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by batui4


London is a nice city to live in especially if you are a student who is going to the university and is a party goer
This is nothing new and everyone knows this. So do all the landlords.
With their insane prices there are asking for a room it is sometimes hard for student to keep their chin above water especially if their parents aren’t from Knightsbridge for example.

But like always there are some exceptions.
Outside the city centre just a few miles north from Westminster where actually several house that where, let’s say, ‘’out of the ordinary.’’
Why? Well by the testimonies of some of the so called victims it is hard to believe but true.

One of the girls who testified was one story hard to forget;
For all girls, who lived all their life amongst farmers, going to a university was one of their dreams. So was for the young Jennifer. She was a talented girl with promising bright future.
Top of her class and with several talent prices to her name she made already to become the local ‘’celebrity.’’

Not only for her intelligence she had been recognised but also for her looks.
All the boys in her class would only dream to have the privilege to shack this beauty.
With her 1,60 meters she was hard to notice, but the rest?
Let’s say you need two hands to show to a stranger how big her breasts are and that goes as well for her ass. Only the true talented would spot that she had a nice size 36 with that on top a nice and firm 75DD cup.
By the time she would be 40 she wouldn’t be so proud to have them but he at least she now got all the attention!
And for the final blow she was light skinned with bright blue eyes and long dark hair.

But we shall go back to our story.
Jennifer was sitting in the train that would soon drop her of at King’s Cross.
This was for the farm girl a true culture shock since she only saw this many people together at a local concert.
Finally she found her way to the tubes and soon she was waiting for her train to bring her to the final destination of her long trip.

When she arrived at her station a girl was holding a sign saying;’ Cockfosters Circus.’
That was probably for her she thought since it was the name of the house she was going to stay in.
She always thought why it had this name, but she was soon going to find out.
When she walked to the house the girl, named Lucy, tolled her all about how great
the city was and how better it was here then in the northern part of the country.
Which she actually also came from so the first stories about home were inevitable.

That evening there was a so called ‘’house-warming’’ party for the newcomers.
Jennifer wasn’t the only one who was new. 4 girls were also new.

Like in other houses it’s quite normal to have a hazing.
But this was before all the fuzz came out about how cruel a hazing could be, like this one….
The party was warming up and the house was packed with people.
For Jennifer this was a new experience, but the real experience for this virgin would soon come.

At one moment all the lights went out and the music stopped. At a sudden a spotlight went on and a guy was standing on a little stage.
‘’Would all the newcomers please come forward, thank.’’
Arrived on top of the stage and now also standing in the middle of all the attention Jennifer saw the other 4 girls coming also.
The first girl came; Neela was Indian and had like Jennifer also a nice rack.
Then the 3 others came just plain-English-girls who had also a nice figure according to the views they were getting.

The guy, Rick, spoke again; All right now everyone is here we have a little surprise for you we hope you will enjoy. At least I’m sure we will, wouldn’t we guys?
The whole room went into a cheer and with that a machine came in.
Jennifer didn’t know what it was and so did the other 4…
It rolled up the stage and it had one big barrel 2 meters above the ground apparently filled with some fluid. Also there were 5 tubes coming out of it.
Some know these as a snorkel.
‘’All right ladies this will be a contest the last one who drops out wins as simple as it is.’’
I explain later what you have won, but first start boozing!
When all the girls, including Jennifer, took a snorkel a countdown had started..
3….2…1…. START!!

And there they all went. Jennifer already had some drinks, but as a competitive person she wanted to win.
At first is tasted a bit weird but after a few seconds she couldn’t get enough of it. She was sucking like there was no tomorrow.
Apparently all the other girls enjoyed it and where also emptying the barrel.

At a sudden Jennifer felled weird her head started to twist and she couldn’t think straight.
Her legs were shaken and she got the urge to rub her crotch.
It got even worse how more she was sucking the more the urge came.
‘’Damn I’m trying to win a contest can’t this go away?’’ she thought.
All the other girls were feeling the same and the neither stopped sucking.

To get things even worse her pussy was getting soaking wet.
She had a skirt on with a string and she got so hot that her vaginal fluids were gliding down her legs. And like that wasn’t enough her breast swell up and her nipples went rock hard.

‘’It is time for some cooling of girls!’’ a guy in the crowd said
A lever went down and above each girl a barrel poured 20 litre of water.
All girls were now soaking wet. And that was not only by the water that just made them even hotter then they were.

