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Baader-Meinhoff Phenomenon and Amateur Tim (m/m?) (1/?)

by Jeshi

Baader-Meinhoff Phenomenon and Amateur Tim (m/m?) (1/?)

Every since I learned about the Baader-Meinhoff Phenomenon, I seemed to be encountering it quite a bit. Appropriate, since the Baader-Meinhoff Phenomenon is when you learn about something new then seem to encounter it way more often than you ever did before.
It started out a little things, I'd learn about Calvinism and then see it mentioned in five different books. I'd go Haha, that's the Baader-Meinhoff Phenomenon then move on. I knew that it hadn't been proven to be any sort of real thing. I knew that what it probably was is that you just didn't realize how often you've encountered something until you know what it is, and that you've been encountering it just as often before, but then it started to make my life really awkward.
I didn't want everyone I knew to know that I had a hypnosis fetish. Hypnosis itself isn't that common a subject that it doesn't come up enough for anyone to notice me acting weirdly around it. It's just a concept that everyone knows exists but probably doesn't think about much. I thought that if I just played dumb when it came up that nobody would think Boy, Jeffery sure does know a lot about hypnosis for some reason, but then the Baader-Meinhoff Phenomenon came up once again.
One day, while eating lunch, my friend Charlotte just sort of mentioned out of nowhere that she was hypnotized once. It wasn't even recent, just that one time she had been in a stage hypnosis show. I didn't want to hear about it, but of course everyone else was instantly interested. She went on to describe how she only remembered some parts of it and that people who were there always told her that she did things she was sure she wouldn't have done. I resisted the urge to explain things she found curious pretty easily.
But then Tim mentioned that he actually knew how to hypnotize people. How way back when he was in a boarding school his girlfriend at the time had been into it, she hypnotized him, had her fun, then taught him how to do the same. His girlfriend transferred, and afterward he came to be known as a hypnotist. He didn't make a show of it when he was in college but he kept in the practice, helping his roommate deal with stress and other minor things.
Charlotte's thunder was completely stolen. Everyone at the table was asking Tim about hypnosis, how it works and why. He wasn't that knowledgeable, he understand how to do it but not the reasons why. He didn't know nearly as much as I did. He didn't understand that it was just a tool of psychology or that you could achieve far more than stress relief and stage hypnosis tricks if you took your time. I resisted the urge still to correct him.
Eventually the conversation turned to something else and the day went on, but then I encountered the Baader-Meinhoff Phenomenon. Time and time again the topic of Tim knowing hypnosis kept coming up. I'm sure it wasn't actually that often or that frequent, but that I just noticed it more when it was brought up. The more it was brought up the more I felt the itch to do something about it, but I was conflicted on what exactly I wanted to do.
I could have pretended to get mad about it, to take the Christian approach and tell him to shut up and call it immoral; I could have corrected him more and revealed that for some strange reason I was a lot more knowledgeable; or I could give in to my desires and ask him to hypnotize me, to let him have some fun and entertain the crowds. The first option seemed hypocritical but the second two options would be risky. If I got an erection while I was under then I probably wouldn't think to hide it and everyone would see.
Luckily or not, the decision was made for me one night at a party, celebrating Charlotte's birthday. I was a designated driver, so of course I didn't drink, but that didn't mean everyone else at the party wasn't at least a little tipsy (except for my fellow designated drivers, of course.).
Charlotte brought up that Tim was an amateur hypnotist, she wanted him to hypnotize someone so she could see it from the other end. She wanted to see whether it was even possible that she had done all those things she'd apparently done during that stage hypnosis show.
Nobody volunteered, so someone behind me pushed me forward. Whether I liked it or not, Tim was going to hypnotize me, in front of all of my colleagues.
Relax relax, metaphors about limbs becoming limp and heavy like lead or fifty ton weights, counting down using a metaphor of a staircase or an elevator, deeper and deeper and deeper, creating a loop between feeling more relaxed and going down deeper.
I was already in trance at the beginning, I happened to already have a trigger phrase which was used towards the beginning of the script. I was already very very deep before he started to deviate from the script, by then I was too deep to notice.
I was too deep to notice that his version of the script started to introduce topics of obedience and pleasure, he probably didn't realize this wasn't a basic part of hypnosis. He conditioned me to always follow his commands, in and out of trance; He told me that I would always find his voice soothing, in and out of trance; and then he told me that anytime he said sleep that I would fall back into trance for him.
