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Flashing Denise

by jmaster12

Flashing Denise

Denise walked into her kitchen, the hot afternoon sun streaming in through the windows and the high humidity making her cotton dress stick to her large, and for a forty year old, still firm breasts.

“Hello Mrs. Walker.” A familiar voice greeted her and she looked to see her daughter’s friend Cassy sitting at the table sipping a glass of iced juice through a straw, her blonde hair tied back in a ponytail.

“Oh hi, Cassy” Denise said. “Where’s Emma?”

“Went to the shops to get something, said I could wait here as my mum won’t be back yet.”

That made sense, it wasn’t unusual for Cassy to come round after school and study, and often even had her tea with the Walker’s. At times it seemed as if the young woman spent almost as much time at the Walker’s as she did at home.

Denise poured herself a glass of juice from the jug in the fridge, the ice cubes clinking as they fell into her glass. She pulled out a chair opposite Cassy and sat down, picking up a magazine that had been left on the table, and after fanning her with it, luxuriating in the manufactured breeze on her face and breasts, she started to read it.

“Mrs. Walker?” Cassy asked, distracting Denise from her first bit of me time that day. It had been a hectic day getting up early and sending her hubby to work and the kids to school, then washing, ironing and packing clothes for their trip to Greece that weekend. She was tired and needed a break for just a moment but … guests were guests and it always paid to be polite.

“Yes, honey?” She responded. She quite often referred to Cassy in the same way she did her own daughters, never really thinking about it. Sometimes in fact, Cassy seemed like one of her daughters.

“What’s a dyke, Mrs. Walker?”

Denise nearly choked on her drink but covered well. Hell she didn’t like talking about things like that with her own daughters let alone one of their friends. “I think you should ask your mom that.”

“Well,” said Cassy with a slight blush, “My mom … well … she won’t talk to me about it, says it’s something that I shouldn’t be asking questions about so … since … well … I just thought you might tell me … I really want to know.”

“Well, honey, err why do you want to know?” Denise said, stalling, hoping Emma or one of her other daughters would return soon and she would be spared a difficult few minutes.

“I heard one of the girls say one of the teachers was one, you know Miss Grimes.” Cassy said a bit hesitantly as she lowered her school tie and undid her top button.

Denise, had met Miss Grimes, but she hadn’t put her in the class of teachers school girls normally thought of as ‘lezzies’, they tended to be the butch PE teachers, and probably most of those were, her own had always seemed very keen on making sure ‘her girls’ showered properly. No Miss Grimes was quite attractive, the sort most boys, and she realized a few confused girls might have a crush on. “Well, honey, Lesbians, it’s not nice to call them dykes, are women who, well, prefer women to men … in a sexual way.”

Cassy looked thoughtful as she pulled the short piece of her tie free from the knot that fell loose without its central support. “So as Helen said she thought Miss Grimes was pretty, that means she’s a dyke?”

‘Kids!’ Denise thought, as she felt herself flushing, whether from her hormones, the heat or the current topic of conversation she couldn’t say. “Just because you think another girl is pretty, doesn’t make you a dy …, err … a lesbian, honey.”

“But you just said …” Cassy butted in, as she toyed with the second button of her blouse.

“I meant, honey, that ‘Lesbians’ like women so much they have sex with them rather than men.” Denise explained, surprised at being able to actually say the word sex in front of a 17-year-old girl without blushing, well, without blushing too much.

The second button of Cassy’s blouse popped open, her nubile breasts putting just too much strain on her slightly too small blouse.

“Then Miss Grimes is a dyke.” Cassy said, seemingly impervious to Denise’s hints about not using the word.

“What makes you say that, honey?” Denise asked with a smile.

“Coz I think I made her fuck me.” Cassy said as she undid another of her buttons.

If one of her daughters had used a word like that she would have grounded them for weeks, let alone if they had said it in the context that Cassy just had, all Denise could say as Cassy undid a fourth button was. “Cassy, I don’t allow that sort of language in my house. And what do you mean anyway … I mean … how could you possibly ....”

Cassy’s blouse was now totally unbuttoned and only through a marvel of inertia did it stay closed over the fleshy mounds beneath, that and the fact that Cassy was now fondling her breasts through the soft material. “Sorry, Mrs. Walker.” Cassy sighed softly. “I don’t know why I did it … but … I just told her she could see my tits if she fucked me with her tongue, and she did.”

