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Free Costumes. Come one... Come all

by uderiel

Free Costumes. Come one... Come all

The group of friends stepped into the costume shop laughing at one of the jokes said outside about the place looking like rubbage. John and Rachel were partners and Rick and Jasmine were dating while Adam and Rosalie were just along to get the free costumes being advertised. Adam frowned as he looked at the board of free costumes left available, "I knew we should have come here sooner guys, look at this stuff left over.. pregnant hooker? Dog? ... old man? wow... these are seriously gay!!!". John rushed up to the spinner to see what his luck would give him and laughed, "I hope I get pregnant hooker!!!!!", jokingly looking around to wink at Rachel. The man behind the counter smiled and looked over the group. He pointed at the spinner and said, " just spin the spinner and wherever it lands on youll get the costume for free. no one wants these so might as well give them away". John spun the spinner watching it go round and round before stopping on baby girl, "what the hell?! that is so gay what the fuck kind of costume is that? whatever dude ill rock it becuase im cool like that. Rachel giggled and stepped up right behind him while Rick and Jasmine made out. Rosalie was staring at the old man mask. Rachel spun the spinner and watched it go round and round before stopping on the dog. She frowned and looked unhappily at the costume as the man handed it over the counter. Adam ran up and spun the spinner as hard as he could and watched the spinner go round and round before finally stopping on hooker. John jokingly laughed, "At least it will look like Adam got laid.. virgin!!". Adam held back the words of contempt and smiled as the costume was passed over. Rosalie went up next and spun the spinner and watched it go round and round before seeing it land on the old man costume. "wow this is so cool I was just looking at that costume... I guess this is what we get for waiting till the morning of though :(". Jasmine jumped in front of Rick and denounced, "Ladies first.. for once". She spun the spinner and watched it go round and round before landing on Ditzy blonde waitress. " I think i just got the best costume left", she laughed taking the costume and looking at its revealing and sexy look. Rick shuffled up to the counter and looked at the spinner and noticed there was only one costume left and asked if he could just have the costume. The man behind the counter frowned, " You sure you dont want to be part of the fun?". Rick just replied that he would rather pass and thankfully took the rubber love doll costume. "this is so not cool... wow".

Rick took Jasmine to her house and they engaged in great sexual intercourse. None of them had to meet up until at least midnight to go to some of the better halloween parties and so around eleven oclock Jasmine got out of bed and started getting ready to put her costume on. Rick lay in bed still his costume no more than a one piece plastic suit with a wide open red mouth. He wondered why he got the crummiest costume but just waited till it was closer to twelve to put it on. Jasmine was a grade a student, great in school and passionate about becoming a lawyer. she had black hair and a dark complexion and she was very beautiful. She had just finished her hair and makeup and started pulling on her waitress skirt when it was eleven fifty five. She had the skirt barely pulled up when she noticed Rick still laying in bed," put on your costume lets go hun". She closed the door and put on a skimpy bra of hers, put the top over that with the cheap nametag and finally pulled up her hair to fit the wig over her head as she adjusted it. Rick stepped out of bed and while still naked put on some tight boxer briefs and started pulling the costume up over his feet. It was eleven fifty nine just turning twelve when he got the costume just above the knees. His phone alarm went off just as Jasmine let out a squeak. She felt her breasts grow till they almost overflowed out of the top becoming double F's as her complexion went all pale white. Her vagina was suddenly very moist and the costume started to fit more perfectly as she gained a little bit of weight going from 117 points to 145 in seconds as her feet automatically started to step into some pumps. Her lipstick turned red and the foundation on her face splotched as her complexion got worse. Her nametag that she had written her name on changed to say Margarie as her Blonde hair started to curl... not used to the pumps she slipped and hit her head on the side of the tub, she awoke with little knowledge of anything and started to giggle at how silly she was. lifting herself up while she saw the spinning of the spinner in her mind as she kept getting stupider. Rick only heard the squeak for when he looked down he felt his feet go super light. Rick was not the smartest but he was very shy and yet in this moment he was freaked out. his feet were merging with the plastic and becoming like air. The legs wrapped up around his own and up over his waist making his penis shrivel away into a smooth crimped plastic with short shorts designed on it. He felt like he was going to float away as it expanded over his chest creating the cheap plastic breasts where his pecks were until it wrapped up over his mouth forcing it open in a surprised look as he fell back the spinning of the spinner forcing his mind to become like air as he lay on the bed conscious of everything around him and incapable of doing anything. He watched as Marjorie now came out of the bathroom and looked at him. "I dont remember that being there". she just lifts him up and throws him into her brothers room since its probably his anyways, she assumes.

Adam Finished his homework and around 1130 decides to start putting the costume on. He pulls thick leggings up his legs to cover the hair and puts on the pregnancy belly top that includes a set of D cup breast that get wrapped up in a cheap bra and a cloth jacket that comes in the bag. he pulls up the cheap skimpy skirt and puts on the wig. He really does not have to shave but he borrows some of his sisters make up and puts on it rather heavy just like a real hooker. then looking at the clock he realizes he is super early and so lays down on his bed. In his dreams he see's the spnner going round and round and when he wakes up he looks to see the leggings gone replaced by smooth shaven legs covered in bruises and scrapes. he cant sit up because his belly is growing and he feels his prick dissapear between his legs. He tries to scream but feels something like a dick enter his mouth. His skin wraps around the pregnancy belly and his ass grows till moisture can be felt where his dick was and his ass cheeks start to sweat since they are so big now. His eyes grow big and the thing that feels like a dick thrusts in and out of his mouth. Suddenly kicks can be felt in his belly and the breasts on his chest feel heavy and yet perky. His arms become smooth and his breasts almost fall out of the bra as little needle holes appear near the veins in the crook of his arm. His nails grow and he cant move the whole time as another thing that feels like a dick penetrates his vagina. he moans in ecstacy as the thing that feels like a dick cums in his mouth soaking into his face making the makeup permanent and countouring his face like a womans wiping his memories away and making him wish the dick would come back. The penis in his vagina erupts as well and suddenly he is able to sit and just barely and roll out of bed supporting his stomach with his hands before putting on his heels. Time to get to work. he knows that he cant just stop working the corner if he wants to take care of the baby when it comes out.... its only a few weeks away.. he thinks. it doesnt matter though as he now she walks down the street lighting up a roach to make the job go better tonight.

To Be Continued. Enjoy and comment any improvements you would like to see :)


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