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by eatmorebananas


At 4am, Rodney finally had it, his finished prototype. Considered a nerdy guy by most of the people that knew him, he was a rather gawky 5'10" college student with tousled brown hair and dark brown eyes. Obsessed with anime and science, he'd read a hentai about a guy who had created a drug which made people's minds susceptible to suggestion for a period of time; and he'd decided to try to duplicate it. Not exactly popular with girls, he'd managed to lose his virginity the night of his senior prom, but he hadn't really had a girlfriend (or any sexual experiences) since then... it was his hope that maybe he'd be able to change that now. Completely exhausted, but triumphant, he fell asleep until early afternoon. When he woke up, he was eager to test his new invention.

He figured the easiest person to try it on - and the one he most wanted to - was Gloria, the pretty and popular sorority president whom he tutored in Chemistry every other afternoon. Today was one of the days that she'd be coming over, it'd be easy to dissolve the drug into some juice and give it to her, then wait for it to take effect.

The pretty brunette was laboring hard over her homework that afternoon when he offered up the drink, her green eyes looked up at him gratefully as she chugged the apple juice. Looking covertly over her slender body, his eyes lingered on the cleavage revealed by her low cut blue sweater, and the shapely legs encased in denim jeans. She was pretty with pert features, and curvy at 5'7", everything he'd always lusted after but could never have. After a few minutes, he examined her again... nothing seemed different... but...

"Are you feeling a little hot Gloria?" the room was actually a little chilly, but she looked up at him without any confusion at all.

"Yes." his heart raced as her eyes looked a little glazed over, like they were seeing straight though him, his mouth felt dry.

"Maybe you could make yourself more comfortable," he suggested. When she didn't move, he realized he'd have to be more specific - although he was now reassured that his drug was definitely working, "Take off your sweater."

The pretty brunette immediately began pulling off the offending garment, and her bra-encased boobs popped out at him, softly bouncing as she dropped the sweater on the floor.

"And your pants," his dick was rock hard as she stood and began rolling her jeans down her long legs, she was wearing a blue thong that matched her bra underneath. "Now your bra." Heavy breasts were exposed to his avid gaze, pretty pink nipples puckering in the cool air.

"How big are your breasts Gloria?"

"36D," she replied, her voice had a toneless quality to it but that didn't bother him at all.

"Take off your thong," his voice was heavy with lust as he pulled off his own shirt to reveal his skinny and pale frame and quickly pulled off his pants and boxers. When he looked up again she was completely naked and he almost came right then, her pussy was completely shaved and hairless so that he could see every inch of her pouty lower lips. Her body was as perfect as he had pictured it.

"Play with your breasts," he ordered, his hand fondling his dick as he watched the popular girl reach up to cup her breasts and begin massaging them, rolling her pink nipples between her fingers. Glancing at the clock, he realized he didn't have much time; the night before he'd calculated that the effect would only last for an hour and it had been at least 15 minutes since he'd given her the drug. He wanted to finish with some time to spare, just in case.

"Come here and suck my dick," he removed his hands from his throbbing member as the beautiful girl knelt in front of him and immediately wrapped her lips around him, gasping as her soft mouth began working its way up and down his 7" he told her, "All of it, swallow all of it." shuddering, he wrapped his hands in her hair as his entire length slid easily down her throat. It felt incredible, her throat muscles pulsing around his dick... he pulled out before he could cum, that wasn't where he wanted to deposit his load.

"Lie down and spread your legs," eagerly he got on top of her soft body, sucking on her erect nipples as she lay open for him, her breasts were soft and wonderful as he mashed them with his hands. Quickly, he pushed his dick between her legs, sliding the head up and down her wet pussy before pushing it into her wet hole.

It was amazing, wet and tight, soft and firm around his hard dick, pulsing a little as he slid in to his balls. "Ohh... fuck me Gloria, fuck me back and love it," he moaned as he began working his dick in and out of that amazing crevice. Immediately she began moaning and heaving beneath him, her arms wrapping around his body as she whimpered loudly at every thrust.

"Are you on birth control?" he asked, and moaned disappointment when she said no. Well... he'd always wanted to try anal anyway, but he wasn't ready to leave her pussy yet, he wanted her to be cumming all over his dick, so as he thrust in and out of hard he whispered in her ear, "Cum for me Gloria, cum all over my dick." Her body jerked as she cried out a wordless wail, her pussy convulsing around his rigid shaft as she came. It was almost too much for him, but fortunately the fear of getting her pregnant allowed him to keep from cumming in her pussy as it rippled around his dick. Finally she stopped cumming and he pulled out of her reluctantly.

"Get on your hands and knees," god he loved how she obeyed his every command. Well, not like she had any real say in the matter, but still. This was the best thing that had ever happened to him... he was most definitely a genius.

She whimpered pitifully as he started to sink his rod into her tight ass, groaning at the glorious tightness of it. He couldn't believe how tight her ass was, it felt like it was squeezing all the blood from his hard dick.

But he could tell that it was hurting her some and he didn't want that, leaning over to her ear as his dick slid home, he whispered, "You love my dick in your ass." and her body relaxed, the pain completely gone. Wrapping his arms around her body, he started massaging her hanging breasts as he thrust into her tight back door, "Tell me how much you love me in your ass, tell me to fuck you ass," he ordered her.

"OH GOD... OH GOD RODNEY... FUCK MY ASS!!! IT FEELS SO GOOD... I LOVE YOUR HARD DICK IN MY ASS!!!!! OH FUCK MY ASS HARD! FUCK ME RODNEY!" her sweet voice calling out the dirty words as she bucked against him was the highest point of his life so far, and he started to really pound into her body, slamming hard against her as his dick twitched and convulsed in her tight hole.

Reaching one hand down, he rubbed her clit and pussy, "Cum for me again Gloria, tell me how you're cumming with my dick up your ass."

As his dick began spurting jet after jet of white cum into her dark hole, she clenched down hard around him as her juices ran over his hand, "OH GOD RODNEY! I'M CUMMING... YOUR DICK IS UP MY ASS AND I'M CUMMING!!! OH GOD IT'S SO GOOD RODNEY! I'M CUMMING, FILL MY ASS WITH YOUR CUM!!!" he groaned as her clenching hole milked every last drop from his balls, unloading years of pent up frustration into her ass.

Finally, completely fulfilled, he glanced up at the clock. Perfect timing, pulling his spent dick from her tight hole he told her, "Go to the bathroom and clean out your butthole Gloria, then come back here put your clothes back on and keep working on your chemistry and forget any of this ever happened." She had 15 minutes to do all that, just enough time.

Like a sleepwalker, the pretty brunette went to the bathroom, a few minutes later she came out and put her clothes back on before sitting at her homework. He watched her carefully, and sure enough, right as the clock showed that it had been an hour, her eyes lost that glazed look. As she finished her homework, with only occasional help from him, he wondered if it would be worth it to make the drug last for longer... probably not, he didn't really need more time than that after all. Although it might be interesting to see what happened.

Mostly though, he spent the rest of the time getting enjoyment out of watching Gloria squirm in her seat, and she tried to figure out why her asshole suddenly felt so uncomfortable.


Re: Suggestions - darkenedav

this clearly needs a sequel ;)
maybe when he starts to condition her and it seems she's remembering parts more than he realises :P

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