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The Perfect Husband

by jdaniels84

Chapter 1

**Note - this story involves forced age regression in an unwilling (or at least until a revelation further into the story) participant. This is pure fantasy and is based upon many submissive's desire to be controlled and/or regressed against their will. In reality, all erotic play of this nature should be done with the full consent of all parties involved, and this story does not intend to advocate for anything less than BDSM play based on complete consent. The story is incomplete, but it it is well received, I may be able to find the time to finish it.


Chapter 1


Benjamin shifted in nervously in the leather chair that sat across from his therapist’s desk. He hadn’t really been into the whole idea of therapy, but his wife, Christy, had made it clear that this was the only hope that he had to keep her from leaving him forever. He sheepishly looked towards her, sitting in the seat next to him, before turning back to the doctor.


“I don’t know,” he said as he pushed his hand against the end of the armrest.


“You know all right,” Christy piped in, “talk to Dr. Miller...tell him!”


“I...I…” Benjamin sputtered. He was a nervous man in normal situations who kept to himself as often as possible and rarely sought out attention. “I do drugs,” he said, ashamed. He didn’t look like the type of person who would become an addict. He was well dressed and extremely well mannered. 


“He can’t keep a job!,” Christy interrupted, “he isn’t there when I need him!”


Benjamin was a little emboldened by his wife’s anger. “I messed up a couple of times and had one failed drug test,” he explained to Dr. Miller, “I don’t even remember doing the drugs.”


“It’s so bad that he doesn’t remember Dr. Miller,” Christy interjected again. She turned towards her husband and said, “Do you remember going to sleep with that tramp that you woke up next to in MY bed?”


Benjamin hung his head again. He didn’t remember. He didn’t think that he would have ever cheated on his wife, but somehow it had happened, and he didn’t remember ever laying with the other woman in the first place.


“With your permission,” the doctor interjected, “your wife and I discussed a treatment plan for your addiction.” “It’s unconventional, but I believe that it will work for someone like you.”


“Ok,” Benjamin said, looking back towards the doctor. “What is it?”


“Hypnosis,” replied the doctor, “we are going to use hypnosis to look back into your past to try to undo this addiction.”


“I don’t know about that,” Benjamin replied. His wife glared back towards him. Benjamin gulped. It would have been clear to any onlooker that his wife ran things at the house. “I mean,” he continued, “I guess that we can try it.” His wife smiled and placed her hand on his leg.


Dr. Miller explained that each therapy session would reach back to a different stage of the 30 year old man’s life. He would start by looking back at his years as a young teenager, just about ready to transition from middle school to high school. With that description, Benjamin was put to sleep.

Benjamin was already in the car to go home when he woke up. Dr. Miller was talking to his wife just out of earshot. The doctor turned to Benjamin and waved as Christy turned back towards the car.


“How do you feel Benjamin?” she asked as she climbed into the car.


“Good sweetheart,” he responded. He didn’t feel particularly different and wasn’t sure that the therapist had actually done anything.


“Good boy,” she said. She ruffled the hair on top of his head. “Dr. Miller said that it would take a few sessions to get to the bottom of your problem and stop your addiction.”


That’s when Benjamin felt a sexual urge like he hadn’t felt in years. As a young man, Benjamin still craved sex with his wife. He also occasionally masturbated between those encounters. He hadn’t, however, felt such an intense desire to pleasure himself since he had first gone through puberty. As he sat next to his wife, it took every ounce of self control that he had left to refrain from stroking his penis. 


Benjamin finally grabbed his penis over his shorts and rubbed very gently against it. It hadn’t felt so good to rub himself in a very long time. He looked over at his wife, grateful that she didn’t seem to notice. 


When she pulled into their driveway, Benjamin bolted out of the car and ran towards the bathroom. He quickly pulled down his pants and underwear and began stroking his cock vigorously. He had already shot his load when he realized that he hadn’t shut the door. 


“What do you think you are doing, young man?” his wife asked, glaring.


“I’m sorry mom, I” Benjamin paused. What had he just said? “I mean sweetheart.”


Christy, unphased, shouted, “go to the corner right now!”


Benjamin wanted to object. He was a grown man, so he wasn’t about to let himself be sent to the corner like a child. As he tried to argue, however, he felt himself trembling. Even as he knew that this entire situation was ridiculous, he felt like he couldn’t disobey. After all, he had been caught masturbating in front of his wife.


“Yes ma’am,” he responded as he pulled up his shorts and walked to the corner to which she was pointing.


As he stood in the corner, he realized that the relief that he should have felt after his orgasm hadn’t come. He still felt an intense desire to stroke his cock. He turned his head to see that she was still staring right at him. When he could no longer resist, he began rubbing himself over his shorts again. 


“What are you doing?” she asked. 


“I’m sorry mom,” Benjamin responded as he continued to rub himself. “I mean sweetheart,” he corrected, embarrassed. He felt little relief as whatever small amount of semen remained in his testicals drizzled into his boxer briefs. 


