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Sweet lady (BHM BBW weight gain)

by blubberluvah

Chapter 1

You walk out of the grocery store after only grabbing a few items. You are single guy in your late 20's, 5"11", about 200 pounds, you used to be a solid 180 lbs through out high school but college helped with that extra 20 pounds and you have just maintained it ever since. You never seemed to mind and didnt think much of it. You just moved to this city about two months ago and know no one. You moved here for a job that let you go after 3 weeks due to them getting bought out. Bonus was they let you keep your moving and sign up bonus so you are not worried about money or finding a job anytime soon. You just want to relax for once and take in the new place.

As you are walking to your car an old woman flags you down. She's in her early 60's, pale white skin, blood read hair, only about five foot and hips twice as wide as her body. She must be about 400 pounds but gives you a smile as big and bright as the sun. You walk over to her.

Woman, "Excuse me but could you help me load my car, my knees are not what they used to be and its quite hot out here?" She gestures to her Dodge minvan which looks to be build for wheel chair access.

"Sure thing, I can help you ma'am. Would you like them in the back of the van?"

Woman, "Oh that door is broken and wont open, Im sorry but you'll need to go through the side door and put them in the back please. Thank you so much for your help hun, you're a blessing"

"Not a problem at all" You start loading her groceries in the back of the van, taking a few trips to the cart and back into the van having to climb over the two large seats in the middle of the van. You notice she has her cart full to the brim with food with just about everything you can think of. "You planning a big party or something?", you ask.

Woman, "Oh, no its just me in the house. Been that way for a while now" Thats a lot of food for just one person but give her the benefit of the doubt, maybe shes the type that buys everything one month at a time. "I havent seen you around here before, did you just move?", she asked.

"Oh, I've only been here for about a month or two. Moved here for a job that let me go as soon as I got here. Im looking for something now but they let me keep my signing bonus so i'm also enjoying this place and getting to know the town.", you chuckle.

Woman, " Well I am sorry about the job, this is a great place. I have lived here my whole life, 4 generations of my family have been here. They say this town will help anyone grow."

"Well thank you and yes I hope I can grow here too. This seems like a nice place and I would like a better job than what I cam here for if im honest", you say as you place the last of her bags in the van and start to step out.

"Oh please sit down" as she semi pushes you back into the van and on of of the chairs, "That was a lot of bags you had to carry and I cannot thank you enough. I dont know how you did that in this heat? Im sweating all over and must sleep awful haha."

"Its fine, plus its not that hot out.." Before you could say anymore she pulled her perfume from her purse and sprays a big cloud of the stuff but the nozzle was pointed at you. You cough for a minute as everything seems to get hazzy and your body is feeling heavy. Everything goes black.


You wake up feeling very groggy and confused. You feel something soft and as you open you eyes you are on big sofa. Like an extra deep and wide sofa, across from you is the coffee table and a love seat. You are in a living room but you have no idea whos living room. You get up and walk over to the window, you see nothing but grass and a tree line about 500 feet out. You are on a ranch? You are very confused and wondering how you made it to this house. Everything seems dated and defiantly an older home. The last thing you remember was helping that nice old lady, wait! The old lady, is she here? As if she was reading your mind she walked into the living room.

woman, "Oh good your awake!, I was worried about you. I told you it was so hot out and you were working hard. As soon as you sat down in my van you fainted immediately. I tried to use your phone to call someone but I can never work those things and I figured you might need the help since you are so new in town. I brought you to my place so you could rest and sleep it off, I used to be a nurse you know. How are you feeling hun?"

"umm, I'm ok I guess. My head hurts a little, wait did you bring me inside from the van?"

"You must be famished, I bet thats why your head still hurts. Please come into the kitchen, I made fresh chocolate chips cookies and I do owe you for helping me out today. I dont know what I would have done." She starts to make her way into the kitchen, you start to notice a little waddle in her step, gosh she is big and actually for a grandma she kinda good looking too. Wait what are you thinking? You walk into the kitchen and have a seat at the table. Its a small round four person table, she takes a seat next to yours and pushed a place of fresh cookies in front of you. They are still warm, you can see the steam from them. "Please its just me in the house and I cant eat all these, I cook and I bake to keep me busy. I dont like idle hands so I stay busy with my projects. Please eat, you earned these", as she pushed the plate close to you. You pick one up and take a big bite if the cookie, its warm and soft and loaded with chocolate, butter, and something else you can't tell yet but its sweet.

"Wow these are really good, you didnt have to make me cookies. I do feel bad for I guess passing out in your van" You take another bite.

She replies, " Oh dont you worry about that hun, Im just glad you're ok. You like these? They are a family secret recipe that I've been baking for ages now."

You grab another one and bite it in half, " Oh yes I dont I've ever had anything this good", You finish that cookie and grab one more with your other hand.

