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by camo1994


It seemed like a simple plan. They had been to a show that featured a hypnotist, Doctor Lewis. He had several people on stage doing all kinds of silly things. Richards wife was one of the subjects. This gave Richard an idea. His wife was getting a little careless in her appearance and hardly ever wore sexy dresses and heels any more. After the show all the subjects had to go backstage to let Doctor Lewis de-program them. When it was their turn, and before he brought her out of the trance, Richard asked him if he would give her a post hypnotic suggestion to get her to dress sexier. The doctor hesitated at first but a little pleading and an offer of $200 changed his mind. He told Richard to wait outside. Richard, being curious, had his ear to the door and could here what he was saying.

The next morning as he walked in the kitchen he expected to see a big change in Diane's appearance but was disappointed to see her in a sweat shirt and baggy sweat pants. He said "Well so much for Hypnosis." Diane looked puzzled and said "What do you mean; I heard he had me prancing around and clucking like a chicken". She had to put her hand over her mouth to surpass the giggles. He said "What is so funny?".. She said before you lose your faith in hypnosis, maybe you should look in the mirror." As Richard walked to the hall to the mirror he noticed he was a little off balance. It must be the high heels he thought. What am doing in high heels, he thought in panic. When he got to the mirror he saw an attractive woman in his wife's little black dress, sexy 3 inch heels, wig and make up and he almost passed out. He rushed back to the kitchen and screamed "What did you do to me?" . She was still trying to not laugh as she said. "I did not do anything. What did you say to Doctor Speck last night?" He said "I just asked him to give you a post hypnotic suggestion to get you to dress a little sexier. I know he did it because I listened outside at the door and heard him."

Diane giggled and said," You know some people can not be hypnotized but apparently you, with your weak mind, got it instead of me. Serves you right. Come here and let me see something". He came over and she lifted his skirt. "I just wanted to see how complete your ensemble is, nice sexy panties and hose. They are my good ones; you will have to buy me some more if you are going to keep wearing them." Richard said, "Enough of this," and he kicked off the heels. As soon as he did he grabbed his stomach and almost fell to the floor. Diane almost dialed 911 but before she did she grabbed the shoes and put them back on his feet. The pain stopped. She said obviously you are required to wear them because of the hypnosis, let's see how far this goes. Take off the jacket." As he did the pain came back and he quickly put it back on. She said come to my bed room and let's see how far this goes. She gave him a pair of sweat pants. As he started to slide them on the pain started again. She opened her lingerie drawer and handed him a pair of plain white cotton panties. As he tried to slip them on the pain came back. She gave him a sexy pink pair and no pain. The same thing happened with the bras. He had pain with the plain ones, but not with the frilly ones. She said, "I am seeing a pattern here. Apparently you can only wear items that you consider sexy. Let's try another skirt and blouse. She got out a mini skirt and a lacy white blouse. No problem. She said, " I wonder about taking a shower.?" They went in the bathroom and he stripped naked and the pain started. She quickly brought in a dress and hung it up and the pain was gone. "I guess you can take them off as long as you intend to put on another suitable outfit. Come in the bed room. She gave him a cute baby doll night gown. No pain and he could take off the heels. She gave him a plain cotton gown and pain again. She said," I guess you can see the pattern here; you can only wear things you perceive as sexy. You can strip to take a bath as long as you have a suitable outfit or night gown to put on afterward." Richard said, Okay, let's go see Doctor Lewis and get this curse removed."

They went back to the club. Diane drove because Richard would probably have trouble with the heels. When they got to the club, fortunately the manager was there. They asked to see Doctor Lewis and they were told he was on vacation for three weeks and could not be reached. They told him it was an emergency. But he said that the Doctor was in Europe somewhere and he did not know how to reach him. Diane left her card and said to be sure and call her when he heard from him.

That night when Richard got ready for bed he put on the cute baby dolls but when he tried to take off the wig the pain came back. He called Diane and she came in commenting on how darling he looked. He said," Don't rub it in. Can you do something with my hair so I don't have to sleep in the wig?". She said." Why I should help you. You brought this on yourself trying to convert me to your idea of a sexy wife. It backfired on you and now you're stuck with it till the Doctor comes back." Richard begged and she finally said she would try. He took off the wig and she started to trim his hair in bangs. Then she put little bunches on each side with ribbons. This seemed to work Okay. It did look like a little girl and she had to giggle at that. He would have to wear the wig for work as this was too juvenile.

