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Hello Doll

by Asep

Hello Doll

This is a transcript of a dream I was describing to a woman who desired Dollification and Objectification. I used a number of hypnotic suggestions and language, so reader be warned. They may find themselves drifting into the fantasy. Letting themselves dream and fantasize, letting go and letting the process take hold. I hope you enjoy.


You were going to some early dinner at a restaurant. It was still
early, and the sun was shining outside. The restaurant was some
beachside affair, with a clear view of the white sands. I was already
waiting at the table, as you came in. You were dressed casually, and
wearing sunglasses from the picture on your profile from Bali.  I
smiled, as I saw you come in, and sit down across from me. And it was
a strange dream, because I could tell, exactly what was in your mind.
And what you were thinking. You didn't know why you were here, what
had brought you  to this point. But you were here  now, and you sat
down. Willing. And I smiled wide.

'Hello Doll,' I address you. And as you listened to my words, you body
started to tense, I could see your muscles tensing, and then letting
go. And you looked  startled, your eyes widened and mouth gasped
slightly. A little shocked, and with a bit of fear. And even as you
feel yourself, breathing harder,  becoming afraid and panicked, you
felt a large smile began to spread on your face. Wide and full, even
though your eyes stayed shocked and startled. You  smiled wide,  and
your eyes blinked.  And as your eyes, close  and opened, slowly
blinking. Once. Twice. Three times.  and closed.  You started to find
your body  resisting you. Even as your breath quickened,  becoming
more rapid. Panicked.  You start to  lose  control of your self.  The
link between your  body  and mind began  fading away. Your mind losing
control of  your body. And I could watch it, happening. Deep in your
eyes.  As you tried, so hard. To keep yourself, from loosing control
completely. But you knew, panicked, deep inside. It was already too

Every time you  blinked your eyes, a bit more of you  faded, away.
Your eyes began to become, glassy, as you tried to keep them open
without blinking.  And as you do, the world around you begins to
waver. Blurring. And as they watered and began to sting,  you were
unable to help it. Your eyes, blinking. Slowly. Open and closed. And
as they did,  you found yourself, loosing more and more control.  You
began having  problems, speaking. Not expressing your thoughts, as you
mind still  worked, but problems moving your mouth.  To move that
wide, smile. Problems with your  tongue,  speaking quickly. Your words
begin,  slurring. Blurring and slowing.  Problems with your lips.
Finding it  harder and harder to  force them to speak the words  from
your mind. Becoming  slower in speech.  Slower in mannerisms.  Stiff.
Frozen. LIke the smile on your face.  Frozen in place. Unable to
move.  Unable to shift.

And I watched, smiling. As with every  blink of your eyes. You moved
slower. Your reactions  more delayed. You  found your body  slowing
down. Resisting your mind. Losing control.  You were  trying to
pretend,  Trying to pass it off like, nothing was  happening to you.
And I was Teasing. Asking, Complicated Questions.  That would Confuse
you, as you tried to answer.  As your words, blurring. Fading. Even as
you were Trying so hard, to pretend  you still had control. And  I
kept Smiling wide. Matching your huge, plastic  smile. Hinting, that I
knew  what was happening. To You. That it was already. Too Late.  That
I was in control.  Deep inside. And you were trying. So hard,  to stop
 letting go. Making your eyes sting, wide open and glassy.  Trying so
hard to keep them open.  Trying so hard, not to let them  blink.  Open
and close.  Knowing that the next time they opened. Your body would be
more lost to you forever. And it would Obey me. Forever.

A Waiter came up. And he asked what we would have for a drinks. Or
whether we were ready to order. And he was looking, directly at you.
And you were trying so hard to tell him, something. Anything. But Ever
time you tried to pick something. The words would become slurred, and
your mind became so Very Confused. You mouth would gape open, wide,
then close. Like a fish struggling to breathe. And I could see, that
you were having problems. Trying to speak. Trying to think of what it
was, you were trying to do.  Trying something as simple as simply
picking, what you wanted to drink. Trying to make a single choice off
the menu, was  causing so much confusion. So much helplessness. And as
your mind struggled to break through the clouds

"It's Okay," I tell the Waiter. "She Cannot Choose."  And he laughed,
and took away the menu from in front of you. And you sat there, blank
and blinking, even as the echo of my words reverberated, deep inside
your head. And you repeated them to yourself, deep inside your mind.
"She Cannot Choose.... cannot Choose...." And you knew my words to be
true. That I was telling him a simple fact. No matter what. You find
yourself  unable. All possible choices, already gone.

I could see panic in your eyes.  More and more As you began,  loosing
control of your  arms. As you tried, so hard,  to force your arms to
obey.  To make them move normally. To move food from plate to mouth.
But your arms kept  freezing. Shutting down. Your body. Closing away,
your mind trying so hard to resist. But the more you try to command
your limbs to move. The harder and harder it becomes. The more it
feels. Distant. Tingling.The harder it is, for you to move your arms.
Feeling the echoes of feeling, like a limb fallen asleep, but faded.
Away. Forever. And You try so Hard. To force  your body to obey.  To
Obey your commands. But  it was freezing. Completely. Your arm,
halfway carrying a fork to your mouth. Stuck. Frozen in Place. With
your Glassy, Doll's Eyes quivering. Shimmering. Needing to Blink. So
Badly. But knowing, the next time your eyes Close and open. Your Body
will be Lost Forever.

"Close your eyes." I tell you. And you must. You must follow, every
word I say. You must listen deeply to everything I have to tell you,
and your body obeys, even as your mind quails and tries to resists.
you find yourself, obeying every word. And you find yourself, closing
your eyes. Knowing it no longer matters. Knowing that your body is
already lost forever.  That your deep,  inner mind already  completely
submits. And you close your eyes, and you do not know how long you
remain. Deep inside. Your mind, lost in darkness, as your body feels
so very  far away.

"Open your eyes". I tell you. And you do. And you're standing in front
of a tall standing mirror, looking at a self, that is not yourself.
The appearance of some robotic toy. Your eyes are a different shade, a
different form, subtly strange. Huge, glassy doll's eyes shadowed in
some iridescent color, the eyes themselves some crystalline shade not
existing in nature. Dressed in a slim, form fitting piece of metallic
silver fabric, barely qualifying as a dress, barely covering your sex.
Stretched over a body, altered and changed. Massive quaking breasts,
with prominent studs clearly visible, protruding under the sheer
fabric.  Your hair, long and platinum silver. Silvery chains draped
from bands around your wrists, around your neck, and slinking beneath
your dress.

Your face, a painted mask. garishly painted. Large red lips, silver
shadowed eyes.Huge, wide smile. Never moving, never leaving. Frozen in
place. always.   And I stroke the Doll's Face. Staring deep within
your Eyes. Staring deep within to see the mind trapped within.
Shimmering, glassy. Doll's eyes. With You Screaming, deep Inside. Deep
Behind the Doll's eyes. And I touch the Teardrop tattoo, that I see on
your face. The mark that lets me know you are crying inside. Shrieking
inside. Wailing and Mourning. Even as you smile. Always smiling.
Unable to stop the wide, plastic smile on the Doll's Face. Forever.

As I run my hand across your body, slowly and serpentine. Across every
extreme, cupping every secret crevasse. Always watching deep inside
your eyes. And I pull forward on the chain that connects from the
studs in your swollen nipples, down to the secret piercing deep below,
and to  the choker around your neck. I pull your strings, and move you
forward. And you hear the music. Of the stage. Where people are
waiting. To see you bend, and watch  you dance...



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