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Hypnotic Massage

by littletom52

Hypnotic Massage

"Hypnotic Massage"

Lisa stared wistfully at the open book on her desk. Lately, things at her computer consulting business had been going well, but good business also meant constant pressure. With that came constant stress. With no one to go home to, Lisa came to work early and went home late. Now, she was paying for her success with frayed nerves and a short temper.

So now she stared at the phone book, dreaming of saying screw it all and getting a massage. She'd been thinking of that a lot lately, just leaving one day and having some handsome masseur massage her entire body. But she never quite got the nerve. So she just looked at the book and dreamed.

The phone rang. Swearing, she slammed the book shut, threw it towards the shelf, and picked up the handset.

Trisha sighed as yet another overweight, balding executive gave her her fee and walked, smiling, out the door. Why, she wondered, were there only a few types of people who came to her? There was this guy, who thought he needed a break after two hours in his plush office. There were the middle- aged ladies with arthritis. And there were the young guys who thought that just because she was attractive and was a Licensed Massage Therapist, she was also a whore. Those people really pissed her off.

She checked her appointment book. One more today, she thought. Yet another business type who really believed they deserved to be pampered. Some day, she thought, there would be more "normal" people coming to her, just to relax. At least, she hoped so.

At quarter to six, Lisa slammed the phone down. She had been talking to the same damn client for two hours. Everyone else in the office had left long ago. Again swearing, quietly but with feeling, she grabbed her purse and walked out. Getting into her car, she sat there and took a deep breath. She realized that if she went home now, she would just sit there thinking about what she should have been doing while she was on the phone with that yo-yo. So the obvious answer was, don't go home. Just drive somewhere. Where? She decided it didn't matter. She started the car and left the parking lot, going in the opposite direction of her apartment.

Trisha especially hated doing bookkeeping. It was just after six, and here she still was, going over the books for the past month. What a pain, she thought. Taking a deep breath, she got back to work. She never realized she hadn't locked the front door.

Lisa had no idea where she was. She drove slowly, looking for streets that she knew. There were none. Turning a corner, she drove past a house with a sign in the front yard. She didn't catch the name, but saw the letters, "LMT" as she drove by.

She went another block or so before she remembered what that stood for, having seen it many times in the Yellow Pages. Telling herself to just do it, she turned around. Slowing in front of the house, she saw the lights were on in what appeared to be the office, and there was someone sitting at the desk. Without giving herself time to talk herself out of it, she stopped the car in front of the house. Getting out, she locked the car and went up sidewalk towards the house.

At the door, she paused. Her mind was racing now. What am I DOING here? Do I really want to do this? This is crazy. Just go back to the car and forget it. This is nuts. Oh, well, the door is probably locked anyway. I'll try it, and that will be my excuse, she thought, please with her reasoning.

The door opened. Worse still, a bell rang. The person at the desk looked up at her in surprise.

Startled, Trisha looked up. Standing in the door was a young woman, very attractive herself. For some reason, she looked terrified.

"May I help you?"

Lisa stood there in shock. Oh, my God, she thought. They're open. Oh, no. Now what? She tried to say something, her mouth moving wordlessly. After a few seconds, she managed to stammer, "I - I'm sorry. I thought you were closed. I mean... I didn't know you were... I..."

Trisha tried to figure that one out. The girl had come here thinking she was closed. Hmm... Then she thought this was probably a spur-of-the- moment thing for the girl, who probably had never had a massage. She knew many people were nervous the first time they came to her, but this was a little extreme. Smiling, she tried to reassure the girl. What the hell?

"It's OK, come on in. What can I do for you?"

"Um... I was just... I mean... I thought... maybe... you know..."

Lisa realized she was sounding like an idiot, and the thought angered her. Taking a deep breath, she felt her face flushing bright red. Looking at the woman, she said "I've had a lousy day and I was driving around and I saw your sign and I thought I'd stop and get..." She paused, finding herself unable to actually say, out loud, that she wanted a massage. Besides, this was a woman, not the handsome guy she'd been fantasizing about. This wasn't working. "Never mind, I'm sorry to bother you." She turned to leave.

For some reason, Trisha realized she wanted very much to give this girl a massage. This was a nice, normal, if a little unsettled, person, not the usual bozos that came to her. "No, please, it's OK. Really. Come on in. Let's talk about it. Please."

Lisa looked at her, still uncertain. The woman got up and came over to her. Motioning to some chairs by the wall, she asked Lisa to sit down. Reluctantly, Lisa did so. Trisha sat down next to her, and studied her. She was indeed attractive, Trisha thought. Why wasn't she home with her husband? Glancing at Lisa's hands, she saw no wedding or engagement rings. For some reason that pleased her, but she couldn't figure out why. Never having even thought about being turned on by a woman, she didn't recognize the signs.

"You thought you wanted a massage, but now you're not sure any more, right?" Lisa, still red-faced, just nodded, looking at the floor. Trisha felt her heart beat faster, but couldn't understand why. "Have you ever had a massage?" Lisa shook her head. Trisha tried again. "I had a bad day at work too. But I don't think it was quite as bad as yours must have been."

That did it. Lisa's head snapped towards her, and the story of her wasted day came pouring out like a waterfall. Trisha sat there, stunned at the girl's outburst. That's when she realized she didn't even know her name. Putting her hand gently on the girl's arm, she said quietly, "My name is Trisha."

Lisa stopped talking. She looked at Trisha's hand on her arm. She realized she had more or less exploded at this woman, this Trisha person, and there was no excuse for that. She felt as if she were going to cry.

Trisha saw the tears building in Lisa's eyes. Massage school hadn't taught her anything about this situation, she thought wryly. With nothing else to offer, she said, "It's OK, really. It's OK."

Lisa pulled a Kleenex from her purse and wiped her eyes. She felt like a complete fool. Here she was, a successful, professional woman, sitting in what looked like a doctor's waiting room, wanting to cry like a baby. That was totally unacceptable. Stuffing the damp Kleenex back in her purse, she stood up. "I'm very sorry I bothered you, Trisha. I didn't mean to cause a scene like that." She shook her head. "Like you said, I had a very lousy day, and I just can't take it too much more." She paused as she realized what she had just said. Was she ready to quit her job? This was getting more and more complicated.

Trisha stood also. "I'll tell you what. It looks to me like what you really need is a vacation. I can't arrange that, but I will do this. You're here already, you've come this far, you might as well leave with what you came for. You can get a nice, relaxing massage, and it won't cost anything at all. But there is one condition."

