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Butler to Boss

by jmaster12

Butler to Boss

George is bored. With his wife Linda out running errands and their employer, Christina Conrad, napping there is nothing for him to do. He and his wife are butler and maid/cook for the 36 year old widow. The jobs pay well but can be rather unexciting.

George decides to go exploring in the unused portion of the basement. The mansion has been in Mrs. Conrad’s family for generations, so he hopes to find something interesting down there.

After 20 minutes of poking around, George makes a discovery. He trips and falls against a table. This bumps the table against the wall and knocks loose a small section. Pulling this aside reveals a hidden compartment in the wall. Inside the compartment is a very ancient looking lock box.

George fetches Mrs. Conrad to show her the lock box.

“George, this better be important.”

“Yes ma’am. I think that you will find this worth disturbing your nap.”

“OK, so it is a moldy old box. What about it is so interesting about it?”

“It is an old strong box. There should be something valuable inside.”

“Oh, well then open it.”

“I’ll have to break the lock.”

“Fine, whatever.”

The rusted lock is easily snapped by George’s pocket knife. He pulls open the lid.

Mrs. Conrad gasps. “I recognize that gem, from my grandmother’s description. It has been in the family for generations but no one has seen it since my grandmother was a girl.”

She plucks it from the box and turns it over in her hands a few times. The gem is bigger than George’s thumbnail and has a light yellow color. She holds it up near her right eye.

“Hold up your lantern so I can see it better.”

“Yes ma’am.” George lifts his lantern and the light falls through the gem onto Mrs. Conrad’s face.

She stops moving with an almost inaudible sigh.

After a few seconds, George notices her immobility. “Um…Mrs. Conrad? Are you alright?”

She doesn’t take her eyes off of the gem. “Yes, I’m fine.”

He touches her with no response. He puts his hand on her shoulder and shakes her. She starts to tip over. He grabs her upper arm and pulls her back upright. At the same time, he drops the hand holding the lantern down to his side.

She blinks and reanimates. “What…where…um.” She notices the gem in her hand and gasps. “I recognize that gem, from my grandmother’s description. It has been in the family for generations but no one has seen it since my grandmother was a girl.”

George looks puzzled.

“Hold up your lantern so I can see it better.”

This time George isn’t surprised when she stops moving. He shakes her but is careful not to tip her over. He considers fondling her, but is unsure of what he can get away with.

“Christina, what are you doing?” He is supposed to call her Mrs. Conrad.

She calmly replies “Nothing”.

George is pleased that she didn’t chew him out for using her first name. He thinks briefly about a safe way to test her suggestibility. “Are you hungry?”


“Yes you are. You are hungry.”

“I’m hungry.”

“You will go get yourself a snack as soon as you leave this room.”

“But…my diet.”

“You will get a snack.”

“I will get a snack.”

“You want me to keep this gem for you. You will ask me politely to do so and be grateful when I agree.”

“I want you to keep the gem.”

He brings the lantern down so that its light no longer shines through the gem into her eyes.

She blinks a moment and then turns to him. “Will you please hold on to the gem for me? I would really appreciate it.”

He nods and she passes him the gem.

She frowns slightly. “For some reason, I am suddenly hungry. I need to go get a snack.”

George pockets the gem as she heads upstairs to the kitchen. He pokes around in the basement for a few more minutes before following her up to the kitchen.

She is just finishing a container of yogurt; while looking slightly guilty.

“Ma’am, I think you will be able to get a better look at the gem up here in the light.”

He holds up the gem and the sunlight streaming through the window shines through the gem into her face. Her eyes go blank and her posture relaxes.

“Can you hear me, Christina?”


“The next time I touch your shoulder; you will go to your bedroom and remove your blouse and bra.”

“Remove my blouse and bra.”

“Then you will forget about removing them and believe that you are still wearing them. You will not notice that you are topless.”

“Forget. Not notice.”

“You will then come find me and ask me to come help you move some furniture around in your bedroom.”

“Ask you to move furniture.”

He puts the gem away. While she is still blinking, he touches her shoulder. She hurries out of the room. George paces nervously as he waits to see if she will obey. He looks up expectantly when he hears her footsteps coming down the hall. Her bare breasts bounce slightly with each determined step until she arrives in front of him.

“George, I need you to come move some furniture in my bedroom. I want to swap the vanity and the chest of drawers.”

“Of course ma’am. Umm, is there something on your blouse?”