Work was going to be a problem. He was a Tech writer and had his own office so he would not be exposed to the public. He would have to deal with the others in his section. Most were female. He decided to just be honest. His company was gender tolerant so they could not fire him as long as he met the required dress code, which in this case was for a female. He would need Diane's help so that he did not look like a clown. Since this was only temporary, and they were nearly the same size, they decided he could just borrow the clothes from her. The kind he had to wear were the kind she did not like any way. They were the sexy stuff he bought her, or some she bought to please him. She insisted he buy his own lingerie and some more night gowns.

Diane refused to go shopping with him. She said." Why should I go, you know the kind you have to buy anyway? Have fun sweetie." When he walked by the hall mirror his confidence improved. Diane had touched up his make up and combed out his wig. He decided on taking a cab since he was not comfortable about driving in heels. He felt better when the driver said." Where to miss?" Richard was very embarrassed shopping. Naturally he had to get assistance from a sales girl to get the right size. She gave him a close look and said." You're a guy aren't you?" He said he was and asked what gave him away. "Your walk mainly. You look great but you need more practice in those heels. Why are you wearing them for shopping anyway?" She got a good laugh when he explained about the spell. You mean you have to wear panties and hose and every thing else that a girl wears or you get bad cramps?" He told her yes. After her fit of giggles she did help him saying," You just made my day."

She also took advantage of his helpless situation and teased him often. Comments like." This Nighty is going to be so cute on you. I wish I could see you in it." Richard turned several shades of red before he got all the panties, bras, stockings, garter belts, slips and night gowns he needed. She insisted he try on the bra's to make sure they fit. He did not think this was necessary since the one he was wearing had the size on it. He figured she just wanted to humiliate him and see what his breast forms looked like. He made her leave when he tried on the slips. He was not going to be standing there in front of her in his undies. She asked why he wanted stockings instead of pantyhose. "Why fool around with garter belts and snaps?" she said. He said unfortunately he always liked them on women so now he had to wear them because of the spell. He decided if he had to do any more shopping he would go to a shop that specialized in cross dressers, if he could find one.

Diane said. "Tomorrow is Sunday and since you have to dress for work Monday and for the next few weeks, we need to make you more presentable. She did go to a specialty shop and get him a gaff. In the morning I will help you with hair removable and trim those eyebrows. I wasn't going to help you for trying to trick me, but your humiliation is going to be punishment enough. I can just imagine how it is going to be at work, dressed as a sexy chick, and trying to explain it all. In the future you can fix your own hair for bed, just comb your bangs forward and put the ribbons in like I did. You are also going to have to learn to do your own make up and tomorrow you better practice walking in the heels. This is going to be so much fun Missy."

Monday morning came too soon. Richard practiced in the heels Sunday and was getting pretty good at it but he had to soak his feet that night for some relief. Diane helped him with his make up and hair and he reluctantly went in to work. He borrowed a suit and skirt with a white silk blouse for his first day. As he walked past the receptionist on the way in she said, "Excuse me miss, we don't open till 8. Richard said, "Good morning Elaine. I guess I have some explaining to do." After hearing his voice she started laughing and said, "Richard, I thought you looked familiar. What's with the get up? Did you lose a bet with Diane and she wants to embarrass you? He was really getting red in the face and hoped the whole day was not going to be like this. He decided to talk to his boss and put out a memo to all concerned explaining about the hypnotic spell and why he would be dressing like this for the next few weeks. Elaine was giggling and said, "lift your skirt, I want to see what your wearing underneath." Richard said, I will explain it to you and then the rest will get it in the Memo. He told her briefly about getting put in the spell and that he could only wear female clothing that he perceived as attractive. Any attempt to do other wise and he gets bad stomach cramps. She asked, "You mean that you have to wear stockings and suspender belt and heels instead of panty hose and flats because that is how you prefer to see girls in your lusty mind?" "That's about it. It even discriminates between a cotton night gown and a lacy baby doll. I am a prisoner of my own desires as to what I like to see woman wear. She said, "I am glad you are getting paid back, I noticed how you look at me and the other girls and it is a very appropriate punishment.. This is going to be such fun. I can't wait to see what you will be wearing each day. Be sure stop by my desk each day for inspection. It will make my day."