Lisa's eyes narrowed. What was this now? She was actually tempted, but she wasn't agreeing to anything until she heard Trisha's condition. "What's that?" she asked.

Trisha smiled at her. "All you have to do is - tell me your name."

Lisa blinked. What the...? Suddenly she was laughing uncontrollably at the absurdness of it all. A simple fantasy about a massage had turned into something totally absurd. What the hell, she thought. Trisha was right. She was here anyway. After a moment, her laughter subsided, and she sighed.

"Deal. My name is Lisa. I'm so sorry for all that. I'm not really like that, but after the way my day went..."

"That's OK, we all have those days. That's why I'm here. I can't make those days go away, but I can make them more bearable." Now Trisha paused, as she realized that Lisa was exactly the type of client she had been waiting for. She decided right there to make Lisa's massage her best yet.

Trisha led Lisa down the stairs. Her actual work area, where the massage table was, was in the basement. It was cooler here, and quieter. Lisa found herself getting nervous again as she followed behind Trisha.

Trisha snapped the lights on. It was a fairly large room, white painted walls, thick white carpet, and an oversized massage table in the center of the room. On one wall was a cupboard, against another was a shelf with a stereo and Trisha's books. As Lisa came in, Trisha said, "Usually, I have a client fill out a medical form. I think we'll pass on that for now." Now it was her turn to blush. For some reason, she didn't want to ask this question. "But I do have to ask if you have anything contagious."

Lisa stared at her for a moment, then shook her head. Trisha smiled, and for some reason felt a sense of relief. "I have to ask that. AIDS, you know. I'm supposed to wear gloves if there's any chance of anything like that but I don't think it's the same if I wear them. Do you want me to wear gloves?" Again, Lisa shook her head, and for some reason, she thought for an instant of how nice it would be to feel Trisha's hands against her skin. She blinked, confused.

Trisha pointed to a small door, and said that Trisha could take a quick shower. She would find a towel there as well. When she was ready, she could come back out. For some reason, she pointed something out that she very rarely mentioned to her clients. "It's fine if you want to put some clothes back on, but it's better if you don't wear very much." Her body tingled as she said that, and still she couldn't figure out why. Lisa looked at her with a very peculiar expression, and disappeared into the shower room.

Trisha stood there, staring after her. Then, remembering she had to get ready herself, she prepared the room, turning the lights down, warming the oil, etc. Noticing the stereo, she frowned for a moment. Then, not quite knowing why, she hunted through her tapes until she found one with soft, romantic music. As she started the tape player, she puzzled as to why she'd picked that one. Oh, well. She shrugged it off.

A few minutes later, the oil was warmed properly, and Trisha was ready. She felt light-headed, almost dizzy. She frowned again, and shook her head. What was going on here? She heard the water stop in the shower room.

A moment later, Lisa came out. She was wrapped in a towel, her long dark hair shiny with moisture. Trisha's heart skipped a few beats, and she felt her mouth go dry. Regaining her composure, she smiled at Lisa.

"OK, all ready?" Lisa smiled a bit and nodded. Trisha asked her to lie on her stomach on the massage table. Lisa stepped up to the table and looked curiously at Trisha as she got onto it. Her towel was still wrapped around her, and Trisha gently asked her to remove it. She felt her breath quicken as Lisa dropped the towel to the floor.

She was wearing only her panties. Her breasts were pressing against the padding of the table, and Trisha found herself staring at her soft, tanned body. Lisa was still looking back at her with a puzzled expression.

"Is everything all right?" Lisa asked. Trisha snapped out of it and quickly answered yes, everything was fine. Her head was spinning, and she noticed her hands were shaking. As she opened the bottle of oil, she spilled some. Looking quickly at Lisa, she saw her eyes were closed and she hadn't noticed. Trisha furiously told herself to calm down and do her job.

Trisha's skilled hands glided smoothly over Lisa's body. Lisa's legs, back, shoulders, and arms were covered with the warm, soothing oil. Lisa lay there in a daze, not quite asleep, not really awake.

Trisha was finding it hard to concentrate. She noticed the blank, serene look on Lisa's face. Lisa's breathing was deep and regular. Trisha didn't understand why she was feeling this way, it was almost like she was...

...turned on? The thought hit her like a freight train. Was this girl, this fragile girl, actually making her excited? She had never thought about lesbian love before, and wasn't really sure how to deal with this new idea. As she continued stroking Lisa's body, she tried to come to terms with her feelings.

She had to admit to herself that Lisa was certainly pretty. And she was very well-built. And her skin was so soft. Lisa sighed, totally content.

That did it. Trisha realized that she really was getting aroused. This had never happened to her before, and she had actually given massages to many attractive people, both male and female. But she had never thought of any of them in even a remotely sexual way, despite what everyone thought of people who were in the massage business.

OK, Trisha thought. Lisa turns me on. Now what?

Her eyes swept over Lisa, coming to rest on her panties. Why not?

Very quietly, she spoke. "Lisa? Lisa, would it be all right if I were to move your underwear out of the way?" She held her breath in suspense.

Lisa, by now totally relaxed, mumbled, "Hm, hmmm..." Trisha, not wanting to get it wrong, said "Lisa, I didn't understand. Can I move your underwear? It will make it so much easier."


Scarcely breathing, Trisha gently took hold of Lisa's panties on either side, and slowly slid them downwards. Lisa's body moved just a bit, and Trisha quickly pulled them all the way off. She paused, staring at Lisa, waiting for her reaction. There was none.

As Trisha began gently kneading Lisa's buttocks, her mind raced. She found herself thinking of a course she had taken in school, where there had been an entire unit on hypnosis. Should I?, she thought. She looked again at Lisa's face. She looked so peaceful, so alluring. Her mind made up, she spoke again, very quietly, as her hands continued to caress Lisa's body.

"Lisa? Lisa. Lisa, if you hear me, nod your head just a tiny bit." She watched, fascinated, as Lisa's head moved slightly. Her mouth dry, Trisha spoke again.

"Lisa, you came to me so you could relax. As I have massaged your body, you have felt yourself relaxing more and more. Now, Lisa, I am going to tell you how you can relax even more completely. All you have to do is relax and listen. Please nod if you understand." Lisa's head moved again.

Shaking with excitement, her hands now resting unsteadily on Lisa's thighs, Trisha continued.

"Lisa, think about how you feel right now. Think about the relaxation that reaches from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. Your entire body, every muscle and every nerve, is totally relaxed. I have massaged just one side of your body, and already you feel this total relaxation. Now, Lisa, I am going to gently move your body so you will be lying on your back. You must not help me or resist me at all, just remain relaxed and limp as I do all the work for you."

