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Seducing Calvin

by kcrunner

Chapter 1

Calvin, a 42-year-old straight man, had just finished his evening swim workout at the gym. As he was getting changed, he ran into William, a 45-year-old gay man who worked as a hypnotherapist. The two had known each other for over a year, regularly chatting about their lives and interests.


"Hey there, Calvin," William greeted, his eyes taking in the other man's toned physique. Calvin was a vision, standing at 6'2" with a muscular build and a sexiness that was impossible to ignore. "You were swimming like a beast out there."


Calvin grinned, running a towel over his damp hair. "Thanks, William. I feel great after a good workout. You joining me for a drink?"


William nodded, his mind already racing with the possibilities. He had always been attracted to Calvin, with his broad shoulders, chiseled abs, and the way his speedo clung to his muscular thighs. William had a particular fetish for turning straight men into gay men, and he had a feeling that Calvin would be the perfect candidate.


As the two men settled into William's plush living room, sipping on scotch and passing a joint back and forth, William began to weave his hypnotic spell.


"Calvin, I want you to focus on my voice," William said, his tone steady and soothing. "You're feeling more and more relaxed with every word I say."


Calvin nodded, his eyelids growing heavy as William's voice washed over him. He had never been hypnotized before, but there was something undeniably alluring about the experience.


"Calvin," William continued, "I want you to imagine yourself as a gay man. You're confident and proud of your sexuality. You're free to explore your desires without judgment or fear."


Calvin's mind began to swirl with images of himself as a gay man. He saw himself on a date with a handsome man, their hands intertwined as they walked down the street. He felt a surge of excitement and arousal as he realized that he was attracted to men.


"Calvin, you're becoming more and more comfortable with your new identity," William said, his voice soft and encouraging. "You're open to exploring your masculine sexuality in new and exciting ways."


Calvin's cock began to stiffen as he imagined himself bottoming for a man. He had always been turned on by the idea of being dominated, but he had never allowed himself to fully embrace the fantasy.


"Calvin, you're ready to take the next step," William said, his voice taking on a commanding tone. "You're going to strip off your clothes and give yourself to me. You're ready to be my bottom boy."


Calvin felt a wave of desire wash over him as he stood up and began to undress. He slid off his speedo, revealing his hard cock and firm ass. He was fully erect, his body trembling with anticipation.


William stood up, his own cock straining against his pants. He stepped closer to Calvin, his hands roaming over the other man's muscular body.


"You're mine now, Calvin," William said, his voice husky with desire. "You're going to be the perfect bottom boy for me."


Calvin nodded, his mind lost in a haze of pleasure and submission. He was willing to do anything William asked of him, ready to explore his newfound sexuality without limits.


William led Calvin to his bedroom, their bodies entwined in a passionate embrace. He laid Calvin down on the bed, his hands exploring every inch of the other man's body.


"You're going to be my willing participant in this new journey," William said, his voice filled with desire. "You're ready to submit to me, to give yourself over to your desires."


Calvin nodded, his body trembling with anticipation. He was ready to embrace his new identity as a gay man, ready to explore the depths of his sexuality with William as his guide.


As William entered Calvin, the two men lost themselves in a world of pleasure and passion. They fucked like animals, their bodies entwined in a dance of desire and submission.


In the end, William and Calvin lay spent, their bodies entwined in a tangle of sweat and satisfaction. Calvin was no longer the straight man he had once been; he was now a proud and confident gay man, ready to embrace his new life and explore the depths of his masculine sexuality.


William smiled, his hand resting on Calvin's chest. He had done it again, turning another straight man into a willing and eager bottom boy. He was a skilled hypnotist, and he loved turning straight men gay.


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