Richard went to his office and called his boss for an appointment. He did not want to barge in, in case he had others there. He wanted to keep this as quiet as possible. Mr. Evans told him to come on down. As he walked in Mr. Evans did not recognize him at first but then was really shocked. He could hardly find words, but it was evident that he was not happy. Here was one of his best programmers dressed up like a sexy secretary standing before him. Richard explained every thing to him and he agreed to put out a memo. Mr. Evans said, "We are a gender friendly company so I can't fire you but your job is going to change until you get over this little problem. Since you are going to be dressing as a female I am transferring you to the secretary pool. I don't want you to be exposed to your regular business contacts looking like that. I will assign your regular duties and office to someone else till this is over. "You can report to the pool manager, Margarita Sanchez for assignment. You will have to explain your situation to her till I get time to put out a memo. I must say this is a just retaliation for trying to force this on your wife. By the way, pick a feminine name and I will include it in the memo.." "Thelma will do sir." Replied Richard.

Richard went to see Margarita and had to go through the whole explanation again. She told him he made an attractive girl and she was glad for the extra help. She took him down to the blue print room and he met two other girls, Shelly and Maxine. Thankfully the memo was out now. They had a difficult time suppressing the giggles. Thelma was assigned to filing returned schematics in their proper files. The last hour he had to relieve Maxine at the front desk getting prints for customers. He soon found there was a disadvantage to wearing a tight skirt and heels. The larger schematics were in rolls and were filed in a larger bin at the top. This made things difficult since she had to use a ladder and the skirt and heels were definitely a handicap.. He would tell Diane about it for tomorrow and get her to find him something suitable to wear that would satisfy the spell, and let him be more comfortable.

When he got home Diane asked him how he liked being a girl at work. He kicked off the heels and quickly put on some fuzzy slippers before the cramps kicked in too bad. He told her his feet were killing him and the bra straps were uncomfortable. She laughed and said it served him right for trying to wish it off on her. He explained the problem with the ladder and the clothes and she said she had a peasant outfit that had a full looser skirt. They went upstairs and he tried it and it was suitable to the spell requirements, and he did look attractive in it. After dinner Richard (Thelma) took his bath and fixed his hair in pigtails. He put on the Baby Doll Nighty which he knew was acceptable. Diane told him how cute he looked. She said. I may have some lesbian tendencies because you are getting me hot. I may have to tell the Doctor to keep you in that spell. They both enjoyed great love making and went to sleep.

The next morning he dressed in the Peasant out fit and she styled the wig like a senorita. He knew Margarita would like it. He was assigned to work the front desk today and found the new out fit was more suitable for climbing the ladder. The morning passed quickly and the girls talked him into going to lunch with them. Maxine asked him how he liked working the front desk. He said," It is better today with this skirt, although it sure seems like a lot of people want things from the top shelf and I am getting a good work out climbing up and down the ladder. I don't know how you guys stand it." This caused the girls to crack up. They explained that the guys did not really need all those prints. They just asked for them so they could peek up her skirt and watch her climb the ladder in heels. They said that is why they all wear slacks when working the front desk. Shelly asked why he did not wear panty hose explaining that they would be less provocative than hose and suspender belts. It might help cut down the gawking. He explained that it did not meet the dress code of the spell.

The week went by and Saturday Diane said." Why don't we go play tennis tomorrow? I know you love it and we haven't done much since this thing happened." Richard said," I would like to play but what would I wear?" Diane said she would get him a cute little tennis outfit. He agreed reluctantly, but he felt he could use the exercise and at least he would not have to wear heels. When Diane got back they tried on the clothes. The first thing was some white shorts. The cramps started slightly. Next a short pleated skirt. No cramps. White halter top, Okay, his regular tennis shoes, cramps .Fortunately, she had bought him some girly pink and white shoes and pink anklets. They got dressed the next morning and Diane gave him a wolf whistle. Richard said," Thanks, you look mighty sexy too."