She glances down at her bare chest. “I don’t see anything.”

“Oh, it must have been a trick of the light. Sorry.”

“Well, come on. I don’t want this to take all day.”

“Yes ma’am.” George hides his annoyance at her preemptory tone as he follows her to the master bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, Mrs. Conrad starts pointing out where she wants things moved.

“I want the chest of drawers to go over here…”

George interrupts. “Please take a look at the gem again.” He holds it up near her face.

“Yes, I see it. Thank you again for keeping it safe for me. Now, I do want this furniture moved some time today.”

His eyes widen in surprise as she continues talking. He guiltily glances at her bare breasts; half expecting her to suddenly realize what is going on. The lamp on the bedside table behind her gives him an idea.

“Ma’am, what about this lamp?” He steps around her. “Do you want it moved?” The lamp clicks as he turns it on. He holds the gem up. When she turns to berate him, the light from the lamp falls through the gem into her eyes.

All of the animation leaves her face and the finger she was starting to point at him drops to her side. She is beautiful when the anger leaves her face.

George pauses to admire her figure. Her artificially blond hair falls to her shoulders and her brown eyes gaze placidly at the gem. He carefully keeps the gem in position while he grabs her right hand and pulls it up to shoulder level. When he lets go, her hand remains in place. This brings a smile to his face. He carefully positions her hand to hold the gem while keeping the light passing through it constantly in her eyes. Once she is holding the gem, keeping herself entranced, he lets his eyes and hands appreciate the breasts he has wanted for so long. They are soft and pliant in his hands and fill them nicely. After a few enjoyable moments, he leans down to lick a nipple. After a few more licks, it starts to crinkle and harden. He takes it in his mouth and starts sucking gently. Then he turns his attention, and mouth, to her other nipple. After another minute of playing, he reluctantly backs away from her.

“When I take the gem out of your hand, you will be finished needing my help. You will thank me for my help and refer to me as ‘Mr. Wilson’. In fact, you will politely refer to me as ‘Mr. Wilson’ or ‘Sir’ from now on.”

“I don’t…”

“You will. You will always call me ‘Mr. Wilson’ or ‘Sir’. It will seem perfectly normal and appropriate. Do you understand?

“Yes Mr. Wilson.”

“Good. After I leave the room, you will take a bath.” George doesn’t want Mrs. Conrad wandering around topless after his wife gets back home from her errands.

“Take a bath.”

“After the bath, you will take some nude pictures of yourself with your digital camera.”

“Not nude…”

“Yes, nude pictures. Then you will leave the camera on the coffee table in the living room and forget about the pictures.”

“Forget about the pictures.”

George takes the gem out of her hand and puts it back in his pocket.

After a few blinks, she looks over at him. “Thank you Mr. Wilson. I appreciate your help.” She looks puzzled for a moment and then glances around at the unmoved furniture. “I think everything is where I want it now. Please excuse me…” She hesitates a moment. “Sir.” She walks towards the bathroom.

George turns off the lamp and heads back to the servant’s quarters.

George’s wife Linda returns while Mrs. Conrad is bathing. George doesn’t say anything about his eventful afternoon.

Mrs. Conrad puts all of her clothes back on after her bath. A short while later, George and Linda serve her supper in the dining room.

“Um…Mr. Wilson,” she says hesitantly and then her usual confidence returns. “Hurry up. Even after my snack, I am hungry.”

“Of course ma’am. Right away.”

Mrs. Conrad calls George “Mr. Wilson” or “Sir” all through supper, with a brief hesitation each time. After she finishes eating and leaves the dining room, Linda pulls George aside.

“George, do you know why she was talking like that?”

“Like what?”

“You know. She kept calling you ‘Sir’ and such. She never does that. Did something happen this afternoon? Is something wrong with her?”

“I don’t know. Nothing unusual happened this afternoon. She probably thinks it is some sort of weird joke.”

Linda frowns but drops the subject.

George picks up the camera later that evening. He doesn’t want to be caught viewing the nude pictures on the computer, so he settles for the little screen on the camera. There are 3 pictures. One is a full body view, one from the waist up and one of just her face. In each, she is just standing with her hands at her sides.

She must have used the self timer to take these. He rolls his eyes. I guess I should have specified “sexy” nude pictures.

Later that evening, George waits outside Mrs. Conrad’s bedroom. When she arrives to go to bed, he holds the gem up to catch the light. Her frown fades away as she comes to a halt.