Christy paused and stared at her poor husband for a moment as he stood in the corner. Benjamin watched as her look shifted from angry to one of pity. “Listen big guy,” she said, “I know that you have these urges and you are exploring your body, but you're going to have to control yourself.”  “You can’t play with your little penis all the time and in front of everyone.”


“Yes ma’am,” Benjamin responded, grateful for the change in his wife’s attitude. 


She smiled back at her man. She had always been unofficially “in control” in the relationship, but she wanted more from him. He was responding completely to the treatment - he was obeying her without thinking about it, talking to her more respectfully like a child to his parent, and backing down when she fussed at him instead of bucking up to her. She couldn’t wait to get to the next session.


Chapter 2

Christy had a secret. She had kept it from Benjamin for quite some time. She loved to dominate and humiliate men. She actually married Benjamin because he seemed fine with her running things most of the time. Sure, he would occasionally rebel and try to pretend like he was in charge, but he could usually be guided to her way of thinking. 


She smiled towards her husband, who was still trying to hide the fact that he was gently rubbing his cock through his shorts. She didn’t like this part because she preferred that he didn’t masturbate, but the doctor had said that it would be a critical, albeit short, part of his transformation. Dr. Miller was, in reality, no doctor at all. Instead, he was a dominant man who had partnered with Christy to help with Benjamin’s training - a dominant man who had extensively researched the art of erotic hypnosis.


“See,” she said to Dr. Miller, feigning deep concern. “My Benjamin would have never rubbed himself in front of me, much less another person,” she explained, “whatever you did to him changed him.”


“Of course it did,” the fake doctor explained, pretending like he didn’t know that Christy already understood all of this. “We are going back to when your husband’s problem started.” “Right now, he has been mentally regressed to his early teenage years.” The doctor turned towards Benjamin and said, “Benjamin, what did you usually do when you were alone as a thirteen year old?”


Benjamin hung his head in shame. “This,” he answered, still lightly stroking his erect penis.


“You needn’t be alarmed, Christy, he is just going back through this phase.”


“But,” she objected, “he can’t do anything else - this has taken over his life.”


The doctor sighed. “No doubt that it was like that the first time around.” He chuckled for a moment before continuing. “If,” Dr. Miller said thoughtfully, “you can’t handle this anymore, we can try to move on early.” “Would you like that Benjamin?”


“Yes sir,” Benjamin responded. 


“Ok,” the doctor answered, “we usually stay in this phase for a couple of weeks, but I’ll try to move on early.” “First,” he said, “you need to remove your clothing.”


“What? Why?” Benjamin exclaimed.


“He’s a doctor,” Christy insisted, “just do what he said.”


Benjamin looked towards Christy. “He’s not that kind of doctor, sweetheart!” Benjamin laughed nervously, hoping that this was a joke.


“You will take off your clothes now mister!” Christy commanded, forcefully.


Benjamin wanted to object again, but he couldn’t resist her forceful command. “Yes mom,” he said. He covered his mouth. He couldn’t believe that he had called his wife mom in front of this stranger. He watched as the doctor smiled towards Christy.


Benjamin stood up and slowly removed his clothing. He looked nervously at the door behind him, hoping that it was locked. When he looked down to see his exposed and erect cock, he couldn’t help but begin rubbing it again.


“Go ahead and cum boy,” the doctor said, “you won’t be able to do this for a while once we get to the next stage.”


Benjamin was strangely glad for the permission. He looked towards his wife who nodded back at him. Humiliated, he began to run more vigorously until he orgasmed. Only a small drop of sperm drizzled from his penis.


Then Benjamin sat back down, still naked, as the doctor hypnotized him a second time.


Christy tried not to interrupt as the other man probed into her husband’s mind. He was just finishing up, when she finally interjected. “Tom,” she said, using Mr. Miller’s first name now that her husband was asleep, “you said that he wouldn’t be able to cum?” “Will this process kill his sex drive?”


The man chuckled for a moment before answering, “No, you don’t have to worry about that.” “I’m phasing him down slowly in age to regress him.” “As I do that,” he continued, “his behavior will become more and more like that of a child.” 


Christy nodded and smiled. This is what she had wanted.


“Beneath all of that, however, the Benjamin that you know will remain.” “Even as he can’t help but become our little boy, he will know that he is an adult, and he will feel the humiliation of acting like and being treated like a child.”


“So he will still want sexual relief?” Christy asked.


“Yes, not like he has since being regressed to a teenage state of my mind, but he will be ever bit as horny as he was before all of this started - the difference is that he will not know what to do about it.” “As a younger child, he will no longer be able to act on any desire to pleasure himself - only another person will be able to stroke his cock.”


“The difference,” the man explained with a smile, “is that he won’t actually be able to become erect after this.” “That means he won’t be able to have sex with you, his new mom, or anyone else.”


“Good,” Christy responded, “you, Tom, are amazing.” 