I gasped slightly … that just didn’t seem possible … but why would ….

“Would you like to see my tits, Mrs. Walker?” she said in a shy little voice.

Denise heard the words but her mind was focused and Cassy’s hands as they kneaded the soft flesh of her tits.

“I’ll show you my tits if you will fuck me with your tongue, Mrs. Walker” she continued.

“I … I don’t understand … “ I stammered. Try as hard as I might, I couldn’t stop looking at the young woman, couldn’t take my eyes off of her roaming hand … couldn’t just tell her to stop this nonsense … couldn’t tell her just to get the hell out of my house and leave me alone …

“You’ll fuck me until your daughter comes home, and then your dykey tongue will fuck her while I spank that beautiful arse of yours, Mrs. Walker,” she sighed with more confidence as she tweaked one of her nubile young nipples through her blouse. “I know you want to … more than anything. Shall I show you my tits, Mrs. Walker?”

“I ... my god, you can’t mean ... I mean Cassy ... no I’m not ... I never ... in heaven’s name what are you doing?!!!

“I’m trying to show you my tits so you will fuck me Mrs. Walker. It’s ok coz I’ve done it before and I know you want to, just like Miss Grimes wanted to” said Casey as she played with her nipple through the fabric of her blouse. “She kind of acted like you are at first … but then … “

“No!! ... no of course I don’t want to!! You can’t be serious. You can’t say things like that!” Denise stammered.

“Of course I can Mrs. Walker. You’re silly; I can say all sorts of things. I know you’d love to see my breasts, I know you want to fuck me with your dykey tongue and fingers. I know you’d rather have sex with little girls like me than with Mr. Walker. I know you’d like to be just like Miss Grimes and be a dyke slut sucking my clitty. Dyke sluts like you are all the same aren’t they Mrs. Walker?” said Cassy as she circled the outline of her nipples with her fingers.

Denise’s mind was in a whirl of confusion. She’d never thought of such things before, but she was suddenly looking, wanting, yearning to see Cassy’s breasts! And Miss Grimes ... oh ... what was she, a dyke slut? A dyke slut sucking on Cassy’s hot wet sex? How would she taste ... how did any woman taste ... were they different from young girls? ... hadn’t she’d always wanted to find out??

“God what am I thinking?” Denise gasped.

“You’re thinking I’m right, you’re thinking you’re a dykey slut coz you are Mrs. Walker. You’re thinking that you want to see my breasts so I’ll let you fuck my clitty.” said the young blonde as she separated the fabric of her blouse just a little more.

Denise couldn’t help but be captivated by the sight. She’d heard of lesbians, even known a few in a distant way, but she’d never seen what the attraction was. How any woman could be attracted to another was just beyond her, but now, looking at the seductive young teen in front of her, seeing the delicacy of her curves, the faintest hint of the soft flesh that lay underneath, she couldn’t help but be lost.

“Yesss” hissed Denise softly. “I mean No … I ... I ... ”

Cassy nodded and dropped her hands letting her blouse fall open revealing the young girls prefect young breasts, her firm cherry pit nipples, their soft perfect complexion, a sight that sent uncontrollable chills through the older woman’s body. It was the most glorious thing the older woman had ever seen.

“God, what did I just say! I can’t, I just can’t“ she moaned.

“You can Mrs. Walker” said Cassy shyly as she reached out for the older woman’s rock hard nipples. “I’ll show you how.”

Denise wanted to back away, get away, she tried but her mind wouldn’t work, her body wouldn’t obey ... all she could do was watch as the young girl’s fingers slowly came closer and then ... then gently circled her rock hard nipples.

“Oh god” Denise moaned as Cassy’s touch sent waves of unbelievable pleasure through her body. “OH GOD!!”

Struggling against the overwhelming pleasure of Cassy’s touch she tried to regain her senses. This was her friend’s daughter; she’d known her for years, Emma’s best friend. But as the girl methodically began to strip Denise out of her blouse ... as her electric touch drove rational thought further and further beyond her grasp ... all she could do was hiss little soft “yess’s” and weak plaintive “no’s” into the hot humid air.