“Christina you are going to sleep in the nude tonight.”

“I never…”

“You will sleep in the nude.”


“You won’t be able to get comfortable tonight unless you are wearing nothing. You like to sleep in the nude.”

“ in the nude.”

“You will leave your bedroom door wide open when you go to bed.”

“Door wide open.”

“You will fall asleep quickly tonight. Once you are asleep, the only thing that will wake you up is your alarm. Nothing else, no matter what, will wake you up.”

“Nothing else wakes me up.”

George goes back to the servant’s quarters where he and Linda get ready for bed. After Linda is asleep, he sneaks back to the main part of the mansion with his high power flash light. He finds Mrs. Conrad’s bedroom door open. She is sleeping under a sheet. He can tell that she isn’t wearing much, but can’t tell for sure if she is completely nude.

He stands in the bedroom doorway and shines the flashlight directly into her face. If she wakes up, he will claim to be investigating a suspicious noise; at least until he can entrance her with the gem again.

She doesn’t move or even squint her eyes. George shuts off the flash light and turns on the room lights. He pauses for a moment, but there is still no reaction from Mrs. Conrad. Confident now, he strides into her bedroom and stops beside her bed.

“Mrs. Conrad?” He clears his throat and continues loudly. “Christina, wake up!”

She doesn’t react. Shaking her also produces no reaction.

Now, let’s see if she followed the rest of the instructions.

Pulling back the sheet reveals her completely nude form. Although he has never seen it on her head, her natural hair color is obviously brown. He sets the flashlight down and puts the gem back into his pocket.

Now it is time to enjoy the body he has desired for so long. He starts by running his hands over her softly curved belly and then down to her hips. Pulling his hands back up the sides of her hour glass figure brings him to the sides of her breasts. Next he slides his hands up onto her breasts and starts to squeeze and fondle to his heart’s content. After a few moments, her nipples start to react to his touch. George is a bit surprised by this, but decides to see how far he can take this.

He is now confident that she won’t wake up and spoil his fun. His left hand continues to tweak her nipples while his right hand glides down between her legs and starts caressing her inner thighs. After enjoying this a bit, he starts to feel her heat and smell her arousal. He starts to caress her neatly trimmed lower lips, including around her clit. His access is a bit blocked so he takes a moment to pull her thighs apart. By now, she is breathing faster and has a light sheen of sweat between her breasts in addition to the moisture between her lower lips. He slips a finger from his right hand inside her and starts slowly pumping in and out. After a final nipple squeeze, he brings his left hand down to rub her clit.

She moans and shifts her hips up against his hands but remains asleep. George inserts a second finger and starts to pump faster. She starts moving her hips in time with his thrusts and her hands grip the sheets. More moans emerge from her throat, gradually getting louder. When her face and chest begin flushing, he speeds up some more and intensifies his efforts on her clit. Soon, she peaks and throws her head back while moaning loudly. He can feel her internal muscles clamp down on his fingers as her hips jerk in response to waves of pleasure running through her.

Once she has calmed down, George considers what to do about his own arousal. The sweat between her breasts gives him an idea. He fetches a bottle of lotion from her bathroom and squirts some between her breasts. Then he removes his pants and underwear before climbing onto the bed. Straddling her chest, he spreads the lotion around on her breasts and then slides his erection between them. Both of his hands grasp her breasts and start to slide them up and down his shaft.

Ohhh, this feels really good, and I am getting to do this to my haughty boss.

As his pleasure builds, he grips her breasts harder and starts to move them faster. He soon reaches his climax. The sight of the first spurt of cum hitting her chin spikes his arousal up even more and he blasts her neck and face over and over. It takes him a few moments to catch his breath.

I hope the hand prints on her breasts fade by morning. I should hit her with the gem right after she gets up to be sure she doesn’t suspect anything happened during the night..

George cleans her up with a washcloth and pulls the sheet back over her. He makes sure her alarm is set before returning to his own room. He is able to get back into bed without waking Linda and he sleeps well.

The next morning, George gets up early and is dressed and ready before Mrs. Conrad’s alarm goes off. When it does go off, he is already back at her bedside with a standard flashlight and the gem. As soon as she opens her eyes, he shines the flashlight through the gem into her face.

“Turn off your alarm.”

“Yes Mr. Wilson.” Her hand limply hits the snooze button.

