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A Dark Nightmare: A Furry Story

by Zyriliss

A Dark Nightmare: A Furry Story

He whimpered softly as he awoke. His head throbbed and he had to keep his eyes shut due to a blinding light that was positioned right in front of him. He tried to put a paw in front of his face, but when it didn't move he decided to roll over. But when he couldn't do that either, he realized something was wrong. He turned his head to the side and very slowly, opened his eyes... What he saw, or more specifically, what he couldn't see scared the hell out of him. He tried to move again, knowing for sure now something was holding him down, and looking around confirmed it. He was on what looked like a large black table, with straps around his wrists and ankles. Beyond that, there was nothing. The light above him was so bright that the room beyond it was pitch black as if nothing was or had ever been there.

"You're quite an exotic little thing aren't you?" He let out a frightened yelp, not expecting this new intrusion.
"You'll make a fine addition to my collection." The voice was like something straight out of a nightmare. Neither male nor female, it was neither old nor young, and it was neither a deep sounding voice or a higher pitched one. Instead it sounded a bit... electronic, like one of his video games, a blending of several voices speaking at once.

It was a hand that brought him from his nightmare, a gloved paw and a black cloth covered arm was all he saw as it placed itself gently upon his stomach. It was at this point that he was very acutely aware of not wearing anything. His sheath and furred orbs on display as he was held down spread eagle.

"I love interesting things like you. Foxes and rabbits and wolves and such will only bring so much before they begin to bore someone like me. But you?" That paw began to seemingly caress his chest and stomach at such a slow teasing pace that every movement made him shiver with fear, wanting to so desperately get away.

"Soft green fur, like thick peach fuzz." The paw slowly progressed up to the side of his neck and across his muzzle. "Large amber eyes and lapine like leaves for ears." There was a soft chuckle. His stomach wanted to twist into knots as he heard it, fear welling up in his chest as fearful tears made his eyes glisten in the light. "Even a large leafy tail... A far cry from the amount of fur I'm used to seeing."

"My little pokemorph... So cute you are." The strange paw continued to rub and caress his muzzle. "The man you are to be, still far away. The lovely boyish charms, slender and feminine... So ripe to be mine." His entire body was shaking with fear now. He could feel his tears running down the sides of his face as the paw pulled itself back into the darkness from which it came. He still couldn't see anything, who or what it was that held him.

"Such a wonderfully rare thing you are... Even that cute cub flesh of yours looks as if it longs to be touched." His eyes went wide as the paw came back, gently cupping his orbs in its paw.

"N-no! St-top... please... please...don't." He could feel himself about to panic, his heartbeat building up to such a rapid tempo that it was beginning to ache.

"You don't like this?" The paw slowly began to message his orbs, squeezing them lightly. "Not even a little bit?" The paw slowly worked its way to his sheath, rubbing and teasing his flesh as it went.

"No! I hate it. Stop..." His body was beginning to betray him as it began to swell within his fuzzy sheath. "Don't... I... I..." The moment his growing erection peaked out of it's protective flesh the paw took no hesitation to pull his sheath down, further encouraging to grow... Further encouraging his sobs and tears. "Please.... stop..."

"But it looks as if you are enjoying yourself. My little leafeon loves it does he not?" The paw was slowly rubbing and squeezing his flesh, causing him to whimper helplessly.

"No... I... I hate it!" All he could do was cry out in frustration as his body betrayed him ever so completely. The pleasurable feelings running through him, he fought. There were many ways he had dreamed he would have his first real time with some one and this definitely was not the way he had intended it to happen. "Get... off... me!"

A second paw appeared, a small silver ring in its fingers. "If that is what you truly wish... Then I will have to change your mind." He could hear the excitement in the stranger's voice, as he fought against his bonds, desperately trying to get free. One paw slowly working at his rapidly thickening erection while the other slowly slide the cool silver ring down his shaft until his was pressed firmly against his body. "And I will change your mind."

With that, both paws pulled away into the darkness. He heard nothing over his crying sobs and rapid heart beat. All he could see was his own engorged flesh, standing almost prideful at its full erection as it throbbed eagerly for more of what it had received. He simply laid his head back against the hard table and closed his eyes, wishing that this nightmare would be over, and that he would simply wake up at home and be safe in his bed.

The paw soon returned, catching his attention as his erection eagerly twitched at its touch. It returned to tease him with light caresses, as the other paw ever so gently began to fondle his fuzzy orbs. "I'm going to play with you... forever... and ever..." Both paws began to move over his orbs as he realized one of them was holding something...

