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Trained To Push

by hypnome69

Trained To Push

About a year ago my girlfriend discovered Warp My Mind. She loved the idea of hypnosis, but didn't like to lose control. What she really wanted to see was someone else get hypnotized.

So... we talked it over, and I agreed to try some of the files while she watched. She wanted me to try some files that would embarrass me in a way she could see. After a few failures, we ended up trying a file that was supposed to make he have to pee, but confuse me about where the toilet was.

I wasn't expecting much, but I lay down and listened. When the file ended, things were a little echo-y, if you know what I mean. My mind was racing, thinking this was silly, but actively wondering if I could find the toilet in time. I knew where it was, but I kept hesitating as I walked towards the bathroom.

THen.. just after I got to the bathroom... rush, I soaked my jeans. I couldn't believe it, and I couldn't stop blushing as my girlfriend kept laughing.

"Awww... did you really lose control!" she laughed.

I was too embarrassed to say much of anything, and she relented. I showered off, and she joined me and helped me forget the embarrassment.

The next day she had me listen to the file again, with the same results. As I realized I was wet I was mortified to see her taping me with her cell phone. I started to get mad, but another shower with her helped me calm down and realize it was not so bad.

Over the next several weeks, we tried other files, and only a few worked. I started to get very interested in having something in my ass when we had sex. Very interested! For some reason, that file just worked well.

She kept me listening to it, and then talked me into going out and buying a dildo and a butt plug. While using either one of them, the sex with her was incredible! I couldn't imagine not having something in my ass during sex.

Then she got a custom file made. It was a lot like the last file, but it made me even more sensitive. I could feel my ass tingling during sex, and as I was cumming I felt myself trying to push the plug back out. The feeling drove me crazy... it felt like the world was spinning as I was orgasming.

More days of listening to the file, and it got even more intense. I got to the point where I would completely lose it as I came. My whole body would clench, and then I would push the plug completely out. My girlfriend would whisper "Push" to me as I started to cum, and she would giggle when the plug popped out. Afterwords, I felt kind of silly and weird about the whole thing, but it felt soooo good.

Then, just yesterday things got scarier. We were driving home from a weekend at the beach. We had been in the car for 8 hours, with only some stops for gas. We didn't even stop for lunch, instead finishing off the last of her homemade bran muffins. We were about an hour from home when I had to take a pit stop.

She followed be back into the men's room, and started kissing me like crazy. She locked the door, and started undoing my belt.

"I've never done it in the men's room!" she purred.

She drove me soo crazy, but it just felt funny without anything in my ass. She kept touching and teasing me, and soon I was ready to go even without the plug. She sat on the edge of the sink, and we started going at just like in the movies. I completely lost it, moving back and forth and just loving the moment.

She noticed as I started to move harder, and new I was about to cum.

"Push!" she breathed as I came, and the world just spun in pleasure. It lasted forever, and I finally settled down as I noticed she was giggling... and noticed that I had made a huge mess on the floor. I was mortified!!! I hadn't even noticed that I had gone to the bathroom as I came.

We drove the rest of the way in silence, but she kept patting my leg and snuggling my shoulder as we drove.

Now I'm scared. Was this one time thing, or is it going to happen every time? Will I always need to wear a plug just to stop the mess? Will it get worse.

And the more I worry, the more turned on I get...


Re: Trained To Push - brownbobby

This is a short but excellent story. Well-paced and action-packed. Amazing job!

Re: Trained To Push - VeryGnawty

Nice story. Short, and to the point.

The idea of having to take a shit when not wearing a butt plug is interesting.

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