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by mikufan4life


Sophie woke up naked on a table.

Though the surface felt hard, she was comfortable. The cool metal dipped and cupped her curves as if it had formed around them. The air shifted over her bare skin at nearly her exact body temperature. Comfortable, perfectly cradled, and terrified.

Thin wires wrapped around her wrists and ankles, not biting, but restraining through some combination of warm energy and the steady blinking glow the filaments emitted. She twisted to watch the dance of light, pulled against the tethers that didn't give an inch.

Her thoughts wandered, drifting through a fog she guessed to be drug-induced. How had she ended up here? Where were her clothes? Where the hell was she?

She felt her panic rising, but her pulse remained steady, her breathing calm and slow. The drug again, or whatever had stolen her memory. It seemed she still suffered some effects. The last thing Sophie remembered was the pub. God. She hadn't even been drinking, just sitting with a tumbler of ice and soda water and watching the new guy wipe down tables.

The new guy had become her sole reason for frequenting the place. Not that he noticed her, but Sophie had been there with friends the night they hired him, and she'd had to come back again--and again. He had the weirdest eyes. He had long fingers that swept the rag across the table in a way that managed to make her blush--even from across the room.

She'd sat there, every night, squirming and imagining the things those fingers could do. Sophie had a vivid imagination. She had nursed the fantasy for a week, and it had left her burning to catch the man's attention, to satisfy the hunger his intense gaze fed the few times his weird, brilliant eyes looked her way.

But she didn't remember drinking.

In fact, she didn't remember doing anything after sitting there watching him work. She certainly couldn't explain falling unconscious, waking up in a room that looked like it belonged on an episode of the X Files. She couldn't explain her lack of attire or her body's weird calm despite the scrambling of her brain. Something seriously fucked up was going on.

She twisted again and scanned the room for anything recognizable. A mechanical arm folded over her head. The end dangled a cluster of filaments, not unlike those restraining her. It looked like a high-tech cat toy. As she watched, they lit up. They flashed, and a mechanism hummed to life beyond her field of vision. The arm moved, unfolding and dangling the electric threads over her face. It lowered, and Sophie tensed. She might have screamed if the drug hadn't distanced her thoughts from her body. Instead, she experienced the surge of fear but had no power to struggle or even call out.

The ends of the toy brushed at her cheek. Tiny, soft fingers of light and fiber stroked her skin. She felt the micro bursts from each tip, electric, but not unpleasant. The arm unfolded a fraction more, and the filaments squirmed over her jaw and down along her neck.

Little shocks tickled her, and her body reacted with pleasure. The neck had always been one of her favorite spots. Sophie leaned into the sensation and heard herself moan softly. She'd never felt anything like it.

The arm moved again, swinging the tentacles across her chest. They spread out and she held her breath. Waiting for the inevitable with only a shadow of fear behind her anticipation. It just felt good--too good for a mind already dulled by whatever gripped her. A filament brushed her left nipple. The shock amplified in her nervous system's response, and she groaned aloud. Her back arched. The cat toy shifted to focus on the spot, as if it caught her delight and sought to please her.

They clustered there, flicking over and around her breast until Sophie wiggled against the table and pressed her torso up into the thing, hoping to increase the contact. Her breath broke free of its spell, and she panted and gasped at each new twist, every soft shock of electric arousal.

Her body tingled. Her sex already throbbed with want. The arm shifted position, and she had the space of two breaths to recover before it reached the other breast. The filaments explored her body, probing and electrifying her nerves. They curled up, making contact with the second nipple, and Sophie moaned and arched into the touch.

She lifted her hips, and felt the heat racing lower, sending spasms through her center. God, what would it feel like, to have that thing touching her there, exploring and doling out little electric kisses?

As if on cue the arm moved the device lower. The fingers explored her belly, traced firey circles over her abdomen. Sophie wiggled and shifted her legs apart to welcome it. She turned her head, angling to see better, and noticed the cameras for the first time.


He watched her writhing on the table. Her mouth parted and little sounds came out, sweet, human sounds that made his genitalia pulse in time to the music of her. Sovan, shifted his weight from foot to foot, and flicked a glance to the data recorder as if he still cared about his research.

Her mating calls tore his attention back to the viewing wall. His primary member convulsed and he was forced to brace one arm against the wall, shivering, overflowing with his own selfish needs.