"W-what is... that?" It looked like a pair of pliers, but there was a thick green band held at the end of it. There was no response from this stranger as one of its paws gently tugged at his orbs while the other opened the pliers wider. His own eyes went wide as he watched his orbs get pulled into the band as it pressed closer to his body. The first paw slowly began pushing the band from its placement; once finally removed he could feel it rapidly tightening over his sack. His furred orbs swelled rapidly to twice their normal size in a matter of seconds before the two paws disappeared again.

"And if you don't want to play? Then I'll make you beg me to kill you..." The malice in its voice scared him so much that he nearly peed himself right there. "If you want to play in a little bit... Just ask..."

"I'd never want to play with you!" He screamed out at the top of his lungs, enraged by this mad... thing that imprisoned him so.

"Are you sure? ...Just say the words I want to hear and-"

"Never! I'll never do anything you want! Never! Never! Never!" He threw what could only be called a child's temper tantrum as he thrashed about on the table. "I'll never-" He was cut off as a large orange rubber ball was shoved roughly into his muzzle. A set of straps was quickly pulled around his head, a snapping sound told him it was well in place.

"Fine then... I think I'll just leave you there for a while until you calm down and have a chance to... think about it, okay?"

He lay there, visibly trembling from rage, fear, and panic... Yes, he had panicked. And had very apparently messed things up bad when he did. But what else was there that he could do? Slowly, feelings from his body began to make themselves known. His eyes were swollen and throbbing, obviously from crying constantly. His back and his arms and his legs ached from lying against the solid table... or whatever it was. His erection was beginning to really ache and throb now. Why the hell was he still aroused anyway? There was nothing arousing about his situation. Then finally something else hit him, a dull ache in his belly and groin that caused him to whimper softly. He gazed down at himself and realized that his orbs were swollen and visibly throbbing, a dull purplish color under his fur. That can't be good.

He felt as if he had been there, tormented by that little green band, for hours as the ache slowly began to increase in intensity. His bowels were angrily twisting themselves into painful knots, seeming in absolute intent to cause him as much discomfort as possible. And he began to watch his orbs in with a bit of true interest as they began to shrivel up to the size of small grapes, very visibly throbbing the whole while. Though as the purplish color under his fur darkened further, he was beginning to believe that if he didn't do something soon he would no longer have them. He began to cry out against the gag, as much as his groin would allow. Nothing... He screamed again as he pulled at his bonds.

"What? Have you finally calmed down?" The paw returned, reaching out for his orbs and squeezing them painfully in its grip. The paw was hot against his flesh. The pain making him scream again. "Oh, so cold... Too bad you're not calmed down yet." The paw pulled a small long silver object into the light. He recognized it as a scalpel, much like the once on a TV show. His eyes went wide a dinner plates. But the paw simply turned it around, much to his relief, and roughly slapped his orbs with it. The strangled hurt sound coming from his muzzle was something you'd expect to hear from a wounded vixen, rather than a dogfox like him. The blunt end of the scalpel came down again and again, each blow harder than the last. If not for the muffled screams coming from him, each hit would have been very audible in the quiet room. As he was reduced to nothing more than a shivering mass of dog flesh, the beating stopped. He was panting rapidly, each labored breathe bringing a soft whimper with it. His orbs were nearly three times larger now than they normally were and his whole package was a very dark blackish purple color.

"Looks like you've finally calmed down now. I guess maybe I showed take this off." A quick flash of the scalpel and a sharp horrid stinging feeling was followed by a loud snap and yet another wave of pain. A burning stinging sensation from where the band had been quickly flooded his mind as he yelped into the gag. Pulling again, not to be free, but to try to comfort his orbs in their pain.

"Oh, my... It looks like I've accidentally cut you as well... I'm so terribly clumsy. At least it's not deep." The voice mocked him. "Would you like to be free for a little while? It's the least I could do..."

He nodded.

"Are you going to try to escape?"

He shook his head. Well, that was a dumb question... of course he was going to try.

"All right then." The paws reappeared, untying first his right wrist, then his left. He immediately sat up, his back creaked in protest as he leaned forward pulling rapidly at the restraints on his ankles. It took him only seconds to free himself, but the moment he did a paw pushed his head forward, hard, into the table.

When he recovered he was once again strapped to the table, but not the same way he once was. His paws were strapped in place where is ankles had once been and his ankles were tied to the table legs. This position forced him to be bent over the table with his legs spread wide apart, his body was half way in the light. Even in this new position he could see nothing beyond it.

"Stupid twit. So predictable... And so very easy to do with what I please." A pair of cards were tossed on the table in front of him. Both were identical in almost every way. And both of them were ID cards with his name and picture on them.

