me to relax back into the face cradle. I strain to hear any sound you make. And jump as I feel the hands of the masseuse on my back. I try to relax, but I know you are there. The thought builds up my excitement and desire. Knowing you are somewhere nearby watching me. Suddenly, I lose the ability to hear the noises of the room as a headset is placed over my ears blocking out any outside sound, with a slow erotic music.

I focus my attention again on the experience. With each and every deep breath in, and each and every deep breath out, expanding and collapsing my world into a single thought, a single desire…..surrender….surrendering to the sensations building deeply down inside me, opening to the possibilities, with every deepening breath the feeling becoming even stronger, the dark delight surrounding my mind, spinning me deeper, feeling my body drifting down….surrendering and floating free, desiring, and needing to float free in my mind…dreamy images pulling me along…first one direction, then another...my mind twisting and turning…I again lose track of time.

The masseuse gently shakes me awake and removed the headphones and blind fold. My eyes dart around the room and I realize that she and I are alone.

Disappointment fills my mind and I quickly focus my attention on how wonderful I feel. My entire body is electric with desire. My mind is on the edge of trance and I am in a completely submissive frame of mind. The masseuse directs me toward the master bedroom and I walk towards the door.

On the bed lay a dress and shoes. I put the black dress on and marvel at how well it fits. The shoes are also a perfect fit. I find a note propped on nightstand.

This note reads, “Go to Palio’s, be there by 6 pm. Speak to Wendy.”

I look at my watch and see that it is 5:45. I walk into the bathroom and grab my purse, thankful that I have brought basic makeup supplies with me. I take a few minutes to touch up my makeup and put my hair up in a clip. With a last glance in the mirror I check my appearance and stop. I am amazed at what I see. I do not look like the same person. My eyes sparkle, my lips are swollen, and my face is flushed with anticipation, my skin glows from the oils that have been massaged into them. I give myself a half smile and leave the bathroom, a slight bounce in my step, confident that I will be able to please you no matter what you ask.

When I reach the restaurant, I ask for Wendy. I expect her to point you out in the crowd waiting to enter the dining area. Instead she leads me into the dining area towards the windows to a semi-secluded table. I am not surprised to see the other seat is empty; I let my eyes study the view as Wendy draws one of the chairs from the table. I sit and expect her to help slide the chair in when out of the corner of my eye, I see her step away, yet my chair is pressed in toward the table. I glance over my shoulder and look into the most incredible dark eyes I’ve ever seen….

A horn shocks me back to reality and I realize I have just driven almost 45 minutes without paying any attention to where I was going or how I was driving. I am at the entrance of the parking lot for the Dolphin hotel. I glance at my watch and see that I have 10 minutes to spare. I quickly park my car and hurry into the hotel. I enter the lobby of the Dolphin and look around. I glance at my watch and see its only 1:55. I let out a sigh of relief and then jump as someone taps me on the shoulder. I turn to face a bellman…. the bellman asks me if I am Erika. On confirming that I am, he hands me an envelope, inside the envelope is a key with a room number on it……..and my head begins to spin…..


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