Her husband still naked and asleep in the chair beside her, Christy began to passionately kiss Tom. She pulled back for a moment. “When will he be ready to find out about us?” she asked.


“Soon,” Tom responded, “I’ll probably introduce myself as his dad in the next session.” “After that, he will learn to accept us together as a normal part of his life.” “Now, did you bring his new outfit?”

Chapter 3


Benjamin sat up in his bed. At least, what seemed he thought was his bed. When he looked around the room, however, he realized that it was not his bed or his room at all. He threw off the covers and realized that he was naked. He jumped when the door opened and Christy walked into the room.


Even as he pulled the covers over to cover himself, he wondered why he felt embarrassed. He knew that this woman was his wife. She had seen him naked many times before. Yet, he suddenly felt exposed to be naked in front of her.


“What’s wrong Benjamin?” she asked, laughing. “I saw you naked yesterday honey.”


Benjamin thought for a moment. Had she? He vaguely remembered what she might have been talking about, but he thought that it had been a dream.


She walked towards him and gently kissed his forehead. Benjamin found her touch to be comforting. She pulled the covers off of the bed and told him to get up. Benjamin reached down to cover himself with both hands as he stood up next to the bed.


“Honey,” she said laughing, “I changed your diapers - I’ve seen you naked before.”


Benjamin relaxed his hands and uncovered himself. That couldn’t be right. He knew Christy was his wife - that she was born a month after him - but he felt like he could vaguely remember being a baby with her as his mom. He knew that wasn’t real, but part of it felt true. 


“Now get your underwear on little guy,” she instructed.


“Ok mom,” Benjamin answered. He walked quickly towards the only dresser in the room and opened a drawer. He couldn’t believe that he had called her mom again or that he had been so ok with her telling him what to do. 


He was ready to get dressed, but he couldn’t help but take a moment to look around his room. He recognized it as one of the two extra bedrooms in his house. The room had been fairly neutral as it was meant for guests, but everything had been replaced to make the room look like a young boy’s room. Superhero decor covered the walls, which had been painted light blue. The twin bed was similarly decorated. 


He turned back towards Christy and said, “What happened to this room?” He instinctively covered his penis again in shame.


“It’s your room, sweetheart,” she answered.


“No, this isn’t my room,” he insisted, “I sleep in your room mommy.”


“When big boys grow up,” she explained, “they have to move into their own room.”


“I’m not a boy, mom,” Benjamin argued. “You’re my wife.”


“That’s sweet honey, why are you calling me mom if you really think that?”


Benjamin honestly didn’t know. He didn’t know what else to call her. He knew that her name was Christy, and he still remembered all of the pet names that he had used in the past, but none of that would come out. It was like he didn’t know how to say those other words. They all came out as “mom.” “I don’t know,” was all that he could say.


“You are calling me mom because, deep down inside, you know that I am your mom, and you are my boy.” She paused for a moment. “Think hard little guy...how old are you really - not what you have pretended to be?”


He knew the answer - 28. He was 28 years old. At the same time, however, he felt like he might actually be much younger. “28,” he responded. He felt a bad taste in his mouth as the words escaped. Even though he knew that he was telling the truth, he felt guilty - as if he had been lying.


She looked back at him with a mean, intense stare.


“I’m sorry mom,” he said, “I don’t know what you want me to say - I think that I am 28.” 


“That’s ok, boy,” she said. She smacked his bare bottom as he turned back towards his dresser to retrieve his underwear. She watched as he pulled a pair of boxer briefs out of the drawer. As he slipped them on, she wondered if everything that Tom had done would actually work.


She didn’t have to wonder long because her husband had barely put the underwear on when he started pulling at the legs and moving about as if he were in great discomfort.

“What’s wrong big guy?” she asked her husband.


“I don’t know - these just feel really uncomfortable.” “I can’t stand the way that the legs feel.” 


She smiled. It was working. “You have to wear underwear,” she said.


“I know mom,” he answered, “I don’t know what is going on with these things.” He tried a few other pairs but they all felt the same as the first pair had felt.


“I have an idea,” she said, “I’ll call my friend and have him bring over something more comfortable for you.” “Does that sound good, big guy?”


Benjamin paused to think. The way that his wife was talking to him, calling him “big guy” and bossing him around felt humiliating. He felt like a small child. Even more, he didn’t understand why he was so compelled to just go with it. She was treating him like a small child and he didn’t feel like he had the capacity to fight back. “Why are you treating me like I’m little?” he asked. Even the way that he talked was becoming more juvenile. He could form thoughts with complex words and sentences, but when those thoughts came out, they always seemed to be much more simple.


“You are 10 years old, remember?” 


“I’m not sure mom,” he sighed. He knew that he wasn’t 10, but he wasn’t sure if he was right about 28 either.


“Now, go take a shower while you wait for your new clothes.” Christy instructed, “you can’t stand around naked all day.”


Christy stared at her husband’s butt as he turned and walked towards the bathroom. She couldn’t help but feel turned on by the humiliation that she knew he was feeling and the control that she had over him. Of course, his cock was useless now - at least to her. She wished that Tom were there to please her like a real man. 