"And yet, so admirable for being so clever at so young an age." The paw reached out and tapped one of the cards. "This one says your eighteen... And why not? An eighteen year old today looks so much younger than one ten years ago did... But." The gloved paw touched the other one. "This one was in your wallet as well... And it says your not..." He felt a large furred form press itself against him from behind. A paw reaching around to grab his very sensitive erection, earning a loud muffled yelp from him. "Such clever deception my young pup... But have you not wondered why they don't let little pups into a club like that?"

The paw on his stiffened member began to rub and squeeze rapidly. His entire body stiffened as his hips pushed into the strange paw. The leather of the glove provided an odd yet wonderful feeling against his flesh. Yet at the same time he was disgusted and sickened with himself for feeling any pleasure at all. What was happening was that he was being molested and raped, yet his body happily responded to it and it was this thought and these feeling that made fresh hot tears burn his eyes and run down his muzzle.

"They don't let pups into those dark evil places because dark evil people will take advantage of such a naive pup and whisk them away so that they will never see the light of day again." Even as he felt his knot rapidly swell in the stranger's paw, his entire body felt as if it had just been dumped into ice water. Never see light again? Never go home?

"Am I one of those evil people? Are you willing to find out?" The paw pulled away from him only briefly, only to come back with a cloth that covered his eyes. Blocking his sight of everything but darkness. He whimpered quietly.

Something warm and wet was pressed against his tail hole causing him to jerk forward, which in turn caused him to painfully spear his erection into the side of the table.

"I am not one that will take you away for ever..." It felt as if a great pressure on his entire body released itself at those words. "But I will happily teach a lesson to those stupid little pups that forget their place. A lesson that will never be forgotten." At that the warm thing pressed harder against his tail hole. He knew in a sense what is was, but whether or not it was a fake or the real thing he didn't know for sure.

"And its time to begin learning..." In one single thrust, the entire member was pushed completely into him. He screamed into the gag, a shrill ear-piercing screech that blocked out all else as the hot flesh tore him open. He could feel blood oozing out of him almost immediately as he slumped forward onto the table. He felt very close to passing out from the pain as little white specks and stars danced across his vision. A finger began to apply a cool liquid around his tail hole, blessedly numbing the burning pain. An arm pulled around him in a very comforting fashion.

"I assure you... That was the hardest part. Learning is never easy, but it's always necessary." A paw returned to his member, through all of which, remained astonishingly hard. His flesh twitched and pulsed within the grasp of that paw. Pre oozed from his tip as the paw expertly squeezed and prodded every sensitive place he knew of and many that he hadn't. He could feel his knot beginning to swell and his orbs began to tighten as he felt his orgasm fast approaching. The paw stopped. After too long a wait, he let out a needy whine and pushed himself against the shaft held deep within him, then cursed himself for doing it.

The paw began again, but at a much slower, teasing pace. His body held so close to release and too far away to obtain it. His face screwed up with pleasure as the paw gripped him behind his knot and pulled firmly. The tip of his erection flared out, his orbs swelling rapidly as his body was preparing itself.

It was then that he made a rather futile to pull off of and away from the fur behind him, whimpering and sobbing the whole time. His hips bucked against the paw with every pleasurable twitch of his shaft, and every time they did he felt pressure against his prostate sending spikes of mind numbing pleasure throughout his form. But through it all, he wanted none of this. He wanted to run away from this evil fur. To get away from those paws that held him and did him so. He fought against the sheer volumes of pleasant feelings that overrode his mind.

The paw that was wrapped around him reached up to his muzzle and wiped away a few tears. "You're not yet enjoying yourself... Are you..." It was more of a stated fact than a question. The paw pulled away from his erection and the gag was removed from his muzzle.

"N-no..." All he could muster was a soft whimper. He was on the verge of climax, and his body was crying out for it.

"Why could that be?" There was a true curious tone in the voice.

"I'm... I'm not... gay." He began to cry again, unable to control it.

"Why of course you are. Look at how much you're enjoying yourself." His mind screamed at him, 'No, I'm not!' But as much as he tried, he was beginning to give in, truly tired of fighting.

"All males are sexual creatures. Looking for anything sexual in nature to help them... enjoy themselves. And if males were not meant to enjoy another male's company, then why is it that the most sensitive spot in a male's anatomy is inside of him? Right here to be precise." He felt the thick shaft within him jerk forward, it's tip jabbing his prostate. It was that move that sent a wave of mind numbing euphoric pleasure throughout his form. It was that small move that pushed his body into orgasmic bliss. While his body began to pump itself against the flesh embedded deeply within him and his shaft sending thick rope after rope of virulent seed flying into the darkness, his mind finally gave in to letting his body do as it wanted... His eyes finally too swollen and dry to cry any longer.


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