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Potions of the Past

by Raziken

Potions of the Past

Potions of the Past
By: Raziken Sanoru

The warm wind of the plains blew the grass in the fields in waves like water, so gentle and so calm in the summer. Not what you would expect from a planet controlled by aliens, or covenant to be exact. Their pieces of camp littered the ground with stools, shiny purple bins, guns, ammo, and random pieces to armor and weapons that all lined the entrance to a big circular stone entrance on a hill. Sei'yuuk was stationed here long after the whole group had been, but they thought they were on to some big discovery, so he was hired to guard the outside, looking out over the plains.

A few days passed with no activity, other than some strange bugs that seem to enjoy the scraps of the crumbs that had fallen into the grass. But overall, it left the lonely sangheili dreadfully bored, and pent up.

Just as it was getting dark, the excavation crew emerged and began to sleep outside in their usual spots. This allowed Sei'yuuk to wander and do something else before he set out to find his own place to sleep. But tonight, he felt like he could check out the ruins of the forerunners without being yelled at.

His feet make small leathery noises as he walks through the empty halls and rooms of the ruins. The walls and floor were very clean and showed very little sign of decay. Symbols of their language were left on the walls and doors, saying something about directions and purposes for areas. About a mile in, the sangheili sighs and sits down beside a pillar. Purple bins were littering the room with items the covenant recon team stored for research, meaning he was not lost in the halls of this place just yet. He looks over at the pillar and his jaws part slightly in curiosity at the pillar. The symbols resembled a clock with a moon on it, this planet's moon to be exact. He became curious to the fact that it was glowing blue and looked like a sort of button sticking out from the pillar.

He presses the button out of disregard for research and a sound is heard at the top of the pillar. Sei'yuuk stands up and observes the item. It was a curved vial of some sort. It looked like a long flower pedal design that held a green liquid. He grabs it and the pillar sucks in the rest of the mount for the vial and the column sinks into the ground. He stands in place, confused as to what happened. He puts the vial away in the crotch zipper of his zero suit, between some spare cloth and the outer cloth right at his slit.

Now was the best time for him to leave, or at least not get caught with contraband within the ruins. But the journey back was easier than the trip to his location, and he is back to his sleeping spot at the door. He crosses his arms and makes sure nobody saw him, or was fully awake to question his sudden appearance.

Through the night he had dreams of his memories. His past with his uncle, learning to be in the covenant as a warrior, his mother figure telling him he should join the fertilization efforts in re-population and need that the covenant has for strong elites. He remembers going into the temporary transfer squads where its more like a job than an army. He remembers the young and stupid decision of getting implanted testicle upgrades, the kind that added another two pairs inside his body, making three pairs with his external pair. The testosterone levels were too much at first, and he recalls having to milk himself every day of his own seed and the constant aching erections he got at his jobs. Of course, this was still happening. He was not even 19 in comparison to a human and had three times the testosterone of a normal sangheili. His last dream was one where he was on his job now, sporting his large 1'2” erection, fully nude and masturbating outside.

He awakens with a 'murr' and opens his eyes to broad daylight. He slept in until about an hour after the team left. He sits up and realizes what he did last night. He stole an artifact, neglected his daily need for cum milking, and woke up; wet with cum inside his zero suit. His raging cock is as stiff as a rock and almost up to his chest. He stands up and looks for anyone around, nobody was here as usual. He unzips the crotch piece of his suit up as far as it will go and grabs the thick length from the slimy confines, and it bounces out with minimal flexing. He zips down the zipper to the base and lets his large phallus throb in the warm wind with him. His cock's tip was oozing the white cum he neglected last night. His instinct was telling him to rub the pulsing meat, but first he had to go down the hill a little ways.

As he walks, the cum oozes from his bouncing member. After about 20 yards, the sangheili sits down and unzips the crotch pouch. He pulls out the vial and sets it aside, there was no need to have it next to his raging member while he was rock hard. He places his hand at the base and strokes up, then down. His voice quivers from the sensitive skin having finally received its required pleasure. He goes on stroking slowly for a few minutes, moaning and bucking against his hand. He found it pleasurable, but he isn't getting close to an orgasm. He sits upright and takes his hand off his cock and looks down at it. He was thirsty, and he didn't want to go to the river over the next hill. He looks down at the little vial and picks it up in his gooey hand and stares into the little glass item at the green liquid.

