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Shower Inflation Fun

by flurrybun

Chapter 1

“Ahhh... man what a crazy day” 

With a turn of the knob, the exhausted bunny slowly made  his way into the bathroom. His footsteps were heavy with the  weight of his workday. That and the fact that his oversized rabbit paws made wearing shoes a total hassle. He had become  accustomed to his massive endowments over the years but  having to walk everywhere “bare paw” makes them a bit more  sore than most over the course of the day. 

Flurry looked at himself in the mirror after swallowing and  smiled. “I can’t believe we got all of the stuff into the new place in one day. Moving is always so tiring”. He sat the pill bottle in his hand down on the countertop. He was done working for the day and wanted to have a bit of an exciting evening. On the side of the bottle was a small label for the new genetics company “Gro-Tek”. Their specialty was spicing up the love life of couples in peculiar ways. 

Gently reaching at the bottom of his dust covered shirt, he  pulls up to expose his snow white underbelly. He lets out a  satisfied sigh but it is cut short as the shirt reaches his head. He wants out, but his long rabbit ears have other plans. “Dang...  ears... ahh... come on!” 


With one final pull and a satisfied “HA” the shirt loses the  fight and he looks back in the mirror. Giving his tummy a quick  rub he takes in his furry form with a smile. Flurry had been the name given to him by his parents. He had a slender form with slightly with toned arms. His most striking feature would

be his snow white fur that covered his body from head to toe along with a small star shaped patch of fur under his left eye. He had always really liked the way he looked, he thought it was super unique and “Chill”. 

Looking down, however, he spots a pair of striking features  that he used to dislike with a passion. His paws. His massive feet paws, easily double or triple the size of a normal buns, always drew attention. They used to be a source of frustration, always bumping into things with those comically sized feet of his. As luck would have it though, they would become the catalyst of some of his deepest fantasies.  

Being the curious bunny that he was, he wanted to find out if anyone else was blessed with massive paws like his. What he  found would blow his mind. Throughout the world, there were  tons of furries with massive endowments! Breasts, Paws,  Members, Bellies... Everything! They were labeled “Hypers”, and  he loved everything about it! In his small town, they were super rare but with the construction of the new Gro-Tek building, they started showing up locally more and more. But there was one facet of growth that he liked more than any other... Inflation. The  feeling of blowing up, filling more and more... the sloshing of  water in his growing bloated belly got him off more than anything else in the world. 

As those thoughts of growth and bloating started to crowd his mind, he felt a part of himself start to grow as well. He fumbled with his belt as a sizable bulge started to show through his shorts. “Ha... with foot paws like mine, you would think I would be a bit bigger in that department, ah well. At least I have these!” 

Dropping to the floor with a light *POMF*, he struggles to pull his shorts and briefs off over his massive feet!  “AHH... COLD” he shudders as his bare bottom touches the tile floor. That discomfort is short-lived as he finally gets his paws free! He grasps them in his hands, cooing softly as he massages them. His love for hyper bodies and the attention that he has given them over the years have made his paws quite sensitive causing a deep blush to overtake his show white cheeks. 

“Goodness they feel so good… I could sit here forever... but I have other plans for tonight,” he says with a devilish grin as he looks over at his new destination, The Shower.  

The pill that he had taken was one of Gro-Tek’s best sellers. It caused the user to, for lack of a better term, “Take bigger things”. Usually it was meant for smaller furs to be intimate with their hyper partners, but some had found some extra ways to have some fun with the drugs properties. Flurry was looking forward to his first time as a Gro-Tek user. He had filled his belly a few times before but this was going to be so much more intense.

Pulling himself away, he slowly rises with the help of the  countertop, locks the bathroom door and walks over to the curtain. Pulling it open, He smiles. “I forgot just how nice this bathroom was. The pictures on the website definitely don’t do it justice.” The shower was nothing short of gigantic, like something that you would see in a movie mansion. He would be lying if he said that the size of the shower didn’t influence his decision to buy the house just a little bit. He knew what he wanted and what he would end up using it for.

The shower was deep and wide with multiple sprayers and  nozzles lining the whole thing. It was like a mini locker room just for him. Beautifully crafted tile lined the floor and the whole thing was lighted, but only one part of it mattered to him at this moment. 

In the centermost part of the room was a high output waterfall shower head fitted with a separate long hose used for hand-held washing. That was his target, that was his tool that was going to make his whole night wonderful! 

Flurry, with his member gently in his right paw, turned on the water with his left. His floppy ears lowered as he moved under  the refreshing stream, the separate hose spraying at his oversized foot paws. Running his paws up and down his body he sighed and relaxed after a hard day's work. After a few moments, a twitch of the member in his hand reminded him of his less wholesome intentions. 

With a single swift movement downward, he scooped up the  hose sprayer, turned off the overhead and with a few quick turns, the attachment was free. A stream of water flowed out of the hose at a steady pace but could still be turned up much higher. He didn’t want to rush things, plus he needed a bit of time before his secret weapon kicked in. 

