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Transformation: Man to FAg

by runnerslave

Transformation: Man to FAg

It didn't seem that long ago that I had a girlfriend. I always had my life mapped out growing up. I would marry a hot sexy woman and have a nice family, and everything that went with it.

I was in high school in NY in the late 90's. I always had Black friends due to the school I went to and sports I played. At that time, Black Men started becoming more and more sexualized on TV, in music videos, and everywhere I looked there was a R&B singer grinding or sweaty shirtless rapper. It triggered something way deep deep down in me, but I didn't know what at the time, but I knew my hormones were going crazy and was always fucking whatever girlfriend I had.

With my school, I would say at least half of the white girls were with Black Boys. As long I was getting mine though I didn't mind. But my girlfriend in my senior year of high school left me for a Black Boy. He was one of my teammates too, and was cool with me. They were fucking around first behind my back, I found out later. I felt betrayed. Black Boys were taking over it seemed. The girls weren't really into a blonde haired, blue eyed white boys like me anymore (maybe if I lived back in the 50's or 60's I would of had it made, but I wasn't "in" anymore in the 90's). Times were changing.. It seemed the darker the better. I felt I should hate all these Black Boys, but I just couldn't. There were still friendly with me. I didn't know what to do, but couldn't wait to graduate at get out of there.

Going to college I felt some relief since there were people from all over and it wasn't like my high school at all. There were more white couples and it seemed a lot of people didn't grow up around as many Blacks as I did. I had Black friends in college too though. I would hear about the girls they fucked, but there was plenty to go around for me too. It was a fun college life. I would begin to take more notice of the sexual nature of Black guys, but nothing further than that.

I moved from NY to the inner city of Philly shortly after college for work and it was cheaper. I met a girl and we started dating and got pretty serious. It went for a long time. I had friends of all types. I have this one friend who was like my right hand man. A Black dude named Raheem. He found me actually. He was a customer at my job at the time. He would talk to me whenever I was there, and soon he was saying how we should go to a strip club sometime. He wanted to hang out with me. He gave me his number. I was thinking cool, another friend. We would chill and smoke weed and drink or go out, whenever I wasn't really around my girl. We ended up becoming good friends over some time.

Me and my girl's relationship wasn't like it used to be. We were past the honeymoon stage and would argue a lot. One Saturday nite I was at Rah's crib after one of the arguments me and my girl had. He was someone I can always talk to about my problems. I was heated, but we started drinking and we were getting real high and watching TV.. I started to relax.
THEN OUT OF NO WHERE, he said "I think I know what you need".. He reached into his ball shorts and pulled out his long Black Dick. I can still hear his words in my head "I think you need to suck on this Black Dick". I was still high and a lil drunk, but I was collecting my thoughts that were flying thru my head in seconds. The first thing I thought that was he is being so fuckin bold, how does he know I won't try and beat the shit out of him right now. He started stroking it. Then I was like 'oh shit does he think I'm gay', so I said "Yo, Im not gay, put that shit away".. I was still staring at it though. I never saw a hard Black Dick before in real life. Rah's skin was brown but his dick was Black. He said "I know you're not, and I'm not either, don't worry, you're girl won't find out". He was talking in a low tone sounding like he was so high too. I just kept staring. I was transfixed. I couldn't believe this was real life. He reached in his ball shorts and pulled his hairy Black Balls over his waistband. 'There is no way Im going near another dudes dick like some bitch', I was trying to convince myself in my head. We were on two opposite ends of the couch. He brought his hand to the back of my neck and was rubbing it and he was like "come on, I know you want to". Then he slowly pulled my head down to his lap.

There I was face to face with a hard Black Dick for the first time. The whole package in front of me. He had curly Black pubes, and a dark Black ball sac with curly black hairs coming out of it. I could smell him strongly too, like he was working out earlier and didn't shower. I remember feeling a moment of disgust. I was thinking 'this is gross, this is some guy's junk'. My lips were closed. I felt I might gag. But Rah's hand was still on the back of my neck and the other on his dick. He started to rub the head on my lips. It was getting a little wet. He said "open up", so I did, as if I had too. The head was in my mouth. My tongue was pulled way far in the back of my mouth out of fear, but I brought it forward and started licking him and tasting him. It was different but not bad. I got freaked out though that I was doing this, and jerked my head back and off his dick real quick.

Rah said calmly "don't worry, no one will know". I felt comforted all of a sudden. He said "open up, and watch your teeth". He pulled me back down on his dick, and put more in my mouth. The feeling of grossness and wanting to gag was slowly going away, as I kept thinking in my head 'it's not that bad' My mouth was getting really wet, I felt like I was drooling. I was slurping a lot because it was all I could do to keep my teeth away. Rah was saying "That's it, J". I started to get turned on by the fact that I was pleasing my good friend. I was like 'wow, Im actully sucking his dick and making him feel good like one of his girls would'. It felt like I was doing it for a while cuz I would hear the show on the TV, then some commercials, then the show again.

He wanted me off the couch, and said that if I get down there it might be easier. I obeyed his wish, not even realizing this is putting me in more of a bitch like position. Now I was on my knees with his legs on both sides of me. I grabbed the dick and put it back in my mouth. His hand was no longer on my head. I was bobbing my head up and down more now. Something came over me. This felt normal. I was going further down, and from that angle I can feel his nuts on my chin. He said "look up at me" so I looked up at him. He was sitting back with his arms spread out on the back of the couch. He was wearing a wife beater. I can see his hairy Black armpits. He had a cocky smirk on his face like 'yeah I get whatever I want'. I felt foolish looking at my boi with his dick in my mouth. He asked "You like that dick?" Immediately I looked back down.

