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Emilly and Sam

by arth

Chapter 1

Sarah had always been a curious soul. She was not content with the ordinary, and sought out experiences that challenged her perceptions of the world. So when she stumbled upon an advertisement for a hypnosis clinic that promised to transform individuals into the opposite gender, she was immediately intrigued.


At first, she hesitated. The idea of being hypnotized to become a man seemed like something out of a science fiction novel. But the more she thought about it, the more excited she became. The prospect of experiencing life from a completely different perspective was too enticing to resist.


After some careful consideration, Sarah made an appointment at the clinic. She arrived at the nondescript building on a quiet street, feeling a mix of nervousness and excitement. The hypnotist, a soft-spoken man with kind eyes, explained the process to her and assured her that she was in safe hands. Sarah took a deep breath and allowed herself to be hypnotized.


As she drifted into a trance-like state, Sarah felt her consciousness slip away. When she awoke, she was stunned to find that she was no longer Sarah – she was now Sam, a man in his mid-20s with dark hair and a strong jawline. She looked down at her body in disbelief, running her hands over her new form. It felt strange and exhilarating at the same time.


Sam spent the next few days adjusting to his new identity. He marveled at how different the world looked through the eyes of a man. He walked taller, spoke with more confidence, and felt a newfound sense of freedom. But there was one thing that remained unchanged – his feelings for Emily, a friend he had known since childhood.


Emily was a kind and gentle soul, with a radiant smile that could light up a room. Sam had always been secretly in love with her, but as Sarah, he had never found the courage to confess his feelings. Now, as Sam, he felt emboldened to take a chance.


One day, Sam mustered up the courage to invite Emily out for coffee. As they sat across from each other, sipping their drinks, Sam found himself lost in her eyes. He felt a surge of emotion welling up inside him, and before he could stop himself, he blurted out, "Emily, I love you."


Emily's eyes widened in surprise. She looked at Sam with a mixture of confusion and curiosity. "Sam, what do you mean?" she asked.


Sam took a deep breath and confessed his true identity to Emily. He told her about the hypnotism, and how he had been transformed into a man. To his relief, Emily seemed intrigued rather than frightened. She reached out and held his hand, a smile playing on her lips.


"I never would have guessed," Emily said softly. "But Sam, I have to admit...I've always had feelings for you too."


Sam's heart soared with hope. Could it be possible that Emily felt the same way about him, regardless of his gender? He couldn't believe his luck. From that moment on, Sam and Emily became inseparable. They went on long walks in the park, shared deep conversations, and laughed together like old friends.


But as their relationship deepened, Sam began to struggle with his own identity. He felt torn between his new life as a man and his past as a woman. He wondered if Emily truly loved him for who he was, or if she was simply drawn to the novelty of their situation.


One evening, as they sat on a park bench watching the sun set, Sam poured out his heart to Emily. He confessed his fears and insecurities, his longing to be accepted for who he truly was. Emily listened with a compassionate expression, her eyes filled with understanding.


"Sam, I love you for who you are, not for what you appear to be," Emily said gently. "Your gender doesn't define you – your heart does. And in my heart, you will always be Sarah, the person I fell in love with a long time ago."


Sam felt a weight lift off his shoulders. He realized that Emily's love was unconditional, transcending the boundaries of gender. With her by his side, he felt free to be himself, no matter what form he took. And in that moment, he knew that his transformation had been a gift, leading him to a deep and profound love that he never could have imagined.


As the sun dipped below the horizon, Sam took Emily's hand in his and whispered, "I love you, Emily. And I will always be grateful for the day I became Sam, because it brought me to you."


And so, Sarah's journey of transformation led her to a new beginning, where love transcended all boundaries and genders became irrelevant in the face of true connection. And as the stars glittered overhead, Sam and Emily knew that they had found a love that was as boundless as the universe itself.

The two continued their journey through the haunted forest, unaware of the danger that lurked around every corner. As they walked deeper into the darkness, the air grew thicker and colder, sending shivers down their spines.


Suddenly, they stumbled upon a clearing in the forest, where a mysterious figure stood waiting for them. The figure was cloaked in black, with piercing eyes that seemed to glow in the darkness. As the friends approached cautiously, they realized that the figure was a hypnotist, with a wicked smile on his face.


"Welcome, my dear travelers," the hypnotist greeted them, his voice dripping with malice. "I have been waiting for you."


The friends felt a sense of unease wash over them, as if they were being drawn into his sinister trap. But before they could turn and run, the hypnotist raised his hand and locked eyes with them, sending them into a trance.


"Look into my eyes," he commanded, his voice echoing in their minds. "You are now under my control."