“When I take the gem away, you will fall back asleep until your alarm goes off again. You will forget that I was here.

“Back to sleep, forget…”

“When you wake up, you won’t notice any soreness or bruises. Everything will be just fine.”

“Just fine.”

“You will start referring to my wife as ‘Mrs. Wilson’.”


“Mrs. Wilson. From now on she is ‘Mrs. Wilson’.”

“Yes Sir, Mrs. Wilson.”

George decides to push a bit more. “You want me to call you ‘Chrissie’.”

“No, I hate that…”

“You don’t want me to call you ‘ma’am’ or ‘Mrs. Conrad’ anymore.”

“Not Mrs. Conrad.”

“You don’t want me to call you ‘Christina’.”

“Not Christina.”

“That only leaves ‘Chrissie’. You must want me to call you ‘Chrissie’.”


“That is the only choice left. You want me to call you ‘Chrissie’.”

“Only choice left.”

“Correct. So, what should I call you?”


“Very good. I am pleased with you and that makes you happy.”

“Makes me happy.” She smiles faintly.

George turns off the flashlight and puts the gem away. Chrissie drops back to sleep immediately. He quietly leaves and closes her bedroom door behind him. He has a chance to read the newspaper a bit before it is time to help Linda with breakfast. When it is ready, he goes into the dining room to announce this fact.


She flinches briefly and then smiles. “Yes…” twitch “…Mr. Wilson?”

“Are you ready for breakfast to be served?”

“Of course. Don’t make we wait forever.”

After she finishes, George and Linda have their own breakfast in the kitchen. Once everything is cleaned up, George looks for Chrissie. She is reading in the library. Her reading light makes an easy way for George to entrance her with the gem.

“Chrissie, you don’t want my wife to prepare your meals anymore.”

“I don’t?”

“You want to do your own cooking from now on.”

“But Mrs. Wilson is…”

“Mrs. Wilson is the maid. You are your own cook.”

“My own cook.”

“Chrissie, who will be preparing your meals from now on?”

“I will Sir.”

“Good. I am pleased.”

Chrissie smiles faintly.

“When I take the gem away, you will close your eyes and wait ten seconds before opening them. You will forget that I was here and think that you just blinked your eyes.”

“just blinked by eyes.”

George puts the gem away and hurries out of the room.

Shortly before lunch time, Chrissie interrupts Linda in the kitchen.

“Out of my way…” twitch “…Mrs. Wilson. I want to get started on my lunch.”

“But, I am already making…”

“Whatever. Just go away. I am hungry. You can finish making your own lunch after I am done.”

“Umm, OK ma’am.”

Linda backs slowly out of the kitchen. She hovers near the doorway waiting for her employer to change her mind. Chrissie makes herself a sandwich and carries it into the dining room to eat. She leaves her dirty dishes for Linda to clean up.

When George arrives, supposedly to serve lunch, Linda whispers to him about what is going on. He acts surprised.

“She made her own lunch, really?”

“George, this is just weird.”

“Don’t worry. It is probably something she read in one of those silly magazines she gets.”

“I don’t know. It just isn’t like her at all.”

“Well, she is the boss and it means less work for you.”

“Do you think she will want to make her own supper too?”

“Who knows? Just in case, don’t start making anything too fancy.”

“OK, but it is still weird.”

George wants to see how well the commands will stick, so he doesn’t use the gem again for a few days. Chrissie actually seems to adjust to the commands. After 2 days, she no longer hesitates or looks puzzled by her new behavior. Meanwhile, Linda gets more and more distressed.

On the third day, George catches Chrissie in the library again and uses the gem.

“You like preparing meals and want to do more of it.”

“want to do more.”

“You will start preparing meals for my wife and I.”

“But that’s…”

“You want to do it. Nothing else is important.”

“I want to prepare your meals.”

“You will serve the meals to us in the dining room.”

But I’m not…”

“The dining room is where people eat. It makes sense to serve us our meals in the dining room.”

“It makes sense.”

“Good girl.” She smiles faintly in her trance. “Who will be cooking all of the meals from now on?”

“I will Sir.”

“Where will my wife and I be eating out meals?”

“I will serve you your meals in the dining room.”

“Good girl. When I take the gem away, you will close your eyes for ten seconds and open them with no memory of me being here.”

“No memory.”

George leaves the library and finds Linda cleaning in the study.

“Linda, Chrissie just told me…”

“Why do you call her that?”