With a bit of a nervous shuffle, he spread his legs. Perched  on his huge paws his toes spread in excitement as he gently exposed his backside. Slowly he raised the hose to his tailhole,  feeling the warm stream of water against his eager pucker. With a rising excitement and even quicker rising member, he pressed.  

He pushed the end of the hose firmly against his hole, water spraying from all sides of the opening trying to find the easiest exit. Soon, he could feel it. Small spurts entering him, the warm water shooting inside. Less and less he could hear the water splattering on the floor beneath him then suddenly with one last push... Silence. 

“The hose was in... it... it was in... inside of me” Flurry thought  to himself as he let go of the hose causing a small tug against his hole. It never got old, in fact, it was better than the last time he filled up. The Gro-Tek pill must have been slowly affecting him. Lowering his ears and tilting his head back, he savored 

the first sensations of the water flowing inside his innermost  depths. A gentle warmth and slight pressure radiated out from his core as he instinctively reached for his member, feeling it pulse in time with his heartbeat. 

After a few moments of bliss, he could start to feel the pressure begin to mount in his lower belly. With a moan, he started to stroke his member. It felt so good. There was just something about the thought of filling up that made him harder than anything else (Except for fun with Aquamarine, But that is a story for another time).


The pressure continued to become more and more intense until, with a pulse of pleasure from his member, he felt the pressure dissipate as his lower intestine opened up to the flow. With a slight sharp inhale, he brought his free paw to his snow white belly as he felt it really start to bloat, developing a bit of a rounder shape. 

“~Ahh... that first shift of pressure is always so weird when it moves up into me like that... but now I’m really starting to grow~”

 Cheekily, he turns up the flow of water. Slowly but surely his belly that started completely flat is now starting to push out like that of a pregnant woman in her second trimester. Picking up the pace, his strokes leave him panting as the pressure in his belly starts to build higher and higher. 

“~M... Moooore... B... Bigger...~” slurs out of his maw as his

paw leaves his member to join his other one in rubbing his  bloated midsection. He looks down, unable to see his rock hard  member or his giant feet paws beneath the now massive expanse that is his belly. He swears he can feel stretch marks forming under his fur as he comes closer and closer to his limit.

“~Ahh… that pill should be starting to kick in by now right?~” He said with a slight panic as he felt more and more of the water reach deeper than he had gone before. Regardless of the stretch, he was determined to make it all the way, to grow bigger than he ever had before. He was bloat drunk and wanted more. 

“~Ohhh... Ohhhhhh... OHHHH~” He blurts out through  shortened breaths as he reaches down and around his belly for  his member. Groans, moans, and gurgles are the only sounds coming from the shower now as the bloated bunny hastily strokes at his member in desperation. He wanted to cum so bad, and he was building to the point of no return. Suddenly, he felt something he had never had before. An intense warm tingling started to spread over his belly and then soon his entire body. That was it, the pill was activating… and he loved it. He could feel that his belly was more “elastic” than before and he was ready to test what he was capable of.

Flurry placed his paw on the shower handle. Even though he was on the edge, he had a moment of hesitation. The shower had a high output setting used for the overhead waterfall head. It had a switch to reroute the water to the hose for cleaning purposes… and it was inside him. With a lust filled gaze and a goofy smile on his face, he hit the switch, and he was in heaven.

With a loud “GLLLLLLOOOORCH” the flow in his belly instantly increased ten-fold. You could practically see the waterstream pushing out from inside of his belly. His paws flew to his belly, feeling it spread out underneath his digits as he yelped out in pleasure. His belly quickly reached the size of a yoga ball. Flurry did all he could to hold up his now massive belly, massaging and rubbing it as much as his paws would allow, reveling in the sensations. Suddenly, he let go… his belly dropped heavily and slumped down over his throbbing member. That was all he needed to push himself over the edge.  


“~I’M CUMMING!!!~” 


One of the bunny’s clumsy paws slid out from under him on  the slick tile floor. With an orgasmic yelp, the bloated bun fell  straight forward onto his massive belly. As it hit the cold tile floor, It was akin to a water balloon being dropped in slow motion. The sudden stretch as his belly flattened out underneath him was overwhelming. A high pressure spray of water shoots from his hole and hits the far side wall of the shower. The hose, now free, sprays wildly until it gets caught on another faucet. Violent Ripples are visible on the surface of his massive furry belly as the water sloshes and settles inside of him. After a few heavenly moments of orgasmic bliss, he finally lets out a satisfied sigh.

“~Haaa... Aaaaa... that was AWWWwwwwesome...~” He gurgles in a post orgasmic haze. “~I’m so glad... those... Gro-Tek pills kicked in when they did... perfect timing...~”

He took a few moments rocking back and forth on his overfilled belly, his huge foot paws barely touching the floor for support. There was no way he was going to be able to lift himself… Gallons of water sloshed within his frame making him shudder occasionally with aftershocks of pleasure. Truthfully… he didn’t want to. He wanted to stay a bloated bunny balloon for as long as he could. Luckily, the night was young, the shower water was still warm and the pills had a full night before they would start to wear off. He didn’t have to finish up anytime soon


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