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Nothing Else Matters

by eatmorebananas

Nothing Else Matters

The gemstone spun and swayed at the end of the golden chain, facets glittering in Nancy's vision as she watched. It was like she could see dozens of tiny little rainbow gleams at each of the gem's many, many corners, and they all moved in their own infinitely complex and intricate orbit as she watched. Her eyes followed the motion of the gem as it swayed back and forth, but it never seemed to move quite enough that she needed to follow it with her whole head. She could just let her head stay quite still, and let her eyes follow the motion. That was nice.

Eventually, Nancy spoke. "It's...very pretty, ma'am, but..." she said to the woman holding the stone. Nancy was surprised at how difficult it was to break the silence. And it was silence, she realized. Nobody else in the room was speaking at anything above a whisper. They weren't going over to eat any of the pizzas she'd delivered; they weren't even talking amongst themselves. She could see out of the corner of her eye that all the men and women in the room were just watching her watch the gem.

The realization distracted her from finishing her sentence. The woman took the opportunity to speak. "Yes," she said. "It is very pretty as you watch it spin, watch it gently sway. It draws you in, doesn't it, Nancy, just draws in your whole attention, your whole focus." Nancy was momentarily amazed that the woman seemed to know her name, before remembering she had on her nametag. "You just focus everything in on the stone, all your attention, all your thoughts, just watching the stone and nothing else matters, Nancy. Nothing else matters but watching the stone, just watch the stone. Nothing else matters. Watch the stone. Nothing else matters. Watch the stone. Nothing else matters."

She kept saying that, repeating it over and over again, and Nancy lost track of how many times she said it. But the stone did seem to be drawing her eyes to it. It was so pretty. Dark red, wine-red. The same color as the woman's dress. Between the fancy dress and the big house and the large order, Nancy was actually kind of hoping for a big tip at the end of this. So it was worth humoring this woman for a few minutes by watching the stone while she waited for her husband to go grab the cash.

...a few minutes? It seemed to Nancy like it might have been longer than that, now. Time seemed to be doing funny things. She didn't feel like she'd been standing here long at all, and yet she felt like she'd been watching the gem forever. The woman was still talking, Nancy realized. Still repeating herself, over and over and over again. It deepened the strange timelessness of the moment. Nancy couldn't be sure if she'd said those words ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times. She felt briefly disorientated, like she'd been standing there watching the sparkling gem and listening to the soothing words all her life, and everything else was just a dream she'd had.

But she realized she must have been standing here for a while. Maybe not forever, but long enough that the woman's husband should be back by now. She opened her mouth to speak, but the woman just kept talking, and Nancy felt like it would be rude to interrupt. She just kept listening, waiting for a pause in their conversation before she voiced her concerns.

The gemstone seemed to grow larger in her field of vision now, and even though Nancy was dimly aware that the woman was moving it closer, bringing it higher so that Nancy had to look up to see it, the illusion of the stone drawing her in felt so complete and perfect that Nancy felt like she was the one moving. The sensation of moving while standing still made Nancy feel momentarily dizzy, and her eyelids fluttered for a moment while she swayed slightly on her feet.

The woman was still speaking, and Nancy knew she'd have to interrupt soon. She still wasn't sure how much time had passed, and although she was aware of the existence of her watch, it seemed like an impossible effort now to look away from the gem to see how long she'd been standing there. "Um..." she finally managed to blurt out, vaguely aware of a tiny trickle of drool at the corner of her mouth.

"Yes, dear?" the woman asked. Even though she was no longer saying it, Nancy felt like she could still hear the voice repeating, 'Watch the stone. Nothing else matters.' It was like it had been burned into her thoughts now, the same way that staring at a bright light for a long period of time left afterimages on your retina. The words just seemed to echo endlessly inside her head, making it an effort to call any other words to mind.

"I...your husband..." Nancy felt like her brain wasn't working properly, like she'd just pulled an all-nighter or something. Every time she tried to think about...about anything, the stone would gleam and glitter and her mind would just go still and smooth as the rainbow flickers of light spun and swayed. "How much, um...longer, ma'am..."

"Just a few more minutes, dear. Just keep watching the stone while we wait. Keep drifting into the beautiful swaying motion of the stone."

"You said..." Nancy tried to remember. The husband had apologized for not having the money ready when she'd arrived; he'd darted off into the depths of the huge house to go get it. The woman had apologized as well, had said he'd only be a few minutes, and had asked if Nancy wanted to see her gemstone while they waited. And Nancy had...had...had watched the stone. Nothing else mattered.

She realized she'd trailed off into silence again. She tried again to summon her thoughts up, bring them out of the wine-red depths of the stone. "I need to..."

"You need to watch the stone."

"Nothing else matters..." Nancy said it without even realizing she was going to say it. It just seemed like the natural response. It just seemed like the perfect response. Nothing else mattered. She didn't need to worry about how long she'd been standing there. It didn't matter. Nothing mattered but the stone, nothing mattered but the perfect beauty of the gem and the brilliant sparkling light that shone off of every detailed edge and corner of it.

Nancy realized almost with a start that the woman had started speaking again, sometime while Nancy was watching the stone, and Nancy hadn't even paid attention to the woman's words. She'd just zoned out completely watching the stone. Now, as she listened, she heard the woman say, "...blank and empty, Nancy, going so deep now and knowing that you can just obey so easily and effortlessly..."

Nancy lost track of the words again. It just felt too hard to concentrate on anything else while the gem was so mesmerizing to her sleepy, heavy eyes. She couldn't really focus her attention on both the words and the gem, and the words probably didn't matter anyway. Nothing mattered but the stone. She'd just have to let the words sink on in, catch whatever phrases she could with her conscious mind and hope her subconscious remembered the rest.