“It is what she told me she wants to be called. You have noticed that she never corrects me, right?”

“I guess.”

“Any way, she told me that she wants to start cooking our meals too.”

“What! George, that is too much. We need to take her to a doctor or something.”

“Calm down. She probably just decided that cooking is her new hobby and wants to practice on us.”

“Are you sure? I am worried about her.”

“Remember, rich people can be eccentric. She is the boss so we just have to go with the flow. As long as she pays us the same, does it matter who does the cooking?”

“I guess not.” She doesn’t look very mollified, however.

The next morning, Linda starts to gather the laundry and finds the gem in George’s clothes. She holds the gem up to the light to get a better look and goes into a trance. George realizes something is amiss when Linda doesn’t come down for breakfast on time. He leaves the dining room and heads over to the servant’s quarters, leaving an annoyed Chrissie waiting in the kitchen. He finds Linda entranced by the gem. He starts to put the gem away, but then decides to make Linda accept the new Chrissie.

“You don’t mind Chrissie preparing and serving our meals.”

“But that is so….”

“It is fine with you. You won’t worry.”

“I won’t worry.”

“You enjoy having her cooking for us.”

“I enjoy it.”

“You won’t worry about Chrissie doing anything unusual. You will just accept it.”

“Won’t worry, just accept.”

George takes the gem out of Linda’s hand. She blinks and reanimates.

“Are you OK Linda? You look a little spaced out there and you are late for breakfast.”

“Oh, sorry. I must be tired.”

George and Linda arrive in the dining room to find Chrissie with the food laid out for all three of them.

“Mrs. Wilson, being late for a meal is unacceptable. I put in all of this work to cook you a nice breakfast and you dilly dally around until it is going cold.”

“I am sorry Chrissie. I won’t let it happen again.”

“See that you don’t Mrs. Wilson.”

The next morning, George catches Chrissie just as she comes out of her room. He uses the gem to catch the hallway light and direct it into her eyes. Her posture relaxes.

“You want the house to be kept clean.”

“Want the house clean.”

“The best way to get something done right is to do it yourself.”


“Yes, you want to clean the house yourself to be sure it is done right.”

“But Mrs. Wilson…”

“The only way to have the house cleaned the way you want is to do it yourself.”

“Only way.”

“Good girl. Now who will be cleaning the entire house from now on?”

“I will Sir.”

“You don’t want to get your nice clothes dirty while cleaning so you will borrow clothes from my wife to clean in.”

“Borrow cleaning clothes.”

“It is only fair to let my wife borrow some of your nice clothes in exchange.”

“Only fair.”

Linda’s new attitude allows her to take Chrissie doing all of the cleaning in stride and Linda enjoys the extra free time.

For the first two to three days, Chrissie grumbles and complains while doing her chores. George and Linda leave her alone as much as possible so she has no one to complain to. By the fourth day, Chrissie has adjusted to her new duties and seems, if not happy, at least accepting. George decides to modify her some more and interrupts her scrubbing a bathroom floor.

“Chrissie, look at this.”

“Wha…” Her face and mind go blank.

“When you are cooking and cleaning and serving meals, you are acting like a maid.”

“Like a maid.”

“You are cooking out meals and cleaning our rooms, so whose maid are you.”

“Your maid?”

“That is right. You are kneeling at my feet, wearing a maid’s clothes and doing a maid’s work. You are our maid.”

“I am your maid.”

“Since you are our maid, you must act like our maid. Always be respectful to me and my wife.”

“Respectful to you Sir.”

“One way to show your respect is curtseying to me or my wife.”

“Curtseying to you.”

“Since you are our maid, you must always dress like a proper maid”

“Proper maid Sir.”

“Since you always dress like a proper maid, you don’t need any other clothes. My wife can have any clothes that a maid wouldn’t wear.”

“Mrs. Wilson can have my clothes.”

“Since you are our maid, you will move into the servant’s quarters. My wife and I will start sleeping in the master bedroom.”

“Move to the servant’s quarters.”

George puts the gem away. Chrissie blinks at the light for a moment.

“Chrissie, get back to work. You can’t be daydreaming when there is work for you to do.”

“I’m so sorry Sir. I will get back to work right away. I’ll work extra hard to make up for it, I promise.”

“Ok then.” He pats the top of her head. She frowns for a moment and opens her mouth but then closes it and goes back to scrubbing the floor. George watches her for a moment and then leaves.

