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Wife revenge

by eaglenest

Chapter 2 Revenge

WTF. I went from not needing to pee to a total bladder failure in less than 5 seconds. I now stand here in wet blue jeans in a pee puddle of my own making. If that is not embarrassing enough I am getting rock hard and horny( I am not small  ). It time to make my way out of the Home depot. Most people are into they own thing but some people do notice, and every time I hear that guy just pissed his pants it turn me on even more. Finally the exit but as I am leaving a couple is entering the store and I hear the women calling me a prevert. I had all I could do not to pull it out and service it right then and there. It took all my will power to keep walking.

What did that witch do to me ? 

I made it to my car and had no choice to take care of my need. I pull to the back of the parking lot and after 20 or 30 seconds exploded like I never orgasm before. I did not think it was possible for a person to produce so much goo. There was goo on my windshield, on the dashboard over the seat on the floor the steering wheel, the back of my hand. While it was one of my most embarrassing experiences at the some time it was very awesome too.

Time to find out what is happening to me.


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