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All Dolled Up

by Danielle_03

All Dolled Up

I don’t know she said isn’t that a little too far, we normally just dress you up. I answered her but it’ll be so fun. She replied after some hesitation, ok, I’ll do it, for you. Well do it Saturday so we have all day to prep and have fun. I excitedly kissed her on the cheek and thanked her. And then I was off on my way to finish the rest of the week.
Saturday couldn’t arrive soon enough. I arrived at her home mid morning. She greeted me with a hug and kiss. So she said how does this work? I explained to her that I had been listening to a hypnotic file for a over month now and had experienced the trigger word on myself. I wanted to experience it when someone else triggered me, while being dressed up. OK she smiled, with an evil grin. But you should go get cleaned first if you’re going to get all dolled up.
We went to the bathroom and she helped me get undressed, take a bath, she said. She poured some scenty salts in and made it very bubbly, I couldn’t help but laugh. Well you have to smell pretty don’t you she laughed back at me. Well need to make sure your hairless too, it may help with the experience. About a half an hour later I was clean and smelling pretty as could be. There wasn’t any hair on my body at all except for my head. Here is some lotion so your skin doesn’t dry off. It smelled of peaches. I was so excited as I put it all over my body. Ok robe up and come out so I can do your makeup. I did as she instructed and sat down in front of her. I wasn’t that good at putting makeup on so she helped me perform a miracle.
She had already picked an outfit out for me and laid it on the bed. I shuddered with pleasure as I saw it was a French Maids outfit. 4 inch heels, thigh high stockings, a tight black dress with white frills, long black gloves, and even a wig to match it. I felt irresistible pleasure as I slowly dressed. Piece by piece I became a cute little French maid. She came close to me and kissed me on made lipstick covered lips.
Are you ready she asked? I sat on the bed and took a breath then released it. I am I replied to her. “Time to be all dolled up,” she said as she looked at me. I felt my mind going blank as I laid back. Thoughts of pleasing my master began to fill my mind as my body started to stiffen. I couldn’t move and I had an uncontrollable wave of pleasure rush over my body as I felt as if I was turning into a latex love doll. I felt my mouth open ready to be filled, my ass loosened also ready to be filled, but the most incredible feeling of all was my penis seeming to shrink and form a perfectly shaved and open vagina, begging to be filled. The feeling was indescribable having someone else trigger me knowing I would be at her mercy to be used as she pleased.
I laid there on my back with nothing but the feeling of being a Love Doll dressed as a sexy French Maid. Waiting to be used, wanting to be used. She laid me all the way on the bed and said she would be right back. I eagerly waited for my master to return and use me. I waited for what felt like an eternity. As she walked back in I heard another voice, another master I thought? No that’s not right she was supposed to be my master, I heard a man say she is beautiful…to which she replied she is isn’t she. All Dolled Up, perfect as can be waiting and wanting to be used. I tried to understand what was going on, but the programming didn’t allow me, I couldn’t look anywhere, all I could do was lay there wanting to be used by my master.
She walked over to me and whispered into my ear as she grabbed my breast, I may not be into having sex with a living love doll, but as it turns out there are quite a few men who are and a few that are willing to pay quite a premium for that experience. And don’t worry I’ll be sure to film it so you’ll have no choice but to continue to make me money or I’ll release the tape. I didn’t understand a word of it all I felt was pleasure as my master touched me. Wanting to be used I laid there motionless All Dolled Up, quite literally.
He walked towards the bed and ran his hands over my body. It felt like electricity as he touched me, I couldn’t help it even though a part of me was yelling stop this isn’t what I wanted. I heard a buckle clink and I knew my new master was undressing. I wanted to please him. No I didn’t!! I felt him climb on top of me grabbing me with his hands, he ran them up my back to my neck and lifted my motionless head, and I was his love doll to be used in any way he deemed. He pulled my face towards his my blank dolly stare looking right through him and he kissed me as he grabbed my breast. Oh fuck me master was all I could think, fill my dolly holes.
And that’s just what he was going to do, fuck ever y one of my dolly holes, and I’d never felt more alive to be all dolled up and used.
He slid me down and straddled me; I felt his large penis touch my body through the outfit. Once again he grabbed my head and lifted it, except this time he wasn’t kissing me this time he was filling my mouth. I felt it slip in and instantly started sucking like good dolly should. In and out of my mouth, pleasure was building up that couldn’t released. I sucked as hard as I could to please my master. Faster and faster I felt his penis slide in and out of my mouth until he couldn’t hold back anymore and cummed into his dolly’s whole. He pulled out as he did and sprayed what seemed like gallons all over my dolly face. All I could think was I made master happy!! As he groaned in pleasure.
But he wasn’t done yet, master wanted to use dolly more. He flipped me over and pulled my dolly body towards the edge of the bed, my legs dangled motionless with me face down arms limp over my head. He grabbed my ass and the lifted my hips to his level. I lay ragged because dollies don’t move they lay ready and wanting to be used. And then he filled my second doll hole. He wasn’t gentle about it and I hurt very much. But at the same time it was very pleasurable. Faster and faster master pumped my ass until he couldn’t take it anymore. A second time he cummed into me all warm and sticky as it was I couldn’t help but be overcome with pleasure for pleasing master a second time. He left me there on the edge of the bed and got dressed and just like that he was gone. Dolly wanted to be used more and please master more kept running through my head. All while I was screaming to make it stop , but it was no use, the programming was done and I was trapped.
She walked back in after he left. Well, she said this is what you wanted to be all dolled up and used, literally I might say, as she laughed. Master wiped my ass down, I wanted her to use me but she didn’t. She then flipped me and cleaned my face and redid my makeup. Good dolly she said you made me quite a bit of money from him, but she added your day has just begun….what had I done to myself by listening to that hypnotic file, I couldn’t move I was alive I was a fuck doll to be used by whoever no matter how they wanted with nothing I could do to stop, I wanted this and I got what I wanted again and again…


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