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First dates

by Kykoic

First dates

She got all ready, putting on her makeup and double checking her outfit and perfume. She was going to meet some man that she had been talking on and off for the last few months. He seemed like a really nice man and she was going to finally see him in person. Her mother walked into the room.
Her voice spoke gently “Well girl, I hope you have a good time with your date. I’ve been waiting for the day till I get grandkids.” There was a silence.

“Ok, you can go home now. I’m about to leave” She said back to her mother. Her mother gathered her belongings and head for the car. She watched through the window as her mother get in the car and drive away. She finished putting the final touches on her outfit and grabbed her purse. Heading for her car that was waiting outside the apartment. She opened her front door to be greeted by the man she was supposing going to meet. He was holding a thing of roses.

“I hope this isn’t awkward” He said with a laugh.

“Oh no, It isn’t. Come on in, I was going to head to your place but you already came here. So I guess we’ll have the date here.” She said trying to smile back. They walked into her apartment and she put down her purse on the couch. He went over and put the roses on the dining room table and headed back into the kitchen. “You can just sit right there” She exclaimed. He followed what she did and sat down and waited as she used the bathroom.

She walked back into the living room and sat down next to him. She smiled and noticed something in his pocket.

“W-w-what’s that?” She said trying to figure out what he was hiding. He slowly started to remove something from his pocket. She started to stand up and then felt a sharp pain in her thigh. Everything started spinning and then –black-.

He stood over her with a grin that only a mad man would have. He picked her up and dragged her into her bedroom. From his other pocket he pulled out a portable music player and slipped in a small card. Searching through her house trying to find a pair of headsets. He finally got a cabinet and found it.

“Bingo” He said. He grabbed the headset and went back into the bedroom where she laid blacked out. He put the headset in the portable music player and shoved the headphones on her ears. Putting it on loop, He slowly tied her to the bed and then left the room locking it behind him. He walked to the front door and outside down to his car. He pulled out a box of latex clothes and headed for the apartment once again. He opened the front door and started to get ready.

Her eyes fumbled open trying to look. Her whole body was paralyzed; she couldn’t even move her head. She noticed that her arms and legs were tied but why couldn’t she move her head? She almost bypassed the fact that she had headphones on. Then she heard the voice slowly come into play.

“You must obey, you must obey, Do whatever he says” It repeated over and over. She tried to fight it but the sound disappeared again. It’s like the headset wasn’t even playing anything. Then her body said something she didn’t want it to say.

“Master, I am ready. “ Her mouth said. She winched. Why did she say that? The man she was suppose to date walked into the room and untied her from the bed. Her body without her command stood up and was like a robot or puppet. He told her to put on the latex suit and even though she was yelling at herself ‘no’. Her body didn’t fight it. She slipped it on, and then her vagina started to pound. It felt like someone was fucking her but she couldn’t move her head. All she could see was straight on. She felt the pound again and then it felt so good. She tried to fight it and stop it, but nothing.

Then everything went black again, she was floating in a abyss of blackness. She was wearing nothing and floating. Then she saw a bigger form of her, the body had white eyes and was like a robot. It slowly started to crept to her and without thinking she started going toward it. Then she struggled and broke free. She pulled away and started floating away from it. Faster and faster, it was getting closer.

Her body finally hit something, it was a door. She opened it up and it was her last option due to the other form of her would have swallowed her up. She jumped into the white glow of the door. Then she saw herself. She was floating over herself. She was like a spirit; SHE WAS A SPIRIT. She floated over her body as was being fucked by the man. She started crying as her body took it. She sat there watching it till he finally got tired and told her body to get out of the outfit and put on her sleeping clothes. Her body obeyed. Then he told her body to love him forever and continue to be this zombie state.

Her body fell backwards and landed on the bed, It was shaking and he was smiling. Then she felt a sucking. She was being pulled back into her body. She didn’t want to be trapped in the jail of her body so she tried floating away once again, Put against the same scenario. But the force was too strong and she was sucked in.

It was like she was flying through a tunnel of light and at the end she was herself. Then she woke up, lying in her bed with her robe on. She turned over and smiled at the man sleeping next to her.

“Hey sugar, Want me to go make some supper? Last night was amazing.” She said with a smile.

“Hey, Thanks baby” He said smiling back. She got up and walked into the kitchen not knowing anything before and becoming a slave to him forever.


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