She called Tom to let him know that they were ready, but the call was cut short by a scream in the bathroom.


“What happened to me?” Benjamin shrieked when his wife walked into the door. He was still naked but he was no longer covering his flaccid, useless penis. Whatever was bothering him had temporarily taken away his newfound modesty. Christy didn’t immediately see the problem and Tom hadn’t told her everything that he had done.

“What’s wrong, honey?” she asked.


“I look like an animal!” he answered, “how did I get all of this hair - it wasn’t this like this before.”


Christy smiled. She loved a good hairy man, but she had always wanted Benjamin to be her smooth slave boy. “Would you like me to help you with that, big guy?” she asked.


“Yes! Please mom!” 


“Ok sweety,” she responded. She ushered him into the bathtub out of view of the mirror. She wanted him to see the transformation all at once, hoping that he would feel the change even more that way. He remained standing as she added a little water in the bottom of the tub. Then, she used his beard trimmer to remove his goatee and the longer hair in his pubic area before running a wet rag across every part of his body. She ended at his penis.


He jumped as if she had never touched him there before. He knew that she had touched him there many times before, but this touch felt different. “Mom!” he almost screamed. “I can clean myself.”


“Relax boy,” she said, “I’ve cleaned your little penis many times before and you’ve never minded.” 


Then, she shaved everything except the hair on top of his head, starting with his facial hair and working her way down. She finished the hair on his toes before moving him back to the mirror.


Benjamin was shocked. The hair had temporarily looked very long and alarming, but now that it was all gone, he looked even more like the little boy that seemed to be fighting to get out. He hardly recognized the man who was staring back at him and felt immediate humiliation as he stared at his hairless, naked body. 


“Now you look like my handsome big boy,” Christy said, smiling.

Chapter 4


Benjamin had run to his room when Tom pulled up because he didn’t want to be seen naked. Tom and Christy took the opportunity to talk away from their helpless victim.


Christy explained that Benjamin didn’t seem to remember anything about being hypnotized. He hadn’t even seemed to recognize Tom when he walked towards the door.


“He’s also,” Christy tried to explain, “very modest - much more than ever before.”


Tom explained that her Benjamin must have been excessively modest as a ten year old - the age to which he had been regressed. “Does it bother you?” the other man asked.


“No,” she answered, smiling. “It’s actually a little bit of a turn on to have him ‘feel’ naked in front of me again.” “I never knew how much watching him squirm would excite me.”


“We didn’t have enough time to talk the other day - how long will he need to remain in this phase before we can move on?”


Tom quickly responded, “We have to stay here until he completely accepts this new reality.” “At some point, the adult part of his brain will be pushed so far to the back that he will actually believe that he is a young boy.” “When he believes that he is 10, we will move forward - it could take weeks or months, but he will get there.”


“Ok,” she said, “what happens today?”


“Today,” Tom responded, “we strengthen the connection between Tom’s humiliation and his sex drive.” “You told me upfront that you initiated this after seeing that Benjamin had been looking at BDSM porn; Benjamin, likewise gave some of his secrets away the first time that he was under.”


“Yes,” Christy nodded.


“We are going to strengthen what was already there in an attempt to make him almost addicted to feeling humiliated in an erotic sense.” “When we are finished, it will help ensure that the transformation ‘takes.’”


Tom pulled a small package from a shopping bag that he had carried into the house. Christy smiled in anticipation as she carried the package into Benjamin’s room. He hid behind the door and reached his arm out towards her.


Benjamin looked at the package in disbelief. He couldn’t wear these, he thought. Not only were they whitey tighties -- that alone would have embarrassed him -- they were from the boy’s section of the store. Boy’s XL was written in large writing across the top.


“Mom!” he yelled. “I can’t wear these - I can’t let anyone see me in whitey tighties and these are boys’ sized.”


“Come here and talk with me about it sweetheart!” Christy yelled back.


There was a long pause. “I can’t mom - that man is in there, and I’m naked.”


Christy huffed into Benjamin’s room and opened the door violently. She was thankful that they hadn’t installed a lock on the guest bedroom door. She looked at her husband for a moment before grabbing his hand and pulling him out of the room and into the living room.


She pulled her helpless, naked husband so that he was stuck over her knee before smacking his bare butt repeatedly with her hand. With each smack, she counted “1, 2, 3….40.” She stopped at 50.


“When I tell you to come into a room, boy,” she fussed as she hit him, “you come immediately!” “Do you understand?”


“Yes mom,” Benjamin answered, trying hard not to let himself cry.


He stood up and covered his penis with both hands as he looked down in shame. Christy walked into the other room and returned with the package of underwear.


“Why would you not wear boys’ underwear,” she asked her husband. “I know that you used to wear a men’s medium, but those were way too big for you.” “These will be much better for a little boy like you.”