They were able to get a court and there were a few guys watching them play. Richard was embarrassed because he knew he was showing his panties while playing. Diane was too, but she was a girl and that's okay for her. After the game as they were driving home, Diane placed her hand on his thigh and started creeping up toward his panties. Richard said," Please don't do that honey; I did not wear my gaff today because of the exercise. If you keep that up I may soil my new panties. You can wait till we get home and we can enjoy it more?" He thought maybe there is a good side to this situation. Because he was more exposed in these outfits it seems like Diane was turned on a lot more often and there sex life was much better.

Time dragged by and Richard was getting pretty good at being a full time female although he was anxious to get back to being a male. He realized how much work it was to be the type of girl he liked. He would not miss all the shaving, make up and wearing uncomfortable clothes and especially the heels. He now understood why Diane was reluctant to be his fantasy lady. She did agree to dress the way he liked a little more often, if he, in return would become Thelma for her occasionally, once the spell was lifted.

Doctor Lewis returned and he called Diane. She went to see him in private. She explained the spell situation and he agreed to remove it for them. She asked for a slight modification giving her the option of recalling the spell. He said he could do it (For a fee) but wanted to build in some safety. She was told to pick a trigger word and to make sure that the spell did not get false triggered by some ones conversation it had to come from her. It would only last for 48 hours at a time, for safety reasons. She picked "Pink Panties Thelma" to trigger it "And return to Richard" for release.

Richard went in for his appointment and the spell was removed (he thought). He went home very happy that he could finally start dressing as a man again. He was delighted to get out of the dress and all the lingerie and get into some comfortable clothes and shoes. Every thing was back to normal except that Richard was getting a little lazy about helping Diane with the house work and was spending a lot more time with his buddies. One Saturday he decided to go fishing with his buddies instead of taking her to her mothers as promised. Diane decided he needed a little time as Thelma to refresh his memory as to how he should be treating her. As he was packing getting ready to leave she whispered "Don't forget your Pink Panties Richard." She went down stairs and waited to see if the post hypnotic suggestion would work. In a few minutes in walked Thelma. She looked adorable in a mini skirt and pink top and heels. Richard said, "What did you do to me?" She told him that she could turn him back to Thelma any time she wanted. She said." you better call your buddies and cancel your fishing trip unless you are going dressed like that." Richard was furious and said he was going back to Dr. Lewis and get the spell removed no matter what it cost. She said" Good luck with that. He is retired now and living in Europe some where. He did not leave a forwarding address for his patients, but I know how to contact him in case of an emergency.". Now we are going to have an Attitude Adjustment for you.

Richard said," How long are you going to keep me like this? My feet hurt already." "Just for the weekend if you are good, longer if you are not. Now go to your room and change into that new outfit I bought for you. You are going to do some house cleaning. Richard went into the bedroom and saw a sexy maid outfit laid out. It definitely met the spell requirements. It was blue with a frilly slip and a matching cap and frilly blue panties. As short as the dress was they would be on display quite often. He went down stairs and Diane said." you look very Pretty. I am glad you still remember how to do your make up. I realize the outfit is overkill but I figured you needed a lesson. I want you to wash the windows first and then start dusting. The floors need cleaning too, but I don't want you to mess up that pretty dress." Richard spent the day doing as she asked. After dinner he had to do the dishes.

At bed time Thelma put on a sexy new Baby Doll Diane had bought for him. They had fantastic sex. There was just something about Thelma that drove her wild so they had sex again. Richard said," I did every thing you asked, can I please go back to being Richard tomorrow. My feet need some rest. I will be REAL good. She gave him a long sexy kiss and said," Return to Richard." He got up and dropped the panties to see if the spell was off. Every thing was okay. Diane said," put them back on. You look so cute in them, so please leave them on tonight for me. Richard complied. He did not want to admit it but he did like the way they felt. They turned him on too but he would not tell her that.


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