He woke me up, used the trigger, and repeated a few times. I heard the crowd ooh and aah but I was too deep to care. He gave the typical stage suggestions about the crowd's noises being unimportant and that they only helped me go deeper. I was completely focused, I lost sense of my surroundings, and I was so completely aroused.
"So, what should I do with him?" said Tim to the crowd.
"Make him bark like a dog!" shouted a woman.
"Make him cluck like a chicken!" shouted a man.
"MAKE HIM TAKE HIS CLOTHES OFF!" shouted another man, slurring his words and speaking way too loudly compared to everyone else.
"Now Jeffery, in a moment I am going to count to three and wake you up, and when I do, I want you to find that any time I say speak you are going to have an irresistible urge to bark like a dog. It will come naturally to you, like a reflex, like swatting a fly or sneezing. You can try to resist, but it won't work. The harder you try to resist, the stronger the urge becomes. One, Two, Three, Wide awake!" said Tim.
I opened my eyes and stretched my arms a bit. Everyone grew quiet.
"So, how do you feel?" said Tim.
"Pretty good," I said. Tim looked to the crowd, then he looked back at me.
"Speak," he said. I barked. It was loud and immediate, I had barely even noticed I'd done it until I heard the noise. There were a few giggles from the crowd.
"What was that?" said Tim. I shrugged.
"Did you speak just then?" I barked in the middle of his sentence. A few more chuckles from the crowd. Following the order to bark felt better than the crowd found it funny. Tim wasn't satisfied though.
"I think I'll skip the chicken," he said to the crowd, He snapped his fingers.
"Sleep," and once again I was out like a light. He took away the dog trigger and rubbed my shoulder a bit as he spoke.
"Now, once again I'm going to count to three and wake you up, and when I do, you will find that you are no longer Jeffery Dutton. You are now," he paused for a moment "Danny Dangler, the best male stripper in the entire world. The crowd is your audience and you just got a huge tip. It's raining bills and you're gonna put on a real good show. You'll feel perfectly comfortable giving the best strip tease ever seen, and you won't stop dancing until every single article clothing is off of your body, or until I tell you once again to sleep. One, two, three, eyes open, wide awake."
The room looked exactly the same as before, but this time it was definitely a stage. I saw all of my colleagues in the crowd, the men and the women, but I only believed that there were men in the crowd. Hot sexy men I'd never met before that I wanted to give the best show of their lives.
I didn't even bother teasing with the shirt, I whipped it right off and threw it into the crowd. I gyrated and thrusted as I slowly undid my belt, which also went into the crowd. I undid my button, unzipped my fly, and slowly, slowly, pulled down my trousers.
The guys were hooping and hollering. I heard a few cat-calls and the crowd was laughing their asses off. To me, this was a reasonable response, it meant that they were enjoying the show. I heard Tim mutter more stuff to me but I hardly payed attention. Stuff about the laughter just being signs that the audience was getting more aroused by my performance. Of course that's what it meant, he didn't need to tell me twice.
Someone threw a five dollar bill in my direction, so I threw my trousers back at him and stuffed the bill under the waistline of my boxer-briefs. They all saw my bulge, they saw it and they wanted it. I danced and danced. The crowd grew more and more excited and it started to rain bills. I was about to pull down my briefs when I heard Tim snap his fingers and I felt him catching me as I collapsed to the floor.
The rest of the night went fine. Nobody could find my clothes, so Tim gave me suggestions that for the rest of the night I would stay in my box-briefs and feel perfectly comfortable about it. He told me I wasn't supposed to remember, but I did, sorta. I was perfectly aware that he had hypnotized me to do it, but whenever I tried to think hard about it, my mind just sort of slipped to something else.
People kept looking down, but I didn't mind. It felt too good to actually be following suggestions given by a real live hypnotist, I was incredibly aroused and I didn't care who noticed.
Charlotte was asking some people if she was walking around in her underwear after she was hypnotized, and she didn't trust the answers she was given.
People paired up as the night went on and in the end I only had to give a ride to one person that night, Tim, who perfectly understood why I was driving his drunk ass home in my underwear.
What I'd completely forgotten about though, and what would come to affect my future way more drastically than everyone at the party seeing me half-nude, was Tim's original suggestions about obeying his commands in trance and out. And when we got back to Tim's apartment, I discovered that Tim made a bossy drunk.
But that's a different, more intimate story than I'm willing to tell right now.


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