Unbiased observance. He could have choked on the term now. He didn't care what the machine found. He didn't care about the experiment, the project or even his people's future. His body wanted that. He squinted at her form, beautiful, stretching to meet the probe's sensors, and his hunger overwhelmed any sense of reason.

He'd wanted her all along.

She'd come to his place of employment every night. She'd watched him with eyes that burned and screamed of primitive, fiery desire. Sovan had made his choice that first evening, the first second he'd seen her. By the time the data gatherer was prepped, he'd been unable to wait any longer. He should have known he'd do something crazy. He should have expected it to get personal.

But as she moaned and twisted on his table, he was surprised by his body's reaction. He wiped beads of fluid from his forehead, blinked, and let another spasm shiver from his sex organs all the way to the tips of his long fingers.

He should have known he'd mess this up, and damned if he wasn't about to mess it up good.


Sophie screamed when the fingers found her pussy. She howled like a beast and lifted her hips high, allowing the tendrils access to her folds. Deeper access. She rocked back and forth and let the fury of sensation take her. Nothing did this. Nothing felt like this.

The camera in the corner only made it hotter. Somebody watched her. She had no doubt about that, but their device broke through any shame or convention. It broke through everything she knew and drove her higher and higher into a realm of only nerves and pleasure and absolute hunger. She growled and bit her lip and twisted to meet the little electric tentacles.

A panel slid aside in the wall to her right. She caught the motion as her head tossed, but only a pale blur of whoever entered the room. If she hadn't been on the verge of the mother of all orgasms, she might have felt a tickle of fear. Instead she grunted and wiggled into the feelings.

A soft touch joined the electric one. A long finger pressed over her nipple and drew a little circle. Sophie looked up into a pair of familiar eyes. She moaned and closed hers. Her lips fashioned one word. "You," she whispered.

She looked again. His eyes were unmistakable, cold blue with white flecks. Inhuman, she'd always thought, and she could understand why, now. The rest of him had changed. His skin glowed, milky white over chiseled muscles. His lovely face looked similar--crazy, intense eyes staring over a sharp nose and thin, delicate mouth--but the angles had increased just enough to make him absolutely alien. His hairline boasted an iridescent sprinkling of spots that trailed down, over his broad shoulders and across the chest she'd dreamed of stroking for over a week.

An alien. She'd gone obsessive over a real, live alien.

Sophie gasped as one of the machine's fingers found her clitoris. She felt the first wave of release building and let her eyes devour his bizarre skin. His crazy, alien, quite naked body.

"I need you." He stated it like fact, but Sophie heard a ragged quality behind the words. His eyes flared with shared desire.

She nodded. Her eyes latched onto the place between his legs and she moaned louder, nodded again. He had something akin to the machine down there. A central, thick organ could be labeled penile, but as she watched, it contracted and spasmed like a living thing. Her sex shivered in response. All around his fleshy member, smaller tendrils fanned out, exploring, twitching and flaring like the machine's fingers.

Sophie watched him step down the table, her eyes fixed on his shifting sex until she burned between her legs for it. "Yes!" The machine sent a filament deep inside her. "Now, God. Hurry."

Feeling the electricity inside almost pushed her over the edge. She ground her teeth together. She wanted him, damn it. She wanted that thing between his legs in there instead. His long fingers wrapped around her thigh, and he positioned himself up on the end of the table.

Sophie panted and fought off release, just for another moment, just long enough.

He pushed the metal arm away, and the cat toy danced up over her torso again. She twisted and let it latch onto a breast, this time distracted by him, but the swarm of living tendrils reaching for her sex, by the central member, flexing and moving like a snake between his thick thighs.

The little ones made contact first. They roved across her mound, invaded her lips and swirled over her clitoris. Sophie bit back a scream and watched him, his face, then his body and his odd sex organ, and back to those weird eyes. They squinted. His muscles flexed all over and his thin lips parted. A hiss came out, and she felt the first touch of his penis.

"Oh god." She tossed her head against the sensation. It shocked her, soft, natural electricity, but a shock just the same. "Oh!"

The flesh pulsed and wormed its way to her opening. The little fingers stroked everywhere until Sophie thought the pleasure would drive her totally mad. She lifted into him, felt the thing slide inside and heard his hiss deepen into a groan.

"So lovely," he growled and his fingers pulled on her thighs, brought them tight together so that he loomed over her belly, a thing from outer space, an angel working and flexing inside her deepest places.

