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Wake up, Danielle

by redheadpaige

Wake up, Danielle

I used to be a man. I considered myself very manly. That was until I met Caitlin. I should have known better than to think I could land a 10. This is the story of how I learned my lesson. I met Caitlin on a fetish site, but she was from a town only 30 miles from me. We started talking, but I was not expecting it to go anywhere, considering she was a 10, and me only about a 6. I should have just stuck with that state of mind, but stupid me let my hormones get the better of me. After a few days of chatting we decided to meet. It went really well. We had a little too much to drink, and ended up sleeping together. If it had ended here, I'd be the happiest man on earth. I figured the alcohol affected her judgement, expecting her to regret her decision, lead to an awkward confrontation and ending our short relationship. To my surprise, when I woke up, I was met with kisses and cuddling, leading to another round of passionate, amazing sex. I would later find out that she was faking the entire time, trying to lure me in. And it worked. She led me to believe we were boyfriend/girlfriend, while she set her plan into motion. I had no idea what was going on. One night, we were watching TV, and I thought I just fell asleep, but in reality, she had hypnotized me. She had been laying the groundwork, and made me comfortable with her. I apparently went into trance very easily. This was the official beginning to my new future. She started off nice and easy. This way I would not suspect something and start to wonder, ask questions, etc. She used the first few sessions to make me VERY comfortable with her, and implant a few things in my head. Things I would wonder about, but not question, chucking it up to curiosity. For example, wondering what sex was like as a woman. She also made me very submissive to her, and willing to do anything she would ask of me. She told me I needed to be more healthy, exercise more, and take vitamins. I did so very willingly. Things were pretty normal for the first few weeks after. That is when the real changes started. I noticed that I was feeling very different. To sum it up, I was feeling, feminine. I also noticed that my chest was very sore. This is when I noticed I started "falling asleep" again. She kept reinforcing her control over me, and assuring me that everything was ok. Next thing I know I'm wearing panties, and fantasizing about wearing women's clothing. I found out why my chest was sore, when I started to grow breasts. She programmed me to think this was all normal and ok, not to question it and let it happen. A few months later, I had already developed C cup breasts. Because of my exercise regimen I had a very fit body. I had already started developing that "hourglass figure". At this point I was wearing women's clothing full time. After a few more months I had a body most women would be jealous of. During this time, she was reprogramming my mind. During this time, I know I wasn't in a trance the entire time, but it was like I was on autopilot. Like I was living outside myself, watching. The words "Wake up, Danielle." caused reality to come crashing down. For the first time in almost a year, I was in complete control of myself. I was in shock. I went to look in the mirror and saw a beautiful woman staring back at me. She went on to tell me that this was all a setup. She had this planned from the very first time we talked. And I was not the first one she has done this with. I found out that I still belonged to her, and would do anything she said. She proved her point by making me suck a real cock, and swallow his cum. She then informed me of what my future would be. I would join her other "girls" in her "brothel". She took me to my new home, and to my room. It was a college town, so there was an endless supply of horny guys. I was forced to suck cock, and take it in the ass for very little money. She would take her cut, and put most of my cut into an "improvement" fund. That fund would first be used for a boob job, then a sex change to give me a vagina. But, for no more than I get, that's gonna take a LONG time. So, now I am Danielle, a transsexual prostitute. And I couldn't be happier. :)


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