Gently taking hold of Lisa, Trisha slowly rolled her over onto her back. Lisa remained limp, with no resistance at all. Trisha's eyes were drawn immediately to Lisa's breasts, as they rose and fell with her breathing. She wanted suddenly to take them in her hands, caress them, squeeze them. But she took a deep breath and told herself to wait.

She opened the bottle of oil again. Soon Lisa's shins and abdomen were covered, as Trisha's hands spread the warm oil over her body. Now she turned her attention to Lisa's neck and shoulders, all the while softly telling Lisa to let go, relax, listen to her voice.

Trisha had no doubt that her suggestions were having the desired effect on Lisa. She knew that the physical relaxation, along with the fact that Lisa really had no idea what to expect, made it a certainty. She knew that her gentle caresses and her soft, soothing voice were slowly and surely taking control of Lisa's mind. Trisha tingled with delight as she imagined the sensations Lisa was experiencing right now. And as she thought of the sensations they would both soon experience for the first time, something else happened that never had before during a massage. She felt warm, damp sensation between her legs. She continued massaging, talking, massaging, talking, sending Lisa deeper and deeper into her trance.

Finally, Lisa's entire body glistened with the warm, sweet-smelling oil - except for her breasts and the dark triangle between her legs.

Trisha paused, and for a moment considered what she was doing. She knew Lisa was deeply hypnotized, and she would respond to her suggestions. But now her conscience asked her if she really should be doing this. She had never, ever done anything like this before, and now to be taking control of this young girl's mind as well as her body... The word "rape" flashed through Trisha's mind, and she cringed. She had persuaded Lisa to just enjoy a nice massage. Lisa had probably never dreamed of anything like this in a million years. Of course, she reminded herself, neither had she.

She stood there beside the massage table, staring down at Lisa as her thoughts struggled with each other. Finally hitting upon what seemed like a good solution, she took a deep breath, and spoke to Lisa again.

"Lisa. You now are enjoying sensations of total relaxation. Your mind and body are one, totally relaxed and totally at ease. Your mind is calm. Your body is limp and loose. You have never in your life experienced such total relaxation as you are experiencing right at this moment.

"And now, Lisa, I am going to continue to massage your body. You may find that my hands touch parts of your body that you never imagined another woman would ever touch. The sensations may even lead you to experience even more pleasure. If, at any time, you wish for me to stop, all you have to do is say the word 'STOP'. If at any time I hear you say the word STOP, I will instantly remove my hands from your body. If you do say STOP, it will in no way whatsoever disturb your feelings of deep relaxation and peace."

Trisha took another deep breath and thought about the suggestions she had given Lisa. They seemed fair enough. If Lisa felt she was being violated in any way, she only had to say STOP. If she enjoyed it, she would soon enjoy it even more.

Trisha poured a bit more oil onto her hands. She wondered vaguely if the stuff was edible. Dismissing the thought, she again placed her hands on Lisa's abdomen and resumed her massage.

This time, however, she occasionally let her hands glide quickly over Lisa's breasts. The only reaction from Lisa was a sharp inhale at first. Then her breathing resumed its deep, gentle rhythm.

Trisha began working more and more on Lisa's breasts, thinking to herself that in all her years of giving women massages, this was the first time she had actually massaged breasts, and to her surprise, she wasn't quite sure how to proceed. Deep, heavy kneading, or stay with the gentler approach, she wondered to herself. She thought of what she did to her own breasts when she was feeling playful, and smiled as she softly traced her finger around Lisa's nipple. To her delight, Lisa smiled gently from deep within her trance and the nipple quickly hardened at Trisha's touch. Trisha spoke again.

"Better and better, Lisa. You feel better and better. And the better you feel, the deeper into relaxation you can go."

Soon Lisa's nipples were both standing proudly, and the blissful look on Lisa's face made Trisha decide she wasn't going to have any more second thoughts. She really wanted this girl.

She realized that the decision didn't really surprise her. Looking at everything as objectively as she could, she realized that a woman probably could please her in a way no man ever could.

Lisa lay on the table, drifting dreamily as Trisha continued to fondle her breasts. As Trisha moved her quivering hands over Lisa's body, she noticed a new, yet familiar scent in the air. It wasn't the massage oil, it was something else. Then she realized where she knew that scent from.

It was her own scent. Quietly telling Lisa to relax for a moment while she got some more massage oil, Trisha quickly stripped naked. Her nipples were already hard, and she felt the moisture between her legs. She looked down at her body, then her eyes were drawn back to Lisa. She looked to peaceful, so innocent. Without even being aware of it, Trisha began rubbing her own pussy as she stared at Lisa's peaceful form.

After a moment, she realized what she was doing. Looking down at her hand in surprise, she shook her head and moved back to the table. Trisha knew in her heart that she was going to make this lovely young thing cum like she never had before.

She thought for a few moments, while her hands moved randomly over Lisa's slick body. Then she spoke softly again.

"Lisa. Since you first felt my touch, you have experienced feelings of deep relaxation and great pleasure. Your body has felt my touch from the tips of your toes to the top of your head, and your body has responded by relaxing completely. As your body relaxed, so did your mind, until both your mind and body were drifting in total comfort, total relaxation. You have listened to the sound of my voice as I have guided you even deeper into this relaxed state. And you also know, Lisa, that from this point on, any time you wish to relax, all you have to do is close your eyes, take a deep breath, and imagine my hands caressing your body. As you imagine my hands moving over your body, you will be able to feel the sensations of relaxation wash over you, and you can surrender to them. You must also realize this should only be done when it is appropriate, such as when you are alone in your office, or at home. You will never, ever try to create this relaxed state when you are in a situation where it would be harmful, such as driving your car. And, Lisa, all you have to do to come back after you have relaxed yourself it to tell yourself, 'I am wide awake and alert'. Your eyes will then open, and you will be totally awake, totally refreshed."

Trisha paused, deciding how to phrase her next suggestions. After all, these would be the important ones.

"Lisa, in a moment your eyes will open, and you will find yourself waking up. The sensations of relaxation and pleasure will remain with you. After you are wide awake, you may discover that you want to experience even more pleasure. This is quite possible after being in such a relaxed state. You may even find yourself feeling a bit sexually aroused. That is perfectly all right, it is very natural.