Sophie clenched around him. She saw his body react, shiver and tighten. She couldn't hold it back any longer. Her pleasure slammed over the peak and seized through her limbs, one wave after the next backed by the zap of his internal electricity. "Now!' she screamed. "Ohhhhhh god."

He slammed into her, his arms twining around her legs and all his lovely tentacles twisting at once, jolting and showering her orgasm with sharp, electric kisses. "Yesssss," he howled. "Thissss Ahhhhhh."

It kept going. Aftershocks shook them both, and her alien pulled their bodies tighter and tighter together. Sophie's legs tried to wrap around him, but the restraints held her down. She pushed back with her hips, and felt one of the small tendrils slide downward, across her perineum to tickle her lower opening.

Her eyes rolled back in her head. An animal sound gargled from her throat. Their united bodies spasmed and shivered together on the table.

She struggled for breath, felt the waves begin to subside and gasped for air. Her muscles felt like liquid, soft and content beyond her wildest dreams. For now, she closed her eyes and just let the ripples wash over. The pounding in her chest quieted. She felt the weight of him lean forward across her belly, but he remained inside, still flexing, still sending sharp occasional stabs of pleasure jolting up her spine.

At last, he made a sound, part moan and part word. Sophie lifted her head to find his eyes staring up at her. His sex twisted deeper into her womb.

"God," she whispered. "What are you?"

"Scientist." He nodded and then hung his head, resting on her stomach. "Supposed to be doing research."

"Well, I'd say you've done one hell of a job." Sophie couldn't bring herself to feel anger at all. She'd been a test subject then, one of many she supposed, but he'd taken her on the ride of her life.

"Not supposed to get involved." He spoke into her belly, and she barely made out the words "Corrupted the data, threatened the whole project."

"What? How's that?"

He looked up again. God, those eyes. If he moved an inch, she'd be fucking him all over again. And right on cue, his thick tentacle pulsed inside her. Heat flared.

"I am charged with unbiased observance," he said. "I touched, I--."

"Did a lot more than touch," Sophie finished. "You were just supposed to watch? Why?"

"We do not have female entities in the same manner of humans." He shifted his weight slightly, and she felt his organ slide a bit. His small tendrils began exploring all over, stroking and probing every inch of her sex.

"That's a damn shame." She needed to keep him talking long enough for a second round. It sounded almost like he regretted the first one, and she wasn't ready to let it go just yet. "You don't have sex at all?"

"We have sperm receptacles," he said. His hands flexed and he pulled on her legs again, driving his member even deeper. Maybe he wasn't ready to give up either. "But, while they give us pleasure, they are not sentient. My people wish to know what it is like to give pleasure as well as receive it."

"Well, then. I think you can report back that you got an A+ in pleasure." She contracted her womb and felt her wet folds surround his penis. It flexed inside her, wiggled even, and she bit her lip. "Or maybe we should check again, just to be sure."

"You do not wish for me to stop?"

"Dear god, no."

"I do not wish to stop," he said. "But I have broken the rules. The experiment is tainted, I--." She squeezed him again. All his tentacles reacted like a swarm of lovely, pulsing fingers. "I want to keep you," he said.

He pushed against her and hissed. One of his hands moved up and his long fingers played with her breast. They found her nipple and gave it a little pinch. Sophie gasped and lifted her torso. His hands danced around her flesh while his throbbing tentacle burrowed deep inside her sex.

"Oh god, yes."

He wiggled against her and her legs fought the restraints. Tiny tentacles reached farther, stroked down around both her openings and shocked her nerves into renewed frenzy.

"I think I can live with that."

"Will you teach me?" his voice hissed hot breath across her stomach. His lips lowered and brushed against her thigh.

"Yeah. Just wait." His penis rippled inside her, rippled, and she forgot words for a moment and just squirmed into the feeling. She'd teach him. Damn. She would. "You just wait," she said. "Until you're really ready, and then we'll get rid of these restraints."


"No." She twisted and watched him tense and flex and shiver. His skin glowed and pulsed. His penis danced inside her and she heard him start to hiss again. He wasn't ready yet. A few more dances, and then, by god, when he let her go....

Sophie imagined all sorts of lessons. But now, now her body burned again, her nerves tingled in a rain of tentacle kisses and her nipples pouted in neglect. She sighed and wiggled, and whispered, "Bring that cat toy back around, right here."


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