Late the next morning, their routine is interrupted by the front door opening and slamming shut.

“Mother! Where are you?”

Chrissie leaves the partially prepared lunch in the kitchen and hurries to the front hallway.

“Johanna, what are you doing home? I thought your classes ended next week.”

“Mom.” Exasperated sigh. “Of course my classes end next…My God! Mother, what are you wearing?”

“Oh, just something for cooking. I don’t want to get any nice clothes dirty.”

Johanna rolls her eyes. “Whatever Mother. I need one of your cars.”

“What do you mean; you need one of my cars? You have a car.”

“Well, there is a problem with it…”

“What? Did it break down?”

“Well, not exactly. It got a bit banged up.”


“I wasn’t my fault, exactly. There was this tree…and then…well, they said it is fixable.”

“Never mind. Which car do you want?”

“The red one.”

“But that is what I usually drive.”

“Please Mother. I have to have some way to get back to the dorms. I don’t want to take another 2 hour taxi ride. Besides, the whole college goes on break next week and I will be back home with your car.”

“Speaking of which, are your grades going to be any better this semester?”

“Ummm…I am not failing as many classes.”

“Am I going to have to make another donation to the school to keep you enrolled?”

“Well, like I said; I am failing fewer classes so you probably won’t have to donate as much this time.”

Sigh. “Whatever. How long are you staying?”

“Actually, there is some important stuff going on tonight that I don’t want to miss.”

“Do you mean a party?”

“Well, yeah. But it is an important one.”

“Fine. Are you staying for lunch?”

“Sure, do you know what Linda is making?”

“Actually, I am making lunch.”

“What, did you lose a bet or something?”

“No, I just like doing it.”

“You must be getting senile, Mother. Anyway, I’ll be in my room.”

Johanna always speaks in an annoying loud voice, so George and Linda easily heard her half of the conversation. George knows that he needs to do something with Johanna before she sees her Mom acting as the maid servant during lunch. He decides to see how drastic a change he can make at one time. Johanna is very pretty, but she is also an obnoxious brat with poor academic potential. George figures that accidentally melting her brain will be no big loss.

Knock knock. “Miss Conrad? I need to see you for a moment.”

“This better be important.”

George mutters, “I think you will find it life changing.”

She opens her door. “What?”

“Look at this gem.”

With a small sigh, her belligerent posture relaxes.

“Johanna, you must listen to me carefully.”

“I will listen carefully.”

“Good. Your mother does NOT own this house.”

“What? She…”

“I own this house.”

“But Mom…”

“I own this house and everything in it. I have always have owned it.”

“You own?”

“Yes, I own everything here.”

“Everything here is yours.”

“You mother is my servant.”

“She isn’t…”

“She has been my servant since before you were born.”

“Servant?” She twitches.

“You and your mother have always lived here in the servant’s quarters.”

“My Mom is your servant.”

“You have never been rich.”

“But I have…” A faint frown appears on her face.

“You have never owned expensive clothes. You have never attended exclusive private schools.”

“Never?” The frown fades back into a blank look.

“Never. You have never been rich.”

“I have never been rich.” A single tear runs down her face.

“The only time you have ever left this house has been to help your mother run errands for me.”

“I only leave to run errands.”

“As a teenager, you developed a huge crush on me.”

“I didn’t…” An attempt to turn her head away fails before it has really started.

“Yes, you did. Your feelings have gotten stronger with time.”


“Now, you love and adore me with all of your heart. You have no interest in any other men.”

“I love and desire only you.” Her shoulders slump slightly.

“You want to be my maid.”

Twitch. “I don’t want…”

“You want to serve me.”

“I do?”

“Your only goal is life is to stay in this house and serve me.”

“I want to serve you.”

“You feel pleasure when I am pleased with you. You feel despair when I am not pleased with you.

“I live to serve you.” Her pupils have gotten huge as she stares at the light coming through the gem.

“You always believe what I tell you. You always follow my instructions.”

“I always believe and obey you.”

“I own everything in this house. You have been in this house your whole life. That means I own you.”

“You can’t own…” She shivers briefly.

“You are my property, like a shoe or a book. I have the right to do anything I want with you.”

“I’m property that you own.” A bit of drool runs down her chin.

“You will eagerly do anything I want. Do you understand?”

“I understand, Master. I am your obedient slave.” Her pupils are so huge that no color is visible in her eyes.

