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Kylie Gets Padded

by villesvill

Chapter 1

A girl with brownish red hair and wearing red high heels and a red vest with a white undershirt with a light blue skirt walks into Mr. Smith's office one day. The girl's name is Kylie. "You called for me Mr. Smith?" Kylie asked.

"Why in fact I did, why don't you take a seat." Mr. Smith said

Kylie did as she was told but as she was about to Mr. Smith stopped her. "Oh no, take a seat on my desk and let me give you a once in a lifetime offer."

"Um why do you want me to take a seat on your desk?" Kylie asked a bit confused as she was about to back away a woman with blond hair and dress in a light purple button up shirt and black pants. Came from behind her and pulled Kylie to Mr. Smith's desk and lifted her up onto it before Kylie had time to figure out what was going on.

"Now Kylie forgive me for this weird introduction, but I know you’re not a big fan of being an adult and all the responsibilities that comes with it.” Mr. Smith said as Kylie goes back and forth between a confused and afraid looks at Mr. Smith as the woman behind her shoves a nipple of a bottle filled with formula into her mouth.

Kylie then goes wide eyed then looks into space for a moment then thinks to herself as Mr. Smith says “So how about this. You let us try a few of our magical/science experimental products out on you and we will grant your wishes. So how about that? All you need to do is sign this contract.” Mr. Smith holds a piece of paper and hands Kylie a magical pen and Kylie then signs the contract without even hesitating for a moment.

Right as she was lifting her hand up from the paper, her skirt turned into a blanky and was placed into her left hand and a thick white disposable diaper with animal paw prints in pink stamped all over it had taken the place of her panties. Finally fur began to cover her whole body as two cat ears sprang up out of the top of her head along with a cat tail from her diapered bottom. And somewhere in Kylier head she thought "What have I done, but oh this feels so good and so right. I think I’ll give this a try." She finished her thoughts as she drank care free from the bottle.



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