"Here hun let me pour you a glass of milk with that, they are good but they do make you thirsty" She sets down a glass of milk with a pitcher of more milk on the table. She then proceeds to tell you about times as a little girl and growing up around here. Half way through her story of how her mother taught her to cook she looks down at the plate. "My my, looks like the cookies are good, you took out the whole plate. Why there must have been 3 dozen cookies on that plate. Really I should thank you, here help me with these too." She walks to the pantry and brings over 2 more dozen of cookies and places them in front of you. The as she pours you another glass of milk she starts back into her story.

"Did I really just eat 3 dozen cookies? Im so sorry I dont know what happened I just kinda zoned out I guess." You tell her in shock.

"Dont you worry a thing hun, like I said you are really just helping me. Plus it tells me how good my cooking is" She winks at you and it makes you feel all warm in side. She puts a new cookie into your hand and you start eating it without realizing, she is back to her story and you are fully entranced by her words. You just want to listen to her talk. The next thing you know you cleaned the other plate of cookies and finish all the milk. Holy cow you are stuffed to the brim, how did you eat all those cookies?

"Well thank you ma'am for the cookies and looking after me, but I really must be going. Say where are we anyway? As you stand up you feel very drowsy and disoriented. "Woa I dont feel so good". "Why dont you sit down on the couch hun. You dont look so hot", she replied. As you stumble back to the couch you plop down, "How can I get home from ..." But you pass out instead. "You sleep tight hun, you can help me more in the morning" she whispered as she put a blanket over you.

Chapter 2

You wake up again on the couch but something is different, Its morning?! You hear noise from the kitchen and as you get up to see what it is you feel pain? Its your pants they seem tight and looking down you notice your belly is peaking out from under your shift. Weird maybe you slept wrong, you were on a couch all night. You make it into the kitchen and see the old woman standing over the stove wearing some PJ short shorts, a t-shirt, and an checker board apron. You stare a bit longer than you should at her wide frame but theres something you are liking about her, like you trust her. Shes the old woman who always knows whats best, you cant shake that idea from your head. Before you and think anymore you are overcome but he smell of fresh pancakes. You see a plate at the table with 5 pancakes stacked on it already.

"Oh good you're up, I hope you slept well hun. Thats what seven dozen cookies will do to ya" She laughed. SEVEN? did you really eat seven dozen cookies? Before you could open your mouth she turned around with another plate of 5 pancakes and placed that stack on top of the stack already on the table. " Please enjoy some breakfast before you go, I can tell you're a eater haha". You want to decline but the pancakes smell so good and she puts her hand on your shoulder speaking to you with such a warm and inviting tone, "Eat hun, you are hungry". As if magic your stomach growls and you sit down at the table. She pours maple syrup over the stack of pancakes, you watch it drip down the sides and cover the whole stack.

"I dont think I can eat all of this" You day with a slight panic in your voice.

"Just eat whatever you can hun, but I think you have it in you. You look like a growing boy" she says ad you take that first bite. Like the cookies these are amazing and have never had anything so good in your life. She goes back to cooking on the stove and starts talking about how they used to have animals on the ranch, her favorite were the pigs. You are more than half way through the pancakes and all you can hear is her voice. You find you cant stop eating and all other senses are starting to dull. All you can do is eat and listen to her. She comes back to the table and slides 6 more pancakes on your plate. "You are doing a great job hun, I missed having someone else here to enjoy my cooking. Let me get you more syrup" She goes back to talking about the pigs that used to be on the farm. You find yourself thinking about the pigs, that would be the life woudln't it? Just sitting around all day eating, screwing, and sleeping. No cares in the world, just whats next to eat. Getting pets and belly rubs, it would be fun to be pig. You snap back and realize your plate is empty, you feel drowsy again and way over stuffed. Its hard to think you are so full. You are in pain, your pants! They are so tight on you now and its hard to stand the pressure. Your belly is sticking out of your shirt a lot now and even your arms feel tight in your sleeves. The old lady sees your struggle, "See I told you that you're a growing boy, here let me help you, come with me." She unbuttons your pants and takes your hand guiding you down the hallway. You give a sigh of relief as the pressure is gone from your waist, but wait did she really undo your pants? You kinda liked it and want to follow her directions. What is going on?

She leads you to the master bedroom, its big and she bring you over to the master bath. "You take your shirt and your pants off and i'll get you something more comfortable. You are still in your food haze as you undress without thinking while watching her waddle into the closet. She is so nice to you and caring you think to yourself. You get a glimpse of yourself in the bathroom mirror and woa! Your belly is sticking out and hanging down a little bit. Your thighs are even a little chunkier, is this why your pants were tight? You see a scale and step on it, the numbers spin around since its an old scale and they stop on 237 lbs. That cant be right, you weighed yourself last week and got 201 lbs. You have even been working out more to kill time in the new town. The scale must be broken, it does look old to be fair. Theres no way you gained that much weight in one night. The old lady waddle backs in and hands you a pair of overalls. "Im sorry hun but this is the only think I have for a guy your size." You put it on and its very loose fitting, you can tell its three times too large for you but the straps are keeping it up and its super comfy on the side side. "I bet the more you wear it the better it will fit, you are a growing boy hun." She says as she adjust the straps on your shoulders.