"Lisa, if you do find yourself sexually aroused, even a little bit, all you have to do is tell me that it is hot in this room, and I will know what to do." She left that suggestion very vague on purpose. Lisa would say that phrase automatically if she was even a little bit turned on. There was no hint about what Trisha would do once Lisa gave herself away.

Trisha stepped back from the table and quietly told Lisa it was time to open her eyes and wake up. After a moment, Lisa's eyes fluttered open, and she looked around in confusion. Her eyes came to rest on Trisha, apparently not even noticing Trisha was now nude. She blinked several times, and her mouth moved as she tried to speak.

Finally, she managed to say something.

"It's hot in here, isn't it?"

Trisha could hardly contain herself. Lisa had said the phrase she had been instructed to use if she was even a bit aroused. Trisha was so excited she could hardly speak. She felt her face flushing bright red as she looked down at Lisa's peaceful, beautiful, curious, young face.

Lisa was indeed curious. Still a bit woozy from her deep hypnotic state, she was now beginning to notice things. Things such as Trisha suddenly being totally nude. Her eyes widened.

"What happened... Where are... Why are you... Your clothes... Where are your clothes????" Lisa stammered.

Trisha's hands went comfortingly to Lisa's shoulders, and she began caressing the girl as she explained. "You're right, Lisa, it IS hot in here. I've complained to the owner of the building, but it hasn't been fixed yet."

That didn't really explain anything, and Trisha knew it. But as her hands moved softly over Lisa's oiled skin, Lisa went silent and looked up at her in confusion. Then her eyes slowly traveled Trisha's body, and Trisha heard her breathing quicken, just a bit.

"How do you feel, Lisa? Do you really feel hot?" Trisha was massaging a wider area now, Lisa's neck, shoulders, between her breasts. Lisa's eyes closed again, and she smiled slightly.

"Yeah, I do. Really hot." Trisha gently brushed Lisa's nipple with a fingertip. Lisa's mouth opened slightly, but her eyes remained closed, and the faint smile stayed on her face.

"Lisa, are you really hot?"

"...Yeah... hot..." Trisha softly caressed both of Lisa's breasts. Her voice got quieter.

"Are you really, really hot, Lisa?"

"....oh...hot...what..." Her breathing was more rapid now, and she looked confused. Trisha saw she was close to the point of no return. She spoke again, her voice almost a whisper.

"Remember, Lisa, all you have to do is say stop if you are at all uncomfortable. Lisa, honey, are you still hot?"

"....oh, God...hot...touching...what...please...hot...please..."

Lisa's body was trembling. Trisha continued very softly caressing Lisa's breasts.


Trisha froze.


"Lisa, honey, it's OK. I'll stop." Trisha was almost in tears as her hands slipped away from Lisa's breasts.

"NO...Please don't...Please don't...Don't..stop...Please don't stop."

Trisha could hardly believe her ears.

"Lisa, honey, do you want me to massage you some more?"

"Yes, please. Oh, please. Oh, yes, more."

Uncertain but hopeful, Trisha returned her attention to Lisa's breasts. Soon the girl was moaning softly to herself as Trisha's motions became more and more concentrated on Lisa's sensitive nipples.

Trisha thought about softly giving the girl hypnotic suggestions while she was absorbed with these new sensations. She was almost sure that the condition Lisa was in was indeed a moderate trance state. Lisa was focused entirely on the pleasure signals her body was sending her.

No, she decided. For a while, I'll take my chances. Time for the final gamble. All cards on the table. All sorts of odd phrases ran through Trisha's mind now.

She stopped. After a moment, Lisa's eyes opened, and she looked at Trisha questioningly. "Do you have to stop?", Lisa pleaded.

Trisha smiled and shook her head no. "Lisa, there is one part of your body that I haven't massaged yet. May I?"

Lisa looked at her blankly for several seconds. Then her eyes widened and her mouth opened in shock. She looked down at her erect nipples, coated with oil. "Oh, my God! Oh, my God! What... What happened? What did you do?"

That broke Trisha's heart. She felt the tears in her eyes, and she couldn't stop them. "Lisa, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." Shattered, Trisha buried her face in her hands and began to cry uncontrollably.

Lisa was confused now. Sorry? Had she been trying to... No, she couldn't have been. But Trisha was nude, and now she realized that the story Trisha had told her when questioned didn't add up. Had Trisha been trying to seduce her all along?

That thought at once terrified and excited her.

She looked at Trisha again, leaning against the table, crying. She thought about the massage Trisha had given her, how totally fantastic she had felt. And still did, the more she thought about it. And when she woke up, or whatever, she had really been hot. Hadn't she? Was it hot in here?

Was she really hot? With a shock, she realized she really was. And she also realized it had nothing to do with the room temperature.

The more she thought about it, the more she realized Trisha really had made her feel better than she ever had. A massage had been a new experience for her, she thought, and it had been a very pleasant one.

Why not try something else for the first time?

Her mind made up, but not sure how to proceed, she slowly sat up.

Gingerly, she reached out towards Trisha.

Her trembling hand stopped just inches away from Trisha's arm, as Trisha continued to cry. Lisa thought to herself that she could not possibly allow herself to make Trisha feel this way, after the wonderful way Trisha had made her feel. Gently, timidly, she touched Trisha's arm.

Trisha looked up in surprise. Through her tears, she saw Lisa sitting on the massage table, looking at her with real concern. Her eyes slowly went to her arm, and she saw Lisa's hand resting gently there. Confused now, and a bit angry at herself for allowing anything like this to happen, she brushed Lisa's hand away. She started to snap at her, transferring her anger at herself towards Lisa. Much like Lisa had acted towards her previously, if she had stopped to think about it.

Then she saw the shocked, hurt look on Lisa's face, and she knew it had been caused by her pushing Lisa's hand away. Tears welled in Lisa's eyes. Trisha couldn't help breaking into tears again either.

Without either of them knowing how, they found themselves in each others arms. As their tears subsided, and they became aware of their embrace, they found themselves giggling nervously amid the remaining sobs. As they blinked away the last of the tears, they looked silently into each other's eyes, each of them seeing the caring, the tenderness, the desire in the other. Very softly, very slowly, very gently, their lips met.

Brushing their lips together uncertainly, they felt the anger, the pent-up feelings of frustration slowly melting away. Each in her own way felt a sense of surrender, of giving herself to the other. As the kiss progressed, it went, without either of them consciously aware of it, from barely-touching lips, to more firm contact, to slightly-parted lips sensing, for the first time, the touch of another woman's tongue.