“When I put the gem away, you will go lie down on your bed and fall asleep. You will sleep half an hour. You will then change into your maid uniform and begin your duties as my maid and slave. Do you understand?”

“I understand, Master...” George pulls the gem out of sight before she can say any more.

Johanna walks calmly to her bed and then instantly collapses into sleep.

George takes Chrissie away from preparing lunch and shows her the gem.

“You really enjoy serving me and Linda. It is much less stressful for you to just do your chores and follow our instructions. You must convince me to take over running everything so that you can spend all of your time serving. When I agree, you will give me full power of attorney as soon as you can arrange it.”

George puts the gem away and waits for Chrissie to finish coming out of the trance. After a few blinks, she starts to look into his eyes. A moment later, she submissively drops her gaze.

“Sir, may I please ask you to do something for me?”

“What is it Chrissie?”

“You know that I have started serving your meals and working around the house more. I really like doing that and I want to do it all of the time. Would you and your wife please let me be your full time servant?”

She glances up for a second and sees a neutral expression before dropping her gaze even lower.

“Please sir, I will work very hard. I will do any chores that you want done. I will be available 24 hours a day to do anything you need.”

She glances up again and still sees a neutral expression on George’s face. She drops her gaze and sinks to her knees.

“Please sir, I beg you. I will sign over everything I own to you. I really, really want to be your servant. You don’t have to pay me if you don’t want to. I can just eat any leftovers that you two don’t eat and wear whatever clothes Mrs. Wilson doesn’t want anymore. I will sleep wherever you want me to sleep, even in a closet. Please just let me stay here and serve you forever.”

“Well Chrissie that should work out. I will take over everything so that you can serve us full time. First, I need to clear up some misconceptions you have. Look here at this gem.” Chrissie’s face jerks up with a tentative smile and then goes slack.

“You have just agreed to turn everything you own over to me and then serve me without pay for the rest of your life, correct?”

Her head nods slightly. “Yes, everything, forever.”

“Someone who serves forever without pay is a slave. Now, tell me what you have just become.”

“Your slave.”

“How long will you be my slave?”


“A slave must always obey her master. You must always obey me no matter what you think of my orders.”

“Must obey.”

“A slave is property. Since I own you, I have to right to do anything I want with you.”

“Yes sir, I am your property.”

“Very good.” He puts the gem away again.

Chrissie stays on her knees and bows her head down. “Thank you so much, sir.”

“Call me ‘Master’ from now on.”

“Of course, Master.”

“Go get two of your maid uniforms. Cut off the hem lines to make each one a very short mini-dress. Cut off the sleeves and the top 4 buttons from each dress. Then change into one of the dresses. It will be your new maid uniform until we can get you a better one.” Chrissie wasn’t expecting this, but knows that she must obey.

“Johanna is napping on her bed. Take the other dress and leave it next to her so that she can change into it when she wakes up. She was your daughter, but you gave me everything of yours. So, she is now also my slave and must obey me.”

Chrissie looks worried. “But, master, won’t she...?”

“Don’t worry about it. All you have to do is obey me. I will take care of everything else. You have no stress and no worries, just obedience.”

Chrissie relaxes. “Yes Master. Thank you Master.” She hurries off to the servant’s quarters to find some dresses.

When lunch is ready, Chrissie calls George and Linda into the dining room.

“George, can you believe what Chrissie is wearing now? She must be trying for a ‘sexy French maid’ type look.” Linda shakes her head. “The woman keeps getting stranger and stranger, but I guess all that we can do is put up with her the best we can.”

“I agree, just put up with her strangeness as best we can. By the way, have you seen Johanna yet?”

“No. I heard her of course, but she must have gone straight to her room.”

Johanna enters from the kitchen carrying some food. Like her Mother, she is wearing a maid dress cut off just above mid-thigh. Several missing buttons expose a lot of her chest and bra. George tries to hide his smirk while Linda’s jaw drops.

“What the hell is going on? Johanna, what are you doing?”

“Serving you lunch ma’am,” she answers with a puzzled frown.

Linda is speechless. George decides it is time to intervene.

“Chrissie, Johanna go into the kitchen until we call for you. Linda, I have figured out why they are acting so strangely.”

“Oh thank God! What is the matter with them?”

“Look at this gem and I will explain.”

Linda unsuspectingly looks at the gem and her face goes blank.

“Chrissie is our servant and now Johanna is too.”

“Johanna is out servant too.”

