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My Transformation from Straight to Gay

by kcrunner

Chapter 1

My Transformation from Straight to Gay

Brett  Johnson , had always identified as straight. But one night, while scrolling through the depths of the internet, you stumbled upon warpmymind.com. It was a website that claimed to have the power to convert straight men into gay men. You were curious, and you decided to give it a try. Little did you know, this website would change your life forever.


As you began to listen to the forced gay hypno files, you noticed a change in yourself. At first, it was just a slight attraction to cocks, but it soon grew into something more. You started to appreciate the beauty of the male form, and you found yourself fantasizing about being with other men.


You tried to cling to your heterosexuality, telling yourself that you were only attracted to men sexually, but that you still preferred women. But as you continued to listen to the files, you found yourself changing in ways you never thought possible.


You started to explore online dating apps, interacting and flirting with other men. You felt a thrill that you had never experienced before. And when you finally sucked a cock for the first time, it was like nothing you had ever felt before. Pure bliss.


One night, you found yourself at a gay bar, where you met a hot gay couple. They lavished you with drinks and attention, and before you knew it, you were back at their place, in their bed. As they ran their hands over your body, praising your beauty, you felt a connection that you had never experienced before. You were fully and completely gay.


You found that you no longer had any desire for women. Their bodies, once so alluring, now seemed foreign and unappealing. All you wanted was to be with a strong and handsome man, with a raging hard cock pressed against yours.


You found that you loved men's cocks, men's bodies, and men's voices. You felt comfortable expressing yourself in a camp and femmy way, no longer having to keep up a macho facade. You even found that you could appreciate women in a detached and platonic sense.


You started to have feelings of infatuation for men, even falling in love. You found that you loved to make love to your boyfriend, and you hoped to make love to the man who would be your husband one day.


You had abandoned the straight world, and you didn't miss it one bit. You had found your true self, and you loved it. You would recommend the files to any man who was open to exploring his sexuality. You had won the victory over yourself. You loved men and you loved big cocks.


As you lay in bed, you thought back to the mantra that had started it all: "Cock is freedom. Vagina is slavery." You smiled, knowing that you had made the right choice.


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