Jennifer was now screaming for desire. Since she was a virgin she didn’t knew what this feeling was, but she enjoyed the feeling and wouldn’t that it stopped.
The guys, mostly, were cheering for the girls since they were doing a hell of a sucking and also they were soaking wet and you could she wright through their clothes.
But the girls didn’t care they didn’t even noticed that all the men were checking them out.
The barrel was almost empty when one of the girls stopped.
‘’ Emma, sorry to say but you are the first drop-off’’ Rick said.
I….don’t f-f-f-f-f-f-eel so good and she dropped to the ground and starting to rub her pussy.
‘’Please make it stop!!!’’ she screamed.
Jennifer saw this and walked towards Emma.
‘’Well we have another looser, Jennifer nice try but your friend will be ok in a few minutes.’’
What an asshole she thought does no one ever care how she is feeling.
Emma was still rubbing her pussy and was murmuring something Jennifer couldn’t hear.
After a short while the Indian girl, Neela, also fell to her knees and started to rub her pussy.
At the same time another girl fell on her knees.
They both were now rubbing their pussies.
‘’What the hell is wrong with them’’ Jennifer shouted.
Everyone started laughing. Jennifer realised then that she also dropped on her knees and her hand was in her skirt worshipping her pussy.

‘’ We have a winner!’’ Rick said. Everyone cheered for Fiona, the winner of course.
Fiona also wasn’t feeling well and her legs were trembling like there was an earthquake.
‘’W-w-w-w-w-w-hat’s m-m-y p-p-rice’’ she asked.
Well I will tell you let the wheel of fortune roll in!
A giant wheel came rolling in. On it were some odd signs and words.

‘’Your price is that you may spin the wheel and decide which of the girls get it!’’ Rick said.
Fiona spinned the wheel and the wheel started to move.
It finally stopped at; ‘’ Blow a candle!’’
Everyone in the room gave a cheer.
‘’Well Fiona which of these lucky girls gets this price’’
Without thinking she pointed towards Emma.
Emma was surprised but now amused what she had won.
8 boys came on stage and lowered their pants.
‘’ Emma here is your price, enjoy!’’
Jennifer couldn’t believer her eyes. Emma took of her shirt and got on her knees and the boys made a circle around Emma. Emma quickly took a cock in her mouth one in each hand and starting sucking and pulling the cocks in her hand.
One guy took of her bra and her nice c-cup came out. Emma didn’t care and gave the guy a wink. One guy put her breasts together and another one was titty fucking her.
Around her the rest of the guys were masturbating on the scene.
Emma loved the attention and switched from cocks. Everyone was cheering and some even took pictures of the scene.
Emma just got hornier of all the attention. A guy walked towards a table and took something Jennifer couldn’t see what it was. The guy quickly walked back to Emma.
He kneeled by her and put two vibrators inside her one in each hole.
It seemed that these were controllable by a device, because the guy was holding a remote in his hands and smiled from ear to ear.
Emma stopped sucking and was feeling what was now inside her.
‘’Oh yes!!’’ she screamed!
‘’ Don’t make it stop I beg you, don’t stop please’’; she desperately cried.
She then returned giving blowjobs.
The guys who were wanking now stood for Emma and ejaculated their load on the blonde girls face. The guy who was fucking her tits came also and she got shot up from all sides.
She now was completely covered in cum.

‘’ Well, well seems we have a new talented girl in our middle’’ Rick said.
‘’Fiona go help clean your friend and share it with her!’’
Fiona walked towards Emma with her tongue wetting her lips.
She licked Emma and drank all the sperm of the girls face.
‘'Fiona that isn’t nice share it with her! ´´ Rick said again.
Fiona French kissed Emma and when they were done they swallowed the sperm and a cheer from the crowd came.
Emma still had the two vibrators in her cunt and ass.
Fiona pulled the one that was in her ass out and sucked it.
´´ Omg! You taste wonderful! ´´ she said.

Jennifer still didn’t believe what see just saw, but she was so turned that she couldn’t resist the temptation to rub her pussy under her skirt.
´´ No, no your turn will come´´ Rick said and pulled the hand of Jennifer out of her skirt.
´´ w-w-w-w-what’s wrong w-w-w-with me?’’ she said.
‘’ Well it doesn’t matter if I tell you or not but short said you no longer have boundaries and everything people bring up you will do and the best part you are going to enjoy it as well.’’
‘’ but h-h-h-ow can it be?’’. Jennifer asked again reaching for her skirt but Rick pulled her hand of.
‘’ Well you just drank several litres of our home-made boos!’’
Jennifer was now shocked and her head started spinning and she felled to the ground and passed out.