“Yes mom,” Benjamin answered, begrudgingly. The spanking had taken away his will to argue. He felt embarrassed again as he removed both hands from his penis to open the package and remove a pair of briefs. He quickly put the brief on. It was, indeed, very tight, but it actually seemed to fit. While Benjamin was embarrassed to be clothed in boys’ whitey tighties, he had to admit to himself that the tight underwear felt better than what he had been wearing earlier in the day. The tightness was almost comforting.


The tight, white underwear provided little cover. Benjamin could clearly see the outline of his cock on the front side of the briefs. He peaked around his shoulder to the backside to see that the thin material was just as he remembered it from long ago: almost completely transparent. 


With a quick trigger word that Tom had implanted the last time that he was put under, Benjamin was asleep.


Chapter 5


When Benjamin woke up, he was in the backseat of his car. He was still in a haze when he heard Christy begin to talk. 


“How was the game, big guy?” she asked.


For a moment, Benjamin wondered who was speaking to him. He was still confused from his nap, and everything seemed mixed up in his mind. Game? What did she mean? “It’s my wife,” he thought as his consciousness slowly returned. That didn’t seem right though. He felt the need to call her mom, but that didn’t seem right either.


Still, he went with what he felt must have been right and said, “What do you mean by game?”


“Your soccer game, silly...did you have fun?”


He didn’t remember playing in a soccer game, but he remembered that he had been a soccer player when he was younger. He looked at himself for the first time. He was wearing a soccer uniform - knee high socks, mid thigh shorts, and a black a green shirt that perfectly coordinated with the shorts - he looked like he had just left a soccer game. 


“I don’t remember, mom” he answered. He reached to push his socks down towards his ankles. He was confused, but he still knew that adults like him didn’t wear knee high socks too often. 


Christy grabbed his hand. “Leave them there big guy - I like them that way on you.”


“Ok mom,” he answered.


The car stopped. “What are we doing?” Benjamin asked.


“We always stop to eat after games,” Christy answered.


Benjamin felt very self conscious about the way that we has dressed as he followed his wife into a fast food restaurant. She kept treating him like he was a kid, but he knew that he was an adult and adults didn’t dress like he was dressed. His butt still burned from the last time that he had not followed her directions, so he reluctantly followed her inside. When he stood up, he saw that his shorts still did not extend below his mid thigh. Had he been wearing boxer briefs, they would have been longer than the shorts that he was wearing.


Christy ordered for Benjamin - a chicken nugget kids meal with apple slices and a juice box. The strange thing for Benjamin, as he sat down in his ridiculous soccer uniform, eating a kids meal in the middle of a restaurant, was that he felt excited sexually. He didn’t know how to describe the feeling because he had completely forgotten about the sensation of an erection. That had been nudged away through Tom’s hypnosis. What remained was a deep longing, an addiction, a feeling of sexual longing that didn’t center around a particular part of Benjamin’s body. As he felt utterly humiliated to the point at which he wanted to go to the bathroom and hide, he simultaneously understood that he was drawn to that embarrassment. It was a sexual itch that he had no way to scratch.


He had no idea that this longing, this “itch” had been nurtured only hours before this point. He also didn’t completely realize that it had been there all along in a repressed and hidden state. Now that he couldn’t just look at porn and masturbate to silence it, it would grow. That itch would accelerate the process that his wife and Tom had started until it took over everything and Tom learned to become nothing more than his wife’s slave, a target of her humiliation, under her complete control.


Chapter 6

A Month Later


Benjamin sat on his couch watching cartoons. He had just finished his shower, so he was only wearing his white briefs. He had actually learned that it was ok to be seen in his underwear by his parents, so he didn’t mind the fact that Tom was sitting right next to him, reading a book. 


Benjamin was so focused on his cartoons that he didn’t notice when Tom stood up and walked into the next room. Tom shut the door and said to Christy, “I think that he’s ready.”


“Are you sure,” she asked, “he’s doing really well now and you said that he could backtrack if we move forward too early.”


“You returned his adult underwear to his drawers days ago, and he hasn’t touched them - he still wears the boys’ briefs even when given the choice; he’s picking up the remote and watching cartoons on his own; he’s following both of our directions without a pause.” “Yesterday, I took him to swim in the public lap pool and he put on a speedo because I told him that all of the little boys wear them in our area.”


“The old Benjamin never would have done that,” she agreed.


The couple walked into the next room. “Benjamin, how old are you?” Christy asked.


“Ten,” he answered immediately. His hand was playing with his package through his underwear.


“I thought that you were an adult pretending to be ten,” Tom responded.


Benjamin laughed. “Silly dad, you know how old I am.” The truth was that the part of Benjamin who knew himself to be an adult had been pushed so far back that the person talking to Tom and Christy actually thought that he was a ten year old. The couple decided that it was time to move forward.


Tom said the trigger word and put Benjamin to sleep. 


Having done his work, Tom woke Benjamin up and held his hand to guide him to bed. “It’s almost 9:00,” Tom said softly, “you stayed up a half hour past your bedtime.” 


