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Forced Anthro Horse TF

by trainer100

Chapter 1

Agent Romanov continued to sit in the chair tied up without saying a word, as General Yukovich grazed into her eyes upset and angry.

“Drop the act and tell us what you know about Cipher!” The general said to Romanov. 

“Livin’ up to her name, huh? What should we do boss?” One of General Yukovich’s colleagues intervened. The general looked at his colleague with a smirk, then looked back at agent Romanov.

“If you don’t talk, we will just make you our little pet.” General Yukovich said with a chuckle. He ripped out a loud whistle, indicating someone to walk into the room. A man with a gas mask on walked in with a suitcase. He set the suitcase down on a table next to Agent Romanov and opened it, revealing a very large syringe. “How about now, Romanov?”

Agent Romanov spit in General Yukovich’s face, still saying no words. “I hope you enjoy your stay at the animal conservation platform, pet!” Yukovich signaled to the man with the mask, as the man picked up the syringe and walked towards Agent Romanov. Yukovich continued, “Let’s see where acting like an animal gets you! This is a little something the RnD department has been working on, we’ve just been looking for the perfect specimen to test it on. Not going to say no, I take it?”

Romanov let down a giant gulp, before being held down by the three men and being injected by the syringe into her neck. She tried to fight it off but stood no chance with the restraints. Romanov shuttered after receiving the injection, struggled some more, and finally passed out.


Some time later


Agent Romanov found herself awake in a large metal cell outside. She immediately felt her neck and noticed it was a little sore. As she gained more consciousness, she noticed that she felt different. Her skin felt strange, and her hips seemed ever so slightly wider. She felt like something was changing her from the inside out, and that something unusual was about to happen to her.

She sat up instead of laying down and whimpered a bit. A cold shivering feeling spread across her skin, and she held her stomach tightly from it feeling abnormally upset. The next second her skin felt like it was burning. She had cold sweats, and continued to let out some unpleasant groans.

Romanov fell to the ground creating a loud thump. She let out the loudest groan yet as she spread her body not out of voluntary action, instead it felt like she was being forced to to relieve what she was feeling. On all fours, she spread her legs and raised her ass into the air. Her pants began to rip in various spots, as her bottom half seemed to stretch outward, with feelings of fire all around. Something odd was poking out of her right near her tailbone. Romanov let out another loud groan, as a tiny tail popped out of her pants.

Romanov collapsed to her side, and looked back at her hips, thighs, and ass. They were significantly larger than before, as tears ran all over her pants. She took notice of her small tail, which was ever so slightly growing in size. Other changes on her body continued to happen, that she had yet to notice. Her toes were changing shape, and her breasts were slightly more perky.

She continued to have intense shivers, before rushing over to the toilet in her cage. She urgently needed to vomit. Her body seemed to reject the injection, while at the same time accept it. After repeatedly vomiting, Romanov finally seemd to have a sense of relief. The shivers dispersed, and she let out a short sigh. Romanov looked up, realizing there was a mirror in front of her.

Romanov was absolutely stunned, and could not believe what she was seeing. Her face was completely different than before. Her ears were pointy. Her nose was longer. Her mouth, tongue, and teeth were completely changing shape and size. She looked down and her feet, and they no longer seemed human anymore. Her middle toe was now her largest, as the others seemingly started to disappear. Suddenly, she felt a warm sensation in her crotch.

She looked down only to find extra nipples on her stomach. However, the warmth in her crotch strengthened. She pulled up her pants only to find a warm, wet puddle of juice that had excreted from her vagina. Romanov further investigated by ripping what was left of her pants aside on her crotch region, revealing a large, swollen pussy. The sight alone excited Romanov, as more and more juices began flowing from her pussy.

Changes all over her body continued to happen, but Romanov was too distracted at this point to notice anything. The warmth in her pussy became unbearable to the point where she just had to feel it with her hands, and see what changes had happened. Her asshole had also been exposed from her pants, which also was swollen and looked like a tiny donut. As her heart rate increased, she let out a few pants and spread open her pussy. It was ridiculously swollen, large, warm, and sensitive. Romanov couldn’t help but slide a couple fingers inside.

It was at this point that there was no going back for Romanov. She let out some subtle moans, before her entire hand slid right inside her wet pussy. She let out more moans as she picked up the pace. It just felt too good for her. She changed positions and naturally forced her face down into the ground and waved her ass around up, continually stroking her pussy. Her large ass, thick thighs, and wide hips made way for the main view in her cage, along with a 8 inch long tail. With a closer look, her swollen pussy and asshole could be seen through the tears of her pants. Within little time, Romanov exploded in orgasm, and passed out from pleasure.


More time later


After a few hours of rest, Romanov slowly came to wake up once more. This time however, many more changes happened within her body. Her face looked like a horses. She had hooves for feet. Her hips were twice as wide as her waist, and her tail increased in length. Although she was half horse, she was undeniably sexy. And the warm feeling in her pussy was never fully satisfied…


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