When she woke up she was sitting in a chair still at the party.
‘’ Well I see you can see the next act of the evening’ Rick said.
‘’ Fuck you’’ she said
‘’ Maybe you will who knows’’ Rick answered
‘’ Fiona, spin the wheel again!’’
The wheel went round and round and stopped at a sign with the name ‘’ the Destroyer!’’
All the people in the room went crazy and Rick spoke;
‘’ Now this we didn’t seen for a long time.’’
‘’ Fiona, who will be the lucky girl this time?’’
Fiona pointed at Neela.
‘’ You fucking whore!’’ Neela yelled.
Fiona only laughed at her.
A door went open and again something came rolling in.
Neela was looking at it and didn’t liked who she saw.
It was a post of a door with some robes on it and with that some sort of motor came with it.
‘’ Neela, please move your ass to the machine’’
Neela walked towards the machine and stood their.
A man was putting the robes on place. Neela was now bending forward and her pants were taken of by another guy.
‘’ Well you little slut I hope you now get what you want’’ it was Neela’s sister who stood in the crowd. Rick was walked to her and slapped her on the ass.
‘’ Well your sister already knows the game’’ he said.
Neela turned her head and a tear from an eye was visible.
‘’ Let the games begin’’ Rick said
‘’ Since we have a family band in our middle you may decide what it is going to be’’
‘’ Oh, well do her with both!’’ Neela’s sister said.
‘’ How can you let this happen to me?’’ Neela said. The only answer she got was a big laugh in her face.
Neela couldn’t see what was happening behind her, but Jennifer could.
They rolled two machines with each a metal pole sticking out if it with a dildo on it.
‘’ This can’t be good news’’ Jennifer thought.
Neela heard engines being started and soon she would know what for.
A guy with Vaseline poured the cream over Neela’s ass.
Then Neela was tolled to hold still and the two vibrators were put into Neela.
Neela was now in complete tears.
‘’ Here is the device for you’’ Rick gave the device to Neela’s sister.
‘’ 3...2...1… start’’ Rick yelled
Fiona screamed as the dildos started to twist inside her ass and cunt.
‘’ Let it stop the tear me apart’’ Neela screamed.
Neela’s sister stood in front of Neelas face.
‘’ Now you feel how it feels to get fucked up by your sister’’
‘’ We make of you the biggest slut we have ever had here!’’ and Neelas sister smacked Neelas ass and turned up the speed of the machines.
‘’ Make it stop, please!’’ Neela screamed in full tears.

Jennifer was standing by the scene and again she couldn’t see what see was seeing.
Neela’s sister walked towards her and said to Jennifer’’ Make her stop screaming it is annoying.’’
Jennifer couldn’t believe what see was doing but at the time se realised what see was doing it with full passion and so did Neela.
The were French kissing and Jennifer was rubbing the nipples of Neela.
‘’ It seems we have found a lesbian in our middle’’ Rick said and groped one of Jennifer’s breasts.
Neela wasn’t crying no more and she stopped French kissing with Jennifer.
‘’ Harder, harder don’t make it stop!’’ she screamed
Neela’s sister pushed Jennifer away like a play toy and asked Neela if she was enjoying it.
‘’ It is the best I-I-I-I’ve e-e-e-ever had, please sis turn it up higher’’ Neela said.
‘’ Well I tolled you we would make you in a slut’’
‘’ Yes you did I’m the slut who now only loves big cocks.
‘’ In that case, Rick come up here!’’
Rick stood before Neela’s face and lowered his pants.
Rick then put his 25 cm dick in Neela’s mouth.
Neela was now sucking and fucking like you only see in porn movies.
The coincidence is that this was even filmed so in some sort of way she was in one.

When Rick shot his warm load into Neela’s throat she also came and how!
Neela’s pussy ejaculated all its juices over the place.
‘’ Are you done?’’ Rick asked Neela.
‘’ I want more!’’ Neela said.
‘’ Then this is your lucky day’’
Neela smiled and pushed her ass to let the dildos went deeper in her holes.

15 minutes passes and Neela’s body was tired of the so-called action.
She just hung in the robes and still trying to let the dildos tear her apart (which now she fully was).
3 men cam again on the stage and stopped the machine. They removed Neela from her position and was being carried to a table where they lay her.
Jennifer looked at Neela and saw that her pussy got so stretched up that it got torn apart.
Neela just lay there and she was still moving on the beat of the machine.
Neela’s sister said; ‘’ you won’t be hearing her for the next couple of days and touched Neela’s pussy which was still soaking wet.
Neela’s sister hold it a front of Jennifer’s mouth and said; ‘’ taste it!’’
Jennifer put the hand in her mouth until she gagged.

There were now 3 girls left over.
‘’Fiona, shall we continue?’’ Rick asked
Fiona gave a swing to the wheel again and it stopped at; ’’scissor’’
‘’ That sounds interesting I want that one!’’ Fiona said with a horny look
‘’ Well then pick a girl and you me begin!’’ Rick said.
Fiona looked at Jennifer and to Naomi, the other girl.
‘’ Well I will let Jennifer to be your personal slut Rick I will take Naomi!’’
Naomi could only smile for desire. She was so fucking horny like Jennifer she also got her boots filled with her own female juices.
Fiona said to Naomi’’ for now you are my property, whore!’’
Naomi;’’ Yes, I will ’’.