Benjamin couldn’t explain it, but he felt a strong urge to suck his thumb as he lay in bed. He looked up at the people whom he thought to be his parents. He was ten after all. What would they think if they were to see him sucking his thumb. At that moment, the urge was so strong that he didn’t care. He stuck his thumb in his mouth and began to suck. Even as he did it, he was humiliated by the fact that he, a ten year old boy, was sucking his thumb in bed.


“The rest of this process should be faster,” Tom said in front of Benjamin. “The steps will be more gradual and smooth until he becomes the person that you want him to become.” Benjamin didn’t understand what they were talking about.


He sucked his thumb harder as he the noise of his parents having sex in the next room made it difficult for him to sleep.


Chapter 7


"You wet the bed!" Benjamin was awakened by Christy's angry voice. 


He sat up and rubbed his eyes before looking down to see that the bed was, indeed, quite wet. "I sorry mommy," he said.


"What kind of 10 year old wets his bed?" she asked, continuing to feign surprise.


"I'm sorry mommy," was all that Benjamin could get out. He looked down at his briefs to see that they were completely see through now that they were soaked.


She grabbed his hand and dragged him to the bathroom. Without asking, she jerked his underwear down and left him naked while she ran water in the bathtub. She was pleasantly surprised to see that he didn't immediately cover himself like he had before.


Tom walked into the doorway of the bathroom and stared. Again, Benjamin didn't hide his penis. He just looked back at Tom and said, "I'm sorry daddy."


Christy guided Benjamin into the water and gently cleaned him. "I can clean myself, mommy," he complained.


"Apparently not," she said, "if my little guy is going to wet the bed like a five year old, his mommy is going to bathe him like a five year old."


Benjamin blushed and looked down, humiliated as his entire body was scrubbed. He jumped when she touched his penis.


"Good boy," she said as she finished cleaning him. As she dried him off, she felt so horny. She was really taking care of her husband like he was a little boy, and he was letting her do it.


Tom handed her a pair of underwear. She held them close to the floor and instructed Benjamin to step into them. He followed the directions without thinking.


"What are these," he gasped as soon as she pulled them up. He had become so accustomed to being wrapped up in white briefs as a ten year old. "I can't wear these, mommy" he said.


"Do you need another spanking?" she asked. "That's what happens to little boys who don't wear their underwear."


He looked down at the new pair of briefs again. "But these undies have pictures - they look like little boys' undies." The sound of the word "undies" coming out of his mouth further humiliated him. He knew that big boys didn't call them undies.


"You must be a little boy then, Benji," she stared, expectantly. "Right my little Benji?"


"Yes mommy," he responded.


He looked at the little cartoonish dinosaurs that were printed all around the otherwise white briefs with red trim. For the first time in a couple of weeks, he felt that deep sense of humiliation to which he had become addicted. 


Christy then instructed her husband to raise his arm. She slid a bright red shirt over his head. He looked down to see a picture of a large friendly dinosaur with the words "Mommy's boy" printed in a large font immediately below it. THen, came the shorts. They were a very light grey and very short and tight - a little shorter than the average pair of boxer briefs. She held them to the floor and he stepped into them


"Now go outside and play for a little while, Benji," she instructed, "daddy and I have some business to take care of."


He looked at Tom who had already stripped down to a pair of boxer briefs. He could see the other man's erection clearly beneath the underwear. Dejected and humiliated, Benjamin walked outside.


Benjamin quickly moved to the backyard and played outside for a while, digging in the ground for worms and doing other things that he used to do when he was an actual little boy. When his wife and wife’s partner finally let him back inside, he sat down on the floor for a while and colored before Nick Jr. caught his attention. 


By the time that Christy called him for dinner, Benjamin had stripped down to his underwear. He hadn’t felt it before, but his clothing suddenly felt very hot and uncomfortable once he was inside his house. He was already beginning to like the pleasing cartoon pattern on his new undies and, in spite of himself, he was excited about the pattern that he might be able to wear tomorrow. He could hardly even remember being mortified by the underwear just that morning.


Benjamin ate steak that Tom had cut into small pieces, using his hand to pick each piece up. He had just finished dinner when Christy said that it was time for bed.


“It’s still early, mommy,” he complained.


“It’s late for a little five year old boy to be awake Benji,” she said, “you’ve got a big day tomorrow and you missed your nap today.”


“I’m not five mommy, I’m a big boy.”


Christy laughed and said, “You’re so cute Benji.” “Ok little guy, how old are you?”


Benjamin thought for a moment. “I don’t know mommy, but I know that I’m a big boy.”


“What are you wearing right now, Benji?”


“My dinosaur undies,” he answered. 


“Do big boys wear dinosaur undies?” she asked.


“No, mommy.” Benjamin looked down.


“And,” she paused, “I didn’t want to bring this up, but you did wet the bed last night.” “Do big boys wet their beds?”


“No mommy.”


“Now, get up my little boy.” She turned to Tom and said, “Will you please help little benji out of his undies.”


