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The Forced Hypnosis Blowjob

by MasterKing1

The Forced Hypnosis Blowjob

I gotta tell somebody about this!

I'm one of those guys who have lots of friends who are
girls but have a hard time getting a girlfriend. It
drives me crazy because I want to have sex with my
female friends but they "don't think of me that way".
You don't know how many times I've heard that one!
Their boyfriends get it from them. Even just guys they
date get it from them. But not me!

So I bought this book on hypnosis figuring I'd
hypnotize one of my female friends into having sex with
me. Blowjobs really. I love blowjobs. Anyway, I read it
and practiced on imaginary girls, but I couldn't figure
out what to say to any of my female friends to get them
to let me hypnotize them.

So, then, on Saturday, I'm hanging out with my friend
Katherine and she sees the hypnotism book on my coffee
table. I didn't know what to say so I told her I bought
it to learn how to help people quit smoking to make
extra money. So, then she says she wants to quit
smoking. Holy crap! So, I can't believe this!

So, anyway, here's my chance. So, I tell her it might
take a few tries because I'm new and all and she goes
for it. It did take a few tries but I got her under. I
know I did because I emptied a half a cigarette on her
tongue and told her she had to keep it in her mouth. I
knew if I didn't have her under, she couldn't keep it

So I figure I better do something about making her not
like smoking so I told her while she was under that she
would want only half the cigarettes as normal when she
woke up, then I moved on to what I really wanted.

I didn't want her to be some kind of zombie giving me a
blowjob; I wanted her to really want to give me a
blowjob. So, I told her that after she wakes up,
whenever I tell her she looks pretty (or gorgeous or
beautiful) she would get a desire to give me a blowjob.
And, that each time I say it that the desire to give me
a blowjob will double until she can't resist it

I know this was wrong, because Katherine is my friend
but I just couldn't help it. Katherine is so gorgeous.
She's an Italian beauty with big, sexy, brown eyes,
dark brown hair, sensuous lips, and a knock out
frigging body! I've been wanting her bad for a long

So of course I want to try it right away, but she has
to go home because we took so friggin long screwing
around with the hypnosis. I'm horny as hell and she has
to go home. Story of my life! By the time we get to
hang out again I'm so friggin worked up I can't stand
it. I've been thinking about Katherine giving me a
blowjob all week, so I've been pretty well telling her
how pretty she is from the time she got in the car.

So we're still out with friends and she's looking at me
real funny. Like she wants me bad. God I loved that
look in her eyes. And she's hanging around me and like
fixated on me, which I love, because I know she wants
to give me a blow job, but I'm too afraid to ask her.

I could tell she was super uncomfortable asking me. On
the ride home she starts telling me that there's
something she's wanted to do all night, but she feels
real funny about it. I tell her she can absolutely say
anything to me because we're good friends.

It was so hot watching her trying to get up the nerve
to ask me something so embarrassing for her, but I had
her wanting to give me a blowjob so bad she finally
made herself do it. She was so cute. She actually bit
her bottom lip, all nervous like, and slid up close to
me on the car seat and whispered in my ear. "I'm dying
to give you blow Job?"

Oh My God! I almost drove off the road! This is what
I've been waiting for. I got butterflies in my stomach
and my heart was pounding like a jackhammer. But I
didn't want her to do it while I was driving because I
wanted to experience every single second of it, so I
told her. "I'd love that. As soon as we get to my

She told me to hurry because she really wanted to do it
for me bad and slid close to me on the seat and stated
to rub my cock through my pants, which was totally hard
already, and gave me little kisses on my neck and ear.
I drove like a maniac and kept telling her how pretty
she was. She kept telling me to hurry.

By the time we got to my place she was crazy with
desire to blow me. We went right to the couch and she
got right down on her knees on the floor in front of
me. I knew I had her crazy and wanted to see how far I
could push her so I said. "Do it naked for me."

The only way I can describe the look on her face is
that she looked frightened. "Do I have to?" she asked.

"Yes." I said. "You are so pretty, I want to see all of

"Please, couldn't I be dressed?" she said struggling
with the idea as she looked from my bulge to face

"Come on Katherine," I answered. "It would be so much
better if you were naked."

She bit her lower lip and started unbuttoning her
blouse. I made her stand up and do it. This was so
frigging incredible. It's hot enough having a beautiful
girl stripping for you, but it's super hot when she's
stripping for you and doesn't want to. And she really
didn't want to. She was all shy about it and actually
started blushing. God it was great!

And Katherine is beautiful! Katherine's the kind of
girl you'd spend your whole paycheck buying drinks for
just to keep her sitting next to you at the bar. And I
had her stripping naked for me! This was awesome! It
was like having my own Playboy Playmate of the year
stripping for me in my own living room getting ready to
give me a blowjob.

As she took off each piece of clothing I kept telling
her how great she looked. And she looked incredible.
There she was displaying her beautiful breasts for me;
so big and round and firm like melons with dark brown
nipples high and just slightly to the side. As she
stepped out of her jeans she looked up at me with her
fingers holding the top of her panties.