Fiona pulled Naomi’s string which it causes it to break.
‘’ Well it seems you are soaking wet, aren’t you bitch?’’ Fiona said.
‘’ Only just for you and no one else’’ Naomi replied.
‘’ Well then if you want to be my slave with that amount of pleasure I have a nice surprise for you. Bend over and I will gave you my mark.’’
Naomi did what Fiona asked of her and bend over waiting for what was about to come.
Fiona took a long piece of metal with a marking on it.
She heated it up with a gas burner and the marking was rapidly warming up.

Jennifer didn’t know what to expect but deeply inside she was willing to be Naomi.
Fiona stood at Naomi’s ass and pushed the heated marking on the right side of Naomi’s ass.
You could hear and smell the burning of human flesh.
Naomi didn’t give a scream. She almost climaxed when she got marked.
On her ass was now readable; ‘’ Whore.’’
Fiona dropped the metal bar and started to kiss the mark on Naomi’s ass.
‘’ Are you happy now?’’ Fiona asked
‘’ You can’t imagine how grateful I am’’ Naomi said.
‘’ Now do it to me!’’ Fiona said
Naomi took the metal bar and pushed it on the left side of Fiona’s ass.
‘’ Now we are one’’ Naomi said with a smile.
They got to each other and holding each other ass and kissed.

Jennifer was now screaming for joy and she couldn’t help her self anymore.
‘’ I have to get fucked!’’ She screamed.
‘’ This will help you to get the attention away’’ Rick said and give a giant baby bottle witch contained the same as she drank before, but now with a higher doses.
Jennifer was now again sucking.
‘’ It feels so good’’ she thought and kept on sucking.
Her nipples got even harder then they were before and her pussy was now an open tap running with female fluids.
Her brain was only telling her she wanted more and more. She couldn’t think for her self any more. She was a complete zombie on drugs.
After de bottle was empty she let a burp and passed out.

When she awoke she didn’t knew exactly where she was.
The only thing she saw was that Fiona and Naomi where now fucking each other witch strapons.
With that what she saw her pussy immediately responded and opened its doors again to let all juices go free.
Her hands were tied up so she couldn’t do anything.

In the meantime Fiona and Naomi were climaxing and squirted over each other.
They stopped fucking and cuddled.

‘’ Well now it seems we only have one contestant’’ Rick spoke.
‘’ I will do what ever you want me to!’’ Jennifer said.
‘’ Good girl, we are glad we have found such a fine specimen like you’’
‘’ As Fiona isn’t capably of turning the wheel I will do the honours’’ Rick said.
He let the wheel spin and Jennifer hold her breath.
It stopped at; one in all and all in one!
A mass cheer went up in the crowd and Rick requested silence.
‘’ All right, seems everyone gets a share today!’’
‘’ Put all the girls in the chairs’’ Rick said to several guys.
Jennifer was escorted to a line of chairs which she had seen at the hospital.
They had metal poles witch plastic attachments where your legs are resting in.
Jennifer took everything of including her soaking wet skirt.
Neela, Naomi, Emma and Fiona also were put in the chairs.
Everyone could now see their opened vaginas.
‘’ Form lines!’’ Rick said to all the guys.
‘’ How many are there?’’ Naomi asked.
‘’ 50 guys with good working sperm’’
Naomi giggled.

Jennifer’s chair was now experiencing the activity of the young girls pussy.
‘’ Fuck me!’’ she said to the guy in front of her.
‘’ On the count of three!’’ Rick said.

For the following moments a loud screaming was being heard, because the dark haired girl was loosing her virginity by 50 men.
The rest of the girls also put on a sound of joy.
5 vaginas were being fucked each of them turned into a slut.
They only wanted more and more.
After they each had 13 guys the sperm was too much to bare for the pussies and were streaming out of the stretched vaginas.
Rick noticed it and said; ’’ Put your asses to work whores!’’
All the girls put their asses in the air to let the guys fuck them.

An hour went by and the girls couldn’t feel anything they just were sitting there feeling someone was pounding his hips against the girl’s ass.
When everyone was done the girls stood up.
They looked exhausted and sperm was dripping out of their holes.
They smiled to Rick and thanked him for the best evening they ever had.
They searched for their clothes for the ones they could find.
Walking back home still dripping they only thing they could think of what was the next time they were going to be there.
At that they didn’t knew 4 of them got knocked up by ‘’some’’ strangers with a game they played.


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