I was still sucking, but thinking about this is why all the girls back in high school went for these Black Boys, and the women I see with Black Men now too. Black Guys have some sort of control. Rah said "Look back up." I did, and this time his stare made me look right into his eyes. He said it this time but it wasn't a question "Yeah, you like that big Black Dick in your mouth." Even though he didn't ask me, I answered him "mmm hmm" looking right back at him. That was the first time I admitted it out loud that I liked it. I couldn't believe that I said it, but I knew then that all these years of noticing Black Boys and Men and their sexual nature, I was feeling lust deep down, but I had been suppressing it. Raheem was bringing it out of me.

Soon he brought both hands to the side of my head and was moving my head up and down at the pace he wanted. I was getting him really wet with my drool and spit, and at times it felt like he was almost chocking me. It felt like forever. I was enjoying it, but didn't know how much I can take. He was thrusting up into me. Suddenly he pulled my head back off his dick. He held my head still with his left hand and pointed his dick at my face with his right hand. I looked at him to find out why he stopped and at that moment he started shooting his nut on my face.

This is something that I haven't even thought about, cum! I always thought of cum as gross, and even though I had just been sucking dick, on instinct, I tried to pull away, my eyes and lips were closed tight. He held my head firmly though, and finished all of his blasts while groaning. When he stopped cumming he started rubbing his dick all over my face and on my lips. He wanted me to open up, but I wasn't going to. He loosened his grip, and I pulled back. When I opened my eyes he had his cell phone pointed at me. He took a picture and didn't say anything. All I could think about was how I want his nut off my face. I didn't realize at the time, but this was all the years of being brainwashed into how gross cum was. I got up and casually said "You're stupid, yo" and he laughed. I went into the bathroom to wash my face saying "I didn't know you were gonna do all that". I was so concerned withe present situation of the nut on my face I wasn't even thinking about the picture he just took at that time. We hung out for a little while longer watching TV and acting like that didn't just happen. Then I went home.

On Sunday I was a nervous wreck thinking about what I did and if my girlfriend would find out, and most of all thinking about the picture - the evidence, the proof. Me and her were arguing again that day over the same bullshit from the day before that wasn't resolved. This time in the argument I hinted toward a break up. I don't know why I was though because actually I was feeling the opposite. I felt bad for cheating on her (as I usually felt when I cheated on her before, but this time it was with a guy.. was it really cheating then?). I wanted to insure my masculinity. I actually felt like I wanted to get far away from Philly, and run away with her, and get married. We would solve all our problems and get back to how we used to be. But I knew that would be impossible. Rah texted me that day "Sup". I ignored him at first. Later on he texted me again, but I just kept it short with him in my responses. He also sent a message saying "if you're worried about the pic, don't cuz I deleted it". It was a little relief, but still that whole week I kept my distance from him and didn't meet up with him after work as if not seeing him will make it all not true (side note: about a year ago at this point I found a better job where I didn't have to deal with customers at all, so I wasn't seeing him during work hours.. he had a new job too since he got his degree). Also that week, my girl was unhappy whenever she was around me, and I was a nervous wreck that she somehow found out what I did.

Not to get into too much detail, but soon after we broke up. Little did I realize at the time that she was the last girl I would ever be with, and the last girl I would ever desire to have sex with. I think the relationship was doomed no matter what I did or didn't do, but I was glad she never found out about what I did with Raheem. Me and Him had talked a few times during that period on the phone. But I didn't actually see him until the weekend after the final break up with my girl.

This is where I got to sum up the past few years as much as possible without too much detail cuz Im running out of time.. When I met Rah that day I sucked his dick again. During the next month I really got into it with getting him off. I learned to swallow his nut, and I developed a taste for it. I started to love Black Cum. I licked his balls too. One day he invited me over and his Jamaican friend was there. He obviously told him about me because they both wanted their dicks sucked. This is the first dick other than Rah's that I sucked. It was completely different. It had a curve to it and it was uncut. It had a way different taste, but I was so turned on to pleasing another Black guy that immediately loved the taste.

As time went on I would suck off a couple of Rah's friends or friends or cousins or brothers of his friends or some street thug or other guys I would happen to meet and a couple friends I already had. They were ALWAYS Black (well maybe a few Puerto Ricans), but basically Black, and NEVER white. I would meet guys online. The first time I got fucked was from a Black Man I met online. Even though I had only been sucking dick for not even a full year at the time, people online would automatically assume I've been doing this a while since everyone else online seemed they had been. So they would unknowingly always push my limits. I never really acted like I was that new to it. So I ate a Black Ass which I really got into more and more over time. One time I even sucked on a Black Man's toes, which turned me on because it gave me a feeling of submission. Another Black Man buried my face in his armpit (and everywhere else) when we were messing around. I really get off now on the scent of a Black Man.

This is the extent of my transformation, of my training to serve Black Men. It's been a little over 4 years. I have become an excellent Black Dick sucker. And can take Black Dick well in my pussy. I just recently started referring to my hole as a pussy because of this Black Man I've been fucking with every now and then calling it that.

I was happy to find this site. I am beginning to learn more on what my role should be. There are also maybe boundaries I have not yet crossed.. and yeah maybe I'm a little nervous about how far I might go, but I'm willing.

Thank you, anyone who read all this. I hope you can understand me better now. I will post more pictures and maybe vids in the future. I would really love to learn more. I want to be talked into more. Please get inside my head. I was just recently called faggot on this site. I have never been called that before, but it makes sense. I guess I am a faggot. Rah must have seen it deep down a few years back. Or maybe he just knew that any white boi who is around Blacks that much can easily be transformed to serve. I have him to thank for giving me this new sense of purpose.


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