“I am in charge of the household and all of Chrissie’s assets.”

“You are what?”

“Chrissie gave me everything.”

“Gave you everything?”

“Yes, everything in the house is mine, including Chrissie and Johanna.”

“Everything is yours.”

“You are happy with this arrangement and don’t care how it happened.”

“I am happy.”

“It is normal for the master of the house to use his servants for sex.”

“It isn’t…”

“You don’t mind me having sex with Chrissie and Johanna.”

“I don’t?”

“That’s right, you don’t. You are not jealous.”

“I am not jealous.”

“I can do anything I want with Chrissie or Johanna, anytime, anywhere.”

“Anytime, anywhere.”

George puts the gem away.

“George, what were we just talking about?”

“Don’t worry, it was nothing.”

“Oh, OK.” She turns towards the kitchen. “Chrissie, Johanna! Bring our lunch now.”

When Johanna sets George’s plate down, he grabs her wrist. “Chrissie, keep serving lunch. Don’t worry about what I am doing with your daughter.”

Chrissie nods and heads back into the kitchen.

George bends Johanna backwards. Soon, she is lying on her back on the dining room table with her legs hanging off. He unbuttons the front of her dress some more and pulls it open to reveal her black lacy bra. After caressing her breasts through the bra for a moment, he opens the front clasp to reveal her lovely breasts. They have a smooth, dark tan with no tan lines.

George runs his hands over her chest for a moment before turning his attention back to her breasts. Johanna gasps and thrusts her chest up towards his hands when he touches her bare breasts. Her nipples quickly respond to his gentle squeezing and pinching.

“Oh Master, that feels so good.”

He runs his hands down her sides and over the curves of her hips. Then he caresses her flat belly. She has a blue gem in her belly button piercing. Johanna pushes herself up onto her elbows so she can see what he is doing. Then she sits up slightly and pulls her dress and bra off of her shoulders. This leaves her nude from the waist up. George tugs on the hem of her dress and she obligingly lifts her hips so the he can pull the dress down off of her. Her black lace panties come into view.

“Please Master, more. Use your slave more.”

George licks the outside of her panties and receives a brief shudder from Johanna’s hips. His hands slowly peel her panties off of her sex. She is mostly shaved with just a “landing strip” pointing the way to her clit. She lifts her hips again as he quickly pulls her panties the rest of the way off.

After taking a moment to inhale her aroused aroma, he licks up her slit and across her clit. Then he begins lapping across her lower lips and around her clit.

Johanna gasps and then coos, “No one has ever done that to me before. It feels wonderful.”

George continues to lick as he reaches down to unfasten his pants.

He lifts his face for a moment. “Linda, could you help me here.”

“Of course dear.”

She kneels down beside him and begins untying his shoes. After pulling off his shoes and socks, she efficiently removes his pants and boxers.

“There you go dear.” She pats the back of his thigh.

Once Linda is back in her seat George hooks a foot around the leg of his chair and pulls it up behind him. As he sits down, he pulls Johanna’s hips with him. After taking a moment to line her up, he settles her down onto his erection.

“Oh God, Master. I feel so full.”

She can barely touch the floor but her strong legs are still able to push her body up and down on his shaft. She undulates her hips back and forth to add more stimulation for them both. George goes back to playing with her breasts. He sucks and licks her nipples as she bounces herself up and down. Johanna soon begins gasping with each thrust of her hips and lets her head fall all the way back. She would be looking at the ceiling if her eyes were open.

George keeps his hands on Johanna’s hips to help guide her movements. As his climax approaches, he makes her move faster. Shortly before he cums, she moans and grabs his shoulders tightly. She leans back as spasms of pleasure shoot through her body and mind. Watching and feeling her cum pushes him over the edge into his own orgasm.

After a few moments of ecstasy, Johanna collapses against his chest. George lets her rest there while he catches his breath.

“Slave, it is time for you to clean me up.” She starts reaching around for his napkin. “No, get on your knees and use your mouth.”

She looks up at him, surprised for a moment. Then she nods slowly. “Yes Master. Right away.”

Johanna slithers to the floor between his knees. She grimaces for a moment and then starts daintily licking and sucking everything clean. Once finished, she helps him redress.

She pulls on her panties and then reaches for her bra.

“No slave. Don’t put on any more clothes. Go ahead and help Chrissie serve lunch just as you are.”

She smiles brightly. “Of course Master.”


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