"Can I keep these on?" she pleaded for her last bit of

I just shook my head.

I swear, she was trembling as she slipped off her
panties! It was the hottest frigging thing! I
unbuckled, unzipped and pulled out my hard cock. Her
focus totally went to the object of her desire and she
forgot all about being embarrassed about being naked.
She was chomping at the bit wanting to get her mouth on
my cock but before I let her have it I made her wait
while I fondled her breasts and kneaded her nipples. I
was relishing every bit of her and how badly she wanted
my cock. Now I was ready.

I thought she would devour my cock like she was
starving, but she didn't. Instead, she closed her eyes
and pressed her lips against it in a slow kiss. Then
she used her tongue and slid it up and over my cock
head in slow motion. Stopped, pulled slightly away,
looked at it longingly and kissed it a slow full kiss

Katherine was savoring my cock. Like when after all
winter you finally get to grill a steak on the grill
and the whole time your smelling it cooking. Your going
crazy because you can't wait to eat it and when you
finally get it on your plate you cut it really slow and
put a piece in your mouth and just relishing the taste
and then chew so slowly savoring the experience.

That's what Katherine was doing, savoring my cock. And
I just leaned back and enjoyed every second of this
incredibly beautiful naked girl giving me the longest,
slowest, sweetest blowjob ever.

And she did everything, used her lips and tongue and
even slid my cock up and down and around her beautiful
face. She'd bob up and down with just my cockhead and
glans sliding in and out of her mouth and then take me
deep till I could feel by cock head pressed against the
back of her throat holding it there till she gagged a
little gag.

Sometimes she looked up at me so subserviently, or
gazed at my cock adoringly, or closed her eyes in total
concentration. Katherine was using her mouth to make
love to my cock. I didn't hypnotize her on how to blow
me, only to want to blow me. This was the kind of
blowjob Katherine knew how to give!

I don't know how long I had her doing this for me. A
very, very, long time. Each time she would sense that I
might cum, she'd back off and do something else, like
kiss my balls or lay her head on my stomach and lightly
blow on my cock head. She'd run her fingernails up and
down my stomach and look up at me with those big, brown
eyes to see if my imminent orgasm had subsided. I would
nod and she would go back to serious cock pleasing.

Finally, I had to cum. I grabbed Katherine's head and
held it firmly as I humped her mouth. Katherine didn't
want this and she made whimpering sounds as I fucked
her mouth, which was a total turn on, but she didn't
fight me. I came right in her mouth like a fire hose.
She gagged terribly and pulled off my cock but she was
no quitter. She licked my glans and rubbed it around
her face as I came and came all over her beautiful face
and took more cum till I filled mouth. Then she looked
up at me and her face screwed up as she forced herself
to swallow the biggest load of cum I had ever shot in a
girl's mouth, ever!

Then she did something I couldn't believe; she kissed
my balls, laid her head on my lap and whispered, "Thank

Whoa! When I implanted the trigger that she would make
her want to give me oral sex when I told her she was
pretty, I also implanted a command that she would have
a wonderful feeling of well-being when she finished
giving me a the blowjob. (The book tells you to always
end a hypnosis session with that.) But I never thought
it would come out that way.

I pulled her up on the couch and we fell asleep in each
other's arms. The next day she was totally cool with
what happened but she asked me not to tell anyone about
it. I promised it was our secret, which was good
because no one would ever believe a girl like this
would ever do anything like that for a guy like me

Of course, I make a point of telling her she is pretty
as often as possible and get blowjobs from her on a
regular basis. I continue helping her stop smoking as I
fine-tune her blowjob trigger. I thought about having
her enjoy stripping for me, but it was way to hot
having her be embarrassed doing it. (eventually, she
got comfortable with it anyway.)

I thought about making her like the taste of my cum,
but she makes such cool faces trying to swallow it that
instead I implanted a compulsion that makes her feel
compelled to drink, eat, lick up and swallow any cum
that missed going in her mouth or on her face. That is
super hot and makes less of a mess.

The amazing thing is that she hasn't suspected
anything. In fact, she was so impressed with the way I
was helping her quit smoking she told a girlfriend
about me!

Amy is the total opposite of Katherine. Where Katherine
is dark, sexual, and sensuous, Amy is sweet, cute, and
innocent looking with long blond hair and pale blue
eyes. She's got the cutest, perkiest B cups that are
perfect for her tiny little body. I can't wait to start
Amy's hypnosis and get her kneeling naked for me
kissing my big horny cock with her pretty little baby
doll lips! Amy giving me a blowjob is going to be
totally different than Katherine blowing me. Heck,
maybe I can get them both doing me at the same time!

This is going to be totally friggin awesome! I'm going
crazy thinking about things I can hypnotize them into

Damn! Damn! Damn! Life is friggin good!



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