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Delta-Tech Recreational Center

by jacob_maroon

Chapter 1

TV commercial: We have some questions..have you ever wondered what it was like to be another gender than what you are now? Male, female, or even both? Do you wish to know what that would be like? Well now you can! At the new Delta-Tech Recreational Center!! Our advanced changing pods will definitely suit your needs! Come on down to [town name] [street name] for this new and fantastic experience!..


*A few days later…Jacob and Jon walk into the Recreational Building*


Jon: You sure this place is legit, dude?


Jacob: Well it has good reviews. Surely there has to be something that's hitting right with a lot of people. Plus, we don't have much else to do.


*As the two walk up to the counter, someone behind the counter greets them*


Employee: Why hello there! Are you two here for the advanced changing pods?


Jon: I'm not. *points at Jacob* He is though.


Jacob: Yep. I thought I'd be worth a try.


Employee: great! Just sign this paper work and we'll get started!


*After some signing and payments, the 3 head to one of the pods*


Employee: now, for some more information, you must undress once you enter the chamber, your clothes will not be affected but it's easier for the body to change with them removed.


Jacob: alright then.


Employee: great! *opens the door to the pod* enjoy the experience!


*as jacob enters the pod the door is shut behind him.*


Employee: depending on the choices your friend makes inside, his session could take a few minutes. You don't mind waiting, do you?

*Jacob walks into the pod as the door is closed behind him. He sees a spot to put his clothes, so he strips down and places his clothes in that spot. After that he sits down on the only seat in the pod, as he sits down he notices the monitor in front of him turn on. The voice on said monitor begins giving instructions*


Voice: Hello, and welcome to Delta-Tech. Please select your preferred settings for the session, and we may begin!.


Jacob: alright then..*looking through* ..temporary...big breasts..hips..ass…


*he comes across the mental settings, as of now they're turned off*


Jacob: ...hypnosis based session?...on?...


Voice: please customize your preferred settings..


*Jacob is quiet, but he just taps on the screen, adjusting the settings. Afterwords, he says he's ready*


Voice: Thank you for your time. Now relax as we will now begin..enjoy your experience!..


*Jacob leans back into his seat. Then the monitor starts flashing spirals and patterns right before Jacob's eyes. These patterns and flashes caught his attention almost instantly. Jacob tries to process whats happening with each pattern, but each flash takes his mind even deeper into trance. Eventually, once Jacob is for sure deep enough, the screen fades to a pink and magenta spiral. The voice speaks up*


Voice: You are now a woman. You will crave men's cocks, need to eat their cum, let them fuck your tight pussy..


*As the machine reprograms his mind, planting suggestion after suggestion, the machine activates its gender changing mechanics. Lights shine on Jacob's body as it begins to change. He grows tits, his hips get more curvy, his ass gets bigger, and is once erect cock now shrinks and transforms into a perfect and tight pussy*


Voice: Spread your legs, darling.


*Jacob spreads 'her' legs and reveals her pussy is now dripping wet*


Voice: Keep those legs spread. Beginning final brainwashing process..


*suddenly flashes if sexual images, words, spirals, patterns, and lights go across the screen at hyper speed, invading Jacob's sight. Each flashing image plants more and more suggestions lightning fast. Jacob is bucking her hips as she stares at the screen helplessly. The screens flashing gets faster as Jacob's pussy juices begin to drip onto the floor. Finally, after what seemed to be an endless stream of being on edge, image after image, the screen flashes the word "CUM" and Jacob's pussy explodes, squirting her juices onto the floor below*


Voice: The session is now over. Go have some fun, Darling~..


*Jacob's mind begins to come to as she realizes she's rubbing herself, she stops and stands up, checking out her new body after she gets up*


Jacob: Oh my~..Jon is certainly going to love this~..


*She doesn't seem to realize, but even her voice now sounds like a woman. Jacob then notices the door to the pod open. She smiles with lust as she walks out, still naked*


Jacob: Heyyy everyone~..


Jon: *widen his eyes* w-woah-..


Employee: oh're quite the looker! Now, how about I escort you two to one of our private rooms so that you may play around with your new body?..


Jon: s-sure..


Jacob: that would be lovely~..


*Later, Jon and Jacob are now in a private room. Jacob is posing in a mirror while Jon just watches her as he sits there.*


Jon: so that you're like..that..what should i call you?..


Jacob: Anything you want~...*checking out her ass in the mirror*


Jon: oh- well you're certainly very flirty…*begins blushing a little bit* i uhh..think your body looks nice, btw-..


Jacob: *giggling as she walks up to him* if you think it looks nice, then why don't you touch it?~ *she sits on his lap, gripping her tits with her hands*


*Jon is blushing a lot now. Taken aback by Jacob's new very flirty personality. Jacob notices Jon's hesitation, so she grabs his hand and places it on her left breast*


Jacob: Go on..Squeeze it~..


Jon: o-ok..*slowly squeezes her tit*


*This causes Jacob to moan a little bit. The two then share a kiss as Jon continues to squeeze. Eventually they stop and lock eye contact. Jon can certainly see the lust in Jacob's expression*


Jacob: Why don't we take it a step further?~...


*She stands up and walks towards a nearby counter. Jacob bends over it, then spreads her legs as she wiggles her butt at Jon*


Jacob: Come fuck me over the counter~ Right now!~..


*She lightly twerks her booty in Jon's direction, enticing him. Jon, not holding back anymore either, strips down naked and walks over to her. Placing his now erect cock in between Jacob's ass cheeks*


Jon: Danm~..that machine has made you so thicc~..


Jacob: This thicc ass is only for put it in me!~..


*Jon then slides his cock into Jacob's pussy. Jacob moans loudly as it slides in*


Jon: ohh my god~ you're so tight!~..


*Jon begins thrusting in and out. Jacob's tight pussy milking his dick with each thrust*


Jacob: Y-yess!!~..harder~..faster!~..


*Harder, Faster, and deeper Jon thrusts. Losing control of himself in pleasure.


Jon: Fuuuuck!~..this good!~..


*they go at it for a while, but eventually Jon has enough self control to pull out and cum on Jacob's ass cheeks. Jon then sits down on a couch slightly exhausted, while Jacob is still bent over on the counter exhausted as well.*


Jon: H-heh..maybe this place isn't so bad after all..*suddenly his cock feels like it's going into someone's mouth* mmh~..huh?


*Jon looks down and sees Jacob lapping at his cock, getting it hard again*


Jacob: I'm not done~..I want to drain those balls dry~..*sucks on the tip of Jon's dick*


Jon: not complaining~...ahh~..


[2 hours Later]


*Jacob walks back out of the pod, completely back to normal.*


Employee: So, what did you think of the experience?


Jacob: It was great actually! I can see why a lot of people love it!.


Employee: You think you'll be visiting us again anytime soon?..


Jon: Most certainly. He and I will definitely be coming back here!


Employee: that's great to hear! Have a good day you two!


*Jon and Jacob then exit the building. They certainly plan on coming back pretty soon..*





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