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Poorly Kept Secret (1/?)

by Jeshi

Poorly Kept Secret (1/?)

Jeff never wanted anybody to know about his hypnosis fetish. It was a difficult thing for him to hide though, as it was such a deeply rooted fetish that he had trouble getting off without thinking about it. He was never quite sure what caused the fetish growing up, he never really had any specific events that he could connect with it. He eventually came to the conclusion that it was a lot of smaller more subtle aspects of his psyche that lead up to such a strong fetish.

The reason he thought about that sort of thing, and also another reason why it was hard to hide his fetish, is because Jeff was a Psyche major. His interest in psychology developed independently of his fetish as far as he could tell, but it was an unfortunate coincidence that the field he wished to go into as a career also happened to be the field in which all of your colleagues are intentionally psychoanalyzing each other into order to figure out deep-rooted fears and fetishes.

One day, Jeff was having a discussion about psychology with a few other Psyche majors. They were talking about mob mentalities at first, but somehow it ended up being a discussion on whether or not stage hypnosis was more because of the hypnosis aspect or because of the subject being on stage. Some of them were arguing that the stage makes the subject feel like the hypnosis is supposed to work, because it would disappoint the audience if it didn't, and really, they're probably hoping that it does work since they volunteered in the first place. So even if it wouldn't have worked normally, and even if the subject doesn't realize it, they end up making the hypnosis work for the sake of the show.

Jeff didn't entirely agree with this theory, and he was a lot more knowledgeable of hypnosis than any other Psyche major at the university as far as he was concerned. But he didn't want anyone wondering why he knew so much about hypnosis when it hadn't even been covered much in any of his classes that semester. So instead, he just stayed completely silent and stared straight ahead until the topic changed. At one point, he folded one leg over the other in order to hide his unintentional erection.

Jeff was one of those people "lucky" enough to have their roommate be in the same major as him. Lucky is in quotes, because for anyone else it would be a good thing. Unfortunately, this just made keeping his secret even harder. Not only was he spending his days with people who love to psychoanalyze, but the guy he lived with was going to try and do it too, and he had even more to go on than the others.

That night, while Jeff was taking his socks off as the first part of his changing into night clothes routines, his roommate Isha started to talk to him.

"Why didn't you talk with us about stage hypnosis? It seemed like the sort of conversation you'd be into?" said Isha.

"What are you talking about? I was there," said Jeff.

"You were in the room, but you like, froze up as soon as someone said the word hypnosis," said Isha. Jeff couldn't help it though, and he stopped pulling a sock off halfway off his foot, and started staring straight ahead at the wall.

"There, see? You're doing it again! As soon as someone says the word hypnosis you just sort of freeze in place and don't do anything! It's weird!" said Isha. Isha waved his hand in front of Jeff's face, and Jeff didn't do anything to react.

"I dunno, why do you freeze up whenever people talk about the Indian caste systems?" said Jeff. Isha, as you could tell from the name, was an international student from India. He didn't follow most of the common tenets of Indian culture, but he still didn't like talking about the more embarrassing parts of their history.

"That's strange, I say hypnosis and the first thing that comes to your head is the caste system? It makes you think of a group of people that dominates slaves against their will? Now why would you think of that?" said Isha. Isha sat down next to Jeff on Jeff's bed. Jeff returned to removing his second sock.

"Well, there's all the ways it gets portrayed in movies and the such, usually it's all about hypnotic masters and hypnotized slaves in those," said Jeff.

"But you know that hypnosis isn't like that, and you said /usually/, implying you've seen enough occurrences that you can point out exceptions? You know, I've been taking a course in hypnosis, but you aren't taking it." Then, without thinking, Jeff made the worst mistake he could have made.

"Well, it's only an introductory course to hypnosis this semester," he said. Immediately, Jeff realized his mistake. But still, just to make things worse, he slapped his hands to his mouth.

"A-ha! Oh boy! You know a lot about hypnosis, don't you? I bet you're quite the expert! Now why is it that you don't want anyone to know? What reasoning would one have for not even wanting to let others see them acknowledge a conversation about hypnosis? Oh boy, oh boy! This is some great material for psychoanalysis!" said Isha. He then stood up, clapping his hands once, and walked over to his book bag.

He came back with the textbook from their class titled "Freudian Theories, Separating the Facts from the Personal." It was a book all about what aspects of Freudian theories were true, and which ones were in fact put them because they applied to Freud himself. Any conclusions that Isha came to by looking up Freudian theory was going to be much worse than the truth. Getting out the book on Freud was a threat and both of them knew it.

"Alright alright I'll confess! But you have to maintain confidentiality! Promise?"


"Okay, I have a hypnosis... um... fetish. A hypnosis fetish," said Jeff. He could see the gears turning in Isha's head. All the different things he wanted to ask to figure out what would cause a hypnosis fetish. And then Isha got an expression on his face that was so excited you could practically see the light-bulb above his head.

"How about I hypnotize you, and under hypnosis, you can tell me about your hypnosis fetish! Wouldn't that be an awesome idea?" said Isha. "Then we could figure out what causes such a specific and interesting fetish!"

"It just sounds really incredibly awkward to me. It would be like having someone give you a blowjob in order to figure out what causes their oral fixation," said Jeff. "The worst part is, a lot of patients would do totally be willing to do that."