It didn't even cross his mind that it could be a poison or the like, but he wanted to drink it. Besides, after 100,000 years, how could a liquid retain its original consistency?

He pops open the top, which was just a very tight fitting glass top that was held together by suction. He brings the liquid to his nose and takes in a small inhale, no scent. He presses the vial to his mouth and tilts his head back. The fluid tasted sweet and somewhat like a grape flavor, and it was a shame that the vial wasn't holding any more. He throws the vial into the grass and goes back to his stroking.

He is too lost in his own pleasures to realize that his body was expanding in the suit. His muscles clenched in an unmoving way that left him quickly restricted.

A few minutes pass with his eyes closed, stroking his raging dick. He stops and goes to put his hand on his cock's head but he hits just under the ridge of the head and it bounces around his hand. He opens his eyes and realizes the rest of his body was very constricted by the material of his fight suit. He tries to sit up but the cloth on his ass rips apart and his muscled bubble butt was exposed to the cool grass. The tear goes around to the front and down his legs, the ripping was in bursts mainly around the seams. Quickly, he realizes what is happening. He rips open the zipper around his cock before it cuts into his skin and the growth quickens. The collar of the suit begins to pose a threat now, and he struggles to get it off before he chokes. He fails to get a finger under it and he soon cant breathe at all. He flexes his neck and the seams finally break. He was now fully nude and growing on the side of the hill.

His raging member sends a shock of need up his spine that makes him arc his back and roll over onto his knees. His large, throbbing phallus now 1' 8” in comparison, and his body twice the normal size for a sangheili.

He strokes his member with two hands, the soda-can-thick-cock still leaking white beads of cum from the pointed tip. He strokes quickly, closing his eyes as every fluid in his body doubles over, mixing with more testosterone content than before. He puts his head on the hillside and raises his ass up high. His cock now grown to 2 feet tall in proportion to his real height. He opens his eyes and realizes he is about 40 stories tall and looking down on the entrance mound of the ruins. His eyes glazes over by now, his breathing quick, his face flushed from sexual blush and exhaustion. He looks down at the round entrance-way of the ruins and gets an idea. He re-situates his position on the hill and notices that the squared top of the mound wasn’t a sort of sacrificial alter, it was a bigger version of the button inside!

He puts his hand on the button and it doesn’t budge. He pushes harder and it slides in. the hole he saw before him expands and fills with a pink foamy substance and it hardens to shape a genderless hole made of pink flesh-like material.

Sei'yuuk winces at the opportunity and lines his cock to the hole and scoots his body with his cock as he guides it in. he gets it to the base, the tunnel angled at roughly a 30 degree decline. He begins pumping his huge pillar of flesh into the pink hole, this was giving him the best ecstasy he could imagine. His dripping cum only lubed the way for faster and harder bucking, the hole was suspended upwards to allow room for his balls so they didn't squish too hard against the ground.

A few minutes pass of this, and he eventually builds up to his finale. His balls hug his groin and his body trembles as his biggest orgasm he has ever had, cripples his body with pleasure and launches his cum into the tight, pink hole.

Although his orgasm only lasts a bit longer than usual, he noticed that none of the cum left the hole. He just smiles at the idea and pulls out, the pink flesh disappearing into the holes from whence they came, the whole tube returns to normal now. But now, three pillars interrupt his calm and blissful orgasm, each one slides up a vial through the middle. But the mount for them seemed to only let one vial be taken. There was a green one like before, a blue one, and a pink one.


Re: Potions of the Past - denisgem

SIR, very good story. Well written, easy to follow and to read. The unwritten parable at the end is easily grasp (no pun intended).

Re: Potions of the Past - Raziken

I'm glad you enjoyed this! I try to offer detail in as light but descriptive tones but also try and keep it simple and easy flowing.

It was also left open for a sequel since I felt I did a good job on it but I'm not sure if I will...

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