"...mindless and obedient and deeply hypnotized now..." The words popped into her mind, and Nancy understood that she was saying them out loud, repeating them as they were spoken to her. For a moment, the knowledge stirred a faint current of outrage in her sleepy brain--these people were hypnotizing her! They were doing something to her head, and...and...and it didn't matter. As soon as the worry arose, before she could even give voice to it, that endless chant in the back of her mind swamped it and pulled it back down into the depths of the gem. Nothing else mattered.

The gem now seemed to fill almost her entire field of vision, but she saw out of the barest corner of her eye the husband as he walked back into the room. Silent relief filled Nancy's mind. He'd give her the money, and then she'd be able to...to...to watch the stone. Nothing else mattered. The thought of her car, idling outside with an eighth of a tank of gas, didn't even manage to stir a flicker in her consciousness anymore. Nancy just watched the stone, knowing it was all she needed to do, all she needed to think about.

Instead of handing Nancy money, he knelt down next to her. She felt cool metal against her skin, and realized distantly that he'd brought a pair of scissors back from wherever he'd vanished to. Nancy felt him cut at the fabric of her jeans, the blades of the scissors working through the denim again and again as he sliced through her clothes. Something about that sent shrieking alarms through every remaining bit of Nancy's mind, but it said a lot about how little was left of Nancy's mind that all she could vocalize was the soft, tiny, almost whispered word, "...job..."

"You never really liked that job anyway, did you, Nancy?" the woman said. The way she said it, it almost didn't sound like a question.

Nancy hadn't really given it much thought--it was just a job, not really worth liking or disliking--but she certainly couldn't give it much thought now. She had so little thought to give. She just let her thoughts drift in the direction the woman guided them to. "...no..."

"So losing it doesn't matter, does it, Nancy?"

Nothing else matters. Nothing else matters. Nothing else matters. "...no..."

"Good girl." Nancy felt the husband pull the remains of her pants off, and two quick snips turned her panties into scraps of fabric. Nancy almost wondered why they were cutting her clothes off, until she felt the scissors snipping away at her shirt. Then she understood. If she had pulled her clothes off, then sooner or later she would have obscured her view of the gemstone for a moment. And nothing was as important as watching the gemstone.

"Hold your hand next to mine, Nancy," the woman said, and Nancy felt her arm move as though independently of her thoughts. The woman tangled the chain up in Nancy's fingers, and Nancy felt a moment of almost mystical wonder as she realized that the gem now dangled from her hand. The perfect, deep, endless beauty of the gem was now a part of her. No matter where she turned, no matter how she moved, no matter what she did, the gem would always be right there, swaying and spinning and entrancing her deeper. She was locked into it and it was locked onto her. Nancy sighed out a deep breath as the endless, eternal nature of the loop sank into her deep and sleepy mind. She couldn't even tell if these were her own thoughts, or if the woman was speaking again and she was just so deeply hypnotized now that she couldn't tell the difference between the woman's words and her own thoughts, but it didn't matter. Nothing else mattered.

The woman took Nancy's other hand and guided her through the gathering of men and women. Nancy felt appreciative hands touching her, and although they felt good, they didn't disturb her from the perfect sensation of sinking into the stone as she held it before her own eyes. She barely even noticed when the woman brought her to an open space in the center of the room, her peripheral vision now almost down to nothing. Between the vastness of the gem as she held it almost touching to her head, and the way her eyelids had sunk down half-closed (and fluttering even closer to shut from time to time as she tried so hard to keep watching the gem), she couldn't even tell what she was standing over.

Then the woman guided her down onto it, and Nancy felt a shudder of pleasure run through her as she sank onto the dildo. It was mounted on something, Nancy could tell. She was straddling a cushioned surface, like she was mounted on the saddle of a horse. But the fake cock sticking up from the center of the "saddle" felt so good inside her. It completed the pleasure of the gemstone.

Then the woman did...something...and the pleasure went beyond complete. The dildo began moving, not just vibrating but gyrating in her cunt. The rocking, buzzing motion made Nancy moan with pleasure as it flowed and ebbed. It felt so good, so...Nancy's moans turned into whimpering, insistent grunts as her arousal built.

The woman whispered in Nancy's ear now, touched her flesh with one hand as the other did...something, Nancy wasn't sure what but every time she did it the dildo's motions inside her cunt grew more insistent. Nancy couldn't even figure out what she was whispering anymore, the red of the gem and the pulsing of her clit filled her world and left her blank and empty and pliant and docile, willing to accept any words deep into her mind the way that her mind was deep into the gem, the way the dildo was deep into her cunt...

She felt other hands on her now, men's hands and women's hands and it was all too much, her senses just overwhelmed her brain with sensation as the woman spoke quicker, the whispery breath tickling Nancy's ear as she heard without listening and accepted without understanding. The gem's sparkling movements became erratic, jerky and juddery and it was getting so much harder to follow now that Nancy's eyes had slipped almost entirely shut. The fingers on her body, the scent of her own arousal, and finally the utter, complete and overriding pleasure of the thrumming cock in her pussy, it all...

Nancy heard someone screaming, high wavery gasps of intense pleasure that echoed through the room, but she was cumming too hard to care about who they belonged to.

Her eyes slipped shut as she rode the machine into pleasure and rode the pleasure into deeper hypnosis, but that didn't matter. She could still see the gem in her mind's eye, filling up her world just like the woman had said it would. She could let it blank out all her thoughts, leaving her still and empty and a willing, obedient servant to her new masters. That was all she needed to do. That was all she wanted to do. That was all she could ever do.

Nothing else mattered.



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