“That’s right Mrs. Walker” said the young girl softly. “I knew you were a slutty dyke just like Miss Grimes. She pretended not to be, just like you, but I knew. The second I touched her she did the same thing, just like you are. I can tell you’re a dyke coz you like to fuck girls just like you said before. And you have such pretty dyke nipples Mrs. Walker and they’re so hard, just like Mrs. Grimes’. I know you want to play with them. I know you want to be my dyke slut, I know you want to show me how much.”

“Nooooo,” moaned Denise as her fingers began to play with her hard swollen nipples. She’d never done anything like this for anyone, not even for Edward or even her boyfriend at Cambridge. But now … now she was almost dancing, her motions becoming lewder by the moment, for Emma’s best friend. It was just wrong, inconceivable ... she had to stop ... but she couldn’t ... she just couldn’t!!

Twisting and pulling frantically on her nips Denise could barely think, her eyes closed in rapture, her tongue gently running across her lips as her traitorous cunt began to leak her dyke juices down her leg. Desperate to catch Cassie’s attention she reached down with her mouth and raised each nipple to her lips licking and suckling them, jiggling them obscenely … like … like … like a dyke slut … oh god like a dyke slut trying to seduce her neighbor’s daughter!!!

“You want to fuck me?” said Cassy shyly.

The words burrowed deep into Denise’s mind filling her with desires she’d never even begun to imagine before. “I want to fuck you” whined Denise helplessly as she leaned toward Cassy, trying desperately to show the young girl just how much.

“You want to slide your dykey tongue all over my clitty?” and Cassy with an excited giggle.

“Oh god … oh god I want to slide my dyke tongue all over your clittyyy.” moaned Denise helplessly as her fingers pulled her nipples out for Cassy, uncontrollably brushing them against the young girl’s lips.

Sighing serenely Cassy sat down on the kitchen table and shyly spread her legs revealing her naked glistening slit.”You want to lick little girl’s clitties like mine?” smiled Cassy innocently.

Denise hesitated, god this was so wrong, trying to say no, trying to do anything but pull her nipples like a shameless helpless slut and stare at the young girls wet slit with burning lust. Staring at it as it flowered and opened … the young girl’s wetness like dew on her soft pink petals.

“Oh god!!” Denise moaned as she knelt on the floor, tears streaking her face. “God Cassy please … please don’t make me do this.” she whimpered.

“Are you sure Mrs. Walker?” giggled Cassy as her finger gently slipped into her young slit. “I know you want to. I’m sorry you can’t help yourself but I know, and so do you. You’re a slutty torrid little dyke cunt that can’t help but want to fuck any little girl with at pussy, like me.”

“No” whispered Denise as she leaned forward and delicately parted the young girl’s lips … no … I don’t … I …” she moaned as her tongue reached out and touched Cassy’s protruding clit...

“Ohhh ...” Denise moaned between licks. “I’m not … mmmm … you can’t call … me … ohh god … so … wet … a … dyke … I’m … a … oh ... fuck … god tastes … oh fuck … you … taste …. so … fucking … good … I … can’t … love … this ... Oh fuck … so … much !!!”

“Mmmmmm” Cassy purred. I know you love this more than anything Mrs. Walker. It’s what dyke sluts do, Miss Grimes said so. Ohhh and you’re soooo good Mrs. Walker !! yes …YES … oh fuck me!! Oh yes just likee thattttt!!!”

“Ohhhhh” moaned Denise as she began licking up and down the young girls slit. “I’m … oh yes … I … love … oh fuck ... I … a … I … oh … god Cassy … I’ve … never … done … this … before … I … can’t … stop … I … love … OH god!! I fucking … Love … doing … this … To… You!! Why … God … don’t … under … stand … so … so … GOOD!!”

“Because you love fucking girls silly” giggled Cassy sweetly. “And you’re a slut so it’s what you like bestest in the whole world!”

“Oh fuck“ whined Denise as she inserted her finger into the young girl’s cunt, delicately rubbing her wedding band against Cassy’s cunt walls. “I … I love fucking little girls? Oh Sweet GOD … no … I … torrid … no …. can’t … fucking … oh please Cassy STOP!! I …I can’t! I … I’m … Oh god I’m … a … a fucking dyke SLUT? oh FUCK oh Fuck OH FUCK!!!”