"Oh, but do you even have a choice, Jeff my friend? To you, hypnosis is a sexual experience centered around dominance and submission, you would probably like it if I /made/ you fall under hypnosis, if I didn't give you a choice. This is just the sort of thing we were talking about before, deep down, you /want/ me to hypnotize you, in the same way that deep down everyone wants to have sex, you can't resist it or deny it, even if you try, you'll end up intentionally sabotaging yourself and falling helplessly under hypnosis, won't you?" said Isha. He put the book of Freud down on a table and sat down on Jeff's bed again, this time closer than before.

"Hypnosis has to be a consensual act, I'm not gonna go under if I don't want to," said Jeff.

"Oh, but you /want/ to. You definitely want to. Even now, just me suggesting that I'm going to hypnotize you is causing you to already start relaxing, your breathing is already slowing down in preparation, because you've probably been in trance before, you know what it's like, and you want to experience it again. You know you can trust me, I already promised to maintain confidentiality. So why not just lye down and relax? Wouldn't it be nice to just lye down and relax for me?

Yes, just like that. Your eyes are already so incredibly heavy. I'd say that they feel like they have weights attached to them, but I bet you've heard that one before millions of times. It might even be better to just say that they're as heavy as they get when you're being hypnotized, and they're going to close tight when I snap my fingers. One, two, three," and Isha snapped his fingers, and Jeff's eyes shut tight. Jeff tried for a bit to open them, but it was hopeless. When he recognized that he couldn't open his eyes, he knew he was already in trance, and it wasn't worth resisting. He was already so trained from file on the internet to go into trance for anyone and at any time with the utmost of ease, that in barely any time at all his conscious mind shut down and he became completely open to Isha's suggestions.

Some time passed, with lots of deepening exercises and stuff that Isha clearly had learned about in his hypnosis class and just wanted to try out on something. After a long while of that, he finally started making suggestions.

"Now, Jeff, my friend, you know you trust me. You trust me more than anyone else in the world. Heck, you trust me even more than you trust yourself. So you know that you'd never have any reason to ever lie to me. If I ask you a question, awake or in trance, you can confidently answer with your completely honest answer without even thinking about the question. You trust me, so you know that if you have any secrets, or anything on your mind that's bothering you, you won't hesitate to tell me right away. You don't have to tell me around anyone else, but when we're in private together, you will have no mental barrier between us. You trust me, so you'll tell me everything, and believe everything I tell you in return. You trust that I would never tell you anything if it wasn't true. So awake, or in trance, you will tell me everything, and believe everything I tell you.

And you know, that it would be a very good idea for me to suggest to you a trigger phrase. A phrase for you to hear that can cause you to fall back down in this wonderful deep deep state of trance. A phrase I could use anytime I want, for whatever reason I want, to make you fall into trance instantly and immediately without thinking. You trust me, and you trust me enough to give me the power to put you into trance whenever I want, to give me the power to hypnotize you whenever I want. So from now on, whenever I say the phrase: Jeff, my friend, you will feel yourself falling quickly and easily into this deep deep state of hypnotic trance," from there, Isha brought Jeff back up and awoke him, before quickly using the trigger to put him back down. He did it over and over again for an uncountable amount of times. He trained Jeff so well, that even before the phrase was completed Jeff would already be expecting it and start going back down into trance.

"Now, I'm going to ask you some questions, and you're going to answer quickly, honestly, and without thinking, because you trust me enough to give me the answers. Do you like men?"

"Yeah," said Jeff.

"Do you like men sexually?"


"How about girls? Do you like girls sexually?"


"No you don't, that's just not true. You're gay, you've always been gay, I know everything about you so you can trust me when I say that you only have an interest in men. You can trust me when I say that you're type is men of Indian heritage, around your age, slightly taller, and who are very trustworthy. That's your type in men, and it's what your type has always been. You see no reason to have any interest in girls sexually when your roommate is exactly your type. And you trust him enough that if you were to develop on crush on him, that in your own time, you would feel very comfortable confessing it to him. And you can trust me when I say that you don't need to, and really shouldn't remember what I've told you while under hypnosis. You can trust me that all you'll remember is me hypnotizing you, installing a trigger phrase to go back under, and then bringing you back up. Okay?"


"Great, then I'm about to wake you up on the count of three, one, two, three," and then Isha snapped his fingers, and Jeff woke up. Jeff rubbed his eyes, and looked at Isha.

Isha was an attractive man. He was slightly taller than Jeff, but not by much. He had a slim build, but not lacking in muscles. Isha was on the swim team, so it made perfect sense that he would look that way. Isha's hair was a rich dark black of short-medium length. It was the kind of hair that makes you really want to put your hands in and ruffle up. Jeff was usually pretty race-blind, so he didn't actually notice Isha's skin color before. It was a beautiful shade of golden brown, like, the perfect skin tone. A lot of the white guys at the university looked really sort of pale and sickly, Jeff was almost embarrassed to be one of them. It didn't seem healthy to have that little an amount of melanin in the skin.

It was getting late though, and even though Jeff had just woken from hypnosis, he still had to finish his pre-bed routine, and then go to sleep for reals yo. So he started to continue on that, and he didn't even notice how completely content he felt knowing the fact that Isha was now completely aware of Jeff's greatest secret.


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