Lost in these new sensations, they were almost unaware that they were now locked in a passionate, desperate, open-mouth kiss. Holding each other as if life itself depended on it, they kissed, long and hard.

Eventually, gasping for air, they paused, and looked at each other as if for the first time. Silent, not knowing what to say or what to do, they looked at each other, feeling the stirrings inside them, knowing now what they meant but not how to respond to them.

Surprisingly, it was Lisa who spoke first. In an unsteady voice, almost a whisper, she said "Thank you. I never dreamed I could feel as good as you've made me feel tonight." She leaned over and kissed Trisha again, lightly, almost playfully.

Trisha looked deep into her eyes, not wanting to push too far again. She waited to see if Lisa would continue. She did.

"Do you remember asking me if I wanted you to massage someplace you hadn't yet?" Trisha blinked, surprised, and nodded.

Lisa lay back on the massage table and spread her legs.


Trisha's heart stopped. She knew for a fact she had died and gone to heaven. There was no other explanation for this sweet young girl to now be giving herself so freely to her. And, she knew as well, she would soon give herself to Lisa just as willingly.

Trisha knelt on the table beside Lisa. Lisa looked up at her, smiling gently, her body quivering with expectation. Trisha's eyes traveled up and down Lisa, taking in the wonderful sight of her nude body, her erect nipples, the sheen of the oil covering her smooth skin. She reached down and placed her hands, gently, on the inside of Lisa's thighs.

She paused. "Lisa, please. I don't want to do this if you don't want me to. Please tell me to stop if you change your mind."

Lisa smiled at her, completely at ease now. "I'm not going to stop you. I want you to." Her smile widened. "I'm so hot, Trisha."

Trisha laughed. The last of the tension disappeared. From now on, she hoped, nothing would get in the way of their satisfying each other.

She began massaging Lisa's thighs, kneading the muscles, again losing herself in the soft feel of Lisa's skin. Slowly, she worked her hands upwards until she could feel the warmth of Lisa's pussy. Her hands then circled that area, tracing the line of Lisa's pubic hair, around and around.

Her reward was a gasp from Lisa. Looking up quickly, she saw Lisa's eyes closed tight, her fingers digging into the thick padding of the massage table. Lisa's legs moved farther apart, making more room for Trisha to work.

Trisha slid one hand up to Lisa's breasts, and Lisa's head rolled back and forth as the pleasure grew. Trisha's eyes were drawn to her other hand as it continued circling Lisa's pubic hair. Fascinated, she watched it as if it was some totally unfamiliar thing. She watched, transfixed, as the hand slowly moved closer to Lisa's pussy. She watched as one finger tenderly caressed the magic spot it found there. As if in a trance herself, she dimly heard Lisa begin to moan.

Mesmerized, she watched as the hand, seemingly with a mind of it's own, very gently spread Lisa's pussy a bit wider. She felt the moistness on the hand, knew she should try and regain control, but she was still trying to decide if the hand really was hers as one finger slowly disappeared into Lisa's pussy.

The sounds Lisa made snapped Trisha back to reality. She had never before heard the sounds a woman made, not remembering she could make those sounds too. She looked up.

Lisa arched her back, moaning loudly. Trisha, realizing she was the one causing those sounds, made an effort to intensify them. Leaning over, she paused for a second, then quickly kissed Lisa's right nipple.

Lisa shrieked with pleasure. Trisha, elated, firmly attached her mouth to Lisa's breast and began sucking gently. Her other hand continued its internal massage.

Trisha tasted the massage oil, and the scent of it was overpowering as she buried her face between Lisa's breasts. She climbed farther onto the table with Lisa, lost in her passion. She felt her body become slick with the oil, and she hungrily kissed Lisa.

Lisa responded, tasting for herself the sweet massage oil on Trisha's lips. Her arms went around Trisha as the first orgasm washed over her.

Trisha felt Lisa's body shudder, saw the look on Lisa's face, and recognized it for what it was. She had caused that, she thought to herself. She had caused another woman to experience orgasm. That thought excited her like never before.

Trailing her hand down Lisa's body, Trisha moved down on the table until she was kneeling between Lisa's legs. Still not really believing she was doing this, she awkwardly moved closer to Lisa's pussy. Staring at the pink, soaking thing before her, she became aware of Lisa's scent, very strong and very close. Feeling herself becoming more and more aroused, she thought briefly back to her reaction at detecting her own scent, just a short time ago. She smiled as she pictured herself stripping frantically, almost wild with desire. She remembered her hand going between her legs.

She was still smiling as her tongue touched, for the first time, another woman's pussy.

Suddenly, she felt Lisa's hands in her hair, clutching her closer. Not quite knowing what to, Trisha did exactly the right thing. Her probing tongue found Lisa's clit. Lisa was soon groaning in ecstasy.

Trisha learned fast. Again and again, she flicked her tongue across Lisa's clit. She felt Lisa pulling at her hair, her body writhing on the oil- slicked table. Lisa's legs pressed together, forcing Trisha closer.

Not thinking clearly, lost in the heat of the moment, Trisha brought Lisa to orgasm after orgasm. Finally, she noticed Lisa's responses had subsided a bit, as Lisa's energy spent itself under Trisha's tongue.

Slowly, with a few last parting kisses, Trisha removed herself from between Lisa's legs. Her knees weak, she struggled to remain upright on the slippery table. She saw they were both soaked with sweat as well as the oil. Lisa lay limp on the table, slowly moving her head from side to side, moaning softly. Trisha had never felt as fulfilled as she did at that moment.

She remained quiet, watching Lisa recover. After a while, Lisa opened her eyes. Trisha noticed they looked glassy, dazed.

"Oh, God", Lisa said. "Oh, my God."

Trisha slowly moved back up the table. Leaning close to Lisa, their lips met in another tender, loving kiss.

She pulled away, supporting herself with her arms, looking down at Lisa beneath her. Trisha smiled happily.

Lisa looked up at Trisha. The things she had felt... It had been incredible. She had never imagined anything like it. There was no way in the world she could properly thank Trisha, she thought.

Or - was there?

Lisa pondered her idea for a moment, smiling up at Trisha as her mind raced. Having decided, she spoke.

"Trisha, have you ever had a massage? I mean, I felt so good, Trisha, it was unreal. And that was before the extras", she added, laughing. "It was like a dream. I heard you talking, I felt you massaging me, and I just..."

She paused, unable to find the words.

"It was like a dream. Did I fall asleep before...before...we...?"

