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Davids journey to gay

by kcrunner

Chapter 1

After swim practice, Jason, invited me, over to his apartment to relax and explore modeling speedos, jock straps, harnesses, and underwear together. I can't hide my curiosity, and I know that smoking a couple of joints will help me loosen up and explore my hidden desires. As we enter your apartment, I notice the strong aroma of weed mixed with a hint of something musky and sensual.


"Ah, David, I see you've noticed the ambiance," you say with a mischievous grin. "I find that setting the right mood helps enhance the experience."


You roll two joints and offer me one. We light up, and I feel the soothing warmth filling my lungs, relaxing every muscle in my body. My mind wanders, and I can't help but steal glances at your toned physique. As you catch me staring, you chuckle, "Enjoying the view?"


My cheeks grow hot, but instead of feeling embarrassed, I feel an unexpected surge of desire. I realize I'm more curious about you and my own sexuality than I ever thought possible.


"I want to try something," you say, placing the joint aside. "I'm a trained hypnotherapist, and I think I can help you embrace your curiosity. Are you open to exploring your subconscious mind?"


My heart races, but the weed has lowered my defenses. I take a deep breath and nod. You lead me to a plush couch and ask me to sit.


"Relax and focus on my voice," you instruct. "I'm going to guide you on a journey to discover who you truly are. Just let go and trust me."


As I close my eyes and listen to your soothing voice, I can feel a wave of relaxation washing over me. My thoughts swirl, and my subconscious mind begins to open.


"Imagine yourself wrapped in a warm embrace, a comforting darkness enveloping you," you continue. "You feel safe, free. As you explore this darkness, a faint light begins to appear. You move toward it and discover it's a door. Open it and step through."


My mind's eye sees the door, and I push it open. I'm now standing in a dimly lit room, a large screen in front of me. I see myself standing there, watching as various scenarios play out on the screen. I am amazed as I observe my actions: I'm trying on different outfits, and I notice how handsome I look in each. I see myself kissing a man, and the sensation feels incredible.


"Watch as you embrace your true desires, David. Let yourself feel the pleasure and the freedom," you say, still guiding me gently.


As the hypnotic images of me enjoying gay sexual experiences play out on the screen, I realize that the desire has been there all along. I'm excited at the thought of freely enjoying these experiences without judgment.


"Now, I want you to remember this feeling, this freedom, and take it with you as you return from this journey. You'll find that your subconscious mind has opened up, allowing you to fully embrace your true self," you conclude.


As I slowly come out of the hypnotic state, I feel my newfound confidence and excitement. I look over at you, and with a grin, I say, "I think I'm ready to embrace this change. I want to feel more of this freedom. I want to discover who I truly am, with you."


You smile and reply, "I'm here for you, every step of the way."


My heart races, but I'm eager to explore my new desires. I can't wait to see what the future holds for me as I embark on this new, sensual adventure with you.


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