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Xenophobia Chapter 8

by OwlGold

Xenophobia Chapter 8

Pam woke to the smell of pancakes. She climbed out of bed,
wrapped a robe around her body, and then headed to the kitchen. When
she got there, she was greeted by her new sister cooking.

Hearing Pam come into the kitchen, Tim turned. "I tried to change
into myself this morning, but I couldn't. April's lock on my changes
must be permanent."

Pam didn't respond. She knew what his next question would be.

"Do you remember how to change yourself into me?"


"Do you think you could teach me."

Pam paused for a moment. "No."

Tim lowered his head and stared at the ground. The silence lasted
a minute before the smell of burning pancakes caused Tim to turn.

"It's not that I don't want to, Tim. April showed me how and you
have to be able to read DNA patterns to do that. She didn't teach you
because she felt betrayed. And I can't because I don't know how to show

"Why don't we try touching and sharing information that way?" Tim

"It's not like that. April was the catalyst. She's gone now. I
tried to read your thoughts when we were touching in the cab last night.
I couldn't. I figured that if I could, I could let you know what she
showed me. I'm sorry." Pam's eyes clouded up and she began to cry.

Tim had turned off the stove and removed the pancakes. Turning
back around he moved to his sister and hugged her. "It's OK. I'll
manage as a woman. I've got your knowledge and it's becoming second
nature. And..and you could take my place when society needs to see the
male me."

"That would be OK?"

"Sure. Isn't that what sisters are for?"

Pam hugged Tim as hard as she could. She realized that Tim had
accepted his plight when he understood that he could never be male
again. And the time she had spent as him was exciting enough that she
had hoped to be able to do it again. April had given her all of his
memories and she knew that she could be just as good of a Tim as Tim.

"By the way," Tim said, "how did you find me?"

"Another trick April taught me. When you have sex, I know. She
explained it as needing to know that level of her energy storage area.
I just concentrate and I know how much you have stored and how far away
you are."


"Yea." What Pam didn't tell him was that she could also force him
to become sexually excited as they had in the elevator. This was, he
would always be willing to "fill up" when she wanted him to. But no
need to let him know that. Let him think that it's that way for all
women. Feeling a little horny and mischievous, Pam fired him up.

Hugging his sister, Tim felt a familiar feeling begin in his
groin. He turned from his sister hoping she didn't notice. Pam's hands
cupped his breast and began to massage them. As Tim slipped into the
ecstasy of the moment, he barely noticed the bulge growing in Pam's



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