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by Shadowface


I woke up.
Where am I?
I jumped out and looked around.
It was a room, I had never seen. Mirrors were stuck to its walls and its ceiling was incredibly high. No entrance, no exit and no windows.


No words could be spoken.
I took a good look around the room again.
The room was round and the ceiling was so high that I could hardly see it. I felt as if I were at the bottom of a cylinder.
Many cushions surrounded the floor, just like chairs.
I had a good look at myself in the mirror.
Yes. The same old me. I am exactly as I was.
I had been wearing a crew cut for long and worn the same old unfashionable school uniform. I noticed I still wore my own shoes.
Then I was attacked by the feeling of wrongness that I had been feeling for some time. It was the floor; it felt soft like it was all covered with cushions. Strictly speaking, it has certain hardness so that you felt a little pain when you lie directly on it.
Where the hell am I?
That did not seem real to me. Quite needless to say that. It was so surrealistic to think real. It had to be a dream.
There was a reason to believe it real when I was walking around.
I sat down on the cushions forming a chair against the mirrors.
Looking around the room again, it seemed asymmetrically set and made so that they might not face each other, which I felt so elaborately. Nevertheless, no matter how much you might try to make yourself at home, you had to see yourself in the mirrors. Very strange.
Artificial lights kept on lighting.
No sound was heard.
Where… where the hell am I?
What the hell had I been doing before I came here?
I was getting back my memory little by little.
I had been to school as usual. Yes, I had memory of the first class this morning.
But now I woke up to find myself in this room…


Something is wrong with my body. What's up? I feel the wrongness in my chest.
I looked down at my chest to find something unbelievable.
Thus far I had seen part of my body quivered by a muscular twitch against my will. However, I had never come across what I was now facing.
My… my chest was getting swollen and inflated.

“Wah… aaah!”

I unconsciously screamed out. Still and the change was going on.
My chest was changing to two round bowls whose tops are nipples… yes, like female boobs…
Not sparing time to unbutton my school uniform, I jerked it open to expose my chest.

“Ah… ahhhh!”

My breasts were clearly seen through my long-sleeved sport shirt… including their own tips.
What? What's goin' on? My chest has turned female?
Reflexively I massaged them.


I found them sensitive, which surely proved to be mine. M-moreover…
I dared to touch the tips of my breasts.



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