Without asking, Tom pulled the other man’s underwear to the floor.


“Why did you take my undies daddy?” Benjamin asked.


“Because we don’t want a mess to clean up tomorrow,” Christy explained. Christy retrieved a diaper from across the room. It was adult sized, but it clearly had been special ordered from an ABDL store because it was decorated with animal print in the front. 


“I don’t need a diapey mommy,” Benjamin explained in a panic, “I may not be a big boy, but I’m not that little mommy.”


“It’s just for the nighttime little guy.” She patted her hand softly against his naked bottom. “You don’t need a spanking, do you?”


“Ok mommy,” Benjamin said reluctantly. Like the briefs, the diaper felt surprisingly comforting as she wrapped it around his waist. Tom, who had left the room, came back with a footed sleeper. He helped Benjamin inside and sipped it closed.


“You know honey,” Christy said, turning to Tom, “I’m a little worried that he will try to take his diaper off and wet the bed again tonight.”


“I won’t mommy,” Benjamin insisted. She ignored him and sent Tom to get the “other supplies.”


Tom came back with a collar and a lock. He locked the collar around Benjamin’s neck and attached a second lock to hold the front ring and zipper together. Christy tried to pull down on the zipper to test it out, but the lock held it securely to Benjamin’s collar.


“Now you don’t have to worry about trying to unzip and take off your diaper to go potty tonight - you can just go in your diapey and stay in bed.”


“But…” Benjamin tried to object but was stopped by her finger against his lips. Resigned to his fate, he walked away to go to bed. Having just eaten dinner, Benjamin felt the urge to pee shortly after lying down. He fumbled with the zipper for several minutes, trying to pull it down. He was afraid of what might happen if he tried to sneak out of the room, but he hoped to pull the diaper off long enough to pee in the trash can. With the lock in place, the zipper remained attached to his collar and wouldn’t budge. He fumbled with the collar for another minute but it also wouldn’t budge. With no outlet, Benjamin began what many would describe as a pee pee dance, moving himself around and trying desperately not to pee.


What he didn’t know was that Cindy and Tom had placed a camera in his room. Cindy watched her husband squirm and dance around while Tom pleasured her with his tongue. She smiled when Benjamin finally stopped moving laid back down, knowing that he must have already wet his diaper. Her smile grew even larger when her helpless slave began sucking his thumb for the second night in a row. 


She couldn’t wait until the process was complete so that she could make him wet a diaper and suck his thumb as the mentally, full grown husband that she had married. If this humiliated him now, it would be that much more humiliated in a few weeks time. She just had to be patient and let Tom work his magic.


Chapter 8


Benjamin woke up and had to pee again. He continued sucking on his thumb as he further saturated his already wet diaper. The second time was easier than the first had been, even though he was worried about the diaper leaking.


Unable to remove his pajamas, Benjamin laid in his wet diaper for several minutes while he waited for Christy and Tom to wake up. He continued to suck his thumb while he looked through the pages of a picture book. The book had a few words on each of the pages. Benjamin knew that he could read, but the letter looked so hazy that he could no longer make out the words.


Christy eventually came into his room and unlocked the pajama zipper. She removed the wet diaper and helped him slip into a pair of superman underwear. They were white with blue trim and had a large superman cartoon printed across the backside. Then, Tom came into the room for another session to take Benjamin even deeper into his new role as a five year old.


Benjamin hadn’t realized that he had been asleep when he woke up. Like so many times before, he was in the back of a car. He remembered being in his underwear, but now he was fully dressed. He was wearing the same outfit that they had put him in the day before - tight and short light gray fleece shorts with a “Mommy’s Boy” shirt. 


“Benji can’t go in Wike tis, mommy,” Benjamin said when the car stopped. 


“Why little guy?” she answered, “you look cute in that outfit.”


He felt like a big boy - too big for the clothes that he was wearing. At the same time, he knew that he must be little like his mommy said. “Ok mommy,” he finally responded.


Benjamin was still very nervous when he stepped out of the car. They walked into a fast food restaurant. Benjamin quickly began to dance around. He hadn’t felt the urge to pee in the moment before - it hit him all at once with an overwhelming force. He felt like he was going to burst right in the middle of the restaurant. 


“I need to go pee pee, mommy,” he exclaimed. He had tried to whisper, but he found that he was having a tough time controlling his volume. He continued to dance around, one hand grasping at his package to try to hold in the pee.


“Take my hand, little guy,” Tom said. He walked Benjamin to the bathroom. Benjamin ran to a urinal and quickly dropped his pants and underwear down to his ankles. He didn’t realize that he had left his ass completely exposed until he had nearly finished peeing.


“I can’t bewieve that I did that, daddy,” he complained as he was washing his hands. He didn’t understand what was going on with his body, but he felt like he was losing control. 


“Did what Benji?” Tom asked


“I puwd my cwose down and evweeone could see my bottom.”


“Don’t worry about that at all little guy,” Tom patted Benjamin’s head. “People are used to seeing little boys pee like that - it’s not a problem at all.”