The friends felt their bodies grow stiff and numb, unable to move or speak. They were at the mercy of the hypnotist, who cackled with delight at his newfound power.


"Now, you will do as I say," the hypnotist declared, his eyes glowing with an otherworldly light. "You will be my loyal servants, obeying my every command without question."


The friends tried to resist, to fight against the hypnotist's hold on them, but it was no use. Their minds were clouded by his dark magic, unable to break free from the trance he had placed them under.


For days on end, the friends wandered the forest under the hypnotist's control, their bodies moving like puppets on a string. They were forced to do his bidding, to carry out his twisted commands without hesitation.


But as time wore on, a sense of dread crept into their hearts, as they realized the true extent of the hypnotist's evil intentions. He was using them as pawns in his dark game, manipulating them for his own sinister purposes.


As the days turned into weeks, the friends grew weaker and more exhausted, their bodies drained of all energy. The hypnotist forced them to do his bidding, to commit unspeakable acts of cruelty and violence in his name.


And then, one fateful night, the hypnotist revealed his ultimate plan for the friends. He ordered them to sacrifice each other in a twisted ritual, to offer up their lives as a blood offering to the dark forces that he served.


The friends were horrified at the thought of betraying each other, of ending the lives of the ones they had sworn to protect. But they were powerless to resist, trapped in a nightmare from which they could not awaken.


As the hypnotist laughed maniacally, the friends raised their weapons and prepared to strike. But in that moment of desperation, a glimmer of hope shone through the darkness.


With the last vestiges of their willpower, the friends fought back against the hypnotist's hold, breaking free from the trance that had ensnared them for so long. They turned on the hypnotist, their eyes filled with rage and determination.


With a mighty roar, they charged at the hypnotist, their weapons swinging with a newfound strength. The hypnotist tried to stop them, to regain control over their minds, but it was too late.


The friends struck him down with a final blow, banishing his dark influence from their lives forever. They stood victorious, their bodies battered and bruised, but their spirits unbroken.


And as the sun rose over the haunted forest, the friends vowed to never again fall prey to the darkness that had almost consumed them. They walked out of the forest together, stronger and wiser for having faced the ultimate test of their friendship.


But little did they know that the hypnotist's curse still lingered within them, a shadow that would haunt them for the rest of their days. And as they walked away from the forest, a sense of unease settled in their hearts, knowing that they would never truly escape the evil that had touched their souls.


The friends had survived their ordeal, but at what cost? The darkness had left its mark on them, a stain that could never be washed away. And as they wandered into the unknown, a sense of dread filled their hearts, for they knew that the hypnotist's curse would always be a part of them, a reminder of the evil that lurked within us all.


And so, their story ended not with a triumphant victory, but with a quiet acceptance of the darkness that dwelled within them. And as they faded into the shadows, the friends knew that they would forever be cursed by the hypnotist's spell, condemned to wander the world as pawns in a game that was beyond their control.

Some years lather, in a casual walk, Sam noticed something strange in the woods, before she can noticed, her eyes have shut down, the man have come back, the hypnotist was angry  and without hesitation put both Sam and Emilly over his control again, this time more powerfull than ever.

As Emily and Sam sat there, still under the control of the hypnotist's spell, their expressions blank and empty, they were now completely at his mercy. The hypnotist grinned in satisfaction, knowing that he now held complete power over their minds.


He continued to manipulate them, giving them commands and watching with delight as they obediently carried them out without question. Their actions were robotic and mechanical, as if they were no longer capable of independent thought.


Hours passed, and the hypnotist reveled in his newfound control over his captives. He made them perform increasingly bizarre and humiliating tasks, enjoying the sight of their vacant stares as they carried them out without hesitation.


As the hypnotist finally released them from his trance, Emily and Sam awoke, their memories hazy and confused. They had no recollection of what had transpired while they were under his control, but they could sense that something was terribly wrong.


They tried to shake off the lingering effects of the hypnosis, but the feeling of being under someone else's control lingered in the back of their minds. They couldn't shake the feeling of helplessness that had consumed them during their time as the hypnotist's mindless slaves.


Despite their best efforts, they found themselves unable to resist his commands, no matter how hard they tried. They were trapped in a nightmarish cycle of domination and submission, their wills completely at the mercy of the hypnotist.


And as they realized the extent of their predicament, a sense of dread washed over them. They were trapped in a nightmare of their own making, their minds forever enslaved to the will of another. The hypnotist had won, and Emily and Sam were doomed to spend the rest of their days as his mindless puppets, unable to break free from his control.

Nowadays there is no more Sam or Emilly, all that is left are two mindless and obidient dolls. for the hypnotist, all we can say is that he is making new plans to a now era of hypnosis, but this is for another story ; ) 


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