“Told ya. I knew you ... knew you wereeee” moaned Cassy. “You just Love fucking meeee. Ohhh I ... I just LOVE it when you fuck Meeee like this Mrs. Walker!!! Please don’t stop fucking meeeeeeee!!!”

“Oh yes, Oh yes honey” moaned Denise as she began to pump her fingers into the young blonde, new emotions, new thoughts, a new reality flooding through the older woman’s being. “All the time, oh shit yes baby, I love to fuck you, I want to fucking do you all the time, Never stop!!! Oh fuck, Oh fuck you are so hot!! NEVER Stop!! Oh fuck your juices!! Oh fuck You taste so fucking GOOD!!

“Oh Mrs. Walker, Oh Yesss you want to make me cum … ! Gosh, you’re such a hot dykey piece of ass Mrs. Walker!!! You want to fuck me until I cum? make me Cum!!! Oh I want you to make me cum!!!”

Denise couldn’t help herself. Cassy was right. She did want to make the young girl cum … cum all over her … wash her dyke face with the girl’s wet cum!! It was all true!! Everything Cassy was saying was true!! She was a fucking dyke!!! She loved to fuck little girls!! It didn’t make sense ... it didn’t have to … all that was important, all her cunt longed to do was make Cassy cum!! She was a slut, and what a slut’s cunt wanted her slut’s cunt got!!

“God that’s it baby, Yes, that’s it angel ... cum for me” cooed Denise intensely as she pressed three fingers into the young girl’s cunt. “Cum for me, oh god yes Cassy ... fucking cum for me!!! I want you to cum ... I Need you to cum!!!, you’re such a hot little piece of pussy … you make me so HOT!!! … that’s it baby … CUM FOR ME!!!”

“oh … oh yes Mrs. Walker!” moaned Cassy. “You’re sooo good. I just want you to fuck me always!!!!”

“Yes darling” soothed Denise as she lovingly flicked the young girls clit, her other fingers turning and thrusting into her hot wet sex. “always, over and over again … and again …and again … now cum sweetie … cum all over me … oh please Cassy PLEASE cum!!!”

“Oh YESSS Mrs. Walker, Oh Yes, Oh Oh YES!! I’m … I’M … I’M CUMMINGGG!!! Oh … OH YESSSSSSS!!!! Oh yes I LOVE TO CUM SO MUCH. You’re just So HOT Mrs. Walker ... I can’t Help MYSELF... Your TONGUE ... DYKEY TONGUE ... SOOOO GOOODDD ... Oh YESSS ... OH YESSSS Mrs. WALKER ... I’m CUMMINGGGGGGGGGG!!!”

Arching her back Cassy spread her legs as far as possible and came in large flowing rivers of hot young cum as Denise buried her face in the young girl’s snatch, desperate to catch every drop.

Taking her hands and gathering all the cum she had missed, Denise carefully smeared Cassy’s excess over her breasts and face. She loved it ... the smell ... the feel ... the slickness on her fingers as she touched her own aching cunt. The thought of her juices mixing with Cassy’s was unbelievable erotic, so arousing, it made her tingle all over!! There was no doubt. She was a dyke, not a lesbian, a fucking cum desperate dyke and ... and ... god help her ... she LOVED it!!!

It was then and only then that she heard the sharp gasp from the entrance to the kitchen where her oldest daughter, Gloria, stood transfixed with horrified shock.

“Mom? Cassy? what the ... oh god ... what the hell are you DOING!!” The young woman gasped.

“Young lady” said Denise in a stern voice to her older daughter as she massaged Cassy’s cum into her hair. “We have certain rules in the house and you are NOT to use that language in here unless you’re being fucked!! I don’t care how much pussy you’re getting in college!!! Do I make myself clear?!!”

Gloria simply stood there and sputtered for a moment, looking back and forth between the two women in utter disbelief, her mouth trying to form some appropriate words. Not finding any, the young woman fled up the stairs to her room.

“Oh” sighed Denise softly. “I’m afraid I just haven’t taught her to be the good cunt licking slut she should be.”

“That’s ok Mrs. Walker.” said Cassie confidently stroking the older woman’s cheek. “She is, I can tell.”


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