“Ok daddy,” Benjamin said before scampering out of the bathroom. He quickly found Christy and sat down to eat his chicken nugget kids meal.

“What dat?” he asked, pointing.


“It’s your sippy cup Benji,” she answered, “remember that you always drink from that so that you don’t spill anything.”


Benjamin paused. That couldn’t be right. He didn’t remember drinking from a sippy cup before. “I don need a sippy.” he complained.


“Yes you do Benji.” “I honestly don’t know what has gotten into you lately.”


He made a pouty face for a moment before picking up his cup and taking a drink. 

Chapter 9


A month later


Benjamin crawled around on the floor, sucking furiously on an oversized pacifier as he followed Christy around the room. He had spent the last month as a baby with his adult and big kid mental state completely wiped away. He couldn’t talk except for a few very basic words. He could walk, but he found that he preferred to crawl around the floor instead. Having been transitioned completely to diapers, he hadn’t used a toilet in a couple of weeks. He was the size of an adult man, but in every other way, he was a baby.


Chrisy led her husband into the living room, excited about the next course of events. Today, she would see the payoff of her hard work. Everything that had been done, was intended to make Benjamin into her ideal, no limits slave. She and Tom would have complete control, and Benjamin would have no choice but to obey every command that they gave him. 


The regression had been fun when Benjamin was between stages and still humiliated. Once he accepted his new age, however, it became less enjoyable for Christy. She liked seeing him squirm and knowing that she had the power to put him in his place. While she liked owning her own, helpless adult baby, the fact that he also thought that he was a baby made the whole thing less fun. Today would fix all of that. She had carefully cleaned her husband up and dressed him in his adult clothes, hoping that he wouldn’t have an accident before Tom started the procedure.


Tom was able to put Benjamin under with a few simple words. Benjamin was so under Tom’s control that he was more subject to suggestion than ever before. Tom went through the process of delivering the final protocols of Benjamin’s age regression training and immediately woke the poor man up.


Benjamin awoke as an adult for the first time in over two months. All of the events of the last two months hit him all at once. He saw himself as he went through the regression process as if it had all been a dream.


“Is the session over, Dr. Miller?” Benjamin asked, rubbing his eyes. 


Dr. Miller smiled and answered, “No Benji, I’m afraid that we are just beginning.” He thoughtfully continued, “The hypnosis session is over, but I’m afraid that the reality that it started is just beginning.”


Benjamin was about to ask what the doctor had meant when Christy said, “Babies cry for their moms in the morning.” Benjamin didn’t understand what was happening until it was already done. He quickly reverted back to a baby. He moved to a crawling position on the floor and craned his neck up to look at the other two adults. Tom had moved next to Christy and placed his arm around her waist.


It was all true, he thought. Everything that he thought that he had dreamed had actually happened. The difference this time was that he was very much aware of what he was doing and what was going on around him. He felt urine trickle down his leg as he involuntarily drained his bladder. It was like he was a passenger in his own body. He could see, hear, and feel everything, but could control nothing. He knew that he as a grown adult, but he was pissing himself like a baby. 


“Pathi?” was all that he could say. Christy stuck the pacifier into his mouth. He sucked furiously as she began to explain the plans that she had for her new slave.


She started by explaining that she had found out about his fetish-based search history. Then, she played tapes that had been recorded during the first hypnosis session - tapes of him admitting that he wanted to be controlled. “You’ve got control now, little baby, complete control,” she said firmly, “and there’s nothing that you can do about it.” “Tom, the real man who has become my lover, has implanted various triggers throughout this process.” “With a simple series of words, I can make you act like any of the ages that we passed through on the way to your baby phase.”


Benjamin continued to suck hard on the paci. He could feel a rumbling sensation in his stomach. He desperately hoped that he would be able to “grow back up” before something else came out.


Christy continued talking. “Honestly, I think that we will spend a lot of time with you as my adult slave - you may still be in diapers, but that’s because I like that they humiliate you.” “You will be a complete, no limits slave, however, because you know what happens if you disobey even a little bit.” “I say a few words and you spend the next week, month, or year as a baby, completely aware as you are now, but unable to stop yourself from being humiliated.” 


“Now for the fun part, Benji,” she said, smiling. “I’m about to let you become an adult again.” “The only catch is that, until I wake up tomorrow, you will continue to act like a baby.” “Even though you have the choice, you will continue to crawl on the floor, continue to use single word baby talk, and continue wetting and messing your diaper as you have been doing for the last two weeks.” “If Tom and I can ever tell that you’ve “grown up” before tomorrow, I’ll regress you for another week and make sure that your friends see you like this.”

She looked intently at Benjamin and said, “Baby, it’s time to grow back up.” He immediately felt himself regain control of his own body. He desperately wanted to stand up and clean himself and act like an adult again. Instead, he remained on the floor and sucked his pacifier, desperately hoping to avoid being turned back into a helpless adult baby. 


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