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Forgetful masturbation (Remaster)

by jacob_maroon

Chapter 1

Just a heads up before reading.


This is in gender neutral. The script is NSFW, containing suggestions of stripping off clothing, masturbating, and ever-so-slight amnesia. It's best to read this in a safe place where you won't be disturbed for a while.


 Other than that this script DOES NOT contain any hypnotic suggestions that intend to harm the reader physically or mentally and WILL NOT change them in any way they don't wish. 


It is a simple script with harmless suggestions that are for recreational purposes only. I also recommend this as a text to speech file rather than be just read.








Just make yourself comfortable and listen to my voice now. just separate your hands, and let them lie loosely by your sides. Your legs should be uncrossed but if you feel you need to move just slightly now and again, that is fine.


You don't have to be absolutely still. just be comfortable and relax the whole body as much as you can. Now I want you to take deep breaths at your own comfortable pace. Breathing in and out slowly. Just allowing your whole body to relax.


Keep listening quietly to the sound of my voice. You'll be aware of those other sounds. Sounds inside the building, sounds from outside, maybe passing traffic, but these won't disturb you. In fact they all help to relax you, because just for now the world outside is absolutely unimportant to you. 


The only sound you are interested in is the sound of my voice in your head. And while you are listening to the sound of my voice. I want you to concentrate for a moment on your breathing. breathing slowly and steadily and evenly. Just as if you were trying to convince somebody that you were absolutely sound asleep.


And as you breathe out each time, just allow your whole body to relax more and more so that you gradually find yourself feeling as if your whole body is sinking further and further into the bed with each breath you take. Now you can just listen quietly to the sound of my voice in your head.


And of course you'll be aware of all these other sounds too, but you will not be disturbed by them. Just allow yourself to be as lazy as you could ever want to be. And while you are listening to the sound of my voice in your head, you can just simply allow yourself to be as lazy as you could ever want to be. As lazy as you could ever want to be. Good, now while you are relaxing there in bed, you can just be aware of your body, aware of your hands where they rest, perhaps noticing the angle of your elbows and maybe sensing the weight of your head against the pillow. 


And you know that weight might seem to just gently increase as you allow yourself to relax more and more. Just being aware of your ankles and feet now and wondering if they will start to feel heavy. As you relax thinking about your breathing, for a few moments notice that your breathing is becoming slower and steadier. As you relax more and more, slower and steadier. Breathing so steadily and evenly just as though you were pretending to be sound asleep. Breathing so evenly so steadily, you almost wouldn't disturb a feather just immediately in front of you. 


Breathing so easily and slowly so gently that you almost wouldn't disturb a single strand of a feather placed right in front of you. And as you allow yourself to relax even more now, I wonder if you can perhaps sense the beating of your own heart. Sensing the beat of your own heart and just seeing whether you can use the power of your mind to slow that heartbeat down just a touch. Just seeing whether you can use the power of your mind to slow that heartbeat down just a little so that you can feel your whole body slowing down. Becoming lazier and lazier. because you've got absolutely nothing whatsoever to do except to relax.




Nobody wants anything. Nobody is expecting anything. So you can allow your whole body to continue to relax and become steadier and easier until it's just taking over like a well-maintained machine. Just taking over smoothly, easily, quietly and comfortably. So that you can gradually become more aware of your whole self. Aware of your hands and arms relaxing. Aware of your legs and feet relaxing.


Again, just sensing how relaxed they might be and wondering if it's possible to relax them even more now. To be so in touch with yourself that you can actually get your whole body relaxed even more now, yet remaining totally alert and noticing how now even your face muscles can begin to really relax. Relaxing and letting go of the

tensions that were there. Almost, but not completely unnoticed. Just being vaguely aware of the skin and the muscles of your face settling. 


Smoothing out the good feeling. Wondering just how long all the tension had been there. Where it all came from in the first place and then realizing that you simply couldn't care less, because you can feel it draining away from you now. And that feels good and as you continue to sense the beating of your heart. You wonder at the fact that you are so absolutely relaxed and comfortable that you simply can't be bothered to even try to move even one single muscle.


Even though you know you easily could if you wanted to. I know that you easily could if you wanted to. But you simply can't be bothered to. Allowing yourself to just be relaxed and relaxing even more now. As lazy and relaxed as anyone could ever wish to be. I wonder if you can now manage to relax even more even though you are already as relaxed as possible.


Just finding the last tiny traces of tension in your body and simply letting them go with every gentle breath you breathe. Allowing every muscle, every fiber, every cell of your entire body to be as beautifully relaxed as anyone could ever wish to be. you are continuing to relax even more now. You continue to become more comfortable. This is your own world that you like very much. Relaxing and feeling very comfortable and serene. 


Continue enjoying this pleasant experience as your subconscious mind is receiving everything I tell you. Listen very carefully to my voice and imagine and accept my words.


As you relax there, in your comfortable little world. A feeling is starting to take hold of you. A feeling of arousal. This arousal feels so good and you want it to continue to grow. This arousal is making you very horny. Very horny to the point where you want to masturbate, but you can't. Not yet.


Soon you will wake up from this trance, but you will be doing some things first. I am going to count up from 1 to 10. When I reach 10, Will take off your clothes piece by piece until you are completely. After that, you will then masturbate until you orgasm. When you orgasm, you will awaken from this trance.


Something will happen when you orgasm though. Because as soon as you orgasm, you will completely forget everything that has happened in this trance, including stripping naked and masturbating. You will wake up to see yourself naked, but you will be confused, and also slightly aroused.


After you have awoken from trance, you may dress yourself back up and continue the rest of the day as normal.


Counting up now. 


























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