The smile faded from Trisha's face. She had to tell Lisa, and hoped Lisa would understand. Lisa, puzzled at Trisha's expression, now looked a bit worried as well.

"Lisa, honey... I have to tell you something. I swear, Lisa, I didn't do it because...I didn't mean to...I don't know how to say this."

"Please. Just tell me. I'll understand", said Lisa, although she wasn't quite sure she would.

"Lisa, I...When I was...Damn! Lisa, when I was massaging you, you looked so comfortable, you just looked so sweet lying there. I couldn't help it, Lisa. You were right, I was talking to you during the massage. I looked at you and something happened to me, and I...I...Lisa, I hypnotized you."

Lisa stared up at Trisha in shock. Hypnotized! Was that why she was acting this way? Trisha saw the look, and the words came out in a rush.

"Lisa, please listen to me. I swear I didn't tell you to do anything like this, I just wanted you to be able to relax more. I never told you that you had to do this, Lisa. Please believe me, Lisa, please. All I said after you were nice and relaxed was to tell me if you...if you felt turned on when you woke up. That's all, Lisa, I swear."

Lisa saw the tears forming in Trisha's eyes again. She wanted to believe her, wanted to believe that all this had been her own decisions. As she looked up at Trisha's face, she did believe.

Her arms went around Trisha's neck, pulling her face close. Staring into her eyes, just inches away, she whispered, "Look into my eyes, Trisha. Look deep into my eyes. You want to kiss me. More than anything, you want to kiss me, Trisha." Then, grinning, she waited.

Startled, Trisha stared back at Lisa, listening intently. Lisa's eyes were like deep pools, and Trisha was falling into them. Then she saw the grin on Lisa's face, and she giggled. Lisa pulled her closer, and their lips met.

They parted. Lisa tried again.

"Trisha, have you ever had a massage yourself?"

Trisha shook her head, smiling sadly. "No, I haven't. Well, back in school, we used to massage each other for practice. But no, I've never had a real, honest-to-goodness massage before." Now that she thought about it, she was actually surprised at that answer. She had never thought of getting a massage! Sometimes, the answer is too close to see, she thought.

Lisa grinned. "Would you like one?", she whispered.

Trisha's mind was screaming "YES!", but she didn't want Lisa to think she had to do this. She smiled softly. "Lisa, that's very nice, but I..."

Lisa cut her off. "Trisha? Look into my eyes. Shut up and lie down!"

Amazed, Trisha stared at Lisa. She knew Lisa was joking, at least about the hypnosis part, but as she looked down into those eyes... Blinking, she shook her head. Did Lisa know the power those eyes seemed to have? She decided Lisa didn't. Smiling, she spoke in a dull, hollow voice.

"Yes, master. I will shut up and lie down." Grinning at each other, they carefully exchanged positions.

Lisa was now above her, supporting herself on her forearms as Trisha had. As they looked at each other, wondering what would happen next, Trisha realized something was different. Something had changed. What?

Lisa bent down and kissed her, softly. Then she rose up to a kneeling position and her slick hands were caressing Trisha's shoulders. Trisha closed her eyes and let the sensations course freely through her body. Then she knew what was different.

Lisa was in control now. Their roles had reversed. The thought sent a tingle through Trisha's body as Lisa continued her caresses. Eyes closed, she tried to clear her mind, let herself be taken away on the waves of relaxation and pleasure Lisa was providing. The clinical part of her thought vaguely that the girl was good at this. With more practice, she might even be able to do it for real. Her thoughts became jumbled as she relaxed more.

Trisha was very relaxed now, not to the point of falling asleep, but relaxed nonetheless. It was amazing how much tension was contained in the neck and shoulders, she had always thought. A lot of the time, a good neck and shoulder massage was as good as the whole nine yards. Lisa's novice hands had loosened the muscles, relaxed the nerves, untied the knots. Trisha felt wonderful. She felt Lisa's fingers brush her nipples, and she stiffened as she eagerly awaited whatever was to come. Hopefully, she thought, it would be her. Her eyes opened a bit, and she smiled up at Lisa, who seemed to be concentrating very hard on doing a good job.

Lisa was indeed concentrating. She watched intently as Trisha's nipples hardened. She felt her own doing the same as she became aroused. Both of them were covered with oil from the table and Lisa's body, which Lisa thought was good, since she didn't know where the oil was. Wondering what else to do to Trisha's breasts, she paused.

"Lisa, honey? Lisa, just think about what you like. Remember, I'm the same as you." She smiled as she saw that thought turn on the lights in Lisa's head. She realized Lisa had been trying to see her as she would a man.

She saw the look of revelation on Lisa's face, and immediately felt the results of Lisa's new-found enlightenment. Lisa leaned over and hungrily took Trisha's nipple in her mouth.

Soon she was all over Trisha's breasts, kissing, sucking, caressing, squeezing. Trisha blissfully closed her eyes and let it happen. This was so good, she kept thinking. Why didn't I think of this years ago?

She didn't expect an answer, and was surprised when her mind gave her one. It was, her mind told her, because she hadn't yet met this girl.

She found her arms going around Lisa. Pulling her closer, she kissed Lisa passionately. Taking Lisa's hand in hers, she gently guided it towards her waiting crotch.

Lisa carefully rearranged herself so she could do what Trisha so obviously desired. She found herself looking at Trisha's crotch, she could almost imagine the steam rising. Trisha was softly repeating "Please, Lisa. Oh, please. Please, Lisa, honey."

Lisa nervously put her hand on Trisha's thigh. Trisha trembled. Lisa thought about what Trisha had done, and uncertainly traced Trisha's hairline.

Trisha moaned.

Lisa imagined she was seeing stars. God, it really was hot in here, she thought dimly. Trisha's sounds hit her like a hammer, loosening Lisa's last inhibitions. She felt the moisture of Trisha's waiting pussy, and an unfamiliar odor came to her. She didn't recognize it, but it seemed to have a power of its own. She could feel that odor, feel it wrapping itself around her, pulling her closer to Trisha's eager clit. Drawn irresistibly towards Trisha, she felt that scent take control of her. Oh, God, it was hot.

She blinked. Two fingers were buried in Trisha's pussy. Trisha was groaning loudly, her body moving at random. Every now and then she would shudder, making sounds Lisa had never imagined. She didn't know she had made those same sounds, just a short time ago.

Lisa had never been so turned on. Her thoughts were like a pinball, bouncing randomly from one to the next. The only thing she really cared about at the moment was hearing those sounds, inhaling that strange and wonderful scent. Without a conscious decision, she crawled between Trisha's legs.