"Thank you ma'am, I dont know what was going on with my clothes but this does feel better. I should get out of your hair, I feel like I've taken too much of your time" You start to turn to walk away but she grabs your overalls and starts to lead you back to the kitchen.

"I cant let you leave empty handed hun, thats not the right thing to do" she says as she sits you down at the kitchen table. "Here have some cookies while I make you lunch, I bet this is most home cooking you've had in a long time." She puts a plate in front of you with about 3 more dozen cookies and a big glass of milk. Where did these come from? When did she bake them?

"No really ma'am, I dont want to be too much trouble. I'll just go and.." She picks up two cookies and forces them into your mouth mid sentence.

Chapter 3

"Oh hush, I said I would give you lunch so thats what I'm gonna do. Plus I know you like my cookies, I watched you pig out to them last night hehe" She said with some force in her voice. "Now you are going to sit there and eat my cookies while I make you lunch, yes?" You nod yes as you instinctively grab another cookie. "Thats a good boy." she said with a smirk on her face, "Dont forget to drink your milk, you're a growing boy." You sip the big glass of milk. It taste so good and refreshing with the cookies you chug more than half the glass. "see i told you you like my cooking, here have more milk to finish off the cookies".

You finished the plate of cookies and two full glasses of milk, you are full but not stuffed. Your mind is oddly cloudy, you turn to the old lady and just watch her cook. She catches you staring over her shoulder but doesn't say anything. Shes moving around the kitchen and all you can do is stare at her overly wide ass, the way it moves is like hypnotic. "Do you like what you see?" She says as you snap back to reality. You quickly look up to see her turn around holding a large plate of fried chicken, two corn on the cobs coated in melted butter, masted potatoes and gravy, and its all topped off with a pitcher of sweet tea. "You like what you see?" She says again as she puts the plate in front of you.

"Um, yes ma'am, this looks delicious but can I get this to-go. I really should be heading back.... home? Weird I'm having a hard time remembering where I live." You sit there in confusion

"Oh hun, this food will be no good cold if you leave. Eat now while its hot and fresh. I bet you are starving after eating all them cookies? She said as she sat down at the table with me.

"Starving!? How could I be so starving after eating all them..." Your stomach growls loudly and hunger falls over you.

"See, now look me in the eyes and tell me you a growing boy like you is not starving hun" She says.

"I... am.... starving...." You cant believe you just said that.

"Tell me again" She still locked in eye contact

"I am starving..." you cant look away, her eyes are so deep and clear.

"Tell me again" she repeats

"I am starving." You say sheepishly. Everything else around has been blocked out and you can only see and hear the old lady.

"Tell me you will eat the whole plate in front of you hun" She says

"I will eat this whole plate" You reply without hesitation. Your mind is so foggy and you cant tell whats going on. All you can see is her, all you can hear is her. She words are so powerful in your mind, they overpower your own thoughts.

"Tell me you will eat whatever I put in front of you" Her words are penetrating in your mind

"I will eat whatever you put in front me." you reply

"You want to eat what I give you because you're a growing boy" She says but with a devilish grin

"I want to eat what you give me, I am a growing boy." you say zombified

"Good boy, now eat up hun." You start to dig into the mashed potatoes then grab a bite of the fried chicken. You have to eat, she wants you to eat, the food is good so why not eat it? You are a growing boy after all so you must eat, that makes sense. You chug a glass of the sweet tea and go back to the chicken, there must be two whole chickens on this plate. As she pours more sweet tea in your glass, "Thats a good growing boy, you better clear this plate. This will be your biggest dose of my formula." You dont look at her, you are too busy eating. "When you are done you wont remember who or what you were. You said you needed to find something new to do and this is it hun. I told you how much I loved the pigs on the farm. Well I found my new pig and you are going to be my perfect prized piggy when im done with you. You wont need to do anything just eat what I give you and do what I say. You're under my spell now and you will only listen to me. Nod if you understand me." You lift your head from the plate enough to nod a yes.

"If you like my food you will say Yes Master"

"Yes Master" you say nodding

"You like that I cook for you"

"Yes Master"

"You like eating everything I give you because that makes me happy."

"Yes Master"

"You like making me happy"

"Yes Master"

"You like being a growing boy"

"Yes Master"

"You want to grow for me, you want to forget your past life."

"Yes Master"

"You want to be my piggy and follow my commands"

"Yes Master"

"You think being my pet pig sounds wonderful"

"Yes Master"

"You only want to obey me"

"Yes Master"

"Tell me I am your Master"

"You are my Master"

"Tell me you are my pig"

"I am your pig"

"Who is your master and what are you?"

"You are my Master and I am your pig." Your voice is monotone, you dont remember anything but being here and being fed by Master. She is so nice to keep you as your pig, you wont make it on your own since you are only a pig.

"Say it again hun" She snaps

"You are my Master and I am your pig"

"AGAIN, LOUDER PIG!" She yells






Her voice comes down and in a smoothing tone she grabs your cheek and says, "Thats a good pig, now finish this meal so I can give you dessert."

"Oink yes Master"


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