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keep warm(a fun haunted tale for the season)

by eddied31k

keep warm(a fun haunted tale for the season)

        You ever drive in a winter storm? Well if you do don't pick up a hitchhiker, you will just get killed.
        I was 25 driving home from college for the last time , I told myself. The school year was brutal and i was glad for a break from the monotonous studding. Time to kick back a few and get laid, but first I headed home for a quick Xmas with the folks to keep up appearances, you know so they would keep paying me to get a degree. I was driving my Subaru wagon. It wasn't new but it was enough to get me home, or so I thought. A freak storm had blown in and blanketed the road with fluffy white death. The only real way to stay on the road was to watch the tracks ahead of me. Often I saw cars stuck in the ditch, but always I saw tracks back to the road. Some one must have come to pick them up I thought, or they got a ride from some pour sucker up ahead of me.
        I soon had a little day dream of finding a hot damsel in distress and having a little snow bound affair in the back of the wagon while we waited out the storm. In my little fantasy she was small like 5”3’ Long almost silver blond hair, and deep ice blue eyes. Her face had sharp but delicate features. Once things got interesting i found her body to be fir lithe, and flexible. I had worked myself into a half stupor, and half a boner when I realised I had lost the tracks ahead, and was just putting along at like 20mph. With only the telephone poles to judge where the road was I started to get a little nervous.
        Like a ghost I saw an indistinct face as a passed a person walking down the road in this mess. “Shit” I said as I carefully slowed to a stop. Bundling up as best I could I got out into the winter to see who it was. At first I could only make out a white shadow lumbering slowly through the thick snow. I walked to the back corner of the wagon, to get a better look, not sure I would be able to find the car in the near whiteout conditions if I left arms length of the car.
        Then just as I could make out a short form I saw it fall. It didn't make any noise it just slumped down in the snow. I made myself count to ten to see if whoever it was could move. They didn't. With a curse I trudged out into the cold white velvet world. 20 steps took me to the dark lump in the snow. There was so much snow I couldn't make much out, but the form was obviously human. Leaning down I shook the form to see if I could rouse it... No luck, cursing again I rolled over the body in the snow so I could see who it was.
She rolled over in a lifeless flop. For a moment she looked like a crime scene victim. Then like an epiphany I realised that she was beautiful, her alabaster skin and platinum hair nearly blending in with the snow.She was short like 5’ 2” and couldn't weighed more than a hundred pounds soaking wet. Just then she stirred, her body shivered and she curled up in a ball. I stood there for a moment staring at her porcelain face mesmerised by the contrast of her red lipstick.
        With a little effort I was able to lift her off the ground and began to trudge back to my wagon. With the extra burden those 20 steps seemed like fifty. The snow was blowing in my face now adding to the strain, but eventually I saw the bright red lights of the car in the road. Placing her in the passenger's seat, I moved around back to the drivers seat and climbed in.
        She began to shiver again, once I sat down. I knew from caring her that her cloths were socking wet and needed to be removed, but I didn't think she would let me just strip her down unless I talked her into it. Instead I climbed into the back and put the seats down.
        I had used the back as a bed more than once while at a party that went way to late, so I had pillows and a good warm sleeping bag back there. At the same time I introduced myself, “Hi I am Brian I am a college student at the local community college.” “Boy that sounded lame, any way I have a little winter survival training, you are probably on the verge of hypothermia, and you need to get out of those wet cloths.” Still no response. I tossed 3 hand warmer packs into the sleeping bag and covered them up. That sleeping bag would be toasty in just a few minuets.
        “Mmmmarrryy” She said in a shivering studder as I climbed back into the front seat. Then, She said, “Out, wontttt sssttrip on tttthhhe ffiiirssst datttte.” The smile she gave me said she was feeling a little better.
        Throwing on my jacket I climbed out into the dark. Turned away from the car I could only see the snow all around and hear the creaking of the cars shocks as Mary undressed. While she did I couldn't help but imagine her naked body. Snow white milky skin with bright red nipples, and almost silver platinum hair.  The gusts of the wind had taken on a pulsing feel, and the constant soft rumble of the engine began to lull me into a drifty place. The last few minuets were so confusing, was this the day dream of the beautiful girl, or was there a stranger in my car getting naked and climbing into my sleeping bag to get warm.
        Three raps on the window signaled me to get back in the car, and I did, but with what felt like a head full of snow. Then she spoke, “Ill never be warm enough alone, you are going to have to climb in here with me, and no funny business.” Her voice with out the chattering studder of the shivers was soft like a flute or wind chimes. She watched me undress keeping my eyes locked with hers the whole time It took me to undress, and with each piece of clothing I lost I got colder, and the colder I got the fuzzier my head got. Her eyes held m like a charmed snake, and when I had finished disrobing she didn't say any thing she just crooked her finger, and I obeyed.
        As I climbed into the cold sleeping bag I felt at home. I felt her reach around me and zip-up the bag, each time she touched my body the cold of her was so exquisite. I couldn't help but notice my erection growing with every frosty touch. She giggled, and said “You are so warm, hold me.”
Together we curled up into a spooning position, and every time my erection just brushed her icy flesh it sent a shock wave of pleasure through my body. Her body seemed to be getting a little warmer as I got colder. Until she said “I need you to warm me up on the inside too.” By this point I was in a mental fog so thick I would have needed a chainsaw to cut it. My body on the other hand eagerly accepted her request.
Reaching between her legs she grabbed my member with her still frigid fingers and slid me into her waiting icy depths. It was like having sex with an ice sculpture. I could feel all the heat in my body pooling in my groin. After a few moments she agile slid herself around so she was on top of me. The heat continuing to build in my cock, as the rest of my body began to literally freeze. first my fingers locked them in a lovers grip of her breasts, then my feet curled up in ecstasy. My things and legs in mid accepting thrust, and my face in the expression of intensity over the coming orgasm. The last thing to freeze was my heart, as I came in frozen death.
Days later when the snow stopped and the plow went through, a detective looked in the window of my wagon. and saw me there. naked as a jaybird with my own frozen cum dripping from the ceiling. The detective makes a little mark on his clipboard and shakes his head. “That makes 7” he said as the tow truck driver puled up. And that's how I died. Keep Warm............


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