This was it, she thought. This is where it comes from. She took a deep breath, filling her lungs and mind with Trisha's scent. Like a gentle fog, it erased every last distraction from her mind. Like a magnet, her face was drawn towards a mysterious, moist triangle.

Seconds later, her taste buds responded to an unfamiliar sensation.

Trisha responded as well. Far, far up the pleasure curve, Trisha came almost as soon as Lisa's tongue found its mark. But Lisa, motivated by passion but having no idea about what to do, was becoming uncertain in her attention.

"Lisa? Oh, Lisa, you had it, honey. Almost. Oh, Lisa, almost there. Lisa, you... Oh, Lisa... Oh, God, yes. Oh, Lisa, right there. Lisa, honey, right there, Oh, God, right there..." Trisha's voice trailed off and became just sounds.

Lisa, encouraged by Trisha's coaching, did quite well from then on. Trisha came again and again as Lisa gained confidence in her ability to please another woman.

After a while, Trisha felt a warm glow throughout her body as she tired. Moaning softly, she whispered Lisa's name.

Lisa slowly picked her head up. Trisha, gazing at Lisa through half- closed eyes, saw the fire still burning in Lisa's eyes. She felt the passion rekindle within her. "Lisa? Lisa, honey, have you ever heard of what they call a sixty-nine?"

Lisa, eyes blazing, instantly swung around. Straddling Trisha with her legs, she began licking the inside of Trisha's thighs. Seconds later, she felt Trisha's tongue probing her pussy. Oh, this was going to be hard, she thought dimly. How will I be able to concentrate on... on... Oh, God...

She would have been surprised to know that Trisha was thinking exactly the same thing. And with both of them concentrating on the other as well as on themselves, it then became very easy to continue. Soon they were both lost in a world of pure passion, pure abandon. Both driven by a desire to make the other feel better than ever before, they found themselves at the edge of their knowledge, of their inhibitions.

With nothing to stop them, no road map to follow, they went over the edge, passing into a world neither of them had ever dreamed existed.

Their bodies quivered, shaking as they came. The room was filled with the scent of oil and women. They inhaled that scent, and found it an aphrodisiac, driving them still higher. Their voices became a harmony of pure sound, and as they went on, they came to understand those sounds, to know what caused a certain sound, to know how to tell the other what sound they wanted to feel. Two bodies, ten senses, combined into one being, a life form consisting of pure pleasure.

Slowly, they realized it had become still. The only sound was the sound of heavy breathing, gradually becoming more gentle. They lay there, silent, still wrapped in each other, panting.

Trisha's eyes were closed. Every few moments, another aftershock would hit her, and her body would quiver. Lisa, too, was shuddering now and then. They became aware of each other once again, becoming aware of a face resting gently on a breast, of a hand softly stroking long, dark hair.

Neither wanted to break the silence. Neither wanted to break the spell. They lay there, silent, aware of their breathing, aware of the softness of the other's skin.

Trisha was just wondering if Lisa had fallen asleep when Lisa giggled. Gently kissing the top of Lisa's head, Trisha mumbled, "Hmm??"

Lisa giggled again, louder this time, and sat up with an effort. She looked at Trisha and giggled yet again.

Trisha looked at her. "What is it, honey? What's so funny?"

Lisa turned red. "I don't know how to say this. This doesn't seem to be the way to end something like this, but I...I..."

"I have to go to the bathroom."

Trisha started laughing so hard that she didn't even notice as Lisa, still giggling uncontrollably, slid off the table and disappeared into the shower room.

Finally, her laughter subsided, and she thought about the evening. She sat up and looked down at her nude body, still glistening with oil, the sweat evaporating slowly. An image of Lisa's head buried between her thighs flashed through her mind, and she felt the heat rising. She felt rather guilty as she slowly reached down and brushed her clit lightly, wishing for Lisa's tongue instead. She paused. Was she becoming a lesbian? The more she thought about it, the more she realized she didn't care if it had a name. She truly enjoyed feeling Lisa's body against hers, and didn't give a damn if someone had a label for that or not. She sighed happily as her clit responded to her touch.

She heard the toilet flush. Quickly, she removed her hand from her bush and swung her legs over the side of the massage table. When Lisa came back into the room, she saw Trisha there, smiling, waiting for her.

Trisha saw the look on Lisa's face. It wasn't anger, or nervousness. What was it? "Are you all right?"

Lisa smiled. "Yeah, I'm fine. I'm better than fine. That was...This whole thing has been...like a dream, you know?"

Trisha nodded. "A wet dream?" They laughed, then Lisa became serious.

Shyly, she asked, "You, um... You hypnotized me before, right?"

Trisha nervously answered yes. Where was this leading?

Lisa climbed up onto the massage table, and they sat facing each other. Lisa was blushing again.

"Could you, um... I know I shouldn't ask this, but I was wondering... I mean, I really enjoyed that. I think. It was kind of like I wasn't even there. Or here. Or anywhere. I just... was. You know?"

Trisha's eyes opened wide, staring at Lisa. Did she WANT to be hypnotized again? "Lisa, are you saying you want me to hypnotize you again?"

Lisa nodded, embarrassed.

This was incredible, Trisha thought. She gulped, wondering what to say, how to respond. Lisa looked at her, waiting nervously. Trisha looked at those soft, warm eyes and felt herself melting. She wondered again if Lisa realized the power those eyes could have over people. Those eyes stared back at her, and a thought came to Trisha. She smiled at the girl.

"Lisa, honey, I have another idea. Why don't you hypnotize me?"

Lisa stared at her, and her mouth opened in surprise. "Are you kidding? I can't do that!"

"Lisa, honey, I think you can. Part of being hypnotized is wanting to be hypnotized, wanting to let go. That's why you let yourself go into hypnosis before. You wanted to. You wanted to relax, to just let go of everything for once. It doesn't have anything to do with someone 'putting you in their power', or whatever damn thing they say. You wanted to let go, so you did. I want to let go too. I want to just stare into your beautiful eyes, those incredible, lovely eyes, and let myself go. I want to hear your voice helping me to relax, to let myself go, I just want to stare into your eyes and listen to your voice and let myself go. It's so easy, all you have to to is help me let go. Let go. Let go. All we have to do is let go."

Lisa's head was spinning as she found herself staring into Trisha's eyes. Her voice was so relaxing, so soothing, so reassuring, and she started to believe that maybe she could hypnotize her. All she had to do was stare into her eyes and let go, relax. Let go. Or was she supposed to ask Trisha to relax? Confused by Trisha's mixing of you, me, I, my, etc., she gave up trying to make sense of it and just focused on the sound of Trisha's voice.

