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hypnosis in simplicity

by camo1994

hypnosis in simplicity

A 12 year old girl went to a psychiatris for help. Would hypnosis solve this girls problems and change her life forever?


It was Monday morning when Lizzie entered to the psychiatric office.

Good Morning Lizzie, please come in and lay in the couch invited the psychiatric.

Thank you Miss Rogers. I hope you can help me with my problem. said Lizzie laying in the couch and getting comfortable.

Miss Rogers hold his notebook and pulled her chair next to the couch. She put her glasses on and began the therapy.

Well Lizzie, the first thing you need is to relax. Think of me like a friend, even you can call me for my first name, Angela. And now that we are in confidence, tell me about your problem said the psychiatric.

Everything started when I turned 12 years old. My body began to feel weird to me. Since my bumps show up I see things in a different way. I have noticed the stared of my classmates looking at me. Others just give little palms in my back to fell if Im wearing my training bra. It made me fell like a freak.

Interesting. replied Angela taking some notes how old are you Lizzie?

13 years old

I see. So, do you dislike the changes in your body? Do you want to be a little girl again?

No, not at all. At the begging was strange, but then I get use to the attention. I felt more confident of my actions and began to play with my little charms to obtain what I want from my classmates

That is great Lizzie you have began to explore your femininity. But beside that I don't see any other problem.

Everybody says that the girls matured early than the boys, right? Well, that is my problem. I'm bored of childish plays. I want to be appreciate not just for the kids, I want that real boys pay me some attention

Oh Lizzie, you just need some time. I can assure you that in a few years you will be a gorgeous young woman.

I don't want to wait a few years. I want to be that woman now! emphasized Lizzie.

Angela scratched her chin analyzing the Lizzie's problem.

Lizzie, how old do you think I am?

I don't know 25, 27 at most replied the girl

I'm 47 years old honesty said Angela

Whoa!! You don't look so old

That's because I have my little secret. I can help you with your problem, but it won't be cheap

Lizzie picked up her little purse and handled to Angela 10 bills of 100 dollars each.

Is all that I have. If you help me I can give you twice the next week

Angela looked the determination in Lizzie's face. She took the money and said, This will cover all. Now get into business

The psychiatric grabbed from her desk a gold chain watch. The one that every psychiatric has to induce the hypnosis.

Are you going to hypnotize me?

Of course. With the hypnosis, I was able to regress me not just in thoughts and memories, in body too. Since the psychiatrics only focus in the past problems, we were never progressed someone before. You will be the first patient in be progressed mentally, but at the same time, the first in be progressed too. Are you ready for it?


Angela waved the clock in front Lizzie's eyes.

Concentrated in the clock. See how it moves. Left, right, left, right, left, right. Now fall sleep.

Lizzie closed her eyes and slept.

Can you hear my voice Lizzie?


Pay attention Lizzie. Right now the time is moving fast, very, very fast. Do you understand?


The time is moving so fast that now the days are just mere seconds. This change is affecting your age. While I speak your body is aging. Can you feel it?

Yes moaned Lizzie.

The changes in her body manifested as the time passed. Lizzie grew two inches in height and her silhouette filled out more.

Now Lizzie tell me how old are you?


Do you want to be older?

How much older?

Lizzie frowned her brows.

I don't know
This is going to be difficult. thought Angela Listen now Lizzie. The time is moving faster now that the years are minutes

Lizzie aging began to accelerate. Her clothes got thigh on her. Her legs lengthened and took shape under her skirt. Which was being filled by her inflating rear. Her blossoming breasts stretch her shirt. Lizzie was 16 years old.

Are you old enough?

No replied in her maturing voice.

Remember that the changes are altering your mind too. You are not longer a little girl. You have to start to think like an adult.

Yes said Lizzie in her 17 years old voice.

You have matured. Now your interests are others

The snapping sound of Lizzie's bra interrupted Angela. Her breasts have passed the C-cup and they were still growing. Her waist became tiny as her hips expand. Her green dress began to tear apart.

Are you old enough?

No said the 19 years old Lizzie.

Her last growth spurt tore off her dress. Lay in the couch was a gorgeous 20 years old woman, with a perfect body.

Lizzie now your are a woman and you can have any man you want. Are you old enough now?


Good. Listen carefully Lizzie, the time is begging to move slower now, the years are not longer days, and the days are not longer seconds. The time is back to normal

Lizzie stopped her progression at the age of 21 years old.

Remember Lizzie, that your emotions have change too. You will look men in a completely different way

I don't understand. replied Lizzie still under the hypnosis.

Angela knew that Lizzie could be very vulnerable to love. She had grown up without experience and maybe she will be very candid in some aspects.

For the next half hour, Angela instructed Lizzie about anything she needs to know, from how to make up until deal with men.

Lizzie your training is over. When I snap my finger you will wake up feeling like an adult OK?


Angela snapped her fingers and Lizzie woke up of her trance. The first thing she noticed was the weight in her chest. She marveled at how big her bust was, and then she noticed that was completely naked.

The psychiatric handle her raincoat to cover at the new woman. It was difficult for Lizzie to get use at her new point of gravity. After a few steps inside the office she could walk normally.

Thanks Angela. This had been the best therapy I had ever been

Your welcome Lizzie. Just mentioned me to your friends that are suffering the problem that you was.
Surely I will said Lizzie waving her hips in her way to the exit.

This could be a great advance in the hypnosis field smiled Angela.


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