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Guess What

by urhaf

Chapter 1

I didn't know I could do any of this. What is that? Suck cock. Have sex with another guy. Take and receive. But mostly and most importantly: Enjoy it! Hell I have caught myself craving it!?

I lost my job a year ago so I signed up for a free seminar being held at the library by Act Temp Pays which is an employment service. The first day of class I am sitting there listening to the speaker and he turns, looks me in the eye and says, "Is that what you WANT to do Joel?" Holly shit wha? I was startled yet charged with some weird sexual tension. Like I had mentioned I never thought of having sex with another guy let alone fantasized about it!

Somehow after a good five minutes ( it seemed ) of squirming it passed. We were given a 10 minute break. I had to pee so I went to the bathroom. Walked up to the urinal, unzipped reach in my pants and am greeted by quite the mess. It seems I was turned on by the incident because I had a boxer brief full of precum. I lifted my hand to get a better look and who do you think walks into the bathroom but Mr. Larson, the class instructor who asked me that question. 'Fuuuc...'

"Mmmm. I don't know if I should be jealous or turned on but I'm going with both!" Mr Larson said followed by his eyes roaming my body.

'Fuck dude! Stripping me?'

What was that? My brain was talking like I was fucking gay? Obviously, I blushed put my head down and scurried the hell out of there.

I got a coffee and sat back down. Mr. Larson walks back saying we needed to get started. As he is walking up the aisle he "drops" a piece of paper that has one thing written on it. It was a phone number. His phone number! Mr Larson gets back to the front of the class I look up. He is starring at me! He winks turns to start writing on the white board.

'I'm going to fucking lose it!" I took a couple deep breaths. Maybe I was the problem because I was getting worked up about all this and maybe there was no "all this" there!? Really? then why the phone number Einstein? He is hitting on you! Are you blind?'

So lets recap: Teacher hitting on me, my dick liking it leaking precum and I am getting torched by my inner voice!! Not a good day!

Somehow...Things settle down and we are at the end of class. The first weird as shit day of class!! I couldn't imagine getting through three weeks of this bullshit. I didn't want to tempt fate so eyes looking at my feet I rushed out into the lobby and out the front door.

Since I'm broke and my car battery died I walked but it was six blocks-no biggie. After not a block a gyt pulls over rolling down his passenger window, Hey You are Joel right? We used to work together at Reclaim and now we're in that class! I was a couple rows behind you. I thought I recognized you but..." he says. I look and sure enough its a guy named Steve. I smile. He asks me whats going on. I rattle off the car excuse for walking. He offers me a ride home so I hop in. We joke about our previous job. He then says, " I totally forgot but I have to stop over at this guys house on the way." No problem.

The guys place is like four blocks from mine. We pull up and Steve shuts the car off. "Come in with me you can meet him." I try to say I'll just wait in the car but Steve won't have it. I reluctantly agree and we walk in the front door. Sitting with his one leg over the same arm of the chair is this dude with those short gym class type shorts on. Not too strange. Its summer. Who cares right? We're introduced and we sit on the couch kind of across from him.

" Watz up..New kid u cool?" I guess he is talking to me.

" Ya I'm cool."

Steve starts laughing this nervous sounding laugh. My eyes dart from Steve to dude.

"Coool cool..." the dude gets up waving us to the kitchen a couple rooms in. "Since we're all cool..." he waves over some fucking pretty health lines on the table. "Ever meet T?" T? I look blankly over at Steve.

" Mmm didn't expect rails!" and Steve grabs something and the next thing I see is Steve making short order out of two of those lines! Dude grabs the pipe/tube thing and does two more. We are now standing in a room full of smoke. They are quiet. Dude turns to me handing the rail. I guess its my turn. Not wanting to look like a puss I did what I saw them do. I put the rail just above the line and...Whouuush! I held it like they did and blew out the smoke. I coughed a little but not like I never smoked before...which I fucking hadn't. I had a little more confidence going into the second line. I didn't feel afraid and Whouuuushed again!

We all laughed. "Excellent!" dude exclaimed. Steve walked over to the far side of the table. I noticed a bag and money exchanged. Steve gives dude a hug. I realize we are leaving reach over shake dudes hand telling him later.

Funny thing he answer, "Yes you will new dude." I tried not to look like I had no idea what was going today and headed out the door behind Steve.Hopping in the car I start feeling something. My nipples are hard as a rock and fucking aching like hell. My cock had started rustling. Steve got in immediately noticed I was getting hard and reach over grabbing my crotch! I arched up saying a half hearted, "Wh-what are you doing man."

"Thought you wanted a lil help with that..." and he started to pull his hand away.. I'm going to tell you that I was high and could seriously now feel it. This one moment would forever stick in my mind. I kind of jumped again grabbing Steve's hand putting it back on my now crowded crotch. I didn't sit there doing the "I'm not gay" speech or any of that. I just remember I wanted his hand there. While Steve was smiling and squeezing me through my basketball shorts again I completely shocked myself and started pulling down my shorts lifting my ass to do it.

We were on a really dead side street so Steve leans over and takes the head in his mouth. My fucking gawd!!I rolled my eyes back and just let it ride! Best blow job I think or can ever remember having! I bit my lip trying as hard as I could not to make some embarrassing sound. I still managed a healthy and prolonged moan as I released surprising Steve.I was in bliss and was immediately embarrassed but felt some kind of remorse and sympathy for Steve so I moved towards him telling him it was okay kissing him sweetly tasting my own cum in the process.

Holly shit...

WTF...There is more but it will wait for the next part


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