Trisha, too, was now feeling lightheaded as she fell deeper into Lisa's eyes. Her voice was soft, faltering completely every now and then. In the back of her mind, she wondered if she were hypnotizing herself by staring so fixedly into those wonderful eyes. Enchanted, she listened to her own voice, not recognizing it, listening as it softly instructed Lisa how to hypnotize her. Or was it hypnotizing Lisa? Trisha was confused. The voice continued, softly weaving its spell. She was too far gone to notice when the voice went silent.

They stared at each other, both of them in a light trance, neither of them knowing it. Lisa's mind sporadically kept trying to figure out if Trisha was hypnotizing her or wanted to be hypnotized. After Trisha had been silent for a while, Lisa's mind dimly came to the conclusion that she was supposed to hypnotize Trisha.

Her voice soft and gentle, as her mind told her Trisha's had been, she spoke. Entranced herself, her words had the same effect on them both.

"Let yourself go. Feel yourself relaxing. More and more." From somewhere, the phrase 'deeper' came into Lisa's mind. "Deeper and deeper. Letting go of everything. Relaxing more and more. Letting yourself go into hypnosis. Deep into hypnosis. You want to go into hypnosis. You want to relax. You want to let go. Let go. Relax and let go, let yourself go, let yourself go deep into hypnosis." Lisa felt herself drifting. Dreamily, she thought how easy it was to hypnotize someone. Trisha was staring back at her, and Lisa felt herself being pulled into her eyes. Hmm, this was so good...

"It feels so good. So good. Deeper and deeper into hypnosis. Letting go. More and more. Let go now. Let go, let yourself go deep into hypnosis. Deep asleep." Deep asleep. That sounded so wonderful.

As Lisa said that, Trisha's eyes fluttered and closed. Lisa found herself staring at Trisha's eyelids. Still a bit confused, Lisa closed her eyes as well. A sensation of total peace came over her like a blanket, and she sighed contentedly.

The two of them drifted slowly, Trisha waiting for more suggestions, Lisa wondering vaguely if she still had to do anything. It came to her that once someone was hypnotized, you gave them hypnotic suggestions. That was it.

"I am going to give you some hypnotic suggestions. You will carry out these suggestions because you are hypnotized. You will not know why you are carrying out these suggestions."

Slowly, she thought of some suggestions. It seemed the thing to do. Again, from somewhere came the idea of having the person go into hypnosis instantly at a certain signal.

"After you wake up, if you hear me say the words 'Go to sleep', you will close your eyes and go deep into hypnosis."

OK, said her mind. I gave her a suggestion. Now what. Lisa finally concluded that the next step was to wake up the hypnotized person.

"I'm going to count to...three. When I say the number three, your eyes will open and you will be awake." That made sense, right?

"One. Two. Three."

Trisha's eyes opened. So did Lisa's. They looked at each other curiously.

"Did I hypnotize you?" Lisa asked. It was hard, her mouth seemed dry.

"I think so", Trisha answered. She found it hard to speak somehow.

They looked at each other, waiting. Finally, a thought came to Lisa. What would happen if she said...

"Go to sleep".

Trisha looked puzzled for a split second, then her eyes closed.

Lisa gazed at the entranced woman, and gently ran her fingers through Trisha's hair. Then she lay down beside her and closed her eyes. Sighing happily, she snuggled closer to her hypnotized masseuse and fell asleep.

And there they remained. As the night wore on, their bodies became entwined as they nestled closer together, as sleeping lovers do.

The morning light shone through the small window. Trisha and Lisa lay on the massage table, still sleeping the sleep that total physical and emotional release can bring. Still nude, still covered with the now-sticky massage oil, they gradually awakened as the room brightened.

First, there was the widened eyes, the sharp inhalation at the unfamiliar circumstances. Then recognition, a smile as the events of the previous night came flooding back. Stirring, they gazed at each other lovingly, their hands meeting and folding together.

Trisha thought to herself that this was the perfect way to start a new day. At that, a bell went off in her mind. Start a new day... A new day?

A NEW DAY!! Trisha whirled around and looked intently at the clock on the shelf. Quarter to eight. Oh, shit.

Lisa looked in the direction Trisha was staring. She saw the clock, and after a second, realized what she was seeing.

They started moving at the same time. Both of them swung off the table and headed for the shower room. As if rehearsed, they arrived at the door at the same moment, Trisha pulling it open, Lisa darting through, Trisha following. Without a second thought they both climbed into the small shower stall. Quickly, they covered each other with suds, the floor becoming slick as the stale massage oil washed off their bodies. Despite the need to hurry, they found themselves becoming aroused again, looking at each other longingly as the powerful water stream was directed at each body part in turn. Then, settling for a quick, loving, playful kiss, they jumped out of the shower. Trisha found some more towels, and they frantically dried and dressed.

Moments later they raced up the stairs, Lisa trying to think of how she was going to explain why she was wearing the same outfit two days in a row. Trisha at least had an extra outfit in a closet. They found themselves, panting, in Trisha's office, where they had first met the previous night, so long ago. Lisa stopped at the locked door. Trisha unlocked the door, then hesitated. Stepping back, she looked at Lisa. To her surprise, she felt the warm tears building within her.

"Lisa..." She didn't know what to say. They stood there, looking at each other. "Lisa, will I - see you again?"

Lisa felt her face flush, felt the heat build inside her. Fighting the impulse to lead Trisha back downstairs, she grabbed her, and the kiss that followed showed no signs of the uncertainty they each had felt the night before. Separating, they held each other's gaze as Lisa backed out the door.

Turning, Lisa felt tears of her own as she ran to her car.

Trisha watched as Lisa's car faded from view. Tears running down her face, she locked the door and went downstairs to clean up. As Trisha noticed the lingering scent which still permeated the room, she imagined the things she and Lisa had discovered. Her tears slowly turned to smiles as she thought of herself and Lisa locked in a passionate embrace, on this very table before her. She hoped it would be put to the same use again.

Humming happily as she thought of new and different possibilities, she went back upstairs to open the front door again. By the time she sat down at her desk again, resuming the work from last night, she was back to her usual, business-like self. After a while, the bell rang.

Looking up, she saw yet another overweight, overpaid executive walk smiling into her office. What the hell, she thought. Some things change - some don't. She returned his smile as he entered.

*** The End ***


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